Prose-a-try In Motion-Eternal Dwellings- 2011 – HT Wagner

Eternal Dwellings

Falling off the wanton Wagon

Willful and malevant –

Left behind 

Blessed are those who grieve

Cursed are those who refuse to grieve

Addicts all-

When trauma strikes

Real or Perceived

When the past is held on to

Too long to be healthy

The Space for New Beginnings 

Eternal Dwellings

Goes lifeless – like stagnant water




Nasty and Negative 

Call to consciousness 


Let go and let God back inside

Set the bottle down

Walk in the Light of the Future-


Staying Stuck 

Anchored in he Past

Dust to Dust

Ashes to Ashes

The Spirit dies 

Until it can be Born again

in the Prefrontal Mind of Christ

Where the Beatitudes  are the Way

The Truth 

and the Meaning of Life

or The Spirit-Soul remains 

in the Prison of the Mind of Man without access to God-

It is a Choice

A Free Will Choice to no longer be addicted to the Past-

The means to Eternal Dwellings


Give From the Heart and not From the Surplus

It is in giving that we receive

Give generously

Give often

Do not spare or fear for the future

The sparrows know Who takes care of them

We know Who gives is blessed thoughts

To grow our field of Dreams

Creation begins with our thinking

Positivity grows abundance

Negative stutters and stalls

Become stagnant

We are the thoughts we think

Our beings depend on the Oxygen of Positive

or snuffed out by the Negative Unholy


and is not Counterproductive thinking

It is a life force

Life giving 


The Law of the Land

The lay of the Land

The map to Survival

of Justice and Truth

Who will care in the end

Who will convert

It is in God’s Holy Hands

His Way 

Holy to the end

End  in the joy of endurance



Our Cross to bear 

Rocked by contention

Fraught with the sensual

Teeming with nothingness and despair 

The Lot’s of the world

Nephew to Abraham

When the Abraham’s will prevail

 Righteousness of Abraham-not the secular-


The Game of Truth

Inspired by Dabuek Bergerst S.J.

The game of Truth and the Face of Christ-

The Mind of Christ

Abandonment by God

The Image of Truth

Outside he purposeless din-

The world like a beast – caught in a trap

Knowing to be free

Tethered to an existence that I have not to be-

Life’s promise frozen in time

A time to pause and awaits a miracle

A ranting mind says 

It is hopeless

Give in-

But a mind with the vitality


The Beatitudes of Christ

Breathe new life

Breed new life

Emerges a  ‘Shift of Faith’

A road not taken-


The Fowler’s snare

Eyes blinded to wonder

Become heaven to imperfection and diversions

He ‘wary, the weary and the ravaged’

Camp not

But Compel and fond new purpose in the true vein of the Blood of Christ-

The face of tomorrow’s Creation



But felt

Knitting new fabric to be cut 

The patchwork of new universes

New world

New land 

New People

All breathing the breath of the Spirit

The breath glory and love-

Snuff out the fire illuminating the hell of existing

In the old animal fare

Creating the Fumes of hate, indifference 


Protecting their own-


“Life is wasted if we do not grasp the glory of the cross, cherish it for the treasure that it is, and cleave to it as the highest price of every pleasure and the deepest comfort in every pain. What was once foolishness to us—a crucified God—must become our wisdom and our power and our only boast in this world.” 

–John Piper


Thank You God!

Thank you god for everything

Bells that ring

and Birds that sing

Thank you for the Sun (and Your Son) and the Moon

And the Creature in the Dark Lagoon-

For the whispers of Peace

So Quiet!

So Loud!

For troubles that bring growth

and make us closer to You-

We are the brave hearted

Made of silly putty and clay-

The lion’s roar

We hear and fear

But know You are there 

In the shadow on-guard-

My day is made if you show me Your Heart

In the Way of others

and the Way of the Cross

Let’s get on with given homes to the homeless

Driving out the Money Changers 

7 million is the Perfect Place

to start the Renaissance 

All over again

Take care of all those you has assigned to me

You mother has the swaddled 

In her loving care…

Be there

Lead them to the Light!


Conception a Gift 

The prayers and travails of those gone before-

Not a death-sentence-

or a guarantee of sainthood-

Unless we choose it to be

Free Will

Ours to choose

or not

without growth

a lamp under the lamp basket 

Sends no light-


Made for Each Other 

Henry – Basque – his ‘Basqueness’

