Longevity Secrets – Blue Zones -Turning Point! Ban GMO and Factory Altered Foods-Killing Us Slowly-Modern Disease! Big Gov-Big Business Collusion! America Ripe for REVOLUTION!!!


Isaiah 11:6-9 6The wolf shall live with the lamb, the leopard shall lie down with the kid, the calf and the lion and the fatling together and a little child shall lead them. 7The cow and the bear shall graze, their young shall lie down together; and the lion shall eat straw like the ox. 8The nursing child shall play over the hole of the asp, and the weaned child shall put its hand on the adder’s den. 9They will not hurt or destroy on all my holy mountain; for the earth will be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.


Longevity Secrets-‘Blue Zones’ Explorations and SELL PHARMA –

This is the Turning Point-America is Ripe for Revolution – Factory GMO Foods are killing us slowly! now called the Holocaust!!

The Next Gen –  ‘Neo-nazis’ –

Big Gov-Big Business COLLUSION – 

Ban GMO – the Modern Holocaust – the ‘Sarin’ Gas of Big Government and Big-Big Business – Greed and Profit! Insidious collusion-

PREVENTING-REVERSE – GAPS – Dr Thomas Cowan’s Diets Non-GMO NOT ALTERED BY Heat Altering OILS and Over-Milling Grains-

Longevity secrets, blue zones explorations, research and articles. 

Blue Zones Project. Big Government – Big business Corruption – 

Preventing US – Blue Zones Lessons. Longevity secrets, blue zones explorations, research and articles. 

Learn how to transform your community to live –

Reverse Engineering Longevity Inspired By Dan Buettner – Power 9®

Life expectancy of an American born today averages 78.2 years. 

 (And may end up Western Style – on Pharma & in a Nursing Home)

But this year, over 70,000 Americans have reached their 100th birthday.

What are they doing that the average American isn’t? Quality of Life?

National Geographic to find the world’s longest-lived people and study them.  We knew most of the answers lied within their lifestyle and environment (The Danish Twin Study established that only about 20% of how long the average person lives is determined by genes). 

Then we worked with a team of demographers to find pockets of people around the world with the highest life expectancy, or with the highest proportions of people who reach age 100-

Big Government – Big Business is Fraud-Greed-Fear -Mongering for Profit? – Covid Makers ALL! The Top Human Rights Issue of Our Time – Dr Thomas Cowan and Regenerative Agriculture – Fake Food – Future for America? Immune System Impotent! https://facebookcomdeehinkle2.com/2020/09/21/big-government-big-business-is-fraud-greed-fear-mongering-for-profit-dr-thomas-cowan-fake-or-future-for-america/

Dr Thomas Cowan –‘Once a society finds itself financial dependent on war, sickness imprisonment & enforced schooling – it must be understood that the solution to these problems can’t bet more of the same’

Autoimmunity-the Changing Nature of Illness TRAUMA TREATMENT – Dr Tom Cowan’s Version of the Gaps Diet – GMO or Factory-Altered Processed Foods – Low Dose Naltrexone for Better Sleep-Anxiety Treats Symptoms of Trauma from Life – the Elephant in the Room! Needed with Diet -Sources-LDN -Recipes https://wordpress.com/post/facebookcomdeehinkle2.com/6676


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The Blue Zones Solution: Secrets of the World’s Healthiest People – 9 Questions for Dan Buettner 

National Geographic Fellow, New York Times best-selling author and Blue Zones founder-https://www.bluezones.com/2015/04/the-blue-zones-solution-secrets-of-the-worlds-healthiest-people-9-questions-for-dan-buettner/

1.Why did you write The Blue Zones Solution?

The first Blue Zones book reveals the lessons from the world’s longest-lived people. This book takes the science a step farther to reveal what individuals can do in their own lives and communities. The first book was the “what” of longevity; Solutions is the “how.”

