Prose-try in Motion 2018-2019

Believe in What You Feel Inside – January 2019

Dream big

But do not force the NOW-

allow them to grow organically

& they all will be realized

God’s timing

Mellow with eyes 

& ears open




Massive Disruption – March  2019


Life altering



and Steals

the Deep Well of Love

Goes dry

But Just for a while

to Regenerate


Make amends 

for the Lack

The Ebb of the Tide

of Tomorrow

All things are transient

All things are new.

Become stale quickly

When denied the oxygen

The breath of life

Without which there is no tomorrow

No reason to Live another day.

Those who yearn

Lust of the stage of this earth

are only pons

in the Great Chess Game

Where the Kings & Queens

Make noble 

Fake not

Break not

Bring the liar

to their knees

To say Yes to the Great Asen

Stiff Necked Weary Worriers

Patience People

Without the assist of the Helper

Life becomes a bog

a slog


Stiff necked means

Missing parts-

Loveliness in reserve

in suspension

Lowliness pervades



Passes through 

On its way to the nether world



Become the Holy Grail

the long sought and never found

Missing throughout the Ages

Not seen

Too close

they have one eye

and one ear

single focus

ready to refute

and argue about nothingness

all that matters not

Politics mostly…

Where for thou Goest – March 2019

So shall I

Not Kosher 

Not possible 

to be counter

it becomes obtuse


and lethal to the soft

grateful  Presence 

an made holy by accepting 



Knowing that lonely

Cannot be

it is a self imposed state

Outside the Garden

17 years honing on this ‘Self-selected’ Cross

Holding pattern for eternity 

or come down now 

For me and all of my Swaddled

and giving to Mary to do with as She Wishes

Have the courage to manage Idols and Sycophants-

It is in You that I find my Heart

My Heart only knows You

and Your Mother

My Life

No Other

No other Way

than the Way of the Cross’

Those like-minded

will be there to support me 

the Father



I revel in the Love that I have  found

Take me

Break me

I am yours and will follow Your lead-

Hovering above – March 2019

Traveling at warp speed …

But unnoticed to the wary eye

Thin the air aloft

Set off across the space so clear

forest flies and dragon flies

In time,

We travel 

to a  place that we once knew



Sir Lancelot on a fine stetted

and Maid Marion

The wallpaper of my psyche

My soul

The fly on the wall

inexorably mine

Stealing Poetry from Robert Frost -The Speck

A speck that would have been above my sight

On the Wallpaper high


When something strange about it 

made me think…

Inexorably linked …

To all that is


and will forever be….

and Never to be taken


the Elysian field Open


and fraught with mystery and awe

O Lord – March – 2019

You find me

Where I hide 

Where I  pray

Never leave me

and those who follow me…

My swaddled and given to Mother Mary

The Wise Men Knew – 2019

They follow a star

So should we

The science of energy



Choice made

unfold like clockwork

of the a knowing God 

In Who we are suspended

Live and Breathe

He is the Breath and we are the Branches

Profound in the Mundane – May 2019

Where the rubber meets the road

Tread bare

We care to tread



None-the-less – we are

Above all

or between the wall of the world

We choose

or are driven by the stars light

Finding Center

Failing and rising again

To find a new center

Ebb and tide of eternity

Ever lasting 

Ever ceasing

All knowing

All encompassing

Other is the reason – we are

Ego shell dissolved by love

Alter ego waiting to be

Bless the addict in a holding pattern 

We find our way the we find Other

Other is the reason we are

and the only reason to be

Truth emerges & we are free 

To Range and fly above the earth into a space 


Without other 

We are the only the dust of the earth 

Ego – not planted in 


In the Way – May 2019

Show me

Grow me

Let me be who I am

Who I am to be

Because of You

Those who know

Those who do not know

All the same


Frame other to  pretend

They are real

When they are not

Not at all a person

But a Speck of nothing

The Small Mind pretends

The Small Mind knows it all

In the realm of Self

Not other…

Truth is perception

Perception is just another lie

Who cares 

The stars set reality & we obey

or not

I will no longer speak much with You,

For the ruler of the world is coming.

They have  no power over me,

But the world must know that I love the Father

And that I do just as the Father has commanded me.”

My command is to retreat! 

For now and forever more ?

