The Power of Attachment from Birth to 3 years-Awareness and Forgiveness-Attachment and Enmity-From the Bible-Shadow Thoughts-The Theory of Mind-

The Power of Attachment from Birth to 3 years- 

Awareness (and Forgiveness) for a Lifetime-

Attachment and Enmity-From the Bible-

Genesis -Chapter 3-

14 – So the Lord God said to the serpent, “Because you have done this- “Cursed are you above all livestock
    and all wild animals!
You will crawl on your belly
    and you will eat dust
    all the days of your life.

15  And I will put enmity
 between you and the woman,and between your offspring[a] and hers;he will crush[b] your head,    and you will strike his heel.”

 16  And he said to the woman,  I will increase your trouble in pregnancy and your pain in giving birth. In spite of this, you will still have desire for your husband, yet you will be subject to him.

When an infant is ‘inconsistently responded to’ – its internal systems signal a need for food or comfort are betrayed, then the  Caregiver is viewed as an untrusted stranger.  The become Hardwired to be wary of strangers. Until this mentality is secured by “take-turns” communication between infant & caregiver, the “enemy on board” the only behavior known & will be  fixed –  until, not unlike PTSD, must be ‘called to consciousness’ to resolved or corrected. 

This may  may be a life-time condition of distorted, preadolescent thinking if not recognized and corrected (brought to consciousness to be reconciled in the Autobiographical Memory – Hippocampus on the ‘right hand’ side-

This words “right hand” occurs 166 times in the Bible so it is no accident that the words “right hand” has significant meaning.

These insecurely attached individuals become and must be ‘brought to ‘consciousness’

It is incumbent to bring the ‘intrinsic blocked’ obstructed thoughts – to consciousness and for final  resolution  and  storage in the Autobiographical memory in the ‘right hand side’ (hippocampus).

This is correction (or Forgiveness) – The process of ‘calling to consciousness’ must happen in order for the memories to be ‘knit’ and Stored in the Autobiographical Memory – or the child faces a life time of dysfunctional thinking and relationship problems. 

Mary Main UC Berkley-Best predictor is not what they happened in the parents childhood, but ‘how we make sense of it’ and turn to your memories from past adaptation. 

Parenting does effect the way we tune in to the internal world of children and actually shapes the mind and the brain with empowers them to balance emotions and connect with other people  in an open and receptive way for all of their lifetime…

Not unlike PTSD-(Better Family, Better Spouses Dr Siegel and Dr Goldman)

When parents leave a secure home and are  far away from our family support. (or in a single parent – with out partner support) – secure attachment may falter-

Case study 1 –

Case study 1 – O negative blood type child )Rh factor) is 1st born to parents away from family-cousins (at graduate school). Father is consumed with studies and mother is consumed with household tasks and a part time job. Instead of holding the child – she is forces to allow the child to play on blanket with toys and a cat. The attachment chemicals go unbounded and the child is ‘left alone’ with little ‘take-turns’ communication-

These critical initial “attachment cues” begin to occur immediately after birth and last three years. Frustrated, with a child – impossible to comfort, Only to be able to watch –

A helpless parent – standing  by crib, watching the infant cry itself to sleep explained-(likely saddle block chemical from birth experience)

-Other factors-extraneous chemicals harming the child-

that may be a cause of insecure attachment – the  reaction to the ‘saddle block’ chemicals administrated during the labor process-

Other factors– (‘Altered’ incomplete food and blood types)

“Processed food,” Maximized Omega 6 – Inflammatory – (heavy GMO fed animal protein), when  child has the  RH negative blood type and does better on pasture-raised animals and whole grain  and limited pasture-raised animal protein. (Sally Fallon ‘Nourishing Traditions’) – Which in modern America  ‘factory food” – the infant may have been fed little or none and Wild Caught (not-farmed and fed GMO) fish – minimal Omega3- 

When Pasture-raised proteins are missing  and replaced with Factory faux foods –  (whole non-GMO grains and fish – not-farmed and fed GMO) protein for brain and neural development) along with the Rh negative (lacked enzyme to digest a protein (probably animal, modern pasteurized heat-altered milk allergy?)

