Prose-a-Try in Motion 2012 The Chemist – and 2008-Inspirational Verse!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Afternoon prayers:

The Chemist

A few years ago, 

Before the Big Bang,

Was God bored?

He found that certain elements?

Stick to His being

Like lint to fabric 

Or mist to the air,

He relished the idea of welding

Knitting disparate objects together

Modern art was born

All stuck together

A star became

The mass exploded 

 First imploding 

Then exploding 

Like a tsunami

Projectile-ing  all of the balls of lint

Mathematically, each element 

Aligned itself

positive and negative charges aligning 

Because the had nothing else to do

Instinct demanded conformance

And performed

Not by themselves 

But with God all around

One became two

The ball began to roll

Before you knew it – Adam and Eve were born..

The elements arranged and aligned perfectly

Flesh upon flesh 

Bone upon bone had become 

A rolling stone

A house a home from a rolling stone

God exactly not in is

But in between

In between the rocks and into balls and fire

 The spirit, at first

On equal footing with the clay

Task at hand 

To mold, to hold and make a nest of twigs and twine

From the molten mass

God caught in his hand

To get the chemistry right..

Sin offerings had to be made 

When the fabric was torn


When the the ball of lint would not give 

To build the nest

Spirit relying on good information from prayer

Scurried to make repairs and find new subject matter

To subject

All good thing come to those that wait

So that is what the Spirit chose to do

The Prophets warned

To do “the hard thing” and complete their Hebrew nests

The Harsh heavenly winter was a horizon away

A day of reckoning for those under developed minds

Clinging to comfort and pleasure


Could not compete to the seasoned,  blessed and righteous hoard

All doped up on grace

Catapulted mortal into the human race

The Hebrews “got it” and  recognized sinfulness

Knit  new neural tissue 

and forever change their brain

Which means, when “exact” copies are made

When sperm and egg unite

“doing the hard thing”  hands over much growth to the next generation

Where as sloth, miserliness, distrust, lethargy surrenders to death

Reap the wrath of God..

The Bookmark-Crucifixion

The event: the initialization of the Holy Spirit

The evolution of the Midbrain, Prefrontal and Cerebrum had finally reached the point 

for All to participate in this functionality beyond the primal brain stem

Ir is because of you crucified your Flesh

To broadcast and make public this availability of this new mental functionality

My roommate 

and you are the space that fills the room and allows the relation to abide in love…

8:00  Mass -March 29, 2008

Without worry

Without distraction

I heard Your Voice today

You spoke lowly but clearly-

I knew You were there

The bread was broken and

Placed  in my hand

My spirit received You with rejoicing 

Your brokenness healed my brokenness 

From within…

The Artist – March 29, 2008

He is all things 

In Him all things are held together

Can a painting see and see the Artist?

The mind of Christ, 

The image of God

Came in human form

To bookmark an unseen event

The initialization of the mid brain

The Limbic system

Unlocking footpath for thoughts to escape 

Leaving the agony of the Primal Cave behind….

The dysfunction that has kept man bound in chains

To wade in the mud of earthly worry and anxiety….

Functioning with unreliable, out dated software 

With presumption and best guess 

Criteria for selecting the Leader…

The Truth of the Time

Modus operandi…. later identified 

As the seven deadly sins.-

Ascending beyond the primal brain was the mid-brain & cerebrum

The cathedral of the Kingdom was being built.-

Through the prophet years…

Finally open for business…

Owner’s manual built on the old Testament

The triune Mind of Christ

Snake like stem of the reptiles and old Testament rules…

Mid brain designed to streamline empathy 

and decommission the basal brain thought..

To the cerebral memory…

To  the Kingdom of Heaven

I Am – March 29, 2008

I am be

I can be

For the joy I have 

I will be

For the time

Be cool

For the time 

Be a fool

But above all things

Just BE. 

Treasure – 2008

Treasure hidden within

A shroud of Mist

A shroud unknowing 

Reserves concealed within the cavernous subconscious mind.