I  will not and cannot betray who  I am or who I am meant to be..

The Grower – May 2019

Sees ahead


and Plans for all contingencies 

Knows the weather

Uncertain and unforgiving

Counts on blessings 

Knows the soil



and needy

Knows the laborers 


Fragile and complex

The yield if often Providential

Depends on the earth and the sea tides

Cosmic driven

Cosmic received 

Grace and Gratitude 

Heart Felt 

Evening Prayer – May 2019

Hidden inside


Trusting that no matter what happens 

Life is Transitory

The pain is brief 

and All will be worked out for the good,

Haters will hate

Judgers will judge

To wait for ‘the Promise’ of the Father  – June 2019






Bears fruit



Blocks the flow of Eternity1

His Love – June 2019

He will Renew you in His love

He will sing joyfully because of you

Faithfully Yours

Mindfully mine

Whither thou goest

I go

It is easy when there is Wind beneath your wings

Breath for Breathing

Heart beats to the tune of the Cosmos


Freedom to soar 

 Not my Will 

But the Will of Eternity

May the Eyes of  Hearts be Enlightened’ – June 2019

Hearts reign over us


Mind instructs

Discern is the ‘habit of the Mind’

The eyes of the heart are Mary

She sees all

Knows all and IS

It is not a choice

But an eternal assignment

That was 


and Ever will be 

Before the foundation of time

Small Minds

Think they know it all!

When they do in the Small Mind box they inhabit

The Minds of the Mind of Chris are programmed to see others as friends

The Small minds see there as fro OFF!

To be avoided 

So as not to infect! 

With the GRACE OF GOD!

O horrors!

Small minds resist change


Judging and Perceiving nothingness

Are only clay which will Remain

When eternity falls

The Far Away God So Close – June 2019

The Divine Presence

The Autumn Mist

We are the clay suspend 

In the flow 

Flow the Chi of the living God

The Sacred Space in Between the Flow 

Of Grace

Chi, the guardian spirit or God

Where we find God

Not that of Moses

but that of the Christ

The  Breath of the Holy Spirit

On Pentecost day-

Chi hovers – Like  a  Dove

Lay Down Your Life for Abundant  & Everlasting Life – June 2019

And I consecrate myself for them,

so that they also may be consecrated in truth.”

I gave them your Word, and the world hated them

‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”

When glimmering of Truth fall on deaf ears & blind eyes

Be joyful 

They may not catch the Light 

But Those who are meant to receive

Will receive

and those who are of the world only

Will mock and jeer

Grace from broadcasting the Truth

Without expectations

Seeds not sewn 

Can never become a fruitful vine.

Gentle Angel of Light  – June 2019

Be with me today

To find truth where it lies beneath the plane

the dim

See beyond perception

a notion of nothingness

no judgement

no fault

only rapture where heaven lives

breaths and cradles our being

Let light shine out of darkness

Has shown in out hearts to bring light Chi- 

the circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine.

Søren Kierkegaard (1813—1855)

Kant – All human knowledge begins with intuitions, proceeds from thence to concepts, and ends with ideas.

My Prayer – June 2019

My hope

is in God’s Plan

Mapping my life

Trusting in all 

The anxious leaning

The uncertainty

Save for the confirmation of right and wrong

I know how it will all end

For the Good of Creation

A Pawn I am



In Love with Life

Mistakes were made to be seeds of the Holy Spirit

To understand the Way

The Way of the Cross 

That we are all call to bear

The Heart of Darkness – June 2019

Holding Pattern

The Pain so deep


Without the Light

There is no day


Job – Lost all

Family taken from Him

Job always knew how it would end.

When it Rains – Something grows!

The Narrow Gate – June 2019

Upwelling from the Census

Thought track to the ‘Narrow Gate’

Raw & Perceived

They pass through the Narrow Gate of the Mind

The Wet-back holding point

When – if paused

Can be made clean by a Pause 

& a choice – to allow it unfinished & raw

or polished and sacred

Positivity begins here

by chosen 

to reject the negative

Polish it with a chosen positive spin

A seed planted

Watered and fertilized 

This is how a mind is made Mindful!

I Know You Have this Covered – June 2019

From the very foundation of time!

So why worry 

Just let it come to me!