2. Why so much emphasis on food?

While working in the blue zones areas, I found that having a strong sense of purpose, a circle of healthy friends and living in walkable neighborhoods are all as important as a good diet. But I also realized that food is the entrance ramp for better living. So, I started this book by distilling all of the diets of longest-lived people into one über diet of sorts.   It’s a good place to start.

3.What is the world’s healthiest diet?

I lay it out in the book. But I can tell you that the longest-lived are getting 95 percent of their calories from plants and only 5 percent from animal products.  Contrary to what the paleo or Atkins diet says, these folks actually eat a high carb diet. About 65 percent of their diet is whole grains, beans, and starchy tubers. No matter where you go, the snack of choice is nuts. People who eat nuts live two to three years longer than non-nut eaters. But remember, they are moving all the time, not sitting at desks, in cars, or watching TV.

4. Is there any such thing as a ‘longevity food’? 

Yes and no. There’s no one food that is going to assure you’ll live longer or healthier; it’s about the combination.  In the blue zone of Costa Rica, we found almost the perfect food combination in corn, beans, and squash — these three provide all the proteins necessary for life. In Okinawa, sweet potatoes — high in beta-carotene — fueled centenarians for nearly half of their lives. And in Sardinia, a sourdough bread, leavened with lactobacillus, actually lowers insulin response to a meal.

5. What do they drink in the blue zones?

Easy: Clean water is the best longevity beverage on Earth. The Adventists believe you should drink seven glasses a day — which can keep your arteries flowing better and organs functioning higher. We also found that herbal and green teas probably have a strong longevity claim. And yes, a glass or two of red wine — especially when consumed with a blue zones, plant-based meal ­­— is a good idea for most people.

6. What if I don’t want to live to be 100? 

I think you would feel differently if you could be as active and vibrant as Marge Jetton in Loma Linda, California. At 100 she walks a mile before breakfast, rides six to eight miles on her stationery bike in the afternoon and volunteers every day. She is living large. A big part of living like those in the blue zones is having a sense of purpose. If you are healthy and feel valued, 100 will feel like 70.

7. Haven’t we moved too far from the simplicity of life in the blue zones?

People in America are longing for both health and connection. We are showing the way in the 24 communities where we have Blue Zones Projects®. The people there are initiating potluck moais, walking school buses, active community events and improving walking and biking trails. Staying healthy is a group effort. We all need to support one another.

8. Most diets fail; why do you think the blue zones diet will work? 

First, it’s credible. This is what 100-year-olds in the blue zones eat. Second, it doesn’t require that you sacrifice anything. The average American eats about 1,100 meals a year.  The book will help you make 1,000 of those meals mindful and delicious. The other 100 meals are for celebrations. Just as they do in the blue zones, you can eat what you want two days of the week.

9. What else?

You need three things if you want to live a long, healthy life: credible information, practical advice, and an environment that makes the healthy choice the easy choice, or better yet, unavoidable.


A. Einstein  – The definition of INSANITY –  is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

The cost of Medical care is threatening  to bankrupt us.Reducing the ‘ INERT’ and  over-prescribed (under doctor’s supervision) 

Reduce the ‘Pill for a Problem’ philosophy of  Pharma –  to PLACEBO  level-to preserve organs and avoid SIDE – EFFECTS –

Ivan Illich –Health, argues Illich, is the capacity to cope with the human reality of death, pain, and sickness. Technology can benefit many; yet, modern mass medicine has gone too far, launching into a godlike battle to eradicate death, pain, and sickness. In doing so, it turns people into risk-averse consuming objects, turning healing into mere science, turning medical healers into mere drug-surgical technicians

VACCINE may not come  – Why not invest in Massive Research on the Immune system and CNS – prevention and research and exquisite fine dining!!