and Evelyn – 

His maid Marian- 

The Orphan 

The Foundling Home 

Set apart from the Frey

Freedom follows form

Makes life real

To be tested


To pray for just one more day

To Be

To behold

To Let go of the hampering  hoards


They grew 

All things that matter not

All things that bring you to your knees

Lovely to behold 

Obeyed the call of the Wild


The frontier of the Spirit

Both hearts made of blood 

sweat and fears-

Through the years


He is Not the God of the Dead

He is not God of the dead, but of the living-

Live Clean Foods .to support the ego

The Mind of Christ

Let the Living


In the Mind of Christ

Let the Dead

Die to disease and dysfunction

It is in the Will of God

the Design of Creation

the Next stage of Being-

Being a spirit – needs nothing but love

and not only a clot of Clay

I am here-

Not in mud or clay

But in the Vapors of time

The lost civilizations  of times past 

The Way of the Cross

The Evening Tides

The Waxing Moon

The Wise men knew and followed the Star-


The Grace of a Dream

Who knows

When we are lost

and ask to be found

Look to dreams

the answer is sent

like an Instagram 

From on high…


It is With Guarded Caution that I Come Before You Today

You set the Stars and Planets in motion

Then You breathe life in me 

Each Day

You Guard me

Protect me

As I bumble through the day and night

You protect me from calamity and

Catastrophe as I enter the freeway

Meet with Friends and foes alike-

You Give me Foes

To Keep me on my Toes for

Writing fodder and bullets for prayer

The fact that You are there

24 X 7-


In the Darkness

The darkness 

That Creates the Light

Brings me to my knees

to give praise, gratitude and delight

You are always so close

In my mind 

The haunt of the Holy Spirit materializes

May it be kept strong and sassy-

With an offering of Barley Loaves and Fishes

For Our Daily Bread

Most of all-

That Cat – Wolken


Attached like a leech 


Laying waste to my housekeeping 

Yowling for food

Making poop to scoop

Most of all he is contentment and love



Living,  woking and 

Being in the Space called God

The Horror of not being there

The honor of

The making of

The Way

It is here

The space of now-

A proclamation


Formal and Real

True to the Word

His Word

Never failing

Always binding

Blinding to tomorrow-

Forever is a day

Or maybe not

Who knows

Who cares

Only the fringe

The outer reaches of humanity

The Politics of Religion – Science 

The Democrats hate Republicans

The Fringe haters

Hate all that is not them-

The unholy liars of the ‘old Temple’ mind

Foreign to the newly anointed 

the Mind of Christ



Sojourners  who have purpose

Desire to exist in the Space Called God

Desire-A God seed

Take it 

Develop it

or kick it down the road…

and be open to the Divine Surprise 

Your mark on Creation




In the planets and stars 

Since the foundation of times

5 Billion and counting


How to Put an End To Noise

Noise happens-

Not intended to control

and be the rudder of the Mind

Unless you are an animal or a Democrat

Who watches the Evening News?

or a Republican who listens to Tucker Carlson

The Noise displaces meaning and Truth of the Divine

Who knows?

Who cares?

The Truth will always show up in the End


Words Worth Speaking



Vegetable frittatas

Bone Broth 

Bread of Life

Trail Mix from Heaven

Determination – set in Stone

Set in Intention

Set for all Eternity and all invention…

A path set before us

Bread crumbs to find the Way back Home..


I had Nothing to Do With the Making of Me

I just showed up and He did the rest

He was there from the beginning

Showing me the Ropes

He tested-

Arrested  and allowed me to be

Where would I be

What would I be

My DNA defines me

MY DNA surrounds me-

My fiber

My Being

My fabric

Knit foundational

It is not me-


The Purring Fur Ball


The super cat- 

I look in His Eyes 

and see you there


Next to 

Or above creation

Meant to be

A substitute for Partner

When soon he is there-

The Art-The Recipe for Feeding our Constant Companions-

1.     Throw out the Money Changers

2.     The Dead Bacteria 

3.     The cheap food filler

4.    Get down to basics

5.     Plant and Animal protein and oil  – not compromised by Greed and Profit

6.     Make you own way to Feline and Canine and hamster  health


What is in  Your DNA?

Leave the mark

on the ground floor of creation

or not-

Fumes of Ancestors 

Talents not invested 

For all eternity


Sassy God

Which was more difficult for God 

To Part the Red Sea

or make a seed that would grow to a flower 

and make more seeds?


Time to Plant

A time to pray

A time to say NO

A time to say Go

No matter what time is

Always  a tune to be …

A time to create monsters

and time to slay dragons, myths 

and albatross-

A time to mourn

To hale the light come back in

Sleep in darkness 

Wake in the light

Darkness rehabs them-

and we may walk in his paths.”


To Walk in His Path

The Way of the Cross

It is in You that I found my being

My heart

The Circadian rhythm…

Around and about the day of the Lord

Rhythm that ordered the cosmos

The stars and planets align

and the Moon obeys

Shine on

Shine on 

Moon of the Masses

The Mass of the day

Path of the Way


The Mastermind

Riches abound in the form of nothingness and want

Who knows no poverty

Allowing his only Son to be crucified 

To Make a point 

That Creation (the human mind)

Is for real

and will forever be

It would have been easier for me to stay with Kevin 

But it is not about me-

But the Tides of Time




Suffering is only for a day

The Son also rises each day

to Light the Way 

The Path

to Peace, Prosperity 

With the assist of Divine Guidance 


You Are

Your are all what I am not


I am a dot

No. Less than a dot

Your holiness abounds

Mine – in gestation

You are forthright

Mouth open and an insult is

You are benevolent

I am 

a Worm …

Who knows not-

Where to go

Blind to all

Just keeping on

Keeping on 

It is all that I know

Gifted  to me

Bound by convention

Bound by time

Love is the twine

Every day I ask that I am allowed to find a little more Piece (Peace) of You!

Trapped in the Web of God


Do You Believe that I can Do This?

It is not the act of Christ that heals-

It is Faith

Blind Faith 

The Mind of Christ

The internal

The evolving eternal energy

Of the knowledge that we can think

and knit neural tissue Mindfully

To Grow and Enlighten our Way

It is the ‘Knowing” that signals 

The spark of faith

Run with it


Know that He is God

Living and dwelling within

Within the Prefrontal Mind of Christ

It is possible to change the World with just one Thought

Aimed at a point in Creation-

Single task 

The Memory Grid

How to make new memory

How to decrease and disable the Mind of Christ

DNA is not a prison sentence

Diet is also inherited-

If they are roasted they are done


DEAD and no fun-

Your Faith is the healing power of the Mind


Thank God for You

Yes, You-

The Prefrontal Plant

that  is growing in my mind-

Nourished by the Grace of Positive Thought

Negative just prolongs the Agony in the Garden

Keeps us in a HOLDNG PATTERN

A space not conducive the creative thought

A space that is a prison

Of sorts

A prison that blocks

A prison  that is frozen in time

A prison depression

Devoid of all meaningful growth

A place to listen carefully to Divine Guidance


Ridge Runner

Straddling the Way

Knowing not 

Feeling not

Being no one

But everyone

Where can you fall

If you fall apart

It is with this knowledge that exists 

A part of you that craves oneness

Falling together 

With the Sands of Time

and the Now – The Kitchen table!