All that is Ordained

Will come to pass

My Swaddlings  will flourish

Perfection & Happiness will be 

My Way is the Highway to perfect joy!

He has done all of the Heavy Lifting

Lifting high on the Cross

We are only Dust in the Wind

The Holy Spirit 

The Autumn Mist

Suspended  in the Life Force 

that You are!

Mary – In the Middle

Protestants do not speak to her

Little do they know –

She is the link between the Father & the Son!

The Missing Link

The Mystery of the Universe

The Legend of Life



A lonely life I have chosen

FAR away and Yet so near – July 2019

My Lord

My  God 

You are here

Never to know

Never to see

Not heard

But to feel

But only in Whispers

Often not perceived

Why have you hidden?

The Lord of many forms

Many faces 

Many fears of many lives

Lived all at once


The Spirit of Ages

Come to me

Feed on my  gratitude

Live in my love

Trip through  my wires

Where on the  Streets of Philadelphia

Battered & Bruised  

Unrecognizable to try myself

Hear the blood in my veins…

A cheque pas d’faux (false peace)

Savant of peace

Wise person of intellect


Know that I Am God

Last to die…

Being Safe – July 2019

It is in this place that I find my peace

My happiness

My love of all things holy



Sing a new song

Not wrought with anxiety

But with knowing


Savant of the Sacred

Savant intellectual, scholar, sage, philosopher, thinker, learned person, wise person, Solomon; guru, master, authority

Love Is- July 2019

Love is a gift

Not freely given

and not chosen

But granted to one in harms-way

or in danger of loss

Man cannot choose to be in-love

that would be  a lie

and will collapse

over time and stress 



Fall to pieces

But Eternally-given love

Love is life force

Late for Choir Rehearsal! July 2 Eclipse

I came to Sing –

Like a meadowlark!

Blind  ~ she was

Sang for the king 

But he loved her so 

He gave her sight!

To sing for him

She loved him so

She died.

I came to sing and hear the sky flowing and soaring above the land

I came to sing & the Music died!

The Ravens and hawks swooped over & drowned every single note of sweetness!

I came to sing and the vultures swarmed & soared in circles

Looking for death ~ rotting flesh!

I came to sing and they gathered to breathe empty thoughts and regrets

I came to sing and lost heart

Lost soul

Listening to the Music that never was!

I came to sing and found  myself crying aloud for all creation ~ bright and beautiful

I cam to sing and found a place in my core that was never lit before

Silently there was no more!

The Smartest Earthworm on the Planet – August 2019

Knows nothing but the business of the day


Deaf to distractions

In Love with Mission

Stops a nothing to fulfill

Sees no evil

Hears vibrations and

Warnings to move to the step of a different drum~

Ok with being the lowest on the totem pole of the sky

Loves all others

Not just the  other earthworms who are ‘Just like me’!

Suffering of others

Intolerable ~ not to be tolerated 

But ‘Martha-tized”

Today I am Grateful – August 2019

For a mind that can see patterns & anticipate moves!

For a Heart in love with The Sacred Heart

and his Mother

The Poor & Needy to love!

Swaddled and Cared for by the Sky above

With the Birds, Beasts Insects and Earthworms that make castings’

Leaving the soil more fertile then before 

For Hyper-vigilant, angry neighbors 

Who watch me ~ should I fall!

They keep me happy and full of grace!

I thank them for all the good they do for me!

For my nephews who chose to leave before their time and

For the Righteous anger burning inside 

Always vigilant ~ to bring down

The criminals that cut them down.

For My Grandchildren ~ all those that love them ~ and all of those who who have gone before!

Intoxication – August 2019

the Tipping Point

Two inebriated souls walking by

One was heaving 

The other was Yelling to the sky!

Alcohol a solvent

Stealing their future-

They do not care

May just be a ‘Creation Correction’

or hopefully only a Holding Pattern!

The Assumption – Mary remained with her about three months

and then returned to her home.  August 2019


Yes to all

It is easily that Way

The Way of your Personal Cross


A Way of Life


Guarded & Guaranteed

Pain when in Desolation

to reach Nirvana

Stones to walk on

Stones to be thrown at you

But at least 

the Promise know

Will be kept!  