Distended stomach, symptoms of (Koskonor) from storage of ‘improperly digested substrates’ that are intended for proper growth and development – particularly brain and neural development.

Case study 2 – A child is born into a hostile environment (3 years) with mother-in-law (enmity) the alpha female in the household – The Mother is A- (Rh factor) – fuel should be ‘plant protein’ – The mother-in-law is O+ and fuel is animal protein that fuels a dominant personality- Mother has 3 miscarriages while mother-in-law runs the household and cooks predominantly animal protein – the 4th pregnancy is sent signals via animal protein and chronic stress hormones (cortisol)-the child has inherited a ‘slack jaw’ for plant protein mother – grinding grain (plant protein) but with so much animal protein from mother-in-law caregiver – as the teeth buds in gestation – the buds formed are large grinding and tearing teach to prepare for digestion animal protein. The child attached to the mother-in-law- who dominated the environment as the mother struggles with stress and failed pregnancies – After 3 years -the mother in law moves to her own house and the attachment BONDS ARE BROKEN – ‘reverting’ the child in an ‘insecurely attached’ state – the child faces a LIFE TIME of dysfunctional thinking and relationship problems. (Combative personality and divorce and other broken relationships).

This leads to a life-time condition of distorted, preadolescent thinking (insecure attachment) because it was not recognized or corrected (brought to consciousness) – also with the dominance of animal protein – a life time of ‘crowded’ molars to be corrected by braces.

Because of the nutrient loss of miscarriages (7 mo set of still born twins) the mother’s nutrient stories are similar to modern day mothers trying to have babies in the modern day Factory and Processed Food environment –

Also, saturated with cortisol from internal war as well as exterior World War II adds another layer of stress to the already stressed mother internal war. All DNA internal and ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS – The child faces a life time of dysfunctional thinking and relationship problems. 

From 12 step program: 

# 5.  Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs. (Forgiveness) same as ‘call to consciousness’ –

Parents should have used better judgement to follow their  instincts and respond and adopt a “take-turns”communication style-

Skimping emotionally at  bedtime –  Children of parents who had parents that never read books to them, lack ‘quality time’ in the bedding process each night or but I have a sibling to sleep with…did not have the bed time fears. Two books only – skimming emotional time before and crying self to sleep (likely DNA from orphan grandmother?)

Instead of listening to conventional wisdom – ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child”. With the 2nd sibling – if the mother does not attend to the emotional needs of that  2nd child – treated differently, the  infant may presume – that he was not the favored child. A parent should modify the style of discipline. and avoid strict adherence to parental guidelines…without discussion or negotiations…as with curfews, etc. This for the purpose of striving to have an emotionally balanced child. 

Other Issues of Unresolved Behavior-

Symptoms and Behaviours of Unresolved Grief

The Unresolved issue (no matter how large or small remains in the intrinsic memory (of the primal low brain) until it can be called to consciousness and resolved & stored in the (PNC) Prefrontal cortexes of the upper brain…separate  from the low brain (intrinsic reptilian binary brain)

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Lindemann (1944), Lazare (1979) and Worden (2005) have identified numerous symptoms and behaviours that indicate unresolved / complicated grief

While many of the symptoms identified can be considered ordinary during the more acute earlier phase of grief, they are considered major signs of unresolved / complicated grief if they remain for unusually prolonged periods of time. 

Also, the more symptoms an individual exhibits, the more likely they are experiencing unresolved grief (Worden, 2005; Freeman, 2005). Some of the symptoms are listed below:
Lindemann’s symptoms

  • Over activity without a sense of purpose
  • Acquisition of symptoms belonging to the last illness of the deceased
  • Alteration in relationships with friends and relatives
  • Lasting loss of patterns of social interaction
  • Agitated depression with tension, insomnia, feelings of worthlessness, self accusation, obvious need for punishment and even suicidal tendencies
  • Furious hostility towards someone connected to the death.