When a distraction is lost

or given up

Much gained

Nothing lost


The Way will be found

Because we are on a time line

to rush and wonder

Where should I be now?

Behind the cure ball

or Under a bus?

When it is over

It is over

Nobody is last 

Nobody breathes

Everyone wins

Who is on the Side of Justice

and Forgiveness

There is a time…


A Cat

A cat is like Christmas every day

The play

The Hey day

The warm charm

and the feisty spirts of all that matters-

To help forget all that matter’s not

Connection to the life

Living Spirit of Love

Grace in a fur ball

The constant presence of Life

Reminder of Who created all

The complexity of a fur-being

The warmth of a purr

A meow spoken like a Hail Mary 

The playful kitten becomes an anchor

Of hope

Of love 

Of the constant presence of the Cosmos-

On a Mission!


The Jury is Out

Until tomorrow

Then it begins

Needles and pins

I saw Him today

in every man-


It is them that I am born to serve

and I do so with a relish and a flair…

Who would have thought that a worm

Would be so much

So vast 

So powerful- 

Only God knows-

Don’t lift a finger

Let go

Let God do the heavy lifting 

Have peace and 

Enjoy prosperity on the Tab of the Almighty=


It is the Presence of the Lord  Amongst us 

That allows us to live in His being

We know not what we do-

We just obey

The Presences is commanding

Holy to behold

and Final

We have no choice to obey

to Remain in his Holy Presence

We Love no other Way

Our Way of His Cross

Ours to relish 

and be born again on Christmas Day

Clinging to His Presence

Will only bind to the east

Let the Spirt free

To fly and become what he was meant to be-

He will always send Manna

to sustain-


Today I Felt Excluded

Where am I going wrong?

Not worthy of the people around me

Sad and pensive

Missing the Feast of Our Lady 

only makes it worse-

Checking ‘the crops’-

The Swaddled and Worthy

All are doing well

As we revolve around on this spaceship of clay…

All are satisfies and reaching

For the Stars that they are Born to be

Their destiny

Their Fate

Is sealed stamped and delivery is on time-

Their roles defined

They rehearse and act their parts

In prayerful expectation-


What is Blessed About a Cat?

They hover and nap where their Caregiver happens to be

To help-

Folding cloths

Wrapping presents-

There to pounce on the slightest motion-

Grace of  creation 

Makes them one with their master-


Stay the Course

Vindication – like the waves of the sea

Bringing a wash anew-

The Moon governs the tides-

Intention drives the momentum

Creates the mood and tempo 

of Life Longing for itself


Patience People

He comes crowed in Glory

of the Prefrontal Crown

The Mind of Christ-

The Long awaited

The Promised One

Now reins in the Minds

the Hearts

of all those who “hear”

Be Ware

Be Clear

Do not dispart or despair 

for Eternity wait and waits and waits-

For all those who were made to Be-

For it is Time to wake and Be 

and allow a New Love Light to Be-

Thank you for Vindication of the Faithful

Thank you for Your Sacred Project Management

For Sense of Humor

For Your Accuracy-


and Faithfulness to Your Promises

and the Grace to persevere

Knowing that You are God-

Speak for Me Always-

Only allow Your Word in my mind 

and In my mouth-



A Cat of the Ages

Man of time 

and Time and Intention

Marked with a Target

So all can see 

Tigger would envy and covet


Craving Closure

You stand by me

Craving partnership 

You came my Way

Your Way of the Cross

With nothing to spare.

It is there

in the Darkness and Light

Ours to win

Ours to Fight or Flight

Make hast – O Lord above

Make waste of all not You

Clear the Way 

With unyielding attention

Bring in the Storm Troopers

We are ready for Your Coming

Into our Hearts, Minds and Will

After all Your made is to think like You!

It is impossible NOT TO BELIEVE

When you are at the Helm-

Which is Always and Forever Amen


Joel Osteen 

Is he Elvis? 

Tiger Woods?

or just a holy man-

On a mission from the Lord

To reprogram the Negative Mind of Man

to the Positive Mind of Christ?

He understands neuroplasticity

better than Einstein

Words Create 

So why be Negative?

Knitting negative thoughts

Makes not a blanket

But a cold life

Needing a blanket

Knit a blanket riddled with Dreams

That mortal man believes not true

When built with the impossible

They become positive prayers that come true

We honor God we ask him to part the Red Sea

or climb the highest mountain-

Believing in God means believing in who we are

and Paint the art work

that He designed us to be

Why bother dreaming small timid drams

Those bore God

He loves a challenge

Like me

Gossip and judging others

His Job

Steals time from dream knitting


The heavy lifting creation needs

That is needed to win the Human Race-

Stingy thoughts

Breed want

Blessed are this who morn

and not stay stuck in the mud of yesterday-


Blessed Are

Blessed are they who mourn, 

for they will be comforted.