End Times – August 2019

Fix Your Heart 

Fix your eyes on the end 

Fix your intentions on winning

The Race to the Stars

It is in this State of Being 

That will bring prosperity


and Divine Guidance

Stuck in a Holding Pattern – August 2019

or Mind under renovation (Depression)

Parachute ~ Not an option

Speeding up the Remodel 

Often causes more delays!

Keep an eye on the end 

Glorious and Efficient 

Brand new!



Unnecessary noise 


Power to Overcome-

Materialism Problematic – August 2019

Focus on  material possessions-

Lessens competence-

the ‘good life’ – no longer appreciated

Generates negative emotions

that make happiness and well-being

relatedness and Gratitude dissipate-

Gratitude ~ August 2019

A massively underutilized tool 

For life improvement


Remembered not

Steals positivity

Take but a moment 

To ask why be grateful?

Like digging for gold

Taking time to find the glitter in the darkness!

Sake of the Kingdom of God! – August 2019

Forsake the World

The Secular Business


That grows to more nothingness

Grass Roots beginning

Make for the Substance

The Sustenance of The Spirit 

We are meant to be

Creating the World with Thoughts – August 2019

Your Word


Knits a state-of-being 


Mends tears

Makes life comfortable 

or full of Nettles

Gnats and Rats

It is simple 

So hard to believe

Practice makes Perfect 

Today I witnessed a Fraud  August – 2019

an Actor of enormous proportions-

An avid addict

Willing to do what ever it takes 

To find the next ‘fix’

Destiny on hold ~ for  now or 


Displacing goodness for nothingness

with joy  and relish


Just to feel the kiss of the Anti-christ


 Loosing the essences of life

Exchanging it for the haze of nothingness

When will it all end?

Many choose to end by snuffing-out eternal life

and end up a bit of matter 

without life’s essence – eternal

2nd Coming will be

But not for all

only the strong – chosen will survive 

I am done with phony frauds

With Small minded 

Narrow minded 

Ignorant ~ loving to be ignorant small minds

It is integrity 


Honesty – to the enth degree that I crave 

Not the Small-minded political correctness that keep one stuck in for eternity!

Full Moon & Friday 13 ~ Amplifies  – September 

While search for a Word to light 

in the light of day

The night of day

A mighty muse 

came my way



Be happy 

Choose to Pause & Pray!

Keep soul humming and purring

The energy Recycles 

and becomes one with the universe

not blocked and stuck in the mud of the Sands of Time

growing mold 

and going 

Going gone!

Bless those Who Curse You – September 2019

Life Lived int the Land of ‘Off’

or Ode to  Nothingness

Politicians hate

Defend their correctness

In-laws – hate, judge & gossip white lies

To Avoid ‘Hurting the Feelings’ of of the blind, deaf & clueless 

Scan the environment to find faults and take pot shots

Snipers with Skill to behold

Not to hold!

All the Medicines – September 2019

Big, Western, Functional  ~  pedal their wares 

To treat the symptom and not the heart

All for Profit & not necessarily for the heart

To fit the Form of a Business Model of Greed

Abort the babies 

That are in the Way of the Path to Nothingness


Not pain

Useful extinction of that ‘Mentality of Me’

Allow them to control birth & not bring in new life

Only to destroy 

It it cannot be controlled ~ 

It must be condemned 

Murder not an adaptive quality for the slow process of Evolving

‘Tact’- is the lie they speak  

The Language of Integrity ~ foreign to them

No translation 

However  ~

Useful to protect the Alter Ego

A martyrs heart they command 

With Skill and Agility ~

Hypocrites, Scribes, Pharisees  Money Changer, Tax collectors and all

Still Alive and well today!

Still nailing Him to the Cross of Dysfunction

Making A place to live and die 

Cold, harsh & empty

The Insecure Sycophants – September 2109

Propped up by Flattery  and Deception

Longing to Speak the Truth ~

But cannot see beyond  the shadow of their lies 



Restraining  orders

To shore up their lies

What lies ahead for them ~ 

What’s in your Wallet!

For Whom the Belle tolls – September 2019

In my way

Over my head

Is the path I have chosen!

It is better this way

The Spirit show wear

But does not care

The Secular Ways of the World

Fatal to the Soul

The transport to Eternal Life & beyond

 Hardwired by Henry andffgbvcfg A

Soulfully & skillfully made by Evelyn

The abandoned orphan 

Who never gave up!