Lazare’s symptoms:  . “The pain of the truth is not nearly as bad as, pretending the truth does not exist.” ~Unknown

  • Unwillingness to move the possessions or desire to retain & perpetuate behavior that will keep the old relationship alive in memory & not let go of the memories of  the deceased (or incapacitated mentally or physically ), even after a reasonable amount of time has passed.
  • A history of delayed or prolonged grief…wanting to hold on to the relationship at the time of death & transfer those feelings to others.
  • Changes in current relationships following death
  • A depressive syndrome to varying degrees of severity:

Men with depression may feel blue or may not get pleasure from activities they once enjoyed. But a few other things commonly show up in men that may not be recognized as depression signs and symptoms:

Escapist behavior, such as spending a lot of time at work, watching TV or on sports

  • Controlling, hyper-vigilance violent or abusive behavior
  • Inappropriate anger, hyper-vigilance
  • Alcohol excess out of the normal range  or substance abuse

Symptoms of guilt and self reproach, panic attacks and somatic symptoms

  • Somatic symptoms representing identification with the deceased, often symptoms of the terminal illness
  • A feeling that the death has occurred yesterday even though the loss took place a long while back

Male depression often goes undiagnosed

Men with depression often aren’t diagnosed, for several reasons. Some of them include: Failure to recognize depression. If you’re like many men, you may think that feeling sad or emotional is always the main symptom of depression. But for many men that isn’t the primary depression symptom. For example, headaches, digestive problems, fatigue, irritability, hyper-vigilance or chronic pain can sometimes indicate depression. So can feeling isolated and seeking distraction to avoid dealing with feelings or relationships.

  • Reluctance to discuss depression symptoms. As a man, you may not be open to talking about your feelings with family or friends, let alone with a health care professional. Like many men, you may have learned to place an emphasis on self-control. You may think.Resisting mental health treatment. Even if you suspect you have depression, you may avoid diagnosis or refuse treatment. You may avoid getting help

Male depression often goes undiagnosed.  Men with depression often aren’t diagnosed, for several reasons. Some of them include:

  1. Failure to recognize depression. If you’re like many men, you may think that feeling sad or emotional is always the main symptom of depression. But for many men that isn’t the primary depression symptom. For example, headaches, digestive problems, fatigue, irritability or chronic pain can sometimes indicate depression. So can feeling isolated and seeking distraction to avoid dealing with feelings or relationships.
  2. Downplaying signs and symptoms. You may not recognize how much your symptoms affect you, or you may not want to admit to yourself or to anyone else that you’re depressed. But ignoring, suppressing or masking depression with unhealthy behavior won’t make it go away.
  3. Reluctance to discuss depression symptoms. As a man, you may not be open to talking about your feelings with family or friends, let alone with a health care professional. Like many men, you may have learned to place an emphasis on self-control. You may think it’s “unmanly” to express feelings and emotions associated with depression, and instead you may try to suppress them.
  4. Resisting mental health treatment. Even if you suspect you have depression, you may avoid diagnosis or refuse treatment. You may avoid getting help because you’re worried that the stigma of depression could damage your career or cause family and friends to lose respect for you.

Worden’s symptoms

  • Inability to speak of the deceased without experiencing intense grief emotions
  • Unaccountable sadness during various times of the year
  • Self destructive themes-holding on to or wanting to recreate lost loved one’s relationship
  • Radical changes in lifestyle
  • Phobias about illness or death
  • Over identification with the deceased leading to compulsion to imitate the dead person & transfer those feelings to others to maintain the feeling when loved one was alive.
  • A relatively minor event triggering a major grief reaction. (PTSS)
  • Exclusion of friends, family members or activities associated with the deceased.

All three have several behaviors in common..Unresolved trauma, which lead to dysfunction and depression.  Depression has a dietary component that our society is in denial about…that is Processed whites, pasteurized dairy. over-heated Omega 6 oils and animal protein lead to mental dysfunction and mental illness & right function of the brain is hit or miss. 

