Prose-try in Motion 2022 – WEDDING-RY POEMS – HT Wagner

Body of Poems – WEDDING-RY POEMS

Praying for the ‘Slack’  Mentality to End-

Slack mentality-

Thinking in zeros-

Unknowing – Blind leading the blind

The mind in the shadows of nothingness

The creative emotional mind-

Reading into the void

Writing on the wall of time

Minds on idle-

Not growing crops for tomorrow-

a net electric charge due to gain or loss of an electron-

Make a silo 

A pit to store grain- 

The 10 Commandments- 

Loving God and Neighbor – Produces the ions of love-

Building compassion, empathy for self and others

Is gaming a positive charge-

Mind Shadows – 

Thinking in circles, periods or question marks-

concentric – not square –

Loosing electrons a negative- 

Pornography, Internet waste, spending for the sake of spending 

Making ‘friends’ that steal your energy-

Thought do not have to be hate-

Slacker may not hate or judge

Nothing plus nothing is still nothing 

Benign nothingness is still nothing-

No growth – regurgitating-

Birds regurgitate to feed their young-

Man regurgitate or ruminates to fed the void –

Growing it large and more toxic-

Only to be replayed when the mind screen goes blank-

A Gap – Taking the Froth or Fluff  out Thought

Data dependent 

Data matters to matter-



Not substantial 

Concrete or real-

What Calms the Psyche


Freedom from Fear 

Moving parts coming to a head

Dock elevated  in a storm 

To survive they rise with the level

There they are tethered 

The tide comes and goes

What is lost 

Is replaced with new

Some holds forever 

other is lost to the tides of time

Old Age-

Doing those fun things again-

Some of my grey hair reverses

only to be replaced by more

or nothing at all-

The bones grow brittle and break 

The muscles ache and groan

The mind is swept away by the nodes

Branching and Bleached

or it becomes the depository of trash-

Trash that should have never been

Substrates made trash by greed of the uptight

The ones who are bottom line on lookers

To survive they mold, shape shift numbers 

to fit an unnatural hoard 

Hoarding the empty 

Make-believe matter

that matters not… 

Customer expectations constantly changing –



Why Bother to Get Old?

When no one cares to care


Hard to find

Hard to bear


Baby boomers wax and wane

Only to be born again in an empty space-

It is all about making room in the selfish cosmos

We love to live 

Until we don’t 

Seasonality not necessarily our comrade 

Remnants of the hurricane 

Make room for new growth

The old grows older

Tears fill the eyes of the storm

They story ends an another begins to bond 

Bonds can break only with trauma 

Without trauma 

Bonds are not dealt a blow 

Bonds are made for the weak to attach

Without bonds all matter are made null

The blind are not healed 

The cries are not herd 

Feelings are frozen to the icy blog

Insecurity reigns 

Chaos knows only confusion

The gold mine mired in mud of hostility and hate-

Haplessness and helpless

After the World Cup – Sunday, December 18, 2022 

Argentina –

When the hand of fate tips the ball to the goal-

Fate comes in many colors – Mostly brilliant and so many ways –

The Way of the Cross is always present in many ways- 

When the hand of fate tips the ball to the goal-

At the Hair Salon – December 2022

Another month has grown by

Hair is astorm-

Worn and weary 

It speaks to me of how fast the time flies

in the face of reality –

The Stylist is bright and reassuring-

She knows what to do

Where to hide 

Where to pray

No one knows what is right or wrong 

Maybe not 

Maybe so 

Follow the lead of life

or let go back to its natural state?

Holidays perch on the branch of yesterday 

song-in the background –

We color our roots

to  cover the foreboding future of old


Messy life and more 

Friends Falling Fast  December 2022

It is the Holidays 


Friends wax and wane

But are forever true 

like Dominoes 

Line up to fall 

When all else fails – They are!

Holidays hiding place for endorphins

Not so sticky

But maybe a bear market bounce?