Blessed are the Peacemakers

for they Knit peace

Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied.

Blessed are the clean of heart

Sweeping out hate and jealousy

The energy hogs of His Holy Spirt

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the land-

The Poor in Spirit crowd out the proud and

Silence the haters 

and the negative minds who have no vision of God and righteousness-

They open doors wide to the Kingdom of God

the Prefrontal Way of the Cross

The Eight Beatitudes the Way to Remain in Christ forever-

With that-

I rest my case-


What Causes addictions?


Hate and Prejudice 

Judgement instead of acceptance 

and need to put others in their place

and obey the Small Minds-

Keeping others at bey

Desire of Lust of the Worldly Ways


The Lord of Our Justice

Promise keeper



Soft Sacred Hearted

His Mother’s lovely software

and the Hardware of His Father God

Wise to obey the desire is planted within

No Thank you – Like Jonah …

Three days in the Belly of a whale

Gestation longer

Makes more work for Father God

Desire unfulfilled

Become a ‘work-a-round”

But will Eventually ‘come round right


The Life of Prayer

All day long

Each day a note

in the Sympathy 

A melody of the Sacred Fare


Tethered to the Earth

Prometheus bound

The lowest and most horrible plight

Chained to a rock 

Zeus sent a wild eagle

Daily to gnaw his liver-only to  regrew each day

Would not relent to Zeus’ will…

He endured for his sin

To give man fire 

For all eternity 


The Infamous Darkness

The impenetrable barrier that keeps us man

And allows the Spirit within 

And  with fire to light and warm

To grow Wings to fly

Flee from Egypt

The ties that bind

The mode of being

That is dead to the Spirit

No life

No love 

only travail

Adam and Eve knew well-

O well-

The cost of taking up the Cross

And following your Heart-

You know what I mean!

I do not believe that I can error in your Eyes

You will show me the Way

Not necessarily fun-

But welcoming to My Peace within… 

Allow me to remain in your shadow

Where I can hide in the Shadow of Your Wings..

You created me that Way!

Those who trust in idols

and Sycophants will perish

it is part of tomorrow 

Who can or will be brave enough to

Stand-alone and let God take charge?


The scales of Justice


Polarized forces

Magnetic pull of creation

The balance of Creation

The ebbs of the tides of the oceans

Rock ’n Roll

Black and White

Haters and Peacemakers


Malcolm X

Martin King

Nelson  Mandela


My prayer for Attachment Bonds Unbroken

3 years of bonding secure

30 years

I turned and gave Him back to the Lord


Growing away

Growing up

Leaving is indeed such sweet sorrow

at my secure base – Henry


Left us to find work in Little Rock

He returned for 3 years in the end 

when I turned 50-

The Camelot years picked up like 

they were in the beginning 

40 years between 


Estranged bonds still strong

Puff’s God-

a God we can BELIEVE in!

The Land of the Living

and of the Dead

Caught in between

The breaths of the Spirit

The Great I AM


Puff’s God

The Autumn Mist

In the Land of Honna Lea-

His people-

the Water droplets 

and He, God, is the Space in-between

The Space that suspends all matter


All Matter and all that Matter’s not…

How Great and Eternally Vast is our God..

The God of Moses…Not-so-much!

It is not hard to believe in the God of the Cosmos 

And the Universe combined


The Orphan Train

Raw wind of Orphan Train came to  hallowed ground

And lit  like a swallow 

 Abby-bound – her destiny-


Only with the grace of God

A strange new world 

Awaited her

With clangs, and whistles

and things that go bump in the night

Such a fright

Being forced to leave her friends and playmates

and the nurse that would hold her 

to soothe that “I want my mommie feeling”

Not able to  see past her feathers

This is faith

A fledgeling soul with genome intact

Needing the Fertile loam of a ‘sustainable’ family farm-

Who needing hands to work the land…

To be accepted as she was

Became one of the brood

Neighbors…would judge with throwing darts and  knives

Already a weakened fledgling

Taunts of “ash pit” baby

Hurled like spit balls

A small mind, frightened and confused

Wanting love, acceptance

Found St Joseph-


At her funeral her granddaughter sang  Ava Maria …..  no rehearsal…

Hitting every note … with the help of an Angel.


Cats in Camelot

Life without a cat

Not worth living

They purr

They play

They hide and seek

They attack what moves

Napping in a quiet spot-


The Thanksgiving Poem-

O Master

You gave Your entire being

So shall I

It is not about living 

but being


I love being with You

My Creator and My Lord

The Words “I love you” 


and only a thin slice of the depth of Who You are to me


A worm of the lowest order…

Make me

Break me

Just call me 

Your own!


For Today 

You have made my path straight 

and happy

Full of joy-

There is no room for Sorrow

Though disparaging eye may glare

You were there 

Deflecting the wicked glares

The Winds of Change 

The Light shines down on the Way

Your Truth-

Shows us the road to go-

Cry so many tears

No more

Pain and want 


And become as distant

as the stars at night


Listen with Your Eyes

Judge not

Presume Positive…

The ‘jerk’-

May have lost a loved one-

The ‘short tempered’ 

May be distracted by an unintended chaos

Our hearts open

Insults frustrate

Foiled and Vanished 

When never manifest-

More space for kind

Profitable bricks of creation


The Fabric of God


Today I remember

Having to “do the hard thing”

Travel into unfamiliar territory 

Focus sharpened 

Like a steel edge sword

Where No moss grows when 

Cogs of creation 

Well oiled-

Split the Seam of tomorrow

What happens next?