Consigned with  deliberation…

To be uncovered at a predestined time and place

To be sought…

A hunt…

Like of an Easter egg … 

Anticipation of an episode-

Fashioned with a grand crescendo 

At the dawn of our soul…

From the foundation of time…

The creation schema was laid down…

The genome packed with rations and necessities

To finish mission assigned….

In the Template for Soul’s life labors…

Shards of celestial fire 

Begins at ground zero….The Genome

Gene on a mission-

The first stitch to be knit in the breath of life…

Fully developed become the

Fruits of the Holy Spirit


Those who worship other gods..


Egocentric persona

Distraction destroys “Soul work”…

To mine the genome.

Waste restricts and blocks

Slows down

Or snuffs out the celestial spark….

Flames die out to  cinder…

The Soul wildfire demands spiritedness…

Zeal and the passion of prayer 

Prayers unsaid form a black hole

Of  embers undiscovered 



The refusal to “do the hard thing”

Become cowardice and steal all the good that might have been..

Genome is a well-ordered whole

Treasure Island inside

Solemn and thoughtful pirates required…

Fear is a Thief that steals all the good…

 that might have been….William Shakespeare

Genome – 2008

God creates creation by dwelling in it

Morphing It

Being It

Temporal home formed from



and Rock

Appointed by the thought of God

The Spirit of all things not physical,

Belongs to God

Before the indwelling of the Spirit

 Man was an Earthen Vessel only….

The Heart of  being

The egoless Spirit 

The Spirit 

The Chosen DNA became “set aside”

And became the instrument 

The Means 

To transport the Arch of the Covenant

The Holy Grail

The  righteous essence of God 

Married to mankind

The Greatest Thing – 2008

The greatest thing

Has no arm or legs

No wheels or wings

Was born out of nothingness

Moves mountains-

Shifts sand

Makes erasers out of storms

Roams the universe

Is the Universe

But makes our hearts His home

Who am I? – April 16, 2008

I keep trying to make myself

Into something that I’m not

Maybe because I have never

Known who I was supposed to be

I can’t give perfectly

I can’t help perfectly

My memory leaks

My thoughts think 

Slowly like molasses

People bore me

Animals scare me

I am tired of being tired

All I want to do is look inside 

And see something there

I see an invisible God

At work melding Creation

Letting me do it my way-

My way has only ever worked

With abundant grace

God is holistic holy love

Complete and unadulterated

He is the space between the molecules

Find your way next to Him

And you will never want to be apart

Afterlife – 2008

Man alone comprehends not 

The afterlife

Man without cognizance of the Spirit 

Knows only clay and dirt

And is content 

and unaware

The Soul is its ticket

We compete to survive

At least,  the fittest do

We eat

We sleep


After thought….

Genesis – 2008


The soul’s dawn

The rib of Adam’s genome first

Then Eve softened the cosmic blow..

A Sacred variegation of the clay

Shaped by free will 

The Covenant amorphous



Faith required to read it

 The God-Mind in mankind-

Saint on Training Wheels – 2008

I look to You for strength

My mind had made me a prisoner in my body

Boundaries once open and free

Now Narrow…

Feeling that I should be somewhere else

Trapped and hesitating in the darkness 

I ruminate

I recoil

I see myself no more as me

But as a saint-on-training – wheels

Better than Western Medicine alternative  

More drugs..

Plea (Suscipe St Ignatius) – 2008

You have graced me with a soul

This soul and everything it needs

To accomplished Your will 

Ir is Yours…From the start 

I return it to You..

How foolishly I used these gifts 

Thought they were mine

Now Your gifts lie dormant

If I survive this winter of mine

My hope for spring is 

That You will keep giving your Holy love

Use Your gifts with wisdom and courage

And renew our Covenant

Once again

Where God Lives – 2008

God just didn’t fashion mankind

Out of nothing 

To do nothing

Our purpose does not include 

Spending time worshiping other idols…

Or spending all of our time is thinking “low road” thoughts..