Quitting ever an option

Not even a ‘nice-to-have’

Grace that flows through the generations

only to be recycled 

Progressive loops of love

Leaving nothing to the imagination

But holy dreams to fulfill

Awake – September 2019


But not


But not

Incoming arrives & glares

The stars know 

but care not to share

The Plants align 

In fancy formations 

Heavenly hash

The Wheels of the chariot

Creation bound

Turn & Retrograde 


The pain of the hour

Waxes & wanes with the Moon

It is in not knowing that we know

It is believing that we trust

It is dying that we are born to Eternal life 

The Best – September – 2019

Yet to come

Yet to become

Yet to be

The Cosmos never checks out

Waxes & Wanes 

But every present

Lion King roar

Whisper of the Word

Whisper of the Wind

Those who care

Wear gratitude & wisdom 


with Changing speed

Wisdom – September 2019

In all her gentle breezes 

Takes us port to port

Like a plant

We grow

Port to port

Plantet to plantet 

Star to star

Ratcheting though time

All is 

Was & to be

From the foundation of time

We know not

Trust that the end will be Happy 

Bonded & Full of Grace

Fix Our Scales for Cheating – September 2019



& Future

Saturn night is over

The healing has begun

Beauty surrounds

Favor is the rule of day

The Last now the First again



Trusting the New Way of the old Cross

The new Moon 

Days of yore 

Nights of frightful  sweats


The New world awaits for us all


Appetite for all things that nourish 

All life!

Mind Body & Soul 

On the Rise!!

Nullify – September 2019

Addie lair

Unclean & unkept

Lust for energy ~  only to steel from others

Sees only self 

alter Ego a distant speck

Rejects all who offer change

Knows it all

in a Special way

Uses others to gain

Rejects those who offer change

not yet ready for Prime time~

only to white lies to preserve her ways of deception

Tunnel Vision to tomorrow

Yesterday is a burnt ember


No fuel to take to the next stage!

Riddled with deception & lies

The Kraft food ‘Modern’ cheese of the Psyche!

It the vision is not in the Tunnel

It is out of bounds!

Profundity – October 2019


Depth & Indwelling

Thread  bare

& Lonesome ~ For what may never be

Everything I know 

~ I wear on my sleeve

Islands of Hope in a Sea of Sludge – October 2019

the sludge of the Small Mind ~ Not able to love

Sludge of Selfishness, blame & fear

Akin to no one but their one Small mind

A prison ~ holding pattern to be-hold & wait

Spurning Brash boldness ~’In your face’ or not at all

March to my Music ~  It save me & keeps me from you ~

Music that has no sound ~ but Me

‘I will go to where they love me & accept me in my blind dysfunction’

They  appreciate  my martyrs heart!

Protecting what I am to be ~ or not

The Anti-Christ in me


Deaf & Dumb

The unloveable blocked soul ~ Stuck in the Mud of Me~

Islands of Hope – October 2019

Say ‘yes’ to inconvenience 

Embrace other~

Empathy is breathed like fresh air

They live for otter (not necessarily me)

Their lives are clean & encumbered by hate & prepuce 

Gossip unknot & not necessary

Dead air in the Sea of Sludge

I once was blind ~ but now I See~

My One & only Love is the Presence of Thee 

An island in the Sludge Sea of Me 

Small Minds just bobble & bloat!

The Politically Correct 

A dying breed 

~ would not approve ~

The haters, presumers & deplorables They are!

& talk about it to the Comforters ~ who are willing to hear

Not the Holy Spirit of the Universe

The Mind of Christ 

The Prefrontal Fare

Ode to Cats – September – 2019

They need greens 

Just like We

or Hair balls become the daily fare

Just like We

Acid reflex

Acid Rain

of the Carnival Food Fare

of Western Dysfunction Thought

How can we serve if barfing up our guts?

Take Pharma ~ temporary relief ?

While the Detoxing organs are slowly destroyed

Prometheus Bound 

~ liver grows back after Vulture Devour each night!