Breaks or no one

Fakes unworthy 



For Insight


For Friends that share

For Friends that wear-

and tug at heart strings-

and make tears-

Tarry Unfairly-

Put in Path

For a reason to be found-

The lessons learned through hardship…

Patient awareness of Your mysteries…

Creation Wheels

Waxing and Waning

Wanting to be born

Anew – Refreshed and Restored

To Love another day-


The Gateway to the Stars

The Gateway to beauty


To be

To Feel

To Love-

Overcoming …

Thoughts of judgment  

and hate

and forever Me



Supreme happiness


Heralding in the Mind of Christ


the Light of the Son-



Eight Years of Companionship

Cat of my dreams-

“Your wings were ready fly…

My Heart was not!”

Your Presence 

Filled a void

The sight of you 

Was a prayer of praise

The Might of you 

Brought near and dear

The purring

The Stop, Drop and roll’

Your signal to be held.

A gift from Joshua…Trained …

Was But a signal to  hold you

and purr for me in my arms


I am alone now-

But the Gift of Your Presence

Will never leave me

Never departs 

The Joy

The always there

The cat hair

What more can I Say?

The gratitude you have gifted to me-

Centere me

Will always be 

Encoded in my  DNA 

For  tomorrow- 



Only in God 

Is my Soul at rest-

Outside His Garden

There is no rest

Only Death

Death to the Senses

All the Matter

That Matters Not-

Star Chart to Bring  us back to the Start

The Start of the Spirit

We are born to be

We signed on

Before the Foundation of Time

Our stars charted

Our Will set

We are the Chosen ones

To Grow

To Form

To Be

Not helpless in the Tide

Free Will charts our course

Intention drives our route

To return our Soul to God

With Heart … Sacred 

Above our Head…


When Shadows Fall

The Fall of Man

Was the Birth of the Spirit



Creation eases and was

to bring us to the Midpoint

our Center of the 

Harmonious Spokes 

the Cogs of Creation

The Heart of God


Senses recede 

by Willing them to decrease

and let the Alter Ego

our Spirit 

Awaken from the Slumber

The Cocoon

The Seed lock

That Holds and Protects

The Adventurer

The Spirit Divine teaches 

Lives and reigns


The only Part of Being

That Remains-

Eternal Father

Eternal Gratitude

For Your Truth and Holy Way

My chosen way

My Cross


Appreciates confirmation-

All the hurt

All the hate

All the rejection-

Mile markers to know

I am on the right road..

The Way-


Have Pity on the Remnant of Joseph.

I hate, I spurn your feasts, says the LORD,

I take no pleasure in your solemnities;

Your cereal offerings I will not accept,

nor consider your stall-fed peace offerings.

Away with your noisy songs!

I will not listen to the melodies of your harps.

But if you would offer me burnt offerings,

then let justice surge like water,

and goodness like an unfailing stream-


Your Unfailing Guardianship

Your Presence is Ever-Present


Giving me Confidence to Be

Your Handprints everywhere

Your Hands 

My nothingnesses are held

Where would I be 

If I fell through Your all embracing

Eternal Loving Hands-

Where would I be 

Without your everlasting vigilance 


Waxing and Waning

The Ebb of the Time

Wax lyrical about the days gone by

They days when He parted the waters- 

To jump start the Israelites

the Chosen People

The Race chosen 

Stiff necked and Hard of Heart


Persecuted the prophets among

But they did the best they could

With  their evolving animal minds..

He loved them

He called them

Some  played the part so well

Other defied Him-

According to their lot

Their tribe

the 12 chosen  ones

To forge

to territories new

to renew the face of the earth

and the Mind of Christ 

At the same time-






In Love and in Mercy

You are the Father of My Fears-

You are the Mother of My Mercy

You are the Everything to me-

You have given me-

From the Foundation of time-

All I need to Return to YOU..

I am there

With my Heart in my Hands

You listen

You answered my Prayers

I am Never Lost-

I am wherever Your area-

Thank you

Thank You

Thank You!


Retreat and Wait

For the Breath of God 

To reveal Itself 

His will be done…

Died to the World of Created Man

and Born to the Spirit

Who was always there

Covered with the armor

of the created world

No longer blind

But conscious

to the new realty 

of Tomorrow

without the staff of today…

the senses of St John

that are jettisoned 

no loner needed

Become a burden 

a tax 

That the Spirit no longer needs

to thrive-


End times: Sunday, July 17, 2011 5 PM.

The Wounded Lion Carved in the Mountain Hillside at  Lucern-

Ego wound 

Wounded by an Arrow from a predator

The lion-

No where to go

He retreats into a cave

It is safe there

No one to criticize him

No one to care

No one to be there

He is there, alone with his iPad 

While he sees not

Feels not other

But himself

‘It is your fault’