Bringing a “sin” to consciousness requires a  lot of curiosity, openness.  A mind closed to examining depression-

Dawn and the Depression Shadow  – 2011 – HT Wagner

Shadow thoughts – The Anatomy of…

 Exaggerated by fear and distrust 

Makes the perceived or misperceived 

Behavior of others feel like irritation to the psyche.-

Rather than taking it personally-

My mother told me that recognizing this and

Choosing  to be welcoming to them 

Reticence and bad temperedness of others is arduous-

But turning it into an offering and 

Offering it up to God as a gift to God 

Is receiving a grace…

Taking it personally takes away a grace

Why forfeit things that profit and grace us….

Good and not-so-good friends, 

Good time and not-so-good times-

Good tasting food and not-so-good faux food 

and spirituality nourishment all…

Can be tuned for good – (Plato’s Republic)

All are necessary for our growth-Body, Mind and Soul

Exercising Free Will-

Now we understand the science behind this….

It is located in the Limbic mid-brain

The Septum is gate keeper that allows thoughts coming from the Primal binary brain to the Free Will pass to the Insula.-

the Well Spring of grace…

High brain functions prevent depression and dysfunction…

Not shot from the hippocampus 

Thoughts that are shot from the primal reptilian brain

Lack sufficient grace to realized God’s Truth

We can get riches-

By entirely refusing to let our feelings get hurt…

Forlorn Habits – Dec 2011

The Man with the Big Mac Super-sized Manhood 

Bald or thinning hair-

Abdominal ‘store house’ brimming-

Diekenstieck Defunct

No longer stiecken…

Lethargic settles in for the games of the weekend

and life

Rest a lot, exercises little

“Tissue paper feelings” – overly Sennnnsative-

set on ‘cry’- all the time..

Big boy cries “Nag, you always are criticizing me”,


Cancer of the prostate by 60-

Viagra affairs – to fill the void of meaningful relationships

Fake friends that stroke his neediness-

Religion through dogma-

Spirituality – still searching – not connecting..

But it is such a simple thing-

Running with the lemmings-

25% of the real whole food feeds our bodies systems to keep them working optimally and out of the doctors office

the other 75% – over processed fake food 

(processed by tasty carbohydrates) feed our doctors….

It is such a simple thing…

Use our intelligence and not our reptilian brain 

for our taste choices..

God gave us both…first Primal filtering..

then with the bookmark of Crucifixion 

and the initiation of the midbrain (Holy Spirit)-

We are to put away the the things of childhood 

(primal filtering tasting and thought in general)-

Pause and let the Cerebrum make the intelligent choices-

But Impulse control was not an Adaptive Quality of the Caveman-

Like the talents in the gospel – don’t just hoard them and bury them….

Grow them..use them to have healthy bodies 

and minds to help others – not cry about!

Endorphins at Play – Dec 2011

Come and go…


Powered by perception and will-

When all else fails…

Engaging in genome-centric pursuits

Causes graces to flows naturally-

Boring and uninteresting occupation of time.. 

Endorphins become wasted or displaced

and Tax the balance sheet 

The ledger of Liking-

God  invites us to live in a

Fellowship with one another…

Also Called the Theory of Mind-

(Others have feeling too, just like us)

This behavior is what gives rise to endorphins

To make straight the path to empathy and altruism-

Endorphins stave off mental illness-

Elevate mood-

Counteract unpleasant relationships-

Incubate Joy-

Foster bonds of togetherness-

Endorphin draining behavior-


Perception violations

Assuming that a thin slice of the truth 

is actually the whole truth-

The amount of endorphins produced is directly Proportional to the amount of truth – Contained in the event-

Relationship Black holes-

Talk about, talk about…

(no room for grace when the tract is obstructed with idle unimportant data that gets in the way of life-

And Grace-

Energy does not flow on a one way blocked highway-

Tender Feelings – that get hurt easily –

(Refusing to turn the other cheek)

Envy and  Jealousy (desiring objects or people not on your approved list)

Greed…(Spending God’s money)

Control (Reading God’s mind)

From the ancient hardware and software-

Not very active and inefficient & unreliable…

So why are we still using it..

