Kid’s Menu and Dorm Food Blues – How to Survive to Healthy Adulthood-especially Surviving Cafeteria and Dorm Institutional Food-Avoid the Modern Medicare Legacy-A Slow Death of GMO Modern Processed Foods-Heat Altered and Over-Milled

Dorm Food Blues – Avoid Institutional Food and the ‘Kids menu’

How to Survive College ‘Land Mines’ and Graduate with Honors! 

Avoid the WW 2 into WW 3 empty factory foods 

and Avoid the Modern Medicare Legacy 

Dedicated to High School and College students and ‘those made Homeless’ by Synthetic Factory Food since WW 2- 

Also to the all victims of those in America – subjugated and left to die a slow death to the Modern GMO Processed foods (heat altered and over-milled)-

Now we fight WW 3 – Disease-Causing Factory Food-

Inspired by all young Men and Women – Covid Survivors All

Making way to Colleges – the Next Step in life! 

My story-The Billy’s in my life!

Cousin Billy Willems-

In the 50’s – the age of Industrial Factory Food-

Billy was the first Born in the 40’s – son of Aunt Anne and Uncle “Ollie” Aloysius Willems – Milwaukee – 

His parents resettled from Subiaco Arkansas-Both grew up on Sustainable or Regenerative Sustenance Farms not far from St Benedict’s Abby – a Catholic Monastery that often received Orphans from the New York Orphan trains. His grandmother Evelyn arrived in April 11, 1911. 

Ann’s bones were ‘generationally’ packed with her Mother Amyelia’s Slovenian-Italian  sound foundation of goodness of natural foods.

Billy was smarter, funnier than My Brother Joe (my standard for Smart, Funny and Fun!)  They were both full of life from  their occasional visits to visit his Grandmother –  Uncle Henry and Aunt Evelyn and Subiaco Cousins! All still living in Subiaco

—His presence-made us feel smaller and we all aspired to catch the tail wind of his charm! 

He was an Honor student in High School and was accepted to a prestigious medical school – After living most of his life on post WW2 industrial food- 

It only took a semester of stressful medical school and ‘dorm’ food to expend the scant mineral in his bones to burn out. He dropped out of medical school and soon find his way in the Homeless community of Milwaukee for the rest of his life- Remembering Billy – now Homeless – 

Billy Wagner – Nephew – Son of my brother Joe..

2015- Billy  – My Godson–Now deceased – before his time) 

Billy’s story – What did you have for breakfast – I asked when he lived with us in the ‘90’s – His response – ‘Donuts’!!

 My response – APRIL 24, 2020 – FACEBOOKCOMDEEHINKLE2

On Facebook:

Why I Do This! The End to Senseless Loss of Lives-END to GMO SAVE US ALL and Save Donuts-Return to Sanity -Connect the Dots ~ Immune Systems Fail Globally-Over Refined Ancient Grains-Over Heated Oils in America with 3-4 times the Corona Virus Victims ~ Politicians not Serious~

Read More

– Toxic ‘Factory’ ALTERED (Often GMO) Food to AVOID like the Plague or Covid 19 – – Neutering of the Immune System, Brain & CNS-Mental Illness Makers!

It is now apparent – that the concept of  ‘Prevent & Reverse’ was the answer to our Welfare state of Medicare and Disease- 

  • Factory Processed fake foods-losing minds, becoming diabetic on Cheap factory food-Arriving on US soil-leaving behind unaltered Non-GMO 

No cost – I owe it to my closely held nephews suicides (2015 and 2017) after losing spouses and fell to convenience foods – became Depressed (mentally ill) – Only knew treated with alcohol and TOOK THEIR OWN LIVES – while living on Modern factory GMO foods. 

The process of unwinding from Factory Food is simple

-If you are willing – LEARN 

The process is reading books and YouTube 

like Sally Fallon ‘Nourishing Traditions’  and – Dr Thomas Cowan – ‘Vaccines, Autoimmunity and Changing nature of Illness’ (particularly childhood) – 

YouTube ‘Heal”  Kiss the Ground – Regenerative Agriculture – etc. NETFLIX – ‘HEAL’ 

#1 -A ‘Pantry Inventory’ to teach label reading to Identify GMO & Factory altered foods (Over-milled & Over-heated) for shelf life – not the quality of their lives! Removing all offending Faux Factory Foods (one immigrant family removed 18 grocery sacks) 

#2- A trip to the supermarket to read labels & Replace with Whole non-GMO factory foods with whole unaltered Foods for Life 

#3-Find source of Raw Milk -Estep Farm, Non-GMO fed eggs, Pasture-Raised Meat Bolyards Meat & Provisions Maplewood MO – find Wild sources -Teach –  meal preparation based on Sally Fallon, Medical treatment based on Dr Thomas Cowan 

#4 If any with Cancer – even 4th stage or arthritis, asthma, allergies, MS or any of the other degenerative diseases caused by the prevalence of US reliance on Cheap GMO corn, soy or alfalfa (fed to the animals we eat) 

This process is available for free by request –

Read More-

– Advice to Graduates (and to diseased victims of US GMO processed foods)


How to find your Soulmate or Live a healthy long  life (and not in a doctor’s office!)