if an error flies

Wounding precious

Tender feelings

and mostly his pride

Worn as a facade 

To mask the no-one inside

Full of nothingness

Propped up by an even more

Damming need to control

Stealing energy


Now Wasted-

on building the facade

An IDOL imperious 

For all to see


The sports call, the fiction, 

fake friends…pretend not to see

He is not in their space

It is how he wanted

The self he must maintain

The bravado- 

So phony and Overplayed…

Keeping others bay

and God-in-Box on a shelf

FAR away


The Way

The HighWay 

The Kingdom

The Way of the Lord-

Thoughts of Favor

Thoughts of Greatness and Grandeur

Thoughts of the  Working Mind

The Kingdom Mind

The Mind of Christ-

Stutter step to the Safety of the Lord 

The Savior

Who saves by awareness of the Power of God

and brings us al home

to the places  we call Home

His Sacred Heart

On Fire-

2-step to Salvation

Bring all your family

Your  friends 

to his love

by pausing and saying 

You are forgiven-

Amen Alleluia

I wait for no man-

I wait on the Lord-

He is my Way 

Dogma He Detests

It is of the Law of Moses

But the Law of our Hearts

That He desires


Life without dogma

The Spirit Knows

The Spirit  Reigns

The Spirit of Religion


God is alive and healing

Above the Soul of Yesterday


To bring us to our knees 


Before our God

The God of Moses


Thinks not

Sensory ovrload

Stiff necked and mindless

Believes in 

All that matters not-

The Mind of Christ

Knows others






In every way

The Way of the Cross



Lovely Lady

My mother

Hail Mary

My Mother

My model

Where would I  be without You?

Lost and Lowly

A worm I am

But a friendly one

Only wanting to make compost

In Your sacred and holy Garden-

I mine the dirt of my pay germ

to add Your Presence 

to my life add that of ‘other’

My bothers

My friends 

 Pilgrims along the way-

I breathe Your air-

I exhale my repentance-

I invite your Sacred Heart into my Heart

On Fire…


Bullies and Small Minds

Of the ordinary fare-

They know it all-

In their Small  Minds

of the ‘old Temple’ charge-

They are sure they are right

They judge others

Presumption is their truth filter

They judge and ‘talk about’ to the clan of common


Mindless habits of their small minds-

Gossip displaces consideration 

Wastes time and others lives 

Jealousy protects their Ego

Envy they sister friend

Greed their blood brother

Gluttony fills their reason to live-

to live a life of lust and love

on their terms only-

Stiff necked

grudges feel good and

are held until the crack of dawn or 

Never Let go-

the Mind of Christ is dark to them-

The Beatitudes a foreign god-

That Idol they cannot worship-

The Census – their god-

All they know but 

they are doing the best they can

With what they have been given-


I AM the Grateful One…

Wrapped in swatting clothes

not Foil-

The armor that protects

The Way of the Cross

Secular Ways deceive and trick the mind into thinking 

What is right-

Is wrong-

Holy Name of Jesus


Brings the Infidels

to their knees

Allows trust to be

the Way of the cross today…


Your Words My Way


From the Foundation of time

They Resonate

I listen and obey

and I do not know why…

It is not mine to know 

But mine to grow



Trust in the Plan Divine

Act with Intention

Love unconditionally


and Know that He is God…

Create a clean heart in me, O God.

For you are not pleased with sacrifices-

should I offer a burnt offering, you would not accept it-

Eclipse August 11…


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What is the Bread of Life?


The Real Thing


Not compromised by those who crave for silver

and gems to adorn themselves- 

All truth

At all levels

All Ways


Man knows not only what he sees

The Mind of Christ thirsts for eternity

The Blood of Christ betrayed

for those who only hunger for things of this world

that matter not-

Ignorance and desire 

Betray the Way of the Cross





the Seen

and know not of the unseen

The Mind of Christ

Harbinger of the beatitudes


Neuroplasticity grown by the Ancient Ways

Thought tracks 


and not of synthetic 

Foiled by the Money Changers again-


Always There


Not even felt

But there

Present in every way….

The Way of the Cross

The beast of burden

We think we carry

But it is not me

But He


Cliff Rocks

Sediment layers at the bottom of a river

To a shelf for moss and lichen to grow upon

For the deer to forage- 

For the creeping creatures to seek sanctuary

Anchor for the tree roots of life’s storms


The essence, core bedrock of all life

To be, we seek sound footing

The garments of life

Devised by disguise 

To trap a weary victim

One, not so cunning and sly

The infrastructure  dictates the outcome

Daily Bread is the  indicator of the quality of construction 

A frugal diet eaten in poverty 

Becomes a house of cards or sand

A frugal diet eaten in the poverty of industrial farming

Where shelf-life and profit 

Is not unlike that of Sub Sahara

Differing only in that taste 

An intrinsic mind filter


Drive the culture of tasty grain fed, over stressed (internal and external hormones) meat 

and pasteurized  over-heated food 

Especially  dairy

Feeding the Basal Intrinsic Mind (Hunter-Gather)

The mentality that becomes shooters 

Mass school killers-

and all of the aggressive  tendencies, selfishness 

and dysfunctional society

Monkeys discard the peel (with 2.5 nutrients)

And eat the sweet core only.

Just like fast and processed food.

Not many monkeys are rocket scientists, architect tall building…


The Mind of God 

and not the Mind of Christ

Great and wonderful deeds 

We do

We think us-

But forget why we do them

The mind of man-

or the old temple was destroyed in 587 BC

It was is only  single layer of God

Without the Mind of Christ 

the New Temple prefrontal 

We are Worms of the earth

When we see others as Christ

and march to the beat of the Little Drummer Boy

We give

We share

Without counting

Christ is alive in our Hearts and Minds

Then we are in Communion

With the Mind of Christ

We Are-


 I Prove My Holiness Through You

A worm

A paramecium 

Will be able to be

To become a pillar of creation 

Parting the Red Sea

No problem with God

With God the is only  a flood on the way…

The Way of the Cross

His way to treat his Son and all of His children

Dob’t be afraid to be His child

The Grace to overcome

Will be given

He is true and faithful

Just obey

Be not available

Be bit afraid

Pass the tests


The Worms Will Inherit the Earth

The Proud will be left behind and

Just go away…

Weak and  lowly

I stand before You

My Heart in my hand..