Christ died to bookmark – the event of Pentacost-

Endorphin makers but are fakers to the

 Temple of the Holy Spirit-

All things “enriched”

Most things white…

Soda that displaces tea, coffee and whole fruit and vegetable juices..

Extra Large portion animal food that displace whole grains, fruits and vegetables….

On account of our friendship

with the Creator…

Where is the love?….Where is the logics?

The proud only loves Ego

Does not have the equipment to love with intelligence

That came later after the Death of Christ

When the brain could handle the traffic up there.

The Ego-phyles process feelings and not logic…

That does not “compute” on the low road…

When told what the intellects says is good for them..

Exercise (breathing and fluids) helps the body’s metabolism and gives more energy to sustain-

Ego-phytes hear…my body is tried and want to sleep..

How Couch Potatoes are born…

Anatomy of a Bull Dec. 2011

Tournament male…

Offspring – Spring off with Mother…

His job is to grow sperm.

and keep his apparatus functioning – You know…

Grass fed…

Whole grass…that is..

Keeps his diekenstieke stiecken…

Reproduction system – keeps us a species..

The  quality of the food is proportionals to the quality of support given 

To all of the systems of the body-

Whole unaltered or GMO foods with complete and densely compacted nutrients

Feeds more proportionally and completely to the critical systems 

and the scraps left over-go to the ‘nice-to-have systems’…

i.e. skeletal, immune, hormone and glands

and last, but not least – the reproductive system…

These ‘nice-to-have’ systems are also ‘nice-to-steal’ from 

To provided needed nutrition for the critical systems-

(Brain and nervous, heart and circulatory, Respiratory)

So Let’s talk about Big Mac and French Fry and Large soda… 

Processed white food diet-

The stable foods of the “Real Man”

Red fatty factory meat from  stressed cattle, 

(displacing Fish or Omega 3 foods)…

“Enriched” white bread-

“Whole” part  stripped 

 & a few vitamins sprinkled in the mix…

Not even coming close to what was removed!

Displacing other whole grains-
(Oats, barley, millet, quinoa, corn…Leaving only the carbs with a destination to fat storage…only -“Once on the lips, forever & forever on the hips!)

Potatoes fried in questionable Inflammatory oil – Omega 6

Heat altered – Closer to motor-like-oil than Omega 3…

Processed white salt…

and lots of it-

And soda…a little carbonated water, a lot of  sugar or diet chemicals…seemingly harmless, benign??

Containing no antioxidants for immune system 

To fight cancer, colds, flue, allergies???

What are we thin thinking????

These resource hogs displace tea, coffee, 100% fruit juices, wine and other healthy beverages – to arm the immune system.

Only to line the wallets of the Western doctors-

25 % of the food we eat goes to feed our bodies and

75% of the food we eat feed our doctors!

Naked water is ‘next-of-kin’ to soda or more criminal-

It is not a nutrient –  it is a transport!!

Empty of any whole foods nutrients 

To be delivered to the body systems-

To ensure the normal function 

and ensure a disease free environment-

Jesus’ miracles come to mind-

Wedding Feast of Canna

Jesus tuned water into wine (not 7 UP)

We play Jesus by asking our bodies 

To make no-longer bioavailable substrates for our tissue-

Water (and Soda) are just empty transports…

Afternoon Prayers:  Dec 2011

The Anatomy and Neurochemistry of a Mind           

Sans – The Theory of Mind-

The human mind-Mindful, malleable, shaped-

increases in size and scope-

Mind – like all other organs 

and parts of the human complex-


Starting with a noteworthy template- 

DNA saturated 

Genome from  notable, noble birthright

Royal in every way-

A rich and fertile sustainable  environment

 of whole unaltered nutrients

The last and equally important element is

The stable emotional environment

Balanced and whole

Mental state made up by the learned behavior from the parents-

This along with what sustains the environments 

Easily inherited and the chemistry of the genome to develop

1st – gestation to age 6

Characteristics  have a negative impact

Extreme gestation – stress hormones 

a mother who remains in binary state of mind

 “oh-so-tender” feelings…(George Castanza’s mother – no doubt)