We found five places that met our criteria for Blue Zones-

  • Barbagia region of Sardinia – Mountainous highlands of inner Sardinia with the world’s highest concentration of male centenarians.
  • Ikaria, Greece – Aegean Island with one of the world’s lowest rates of middle age mortality and the lowest rates of dementia.
  • Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica – World’s lowest rates of middle age mortality, second highest concentration of male centenarians.
  • Seventh Day Adventists – Highest concentration is around Loma Linda, California. They live 10 years longer than their North American counterparts.
  • Okinawa, Japan – Females over 70 are the longest-lived population in the world.

We then assembled a team of medical researchers, anthropologists, demographers, and epidemiologists to search for evidence-based common denominators among all places. We found nine.


Blue Zones Power 9: Lifestyle Habits of the World’s Healthiest, Longest-Lived People

  • Wine  (Fermented or beer also Fermented @ 5 – Happy Hour! People in all blue zones (except Adventists) drink alcohol MODERATELY and REGULARLY.                                             
  • Moderate drinkers outlive non-drinkers and  better quality of life– The trick is to drink 1-2 glasses per day (preferably Sardinian Cannonau wine), with friends and/or with food.   And no – It cannot be saved up all week and have 14 drinks on Saturday –
  1. Move Naturally—The world’s longest-lived people don’t pump iron, run marathons or join gyms. Instead, they live in environments that constantly nudge them into moving without thinking about it. They grow gardens and don’t have mechanical conveniences for house and yard work – CREATING A VEGETABLE GARDEN – HERITAGE SEEDS-
  2. Plant Based Protein – Non-GMO, Not Altered by Over-Heating & Over-Milling and Seasoned with ‘Brain Healthy-“Pasture-raised” oils or Plant oils – Avocado,, etc. (Not Altered by Over-Heating and Over-Milled-(‘refined or enriched’- making Greed sound like the processing is good for health! – Soaked Beans, including fava, black, Non-GMO Heritage  soy and lentils, are the cornerstone of most centenarian diets. Meat—mostly Pasture-raised  pork—is eaten – to on average only five times per month.  Serving sizes are 3-4 oz., about the size of a deck of cards.
  • Purpose-
  • The Okinawans call it “Ikigai” and the Nicoyans call it “plan de vida;” for both it translates to “why I wake up in the morning.” Knowing your sense of purpose is worth up to seven years of extra life expectancy
  • Down Shift-
  • Even people in the Blue Zones experience stress. Stress leads to chronic inflammation, associated with every major age-related disease. What the world’s longest-lived people have that we don’t are routines to shed that stress. Okinawans take a few moments each day to remember their ancestors, Adventists pray, Ikarians take a nap and Sardinians do happy hour.
  • 80% Rule
  • “Hara hachi bu”  – the Okinawan, 2500-year old Confucian mantra said before meals reminds them to stop eating when their stomachs are 80 percent full. The 20% gap between not being hungry and feeling full could be the difference between losing weight or gaining it. People in the blue zones eat their smallest meal in the late afternoon or early evening and then they don’t eat any more the rest of the day.
  • Belong and NO STRESS-
  • All but five of the 263 centenarians we interviewed belonged to some faith-based community.  Denomination doesn’t seem to matter. Research shows that attending faith-based services four times per month will add 4-14 years of life expectancy.
  • Loved Ones First
  • Successful centenarians in the blue zones put their families first. This means keeping aging parents and grandparents nearby or in the home (It lowers disease and mortality rates of children in the home too.). They commit to a life partner (which can add up to 3 years of life expectancy) and invest in their children with time and love (They’ll be more likely to care for you when the time comes).
  • Right Tribe
  • The world’s longest lived people chose–or were born into–social circles that supported healthy behaviors, Okinawans created ”moais”–groups of five friends that committed to each other for life. Research from the Framingham Studies shows that smoking, obesity, happiness, and even loneliness are contagious. So the social networks of long-lived people have favorably shaped their health behaviors.
  • To make it to age 100, you have to have won the genetic lottery. But most of us have the capacity to make it well into our early 90’s and largely without chronic disease. As the Adventists demonstrate, the average person’s life expectancy could increase by 10-12 years by adopting a Blue Zones lifestyle.