The vineyard without a keeper

Becomes just a plot of overgrown weeds

Vines not producing fruit 

Are pruned 

Collected and destroyed

It is real

Empathy  and kindness become fruit

When “It’s all about me” 

Not enough grace is obtained to purchase

Real estate on the “high road”

One becomes barren

and Lonely


Pointless and futile

Covenant is all about Other

No excuse since the Mid brain has been initialized

and open for business..

A harvest of grown by compassion  yields more fruit

God’s Grace is the sap 

That courses through our sacred vines

Reaching out to all those who love Him

And obey His commandments

God is for real

Desires April 9, 2008



What should have been

But never was

Going back steals time from tomorrow

It is within me to long for and

Settle In the Heart of God …for all eternity

I fear my decisions

 Bad judgment

Tether me to the earth

Wrongs must be righted

Rights must be loved and grown

Forever must wait-

My Head is Heavy – April 9, 2008

My head is heavy

With the lack of my mind

My heart has holes 

That let the love out

I can see with my eyes 

But only darkness

My ears scream for silence

And my mouth obliges

When the fog lifts 

And it always does

And the Delusions surface

Real or imagined?



Holy Spirit – 2008

Spirit of Truth

Spirit of being

Yolks us to God

Exists outside of deceit

Deceit becomes a blister on the soul

A violation 

Displacing the love that could have been….



Or consequences  remain.

Desire wills love

and love wills desire..

Desire evokes action

Action is the engine of creation

We were created to return to God

Held back by matter

Of this earth

By involving free will—

Making it a sentry

Our choices determine

Whether we return to God or dust


Who’s self-control 

Along with the rest of the clan 

Stay behind…

On the Low Road…

 Finding truth is random…

And rare…

CYA default…

The truth is best known by God

Pride and prejudice

The proud

Oh-so-very-Tender feelings

Disallowing true communication with others

Fearing retribution–for fear of perceived insult

Presumption rampant

Holds only a thin slice of God’s truth

Control…reading God’s mind…


Envy…Coveting and more

Choices made  are in a vacuum of presumption…

Not in trust and faith

Choices made with reason..

God’s eye view

Consequences tend to be

Hassle free

Seamlessly and stressless?

Let it be

Silence Wakes My Soul – April 9, 2008

Silence awakes my Spirit

Longing to speak with me

Longing to be with me

Noise of the world

Creeps in and confines


Muffles the essence…

Blurred intuition…


Where to cast the net?

Without the world at hand and accessible….

Daily conclaves

To discuss the 

“The state of Being”

Burden, crosses, victories all..

The weight of the world


Grace has run dry

Conversations seem out-of-true…

The judges are out and about



To trip you up

The energy once piloted… 

Has been pirated by 

A burglar barnacle attached to  the Soul’s core … 

Stealing  energy-

Soul – Lost and Alone – April 9, 2008

The soul is mostly

A helpless force

Ego …… Mostly oblivious to the spirit within

At the mercy  

Of our free will

Soul needs to recoil..

Away from the fray, the pack…

The Pity Party has Begun – April 9, 2008

When the world intrudes

and closes in on the space inside

The Spirit Soul weeps

Dies a little..

Sloughs off…


It Purges all not sacred…

Mindfully cleanses and purifies…

All worldliness that is not Soul…

Like grapes in a wine press


Not heard but felt…

Life, as we knew it. grinds to a halt..

Creation slows to a crawl…

From the soul’s prison

Surge the tears

Soak the ground 

Beneath  Ego’s feet




“It is all about me-go”-

At the Precipice – 2008

At the precipice

Rock face cliff

A road blindly leading

To tomorrow

The storms

The blistering heat

The wrong turns

Set backs

Strength drained

Allowing for

Suffering and hardship

Gives rise to truth realized…

Accelerates about prayer

Brings forth…

Stamina and strength

A powerfully built soul can carry the weight of any Cross


Energy maker for the soul

Generates grace…

The  fuel for Creation…

The knit-miester for our being-

Eye into the Core – 2008

Peeking inside

The soul holds court

Things seem conflicted

Suffering…Makes extra space for God within

Silence is an amusement park ride

While Ego steers clear and shuns….