Dinosaur ~ destiny 

Life, Death & Rebirth – September 2019

Constant theme in Creation

Tide go in & return 

Obey the Moon

The pull of tomorrow 

Rebuilt on the backs of yesterday

Pain & Sorrow 

Melt into joy & forgiveness

What waxes ~ also wanes

Breath Brings in the new

Exhale expels the spent 

God  ~ Who knew? October 2019

God  Exhales!

God Inhales & new Civilizations become 

The Cycle repeated for all eternity

We are just ‘Dust’ in the Cosmic Wind

Breath of God & matter 

~ in Communion 

Dance with God  or be damned 

Dust to dust ~

“And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground 

& breathed into his nostrils the breath of life & man became a living soul.”

“It is the same way with the resurrection of the dead. 

Our earthly bodies are planted in the ground when we die, but they will be raised to live forever. 

Our bodies are buried in brokenness, but they will be raised in glory. 

They are buried in weakness, but they will be raised in strength

“In the sweat of the Holy face ~ we  eat bread (not Carnival bread) 

till He returns unto the ground ~ or to Medicare!

For out of it we were  taken ~ for dust we are

& in the end ~  unto dust we shall return.”

God is the Space in between matter ~& the earthen vessels

Sparks through stubble ~ Creation 

Earth worms to amend the clay

to make life possible for Creation

My cares  – October 2019

Scare me 

Dare me to Be what I could never be ~ On my own

It is in the Power of knowing ~ That we are ~

The power of Thoughtful Caring ~

Faith ~ That we Become ~

The Power of Love ~ That binds our Soul to Oneness

When God Breathes -2019

He  sends the Holy Spirit on a Scavenger Hunt

When He sneezes ~  All will feel the pain!

When He coughs ~ The Dead are brought back to life!

When He forgives ~ it is a beautiful thing!

High Places

Let the chips fall where they may

Let the heads roll

& the teeth grind

the millstones sink the ship 

The rats flee  

The Way ~ unclear – 2019



Faces set like Flint

Just hanging out until the next rain drop falls

How you make me feel ~ when you come looking to find fault~

The Anxious Ambivalent (Secure attachment ~ Broken) 

The Worlds of the Insecurely Attached

Not their fault

Just the Drama of Creation

How they make you feel?



At the end of a gun pointed to the temple ~

Ready to fire 

& find fault

Scanning to protect the only piece of Life’s Landscape 

It is all they know & own!



Others ‘comments’

Perceived Immediately has harsh criticism 

Take-Turns not an adaptive quality for the Hunter-Gathers

Relationships ~ Control


or Destroy 

Judging  perceiving 

Doing the best they can with their prescribed filters 

How they make us feel~

Perpetually on-guard

Preparing (Cortisol) to fight or defend

Critical & Poking fun (demeaning ~ ALL IN FUN! 

For them ~ Not others~


No Joy in watching the hater hate

The Judgers judge

The Gossipers Gossip

Ok to be negative & critical of all not exactly like them

This is Not My Home

My home is where my Heart is



The Final Test – October 2019

Here I am Lord

Now what are You going to do with me?

An earthworm without a path

A follower without a following

A Muse without music

A Mom without children

A Wife without a partner 

The Gospel speaks of these folk

But not in encouraging light


We are ‘dust in the wind’

the Holy Spirt 

the Helper

And The Rains Came – October 2019

In sheets of frozen haze

They came 

They conquered not

They did not prevail

The strength of the power of Will 


Dissolving the insignificance  

Want & lack 

The thunder

The lighting

Abound & rebound


To please the War Gods 

The Truth Seekers left standing 

That the Jokesters & Clowns adore

Eat the flesh of the bloody of bold being

They have their fun

But will loose in the end

When there is famine 

Everyone loses

Hunter’s trophy case

Western Doctors 

Faux healers with their bullets of pharma

Darts to throw

Look big

Throw rocks 


& deny 

The negative goes away

Peace at last

lasting peace 



Where the Fireflies Fly – October 2019

Beyond  space & time

Beyond believing

Beyond space

the Place where no one knows to go

It his the Last Stop to freedom 

the Place that no mortal man knows

The  Breath

The Life

The meeting place for all that have game befrpr

& all that is to come

Flash – October 2019

Super Cellular

Light of light

Darkness of the deeper dark

Life Altering

Life Creating

Live giving

Autum Mist – God is 

We are the matter – Droplets 

He is the Space in between 

Exiting to Infinity 

Ego  – October -2019

When Ego Prevails 

& Alter Ego is aborted


A  chrysalises 

the worm ~ that makes casting

Is Not the final destination

only a Wolf in sheep clothing

The Beast poised  to devour the Child

As the Woman labors 


Lazy ~ closed minded

& a nudge 

Abhors ~ all things not Ego ~

The matter that matters not

Barley loaves & fishes prefrontal brain food

Gut-friendly foods 



& Un-altered whole grain 

(that make the hair grow)