**A diet of overly processed foods, soda and other fake foods-Vegetable & fruit grown in the wild or with animal waste, Modern faux Meat, dairy, poultry and GMO fed chicken eggs- 

All Pasture-raised in the Sunlight-(not genetically engineered corn, soy alfalfa  fed to the animals we eat etc…)

**Excess – in any form will heavily influence the formation of the infant brain-

Good excesses – live – begets more sustainable life 

High quality music: classical, chant ,upbeat..

High quality whole unaltered food or GMO – that have been not grown or  raised on chemical fertilizers or processed genetically engineered wheat…

The continuum of growth is directional proportional to the amount of wholeness or artificial fake-ness to the daily knitting of the psyche on the torso bearing the Soul-

6-12 years of age – By not the development of the Theory of mind- 

Compassion – “Others have feeling just like the feelings that I have”

Should be well on it way to development along with the mind & body


One or both parents should have a well developed sense of 

“Other” and frequently and gently cultivated the mind

with lots of whole, unadulterated nutritious food 

that must knit and fuse mind, body and soul

“Self” will never be able to produce an appreciation and devotion to “Other”

The Neurology – The primal ‘Survival’ brain-

Flight or Fight brain-

Fed with inflammatory Omega 6 and factory animal protein-

Inefficient and Inflammatory-



Autonomic Nervous System – Built with Fixed Action Patterns-

(accounts for inflexibility and staying on-schedule mentality)

Inability to rationalize-

(limited at this level only)

100,000 BC to 0 AD 

Along Came Christ-

Crucifixion happened-

What did He die for? What did it do?

H.S. –  ‘Bookmarked the event of the Holy Spirit’

The Event of the functionality of the Midbrain-

The Limbic system and all of the parts to take incomplete thoughts sent up through the Septum – The Divided line-

so that dysfunctional thoughts could be rationalized-

and bathed in grace in the hippocampus, Insula, etc.  

Taking a load off of the 


(presumption fed anger, presumption fed uncertainty, presumption fed fear, coved-ness, greed and stinginess)

and most importantly prejudice, suspicion of other by presumption based hate-

—Søren Kierkegaard,  Journals Feb. 1836

What matters is to find a purpose,                                                                           To see what it really is that God wills that I shall do;

The crucial thing is to find a truth which is truth for me,                                               To find the idea for which I am willing to live and die.

Life is short, art long, opportunity fleeting, experience deceptive, judgment difficult.”

My hero-

Dee  Wagner~Hinkle 

(HT Wagner-pseudonym)

502 Trevi Lane 

Ellisville, MO 63011

HT Wagner@ Twitter
314-283-8786  (text) – ( under construction) (web site)

About the Author-

Inspirational Verse in the ‘free-form’ style of Emily Dickinson-

HT Wagner – is a Freelance writer of WordPress in St Louis, Missouri 
She has had a successful career in Project Manager with over 25 years’ experience in research, development and team building, with a strong background in both technical and financial services industry recruiting – building her own successful recruiting company.

She retired and suffered a series of devastating family tragedies that led to a period of deep depression and devastation. Expressing herself in poetry has helped her to rebuild a normal life.

Dee’s ‘turn on’s- are the ocean, swing dancing and comedy.
Her ‘turn-off’s’ are negative people who judge and people who hate.
 She and husband of 55 years now live in St Louis close to her family.
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Inspirational Verse in the free form style of Emily Dickinson-

My Posts – End to Homelessness – (My story) 


Inspirational Verse in the free form style of Emily Dickinson

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