Global slow down 

Only to bounce back when the boogie man calls 

Rate hikes surprise

With no path to redemption

Volatility postponed

only to answer to the want in the end

Want always prevails due to the greed of man

Should ought want need-

Christmas miracles pop and shine

87% yield curve leads to recession –

13% holding back – 

to a temporary ‘sweet spot’

‘They say’

They say-

all What matters not

but only to them

It is a broken heart that may never heal

We know not where we are going

only to the end


It is lovely to look at

Lovely to feel

The cast of motley characters behold their Maker

We know not where we are going

That is what faith and hope are for

Ice skating on the sands of time

Watching the home screen of indifference 

Only to find out 

It matters not

Days of our Lives

A pivot

A pocket

Poised to perfection

We are who we think we are

Day by day

Minute bt minute

Creation groans and sputters to the next way station

Hide and seek God

Shows us the Way

The Way of the Cross 

Keeps us real 

Reality Check often hidden 

But always there

Wednesday, November 23, 2022- 


Sound sharp and surreal

Surround me and quake

make me awake

and leave me boundless

Bogus and ready for the day

The day is finally tomorrow

I wake to a new awareness 

all puffed up in to one

Words are my being 

My soul

My friend

My words are my secret cave 

That I shun myself into when the tide is out

when hurt is the air I breathe

and love is out there somewhere

Somewhere Is not a friend 

But an  anomaly

Deviates from normal 

Normal does not exist in the world today

But in all that has gone  before

The Holy Space called God-

I see but do not see

I feel but do not feel

I want only to be one with YOU-

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Scraps – the Love of Amelia – my Grandmother

She wanted a better life

With Matthias they crossed the sea to America

They settled with his brother Antonia in Kansas 

A coal mine accident crushed his will and his body

Subiaco – the next stop

A plot of land 

A  grieving mother 

Henry set out on the faithful lot he had been given

Milwaukee – their home until they returned 

Subiaco was the  center

Little Rock the grandson 

He loved her at first sight

Evelyn the Orphan Annie from New York 

Planted there when the Orphan train stopped –

Faithful they were from the beginning

until the end 

Along the Way

The Way of their Crosses-

They never knew hate

They never knew discrimination

They only knew what to do with love 

Each morning they work to creation and possibilities

Fresh Whole and the gift of a new promising day 

Using what ancestors wrought

Amid trials and truma 

They were glad to do what needed to do

The weekend Mass at the abby gave marching orders

The same each day – get up and welcome happiness

Wholeness and joy among the sorrows 

 Monday, November 21, 2022

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Inspired by the last 100 years of faithfulness of Henry and Evelyn

You gave and  intentionally lived perfect lives 

Rising early 

Walking to daily Mass

Days of constant prayerfulness

Never knowing what the day may bring

or always knowing that your family would be safe

You held the standard of love, life and beholding 

It is because of you both that I am and choose to be whole

In the Sacred Hearts of the Cosmos

You gave rise to my children

Their Sacred Hearts 

Add in the 100 years of your father –

Both good and bad

Addictions and gossip clouded the space

But in the end 

They became as faithful as the ones who had gone before 

It is because of Your Holy Cross that we are

Seamless we are as we move through the Space of You

September  2022

Be Happy Now

Still nice but different

Christmas feels good

Traditions brought to light 

Set like concrete

But soft like lovely love

Embracing Today

Where we all come from 

Tells a tale of reality

We hold hostage our being

Crisis of Confidence 

All diplomatic trails lead to a dead end

Sometime bleakness means the truth is splayed open

To become a lie 

A nest of snarled sinews 

When embracing today is the only way out

It becomes a mission

and specialized forces to make today a reality


Harsh and severe

Iron fisted 


Draconian Ways 

Not unlike the Way of the Cross

Cruel and ruthless 

The money men raise the selfish heads

The inhumanity to allow a lie to become perceived truth

Persecuted minorities released


Control for their own benefits 

At the expense 

of the innocent and un-beholding 

Ever present and holy to the mind

to affect a change in the attitude of the unbelievers

Silent night- 

Proficient Profusion

Long-shot proposition-

Consummate and completely concluded 

Moments interminable 

Power struggle 

Mountains of madness

A rug that is pulled out from beneath

Plentitude of plethora

Counseling patience

Silence of moderation 

Relevance of power 

Tired of hopelessness

Patience running thin

Like rice paper

Reinforce the message of hope

A point of no turning back

Pray Faithfully 

Wish or Hope strongly 

Unlock memories past and open doors for the future


Call on 

Every beat of my heart 

A loyal manner 

A royal diadem 

A crown – a cup of the an ornament

that sets off a start –

Drumbeat to the Heart of God’