  1. Study & pray mostly-

2. Eat your (Peeled and seeded) vegetables and fruits, whole-Not processed over-reined  grains, Pasture-Raised Meats only-NO FACTORY PROCESSED FOODS and Fermented Kombucha – not Soda!

3. Avoid GMO-Fed red meat or other Non-PASTURE RAISED ANIMAL PROTEIN 

(Miracle was of loaves and fishes — not GMO Processed-Altered )

Drink alcohol often-in Moderation –  Beer & wine, only in limited quantities

Sip small amounts a looong time – Savor in mouth-

In stomach alcohol turns into An Ego Lockdown

— A prison —

Coffee and tea (preferably green) with abundant raw honey – not so much sodas…

Go to church only if invited by God…

Find your Soulmate (Anam Cara)

Advice to Easter Egg Hunters

How to find your Vocation life

First Check your Genome

Do a little digging-If you are male

For personality and intelligence

Is likely matriarchal – Mom and her Mom and Dad

If you are female

It is likely 50/50 Mom and Dad–combo

Go way back-8 generations – they say

You know Your Heart-Listen to it

The Mind makes noise-”busy-ness”

Heart feels the Truth

Mind reasons Truth

Soul knows the Truth

But they all talk to each other

If Slego (self-ego) shouts the loudest-

Heart and Soul run for cover–drug, alcohol, sex..

You get the picture….

Balance your Yin with your Yang

Pray continually for 

Integrity, Wisdom, Knowledge & Perfect Understanding

Never let the joy in your heart out of its cage-

Daily Journaling

Hearts on Fire–Praying with the Jesuits

For starters




Chapter 6- Miracle of Real Food- Not GMO or Factory-altered 


edjugorje~Are We Overlooking the Obvious? Non-GMO-Not Factory Over-Milled or Heat Processed-LONGEVITY Not in a Nursing Home! 


August 27, 2019 facebookcomdeehinkle2

Pray for Longevity-living to 100 

and not in a Nursing Home – Someday will be MEMORY REHAB!


The Science Behind Mysteries & Miracles ~ 

Medjugorje – Wikipedia › wiki › Medjugorje

I had an American friend with ‘leaky gut’ Syndrome – Gluten Intolerance-

He made a pilgrimage to Medjugorje for 3 weeks – and His gut healed –

Are we Overlooking the Obvious?

Could it have been the Miracle of 3 weeks of European Non-GMO – NOT FACTORY ALTERED PROCESSED Food?

What was Missing from his diet?

The Modern American Diet:

Likely ~ No Pasture Raised  Meat (Vitamin D and Omega 3). but (CAFO-GMO Grain-fed in abusive Factory Farms!)

~No Raw Dairy!  – deplete of digestive enzymes 

(Tea antioxidants))

~No Eggs (not fed GMO)

~No Wild Caught Seafood~

~No Sprouted hamburger buns ~No Heritage corn! But All GMO!

~Factory Food from Across America TV Ads show TASTY food Grilled Mostly ‘Disease-Causing’ FACTORY-GMO processes

~Modern Corn (likely GMO)

~Grilled Factory Meat hamburgers – Stressed and Fed GM

~For the Vegan Beyond Meat (INFLAMMATORY & GMO) ~

~ Modern Dairy and Eggs (CORTISOL – Stressed and Fed GMO)

~ Over-milled White buns (Refined ‘disease-causing’) ~ 

Grilled Farmed and fed GMO ‘Atlantic’ Salmon~ 

NO FERMENTED FOODS with Live Beneficial Digestive enzymes!

Read more-

My Story…

It all Started When the Orphan Train Came from New York ‘Foundling’ Home to Subiaco Abby – April 8, 1911~

One evening this summer –

Deep “in the throes” of my Burnout/Depression-

A blank Google page was open, so I typed ‘GOD, PLEASE HELP ME!!’ I hit the enter key & as soon as I did ~ THE PHONE RANG – It was a nun – Working with Bridges (Ignatian Spiritual Exercises)!

I had attended an introductory session in the last year, but the timing was not right – It may have been “happenstance” that she followed up ‘at that moment’- but I am so grateful that she called!

Great Women~

“When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.” – Helen Keller

“The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” – Ayn Rand

“Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country.” – Margaret Thatcher

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.” – Katharine Hepburn

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” – Maya Angelou

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” – Anais Nin

We are what we believe we are.

C. S. Lewis 

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