READ MORE ON GAPS or Dr Tom Cowan’s AUTOIMMUNE DIET to improve Longevity –

Six Principles to Follow When Starting on an Autoimmune Diet

Food & Drink, Health & Wellness

Inspired by a combination of his work treating patients with autoimmune disease and working in his garden, Dr. Cowan has developed six principles to help patients create healthy, natural diets.

**He emphasizes the importance of sourcing Quality Food from your immediate environment and consuming the correct Macronutrients.

The following excerpt is from Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness, by Thomas Cowan, MD. It has been adapted for the web.

Prefer audio?

Listen to the following excerpt from the audiobook of Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness.

Chelsea GreenPublishing 

The full GAPS diet-

  • PASTURE-RAISED  meat, – hormone-free and grass-fed.
  • Brain & CNS Healthy Animal fats, such as lard, tallow, lamb fat, duck fat, raw butter &  ghee.
  • Fish – not Farmed & Fed GMO
  • Shellfish
  • Pasture-Raised organic eggs (hens not fed GMO)
  • Fermented foods, such as kefir, homemade yogurt & sauerkraut.
  • vegetables (peeled)
  • The Cowan Autoimmune Diet

Six Principles to Follow When Starting on an Autoimmune Diet


Six Principles to Follow When Starting on an Autoimmune Diet

Inspired by a combination of his work treating patients with autoimmune disease and working in his garden, Dr. Cowan has developed six principles to help patients create healthy, natural diets. He emphasizes the importance of sourcing quality food from your immediate environment and consuming the correct macronutrients. The following excerpt is from Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and … Continue reading

Six Principles to Follow When Starting on an Autoimmune Diet

The Cowan Autoimmune Diet

The Cowan Autoimmune Diet is based on the etiology of autoimmune disease as I describe it in this book. 

For example, one of the first steps in the progression of any autoimmune disease is disturbance in the gut microbiome; this can be addressed through a proper diet. 

Another factor is deterioration of the intestinal villi; this can also be addressed through a proper diet. 

The principles in the Cowan Autoimmune Diet are by no means unique; they can be found in the GAPS diet, the Autoimmune Paleo Diet, and the Wahls Protocol. 

These are all wonderful dietary approaches and I have used each of them successfully in my many years of treating people with autoimmune diseases.

I have a slightly different take than these other approaches – which I’ve developed in my role not only as a physician treating patients with autoimmune diseases but also as a gardener.  

The other perspective I bring comes from my Emphasis on Water – Water molecules make up more than 99.9 percent of the molecules in our bodies. 

And the ‘state of our health’ is in many ways a result of how well we are able to structure this water in our cells and tissues. 

Finally, while the thrust of this book is on the understanding & treatment of autoimmune diseases & this diet is considered a part of that therapy, we must never lose sight of the importance of finding joy in our lives.

Food is an integral part, in every culture & society, in the attainment of this joy. 

The sensual quality of food, including not just its taste, but its aroma and appearance, is an essential part of this diet and an essential part of any true healing.

Our quest should be for a life of abundance, joy, and meaning. 

There is no greater venue for executing this quest than in our relationship with food. With that introduction, here are the principles of the Cowan Autoimmune Diet.

Food Quality

In some ways, in a list of the top ten dietary principles, attention to food quality should be numbers one through nine. 

As there is such an intimate connection between pesticide or herbicide use and diseases, including polio and autism, it is imperative for anyone suffering from any autoimmune disease or any disease of any kind, to pay strict attention to the quality of food they’re eating. 

By “quality,” I refer not only to the Care of Soil and PASTURES that forms the foundation of healthy food, but also to more subtle aspects, such as the correct time to harvest vegetables and the proper way to store and process the foods we eat.

 A commitment to food quality needs to be a total commitment—meaning the complete abandonment of inferior-quality foods.