Loves  the Faux foods that make the belly grow 

the tasty meats of dishonest enterprise

Lies that do not feed the Mind of Christ 



Ego ~ nobody 

The High & Mighty  – October 2019

Above the fray?

They are the fray 


Unschooled in kindness

Ego bound & driven to stake their lot

Their lot 

The barnyard 

They manger 

Where salvation began

Small Minds

Selfish to the core!

The projects they manage 

Go down in the ground

Where the little people stay

Only to be used for fodder to stoke the fire of their Ego 

Small Minds ~ remain in dust!

Woe to you!

The Weak ~ (Distorted Thinkers)  ~  November 2019

Socrates  ~ ‘Shadows’ as realty!

When only perception ~

Real truth ~ brings them to their knees 

Cannot control ~ Anxious  Depressed 

– Must condemn the messenger-

Half human ~ half animal still 

Trapped in the Small Mind of the Animal host

Blind, Lame & Deaf all at  one time

Separated from the Mind of Christ-

Resumes to send petitions to  Mary 

– Rosary Foreign beads that mean nothing!

The Midbrain (Corpus Coliseum)

Lives in the sphere  of Negative Distorted & unkind!

Esau’s soul mate





Un happy – Longs for gratification & demeans others who cannot provide

Unschooled of the Higher Ways of of what is to come

Will change being LEFT BEHIND!               

When in Limbo~Limp – November 2019

In the shadow of the Stars & Planets

Aligned to bring good fortune

or  not

Gods ’s Will~

There is a flood on the way?

The Truth will prevail

The lies of the Anti-Christ will melt into madness – oblivion 

Because the beer were

The fundament brain  will implode & become the Mimd of Christ

or not

They will be Left behind 

Chaff in the wind

The Rosary is a Weapon for these Times – November 2019

a 20 minute mediation 

Work to stoke the fires & till the fields of today

Quantum thought work wonders

Create a new tomorrow 

Expression of faith, hope

How Martha  becomes Mary  – November 2019


Born to Serve

She is there to please

To Control what is not to be controlled

She listens not  to the beat of her own heart

Her mind s fettered to the Ways of the World

She marches lockstep to Her Passion  


Her heart beats but to

Beats up  

To  notion of dogma

The Law

Not seeing other’s need to be saved

But her own earthly path

Mary is docile 

& her heart is open

Her mind is willing to listen

& her actions speak volumes

Martha’s view is from this earthly space

Closed & locked

Mary sees the cosmos 


Has faith in the end point

& her passion is to walk there

Along with the Passion of Christ & His Wounded Mother Mary

What Upsets Me – November 2019


Lack of flow with  the Cosmos

Fundamentalist thinking 

Thinking ~ all other are from Off!

Closed  Minds

Hearts made of stone & not Silly Putty

Forever Me

Nice people that everyone loves

But cannot see into their DARK HEARTS

the grinning ‘me only’ mind of the lower fare

A Litany of Beliefs – November 2019 – a prayer

I believe & know my thoughts create

I believe in an all Powerful Cosmic Entity 

the Cosmos in its entirety & everlasting presence

In Concretion to this Force

I relinquish all control & accept what is sent for me to dwell in

& on

I believe God will make right any of my decisions based on the truth that lies in my Heart

I believe We will overcome PTSD & GMO with a sense of humor & everlasting love

I believe our family will be a Perfect family ~ Much like St Amalyia & St Hedwig & Henry ~ nobles of the 10th century.