Dishonesty and lies take up space reserved  of God

Do not belong…incompatible

Like dirt on a rug

Needs to be shake often

Left undisturbed

Slows God down….

Thorns must be removed for healing to begin…

Or get to be wounds that never heal.

Things that can’t be taken away – Time, words, or opportunity-

Womb – April 9, 2008

The fertile womb…

“The first shall be last and the last shall be first”

God prospered the Chosen races….

Abraham and Sarah’s progeny 

While Abraham and Hagar’s progeny Ishmael waited to be last

Both to conquer the Americas, 

The baton was passed to the 15th century Catholics

Assisted by  WW II birth control, industrial farming…

 Abraham and Hagar beget Ishmael 

The Last 

The baton was clearly passed to Hagar’s children

The Muslims..They are keeping the New and Everlasting Covenant..

The cradle of civilization

At last, the Muslims hold the fertility card

The Winning ticket

The fertile womb holds the 

Promise of hope in the 

Sage syncopation of the Covenant…

Forms the right to be

Matchless wonder

Nothingness – April 9, 2008

Nothingness comes in many forms

Love of what can never be….

Hatred exacted on another soul….

Building a mansion with many empty rooms….

Hearing only the voice of Self…

Eyes that look the other way…

Hearts that beat only one beat…

Oneness is born of truth


The Tapestry of Life – 2008

Jewish Legend

Early in the life of our universe, the universe exploded into countless pieces of light and they lodged as sparks in every piece of creation.  Each one has exactly what is needed to repair the world that we can see and touch.  

The tapestry of life 

Woven by the Hand of God

We are the threads

Each thought, word-



Whether be 

Sin or success-

Forever remains

Cannot be taken back

A shard of creation 


We are

With all that is needed to repair the world 

We see and touch

It takes faith to realize this.


Abraham – 2008

Abraham knew God so intimately-

That he was willing to sacrifice his son.

A ram caught in the thicket 

Was reward for his faith

Knowing that God always has a purpose


The bleeding edge of creation



Many spirits are extinguished

Because we fear to take up a cross

Fear the difficulty

Fear the cost

A cross is a lottery ticket to grace 

Grace puts us back 

In the Garden

Three Things You Cannot Take Back




Lost in time

We have the free will

To choose a cross

Or take the easy road

The road of a coward

Creates inertia

Of Spirit and 

The death to the Soul

Faith Awakens

Faith awakens Grace

A seed 

Deeply planted

Expectedly emerges

Only to be freely lavished 

By the generous rays of the sun

Like the seed

Faith germinated

And virtue and confidence 

Takes on a life of its own

Kindness, compassion

Crosses to carry

Grace to win

Love Who You Are – 2008

We cannot be another animal,


Or fig

Souls won’t fit

Spirit burdened with 

The temporal load of Ego….

A mind of its own….

Fear and hopelessness


Impede the growth 

Carefully measured at conception

Loaded and ready to fire

With hope and faith

Taking God by the hand

A discerning mind

Sees life from above

Higher Thoughts

Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Not from The Cave

Of the lower ANS brain…

That mostly thinks with out reason

Justice or altruism

Ego Cannot See God – 2008

Only Ego self

The Poor in spirit

The Humble

Are Rich in God’s eyes

The core of creation 

Lies the Heart of Jesus and the Mind of God

The Imperishable Germ -Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A stopping point

Abused but not dead

Swaddled the grace–

The gentle rays of love

Desire awakens the core

A prefect celestial blueprint 

Opens to a world of possibilities

And consequences

The rain of desire beckons it to grow

But do not awaken it, until it beckons you   (Song of Songs)

Imperishable becomes perishable 

The law of the universe, love

Determines the range of life

The habitat of the soul 

Belongs to tomorrow

Belly Ring – 2008

The big boasting Belly

Landfill for waste-


Guilty Pleasure

The unnecessary morsels that

We should have denied ourselves

Or offered up

Like the computer

Unneeded documents

“file save as” – Hogs space

Denying ourselves

Leaves more space 

For our partner Spirit

To do for others

And share in creation

Instead of having it our way…

“God wants me to be happy,

He won’t mind..