Here are the “rules”:

  • The BEST FOOD is properly FORAGED or CAUGHT WILD- This means the forager or hunter needs to be aware of sustainable foraging practices and must avoid contaminated land and water. 
  • The hunter needs to be aware of how to humanely kill and dress his prey – To prevent stress toxins from the blood & meat of the prey. 

SOURCE – Health Benefits of Grass-Fed (Pasture-raised) Products –


  • The NEXT BET quality will come from PASTURE-RAISED  animals-
  • St Louis Source –
  • Bolyard’s Meat & Provisions2810 Sutton Boulevard Maplewood, Mo 63143314-647-2567
  • bolyardsmeatstl@gmail.com
  • http://www.bolyardsmeat.com/about%5D
  • Followed by food grown on biodynamic farms or gardens 
  • Or on small-scale permaculture farms. 
  • FOLLOWING THAT – is food produced by small-scale family farms or gardens or food grown in your own ORGANIC HOMESTEAD OR garden or Farmer’s Market – LOCAL –
  • The final acceptable source is food grown on large-scale Certified Organic farms. 
  • For help finding these types of foods
  • the Weston A. Price Foundation shopping guide can be invaluable (see recommended resources- https:www.westonaprice.org/about-us/shopping-guide/
  • Shopping Guide and Find Real Food App
  • <img class=”alignleft wp-image-1896 size-full” src=”https://www.westonaprice.org/wp-content/uploads/shoppingguide2012.jpg&#8221; alt=”shoppingguide2012″ width=”300″ />
  • Take the guesswork out of buying the most natural, nutrient dense, and traditional foods! (US only).
  • Our annual printed Shopping Guide summarizes our nutritional principles, and organizes foods into 30 categories with “Best,” “Good,” and “Avoid” rankings.

It includes brand names for finding the healthiest foods in supermarkets, health food stores, by phone, and online.


Order the Paper Shopping Guide here, or click on “Order Materials” on the bottom right side menu of any page on our site).

  • Processing should either BE NOT AT ALL or by TRADITIONAL techniques that have STOOD the TEST of TIME- 
  • Foods that UNDERGO NO PROCESSING by Over-Heating oils & Over-Milling Ancient Grains -include fresh salad or peeled & seeded cucumbers – from the garden or farmer’s market. 
  • Examples of traditional processing techniques – which in many cases enhance the quality of the food, include traditional Lacto-fermentation; making butter or fermented dairy products (e.g., kefir, yogurt) from PASTURED – 100 percent grass-fed whole milk or the production of traditionally cured ‘Pastured’meat products such as bacon (not Factory fed) or prosciutto. 
  • Other quality-enhancing processing techniques include making sourdough bread from freshly ground heirloom grains, soaking or sprouting of seeds and nuts, and making lacto-fermented drinks from excess garden produce. (GOOGLE FOR STARTER & DIRECTIONS)


  • Zoom ClasseS – Terry Walters, LLC

CLEAN FOOD | Face Book


860-306-3204 c

@TerryWalters | Twitter

TerryWaltersCooks | Instagram 


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What We will Miss when GMO is banned ~ (Cheap fuel for Factory Farms ~ They will Likely Collapse When GMO is banned ~ Like the Rest of the World!

What We will Miss when GMO is banned-(Cheap fuel for Factory Farms-They will Likely Collapse When GMO is BANNED-Like the Rest of the World!

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“Altered” Whole foods…Poverty Makers All…Profits for the vendors…

Factory GMO and Altered’ Whole foods-Poverty Makers All-Profits for the Big Business-Big Gov Subsidies-Welfare for the Farmers!


Chef Samin Nosrat in Italy – Master These Four Elements – Master the Kitchen-Based on Samin Nosrat’s Best-Selling book, Salt, Acid-Sour, Fat, (But not American GMO Factory Fat) – ‘Pasture-Raised’ For BRAIN-HEALTH, Satiety and Amazing Taste~


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