I   believe to stay whole & happy lies in charity (from my 10 centuries of Charitable ancestry ~ DNA does not lie

I believe Adam (and Francis) will rise again ~ after their Death on the Cross

As will Joshua & Janna (Karen-Kevin) & George

I believe the stars & planets are precise, Holy & Creation bound

I am just an earthworm amending clay

I believe ~ God may not be opening Doors for me ~ but He could if it was in His Will

I believe in respect, reverence & everlasting connections  

Fear Steals all the Good that Might Have Been

Fear of the Unknown 

A test likely

To upgrade software to the next level

When fear is rampant 


But seems like it is eminent 

It is likely just another test 

A cross to bear 

A Passion of sorts

Cross checking the choice made a the Dawn of Time

The Night Before Christmas – December 2019

Is where I intend to live all my life

In the Shadows ~ That illuminate the blind

That frolic in the Autumn Mist of memories psst

Past on to the lovers & lonely 

We are but a notion of God


A place that always was

A place that can never be held 

A place that is forever now

Parents prepare us to sustain 

Sustenance they give freely

Our nurture is broadcast minute by minute

Like God  sending instruction perpetually

Received by those who long & listen for instructions & guidance

A Bucket List – December 2019

An Intention to share

A prayer for tomorrow

A wish 

A dare

A prophet nod

A way of the Cross

or not

It is easy to conceive

& below the line &

Hard to defend a prayer so rare

Too early 

To far out

But real not the less

The least thought 

No the less 

A sparkling piece of the creation puzzle

Only to be brought down from the Control Tower 

At the perfectly syncopated time

Trust in the Way 

In all things

Let nothing disturb you 





Steal all the good that might have been

Allow it to come to you

on the Wings of a Dove

the Holy Spirit

The Breath of God  

He set the Moon, Planets & Stars  in Place – December 2019

Rare Cosmic Bond

 Endures forever

Only the stars & planets know for sure

He guides them as we pray ~ Prayer arrows 

~ Navigators for the stars

the Wise men knew 

Diligent & Drawn to the Truth 

The Followed the bright Light

& bright Gold, Frankincense  & Myrrh

Not a superstition – But the science of God

They did not worship the Sun, planters 

merely obeyed the map

Never lost

there are 2 ways to think~

Idolators – detracted by dogma 

Fixed Action Pattern ~ unholy 

– Refuse to allow the mystery to unfold

Becoming blind & lame  

& deaf to the Word

Superstition  (All superstition is negative) if honored 

Unfounded belief in Good – Bad luck 

Rejection & not following through with 

the opposite  ‘science ‘

Knowing that ‘lucky’ is just the Science of God’s favor

Knowing that ‘knowing’ is God whispering 

Knowing that grace, chi are the same breath of the Spirit 

It is in trusting our ‘knowing’ that gives us confidence

& not myths & fears, that do not allow us to follow a spiritual path 

The science of the Spirit 

the Anatomy of love – grows & embellishes ‘other’

the Anatomy of fear – negative & critical (complains)

That stop grace in its tracks 

Making praying to Mary a ‘superstition’

‘All roads lead to Rome’

All prayers (even to Mary & the Saints – 

May be a crooked path ~ But are not lost or wasted

They Lead to God! 

Demeanors, Judgers, Gossips & haters

Criticize others – (all who are not like them)

Their religion becomes a  Superstition – A Mindless Fixed Action 

Already decided ~ without an opportunity to discern~

It is all they know & choose to choose

They crucify with negative words

Always ready to judge & hold grudges 

& are often unaware of their toxic, gentle, unholy barbs

Aimed to build their unholy ways & 

Scaffolding for the Inner Child who is destined to 

Remain half a huma

The better half ~ The Hippocampus 

the guard of the Autobiographical Memory 

On the Right hand side of the Father

(The Cerebral Cortex)

The Mind of Christ thinkers know compassion & empathy 

ability to understand and share the feelings of another

Gladness for the Upright Heart – December 2019

Next giant leap of Mankind

The pioneering Holy Spirt

Just another link to God

Chi flows when navigate with our mind

the Universe shrinks with thoughts 



Same energy 

Same ability to create our reality 

Choice to remain animal  

or reign with the gods

 The conversation changed

Returning home

Only to find our Heart 

Where Folks Meet their Doom – December 2019

When they face their self

With unfiltered eyes 

No presumption

No lies

A frightening reality sets in 

Launch a life boat

Prayer & fasting 

Really desire to get off this ship

Little  shop of horrors 


Me & My ego clash 



to find Center

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