Your choice Happy In Hell…


Skittish Spirit – 2008

The Operation Manual of the Spirit

To open the door


Be silent

His message is subtle

And can be easily missed

Back ground noise of the world

Drowns our spirit out

And may just drown Him

Red Ribbon – 2008

April 2008

Red Ribbon 

Around a heart of gold

Drum beats

Count the miles of life

Keeping thoughts in today

Living in Today

The Now

Assures Tomorrow

Penny Thoughts2008

Penny thoughts

Many thoughts

Thoughts of resignation

Thoughts of prayer

It is a mystery 

Where they come from

Will impact where ever they go

One toxic thought 

Can wage a war

Shot like an arrow 

Through the Heart of God

Love is found when 

Thoughts of hate are retracted

Suppressed or

Bundled together 

Kindling for a bonfire


Releasing a  duty from Spirit 


Family – June 3 2008

I felt family today

Aunt Rose died-

She brought the fruit

Of her mother Amylia’s vine 

Planted in a dusty Oklahoma Dairy Farm

Rose’s smile was


Reflecting her compassionate spirit

All given



Benevolence untapped

It was this yarn that knitted 

Her clan together 

In an organic tapestry

Perfected by Grace

The last thread was severed

At last-

Wealth was not her happiness

Or in her simple possessions

But in knowing she always did the ‘hard thing’

Difficult times


Impeccable reason and will

Subconscious intellect

Held her conscious true

At her funeral I found five 4-leafed clovers

My  “drought” was over

I had not found one for years

It is hard to spot them hidden 

Sometime God just wants to make a statement

About one of his most beloved.-

My Aunt Rose

Beyond the Grounded – June 3 2008

The decent from the Air

God so near-

Up here

The heavens so delicate

Azure tones of 

Lost in memories

Tattooed on the skin

Of my soul

Things lost

Changed or


But a morsel  remains forever

Fix the broken

Make old the weary and worn out

Work-a-rounds for the lost

Our cries are muffled and faint

When the past becomes the present

God is only out of reach 

When we do not seek him

He heals the broken

Sculpts the changes

Gold nuggets can always be found

In our grief and sadness

Choppy landing 

Proceeds final destination

God is plain as air

Always there

Distant Thunder June 3 2008

Distant thunder

Warning things to come

Ominous storms

Rain gives grace to the crops

Resurrection storms

Make way for new growth

All ways of watchfulness

Creation marches on

And on





Intellectual Property 

All are God-Speak

Belongs to God

Driving Grievances Home – June 3 2008

When our faults and failings


We have hit the proverbial nail on the head

Driving the spike deeper

Into the hands of Jesus

Does He ever get used to it?

Sins can be pardoned

But wasted opportunities are lost forever

The consequences remain

Often life altering… 

Pocket stones not thrown

Cultivate elegant grace

Reap the respect, regard and decorum

My Spirit Lives – June 3 2008

My Spirit lives

To be born again

Beyond the impenetrable will

Where reason & the Spirit have jurisdiction 

and rule

Separating Heaven from Hell

Longing to leave the Cave 

of desire and self

Born  of Ignorance

A detention center 

Of pain and sadness

A chrysalis must form

before it can fly…

Creation evolves in  stages

Each stage adds genius

Eventually we find God

Take Up Your Cross – April 16, 2008

We are commissioned

To go out into the world

Each day

We are loving Him

When insults and misunderstandings

Are ignored and 

Roll off our backs

A hateful comment

Can be a “piece of candy”

To the soul inside 

We are loving Him

By giving a gentle hand to guide

A smile

A kind word

Sparks a fire in the soul

Deceit and “What’s in it for me?”