Plead and petition 

Dignity breathed into being

The birth of a thought becomes 

like a snowflake – it melts to another state 

Born again and forever held in suspension – 

Like springs and shock absorbers 

Launched – a quantum piece of peace 

Flutter, frenzy 

Flap and vibrate the waves of existence 

Finding Center with Out of Bounds

Boundaries placed 

Where life should grow


Insults the way the hamster 

Runs the cage


Never a touchdown-


Circumference of the Circle of Life

Skirting the edges 

Never at home-

How dare you!

Inspiration Falls

Wait and see 

Twist of Fate

Fatal hand of time

Or life change


Glancing instead of hitting head on

Recasting a patina 


New paths

A catalyst

An impetus

Momentum a motivating force forever-

Inspiration follows-


Over eons –

Oxygen gnaws and erodes the soul

Aged and polished-

The Heart is created-

Prayers form and fashion 

A novel altered state of being-



Shades of future commodity

Smiling – Saturday, November 12, 2022

Inspired by RP Johnson – Find True Happiness

The immense power of a Smile

Tricking the body-

Shifting mood to positive-

Drawing in scowls, frowns, grimaces – 

That will draw other away-

It is hard do be moody 

When wearing a smile-

A smile is contagious 

a happy disease!

Making a smile – 

Stresses blood pressure to low

Endorphins emerge triumphant

It is hard to stay negative when 

Happy smiles succeed 

and frame the face with ardor 

 enthusiasm and eagerness galore-

On the Promise of Tomorrow

Whatever comes 

Whatever is meant to be 


If we are open to the cosmos

Staring into the eyes of friends and ancestors 

Let the market murder the whims insignificant 

And let polarization balance 

Nuance pins and caters to the sands of time

What is interesting and indifferent 

Over-performs spring chickens 

Underestimates the will of the windows 

Windows let the light come in 

and the weather at bay 

Audits and recounts 

Jury still out – 

The Real Issues

What is going on?

Cage fight

Changes the political junkies

Changes tame to toxic

Politicians pray 

Politicians pose

Looking out for ethos  

A character spirit of the modern cultures 

Like buttermilk

It curdles –

The real issues is likely never known

Pollyanna seems to be real

and blames 

Joyful trust tries to find center 

But often derailed by dejection

Obtuse – 

Annoying insensitive-

and slow to understand

The real issue – Love finds center!

Peace of Mind – Peace of Heart

Personality dysfunction 

All rolled up into one

The Unconscious Mind barks

and is never heard

Stagnant and stinky 

We feel life is drifting by

Heart Strings

Mind strings 

Knotted and snarled 

Entangled and matted  

Like the rat’s nest 

on a sinking ship 

Soon to freeze and fall 

In between life’s lost living things-

Oxygen less and empty

Mind and Heart farts!

When Dark Night of the Soul Descends 

I parse and pace and beg to pray-

The shadows are dark and deep 

Cutting the patterns 

Forming the ‘thought catchers’ 

That filter and begin a new day

A day unexpected –

We await awakening

Always willing to play or stay

Creation cranks and crowns 

Stands in the way of progress 

Creaky old age heard loud and clear

What happens if tomorow never comes?

It happens each day 

when nogs stop the clogs 

Adrift weighs on the soul of the Cosmos

It would be nice to know

It just takes a longer time to become…

Sadness and sorrow 

Afloat – not sinking


What consumes a lug?

-plays a hood – 

encumbered with worry 

Source of anxiety 

Excess apprehensiveness

Creates ….

It is what it is!

Not always pretty-

Blue Chips-

Blue-chip stocks are seen as relatively safer investments, with a proven track record of success and stable growth.