It is my constants state of awareness

Lowly…in prospective 


and Grateful-

Your Heart

Sacred and Whole

Your Soul … 


My Mother 

In the Light of Forgiveness 

The Colors of Forgiveness 

Ever present in the darkness

of the sightless Mind-



This is Where My Soul Shall Be

At the God Head

Ego needs props

Alter Ego

Bring it on

Fear … 

Satan get behind me…

and let me rise to new power

of Glory

Praise and honor


Any other Way

If there was any other Way-

I would have found it by now-

God grant me dignity to hold to your ingrained truths-

In the face of small minds 

Let me not judge


but obey-


Jesus Speaks


Through me and my response to others…

My eyes see clearly

What I must be

My ears hear noise

and He hears what is behind the noise


to love and embrace their presence 

Meet each on their level

Love what they give

Applaud their willingness to share themselves



and be Brave

My eyes see other marching


to the tune that they are

it takes courage to be in the now

Love to accept the good

Love to change my mind

From judgement to  the peace of Christ

When gossip prevail

another form of Gluttony  

Those without the Mind of Christ

Blindly walk and tread on earthly ground

Worshiping  the idols that keep us from Thee


 Ode to the Church of My Childhood

A Seed…germinated and grew for a purpose…

A Vessel for Creation…She became…

Weathering politics and social storms…

All the while…

Harbored  Architecture, Art and Music

To employ the poor…

Cultivating them 

To make them human…

Transformation  engine…

Harboring the monks 

To secure His Word in the Sacred Scripts

Chanting vespers

Meditating for Insight and Divine Guidance

“Grace generators”… they became…

Insight taught masons and architects 

Blueprints created from  vapor…

To build Cathedrals…

Cathedrals – foundation of society 

They were the “tuition-free” trade schools for the poor…

A path 

A Way  

A livelihood

The underpinning and buttressing the family…

Just  cogs in the big Creation machine …


Carefully cut from the fabric of time… chosen…

“Conversos’ in Spain …

The Chosen Race, the Hebrews

Muslims – Navigators to lead the “Way”…   

Choreographed  to navigate the ocean….

To conquer the Western Hemisphere…

Together as a Band of Brothers and Nuns..

Programmed to pray

To Lead 

and build on the Truth…

the lsat building blocks of the Kingdom…

The Jesuits, the Conquistadors 

Chant of the monks –

Meditation – to triages thoughts and set agendas 

Creating an index for the Project New World  bound…

On Course-

Negative winds blow-

Obstruct and divert-

Greed, hatred and delusion are “equal opportunity employers’

Relics of the First Temple (animal) Brain…

Now had a partner-

In the Prefrontal mind-

The Holy Spirit Enlist –

The nuns were  called … 

Ascended and arose…

To teach the ignorant and poor… 

To tame the animal instincts and drives…

 “thought projections”… 

That no longer served  the Mission…


Heal the sick…

They cared for the sick…

Lost and abandoned …

Explorers left homes for distant dreams

With them – God’s Servicemen..

An eager Spirit-

Schooled by the building of the  Grand Cathedrals of Europe …

Honed and refined..

“Toolkit” in tow … “Armed Forces’…

Left the old country-

Along with  the Faith of our Fathers…

To the immigrants

The new comer and settlers-

The Church became the Bread of Life…

Continuing the “Thread of Creation”…

The “old Temple” – destroyed …

Became the foundation of  the New World…

To begin a New World…

The architecture, art and music-

Underpinnings all-

Grace wains


Martin Luther 

Boldly and bravely there to cauterize the wound

and gave the Church  license to heal…

He is a Hero…

Crucified for the Truth-

He notified the world and nailed his charter to the Church door.

He remained true…to his soul-

Truth remains

And so shall I-

Why it makes” no sense” for me  to change One Dogma for Another-



Her Ways



Because she could

A butler 

She was

Hostess the Mostest

She cared

Was lonely

but did what most could not do


with a capital S…





Put herself

Before the Lord

He called her out

What would have been like

if she took off her apron and sat down by Mary?

Things started in the kitchen

When Jesus was done

a Team of the hungry 


and Bonded

Would have all lend a hand

Dinner would have been done

She would have nourished her soul 

listing to the Lord

and all would have been won-

Prompt for LLI Spontaneous Writing-

Bananas, oranges, tropical fruit

Monkey food-
I told Virginia that the peel contains 2.5 time the antioxidants, 

then the sweet core-

Virginia, recovering from a knee replacement and a Coca Cola addiction.,.
 Said she heard that  – In the wild, the Monkey’s do not eat the  peel

HMMM I thought a bit-

Wonder why that is
Eating the sweet and tasty
and leaving the really nutritious food for trash-
Sounds a bit like “fast  and “processed white” food to me.
Stop monkeying around
Get serious
Only it you have to….
Only the good die young
It is because the don’t monkey around
They dive in and finish their list
Before we even start

Monkey Minds belong in the zoo
Eating fast and processed food gets them
Locked in confinement of their Money Brain
Infrastructure left on the floor of the jungle.
Thoughts abound and rebound 

All in the wrong places

ADDHD the wise doctor says


When eating plant protein

Would solve this problem and a zillion more

Any way how many monkeys do you see flying airplanes or designing tall building ??