Make a soul vulnerable

To spiritual virus that



Leave it helpless 

To iron our distorted thoughts away

Judgment weakens and becomes bad-      

Candy to the Soul – April 16, 2008

We are licensed


To daily sample the sphere

The realm or of influence

To show what it means to love God

When prayer is everyday all day

In all things

When we rule pride, prejudice, envy and control

When we turn the other cheek

When insults, and misunderstandings 

Roll off our backs

A hateful comment hurled


Can become a piece of candy

To the Soul inside

By fielding it and turning it to refuse

Pulp fiction it always was



Denies and revenge

Taste so sweet

and becomes sweeter with practice

Rewards of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Profit the being

A smile

A kind word

A gentle hand to guide

Sparks a fire in 

The Well Spring of Grace for the Soul

Remaking Myself – April 18 Friday

I keep trying to make myself

Into something that I’m not

Perhaps because I have never known

Who I am in the core of my being

My memory leaks

I can’t give perfectly

I can’t help perfectly

I’m tired of being tired

All I want to do is look inside

And see something there

I see an invisible God

At work in creation

Letting me do it my way

But my way only works 

With abundant grace

Find your way to Him

And you will never want to be apart

Look to God for Strength – April 20, 2008

My mind has become a prison

For my soul

My life

Boundaries not open and free



FumblingIn the darkness

Feeling that I should be somewhere else

I see myself no more as me

Another someone mostly 

Lost and alone

New Covenant – April 20, 2008 

God has graced me with a soul

This soul and everything it accomplishes

Is done because of you graciousness

How foolishly I used these gifts

And thought they were mine

Now your gifts lie dormant

And I awaken to a new spring

New dawn


Unused Energy 

A will to give back all gifts received




And Joy

Thought Catcher – April 20, 2008

I have a defective “pray-er”

I close my eyes to find God 

I see Him there

He is majestic

Kind – all caring

Pleased to see me there

Then some unimportant rumination

Blocks my view

Displacing the wisdom 

That I sought to find

Weeds are pulled-

Vines are pruned to be more fruitful

Vines not producing fruit are taken out

And burned

God’s fuel is the sap that nourishes 

Fruit is pressed into wine

As the fruits- charity and kindness 

Turn into love of neighbor

 Toll Gate on Life Support – April 20, 2008

Toll road built on a promise

A promise of what will be

The highway-

Easier and faster

It has a gate

Admit only ones 

With ready money to pay the toll

Other roads are free

Freedom costs

But it leads to a fast track

To where you want to be

Rights must be loved and grown

Forever must wait

Holy Spirit

Desire wills love

Desire sparks action

Spirit of truth

Unconscious connection to God

Truth tracker

Brings to light pretense 

Keeper of the real

Lies thought inconsequential 

May be unseen


But their consequences remain

Burdened with the matters

Of this earth

A Judgement call

Only tools at hand….

Free will 

God’s Word

And the prophets



Determine who returns to God

Or return to earth

My Soul is shrouded in suffering. 

I am continually offering myself to God by an act of the will.  

He is my power and my strength. 

Will God Still Hear Me? – April 16, 2008

My mind is closing in on me

The mental mesh is tattered and torn

That is why thoughts

Slip right through

Unable to remain

Will God still hear my prayers-

When my memory runs out?

Soul Smasher – April 16, 2008

The soul is mostly

A helpless being

At the mercy of our free will

Soul morphs daily

Environmental impact amends

Bends  and Folds

Sends vibes

To use 

To confuse

To stabilize

Barnacle report

Fleas in the rug

Things that set back

Slow down

Like plaque on teeth

From our daily bread

Soul will gets rusty with sin

A consult with Jesus 

Like a trip to the dentist

Teeth cleaning-


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