Blue Chips

New chips-


Where we find our hearts 


Well known 

Not a whim

Stable and whole 

We find our being

Roots are deep and true

Not like the palm in a hurricane

Ramping up to calm the soul

Move the masses

The Exchange  

Bull or Bear?

Something to chew on-

All moving higher to meet the mark


Truck drivers deliver 

Only the goods at hand

The Bear blocks 

Agents of innovation 

Become backroads not

Only dead air space 

Missing a mentality demanded to live-

with a kind and gently manner-

The Christ-

The Human Condition-

What is?

We are live or dead?

We are happy or sad?

We are in charge of creating or state of being 

We are what we think 

We create or create our minds in the brain

Brain fog results when the neurons  fail to spark 

Minor damage becomes when workers are not in the field

not Dedicated

not Proactive 

not Mission driven- 

A necessity –

Mission abate and aborted- 

It is hard to create positive when the tide is rising 

The Tide is always there 

Time to use-

Time to paddle to the shore?

The Moon shine and the tides obey-

Gravitation pull like a tug of war-

Causing the Oceans to pull on each other…

Bulging begins on both

Moon side close – and the farthest from the moon

The Lowest Point –

Where low tides begins the pendulum swing 

Keeping creating in balance-





Not shaking 

The quality of being controlled 

All good when it come to hands

Not so good when it comes to riots

Riots become when it is time for 

Oppressive rule expands and contracts

The peasants rebel and take their due

the over control explodes to find freedom

The Wisdom Tree blooms and flowers stability

and the next generation of seeds- 

Shaking the Wisdom tree – makes more wisdom

on the move –

Wisdom tree aflame  or soft bog



No longer serves 

Flash – 2017

Made one

A Flash of Light

So Bright…



Brilliance beyond a moon on a cloudless night 

Forever formed…

A bond



Where did it come from?.

Where did it go?



Unheard of since then…..

I saw you standing there

In a room full of people …

Your Presence filled the room.

Filled the air..

I was there





A picture taken

Charged with the ions of connection…




Reward for candid


Forthright love..


A picture taken

With the eye of belonging


Becoming One.. .


To behold

What was ordained 

From the very foundation of time..

On-watchers gloat

and glare their presumption..

They sense the undercurrents of love …

That They Never may know

or feel….

The Presence of One


Heavy was the air – so light

Eyes caught  

A notion…

In motion…

With eagle-eye vision

Straight into the Heart…

The Sacred Heart of the Cosmos



Created intentionally

But not intended… 


To never leave Your side

or Be alone…

Wound that will Not ever to be healed..

Regardless of space

Time or Being

Being is Bonded

A tether 

Beyond all Prayer


and Fear

The Body can be broken

The Bond is formed 

Bonded to the End of time-

If there was any other way…

I would have found it by now…. 

Stealing the poetry of…Colin Blundstone..The Ghost of You & Me

Television – a Cures or a Cure?

‘Volatile asset – class or a dump ?


Easily evaporated 

Finding center in an unregulated Way

What the mind craves to grow-

Activity beyond the norm 

The norm is an Idleness beyond the means

When the mind is on idle

Idleness displaces all that is making though 

all that is not.


How to be-

is not to be stagnant-

unless being stagnant is a prison 

To bust out 

One see beyond the lust, longing, empty thoughts 


A hallowed-out core-

Tedious and dull

Deadly dull





Pay with prayer

A solemn request 

Displacing a void and filling it up

Friday, February 15, 2013

You Don’t Know Me

We meet again

Smile and chat awhile

You walk away always before

On the arm of that other guy

and you will never

How my heart aches 

You will never know 

The tenderness I feel inside

The song says…

Afraid and shy

I let my chance go by


A chance that you might love me too..

Only God decides 

It is not ours to choose the roles we are to play

Co-creators we all are

To deny, is to be counter to a participate in creation

To know our part and to play it well

Is our destiny

Chosen before the foundation of time..

Knowing is simply recognizing

Our destiny does not  cave to sensuality

But rather listening to harbinger of hope

The predictor the bearing that will bear fruit

That will remain

Not fruit that is cut by the pruning knife.

Holding on to feelings that are meant to insult

Holding in to feelings that are at the wrong time

Keeping a private, but a heart full of integrity.