Silly Similes

The wet weather wears on my inner women
The flood come down in buckets of buckets
The soul has holes
And it cries and weeps
The puddles gather below in the pond
And Is islands of langer hans
The light is no where to be seen
The darkness hides the So

Without the sun enlightenment

We are-

She was Already Dead When I Got There…

She was mostly fettered and barren long before-

There she was, in all her blaming glory…

The neighbors came by to throw their last respects..

Respecting not her presence, 

But rejoicing in the peace she left behind…

Her wake was a wake of her omissions

Her children from near and far

Brought homage as one would give to one

Who had never lived-

Her legacy towered over-

Loomed as grey shadows in the darkness,

But nothingness filled her meaningless eulogy 

A rare spark of light shined through as they laid her to rest.

The synergy of family 


Magically – 

Wove a thread of the fiber of her being to the next link 

The broken chain was fastened…

The part of life that she was never

Brought cohesion



A Grand Finish to behold

 Prompt’Life is but a Dream’-

Life is an Impression…

A perception of reality

So “Who cares?”

Life is how we choose to filter the behavior of others

Bad behavior can be seen good,

If we think it

Life is uninteresting, if we think it

Sad, if we think it

Compassion,  if we think it

Seething feelings 

Becomes anger

 at “perceived” hurt feeling

If we think it

 A “put down”

 An insult, only a perceived wound

Either take exception

Or don’t bother and just go fishing.

Cane could have…

Banal behavior reeks of thoughtlessness

Or Fast food..

Displacing dreams that will never come true..

Positive inertia will always displace the pessimistic kind

Kind behavior become sacks of…


Accumulates and even snowballs

Better than dysfunction,

Conflicting Afflictions,

Wars, bloodshed or being the Simpletons

Prompts – Blue ball, Juicy Orange, A church, Popcorn, Taxi, Jump rope

The blue ball rolled down the aisle of a church to a taxi outside, 

where a bride and groom dodged popcorn pelted at them, 

as they were driven off, toasting juicy oranges and champaign-

 He tied her up with the Jump rope…and you know the rest.

Prompt Words: Jumper, Lift,  Clotted Cream

Lifting the jar from the refrigerator

Clotted cream – again

My coffee goes wanting

As does my life-

My children are hedgy

My house a fog

Lifts not..

My dog-

no where to be found

For comfort and consolation

Where is the friendly banter

Where are the friends

All  at the casino 

Drowning their tragic lives in triviality and boos

Where is the preacher?

Beatles said “Writing a sermon that no one would here”

Mrs Robinson know better

She thinks..any way

She arranges her life to be pleasing to others, 

She manages to dodge the bullet of fate

By pretending she is – What she is not.

Presumption muddles and hazes our relationships

The truth….only hurts feeling..

We can’t do that or can we?

Untruth or Lies authorize 

and equip us to empower,

Enabling us to keep all our cattle and horses in the stable-

But are they happy there-

Well-fed with dried straw,  

Instead of green grass, kernels of grain and seeds

Where they could roam and romp

And  running and free 

Breathing the sunshine and fresh air of truth

But instead are held captive to a life in a stall

Protected from the elements

Protected from the rapacious vulturous greedy minds

and the hearts and mouths of political correctness..

The horse was named Jumper.

Without a net…

Prompt words – I just love penguins..

Penguins are tough

and dedicatedly loyal to their progeny

Like any other mother who is given a life to hold
Pander to
Revolve around like a planet,
and patiently coddle
In the harshest of surroundings-
They March to the sea
With the faith of Abraham
The promised land of provisions
To share with their helpmate

and chick
Why did God permit them to land at the South Pole

The forsaken, desolate outpost of creation

Where only the sea gulls and the polar bears roam

Home, home on the range of ice upon icy layer

The penguins of the world 

Are die-hards who control impulses to quit
Stay in there and do the hard thing

Resist quitting

End up being more than was intended

A model for believers 

To care more

Remain constant and faithful to the inner voice 

Holding knife to the throat to stay in line

and March in the direction of the unseen sun. (Son)

 Monkey Mind critiquing-

 Addendum –


Parents often joke that their children do not have the neurological capacity to behave in certain ways, and researchers are beginning to understand that, despite their adult appearance, teenagers’ brains are not yet fully developed. The development of the prefrontal cortex plays a significant role in maturation. The brain develops in a back to front pattern, and the prefrontal cortex is the last portion of the brain to fully develop. This does not mean that children do not have functional prefrontex cortices. Rather, they do not develop the complex decision-making and planning skills adults have until later in their development. Experience can play a role in the development of the prefrontal cortex, and children exposed to a variety of stimuli and challenges may develop more quickly.


The prefrontal cortex is involved in a wide variety of functions, including:

Coordinating and adjusting complex behavior

Impulse control and control and organization of emotional reactions


Focusing and organizing attention

Complex planning

Considering and prioritizing competing and simultaneous information; the ability to ignore external distractions is partially influenced by the prefrontal cortex


There are competing theories about how best to categorize the parts of the prefrontal cortex. One popular categorization breaks the cortex into the dorsal prefrontal cortex, which connects with brain areas related to attention and cognition and the ventral prefrontal cortex, which is connected with brain areas related to emotion. The prefrontal cortex is also a repository for information about arousal, which may explain why the prefrontal cortex is involved in regulating attention and distraction. Most neurologists agree that the prefrontal cortex is not fully developed until around the age of 25.

Prefrontal Cortex: Structure and Anatomy. The prefrontal cortex in primates occupies the anterior part of the frontal lobe on the lateral, medial, and basal surfaces of the brain. … Connections between distinct prefrontal areas suggest that they collaborate in behavior.

Prefrontal cortex – Science Direct

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