Seeking only the truth

and remain steadfast under the strikes and pellets of lies

Knowing that “political correctness” is the cowards way  out.

Never intending to hurt feelings

But putting a positive spin

On all, especially the most disagreeable

Not taking the time to know beyond the sensory Ego.

Being satisfied with the status quo

Being lukewarm with striving for holiness and appreciation of the sacred…

Respecting dogma and not knowing or respecting the needs of the spirit

Which are to deny the urges of the monkey brain…

More fun to have pleasure and not attend to the work of the spirit.

Bless My Way


Make it be Your Way..

Show me Your Will 

In all that I do

All  put in my path

My Way



and for Eternity…

This is my Song

This is the only way to Praise

The Way to be Present

The Only Way to Love…


In the Moment

Trust the Trauma

It is not a visitation 

But a Call to Action

The Soul needs a glancing point

A new Direction

To Meet the wishes of the day..


Embrace the  Loudness

the Static

Be the  Voice above the Fray

Steal my poetry

and live



Hover over all that needs attention

All going in the Wrong Direction

Touch the with a prayer

They will tuned around…

She Touches you


Swaddled and Given to St Joseph 

For protection

As long a there are small minds around

The blindness and hate

Rule the World of all the matters not


Put Self 

On the Shelf

Be Free

Obey the Tree



Fly to the Sky


Map positive

Or don’t bother

Breathe in 

For the Synergy

To launch thoughts and words

Into action


Avoiding Blame


Understand  the Why…

The Way…


Tonight We Win

Process to the ‘Checkout of Now’..

Check out of nothingness…

Buy in to poetry and

Find your Soulmate 

Say Goodbye tomorrow

and let the healing begin…

The Imposter Lurks

Not in the Shadow

But in Real Life

To hide the brilliance..

No eyes can see

Blinded would be…

Busy keeping Promises

Singing Praise and Gratitude

No one knows

But Me

The Iceberg within


Silently Hovering

Hanging out


Being One with the Sky and

The River of Life..

Going nowhere but to the Sea

The Eternal Sea of Power


Brilliance disguised…

Where does it all come from?

Where does it all go?

The endless flow …

Precious Blood flow of Now…

You know Who you are…





Giving …

Miracles bubble up

From nowhere


Scattered and sewn..

In due season

They unfold ..

In the choreographed 

Syncopation of Creation…

Lovely to behold..

As my hand hold the Beads

The Prayers are sent to your Soul…

Coursing through the Chakras

the Veins of the Sacred

The Immaculate

What was, 

and always will be..

Glory in Your Ways…

Our sacrifice of Praise..

Stealing a little poetry…

The Living Bread (non GMO)…

Whole and natural…


No greed 

Nothing but pure light..

Powered by “butterfly wings”

and butterfly kisses no longer 

In the dark night..

He came

Presence Undeniable

Shroud with a mask

To hide His brilliance..

God hides in hope

In the Hearts and minds of man…

Pretending is not an option-

only a “nice to have”-

Monday, November 27, 2017

About the Author-

Inspirational Verse in the ‘free-form’ style of Emily Dickinson-

HT Wagner – is a Freelance writer of WordPress in St Louis, Missouri 
She has had a successful career in Project Manager with over 25 years’ experience in research, development and team building, with a strong background in both technical and financial services industry recruiting – building her own successful recruiting company.

She retired and suffered a series of devastating family tragedies that led to a period of deep depression and devastation. Expressing herself in poetry has helped her to rebuild a normal life.

Dee’s ‘turn on’s- are the ocean, swing dancing and comedy.
Her ‘turn-off’s’ are negative people who judge and people who hate.
 She and husband of 55 years now live in St Louis close to her family.
You can email her at – (under construction)

Inspirational Verse in the free form style of Emily Dickinson-

My Posts – End to Homelessness – (My story) 


Inspirational Verse in the free form style of Emily Dickinson

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 Dee  Wagner~Hinkle 

(HT Wagner-pseudonym)

502 Trevi Lane 

Ellisville, MO 63011

HT Wagner@ Twitter
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