Prose-a-try – Meditation Poems 2005-2012-2013 HT Wagner

Prose-a-try  – Meditations  2012-2013

Pioneers Pray – 2022

Pioneers do not have time for idols and any frivolity-

Pioneers parcel

A Higher Power – 2013

Everything that takes place are influenced by a higher power

Spirit is manifest int the laws of the universe

And must feel humble

Science – causally determinism

Cause – effect-

Incompatible with free will?

Determinism strikes to the heart of free fill

Free to choose to defy,

Persons actions are casualty bound by they physical and physically 

Einstein and internal determine free will

Beginning and ends all determined

By an invisible player

Childish analogies 

Look upon free will as 

Exists because we are held responsible for out own actions

Develop a strong personal morality

Striving for our morality can give beauty 

Rise among the person

Strive to rise above the monkey mind

Transcend selfish desires

Use for yourself little but give to other much.

Paid for Performance – February 2013

A child is made to perform

To dance on the stage of destiny

For God – through the parents careful, watchful eyes-

What happens when the light beam of the parent’s eyes 

Is bent by fear of not wanting to hurt feelings

Truth become perceived and distorted

What happens when the child is praised just for being…

Performance is irrelevant

You are good!

If the performance is low or substandard

The child learns that effort is not important

So trying harder is not necessary

Mediocrity becomes the norm-

If children to do pretty much whatever they please

They will not be incentive to learn to “do the hard thing”

They will not learn to “put away the things of a child’ as the Bible says must happen

They will forever remain it the “pre-adolescent” stage of development..

No free pass to the next stage of brain development.

Sons and daughters of the “insecurely attached”

Become the bullies, gossip mongers, 

and eventually another generation of insecurely attached

Forever using the pre-adolescent filter of the Binary Mind

Self and selfish hedonistic behavior

“Mine” of a three year old

Become “it is all about me” of a 25 year old-

Displacing true self-

Credo – What I Believe – February 2013

He,  who can no longer wonder,  cannot see God in “other.”

 is a candle, snuffed out

What is missing is 

Humble admiration of the presence of a superior power.

When “self” and greed shadow this light

All that can be seen and witnessed is a thin slice of God

Grace insufficient to sustain life as was intended 

A full life of being-

Giving and caring

Everything that takes place are influenced by a higher power

Spirit is manifest int the laws of the universe

And must feel humble

 God the old one – the new one

Atheists are to be denigrated…

Utter humility to the usability of the unknown

Fanatical atheists, still feeling the weight of their chains..

Cannot hear the music of their spheres.

Painful  act of  to the painful act of fundament belonging. 

Cosmic religious feeling

Looking for truth and understanding….fundamentalists and atheists do not

Their truth is perception and therefore – not real truth

Do You Believe in God? – Einstein 

Humble admiration of the presence of a superior power.

I believe in Spinoza’s god…

Everything that takes place are influenced by a higher power

Spirit is manifest int the laws of the universe

And must feel humble

Realm  of science is to evaluation of the truth – not the case-

Science without religion is lame

Religion without science is blind…Einstein

Burn Baby Burn – March 2012

Only the good die young

Death – The Great Equivocator

Does not exact revenge

The balance sheet is brought back to even

To zero

The deficit of negativity

Hate and venom surfaces to the top

Ignorance of life 

Being lived beyond the pre-adolescent mindset

The selfish state of the Binary Mind

Is paid for in the hell of dysfunction 

Avarice, greed and materialism that flows

Into mercenariness to other

Becoming the chains that bind us to earth

“Other” being the ticket to heaven

Freeing us from the bondage of selfish, self centered greed

Lived on earth by giving of ourselves to “other”


Life lived only to serve self

Infantile disease is when a Child expects a voluminous order

Spinoza…body, soul, mind one

Gunther and the Wet Nose – HT Wagner

I write-

Gunther stalks-

His cunning ears detects motion 

Scratchy sounds of a pen on a mission

He investigates-

It is not an object to seize for food or folly 

Just a friend companion making notes- 

A place to be  to warm next to  the hand

A cold wet nose nuzzles the pen 

To announce his presence-

To say he’s arrived

Settles contently


Inky – The End – HT Wagner

Little Cat

Little Cat

You look lonely and bored

You mate, Inky, cannot be found

You do not know where

He has gone

Don’t feel sad

Inky just wore out 

He could go no more

Dogs don’t seem to care-

Only, now, there is less food 

For them to steal

You are pleasant to hold 

Your “tabbiness” is endearing

As your heart purrs away—Sans cat breath

Somehow we will find a way to make 

Your heart whole –like before

(Probably won’t be the dogs or the grandkids)

Being a hermit feline may not be so bad after all!

Walmart – Standing at the Check Out – February 2013

Looking at the concrete block wall

The veneer of nothingness

Hollow cored panels

That protect an a cavity in the fabric of society at large


Feigned wisdom of the insincere

Sinners all

Caving to convention 

Because Father forgives them

They do not know what they do..

The trough they feed from 

Is daily filled with slop and snickers

and not the daily bread

The staff of life

But with pretend food

Bogus and counterfeit

To extend the shelf life and remove the offending whole food

With the left over tasty remnants 

Of a whole food meal that might have been

To gorge on the ignorance of the stupefied masses

Dilute all that is true food

To make more space for all that is not

Thin slicing at its best…

Makes for more profit

Fatten the bank roll

and creates a subculture of vulture physicians

That prey on unawareness and

Those who are clueless 


Craving convenience and empty convention-

Good Has Many Dimension – February 2013

In a three or four dimensional  world

Good is relative

Relative to the truth

What ever that is..

1st dimension is a fuzzy notion of truth

Gloss over

Look out for yourself truth

Proud selfishness 

2nd dimension  is that of almost true

But not quite right for self

Has to consider both self and other

Politically correctness 

Protects everyone involved

But the Soul

Who know better

Dogma reigns the “monkey-binary mind” mentality

3rd dimension reigns over the “monkey mind”

Sincerity, candor, confidence become the and breath

The Good Samaritan folds into  the landscape

Sees only what needs to be done for other

Fusses not with can be done

But does what it takes to make things right

an trusts always

Anxiety aside

Trusts without paranoiac pride

He did not go broke or get in debt,

But did what he could amid confusion and doubt.

He won the prize

His investment repaid 

In dollars, not earthly

But reward for a vision in the 4th dimension. 

Beach-March 2013

The politically correct place to be-

Left at home all of the fancy facade 

The front erected to maintain status with ‘the Jones’

Quite an expensive place to walk

Eat out

And take a nap.

Look a the homes and mansions of mud and clay

Who cares?

Help me to find my center

A place to air my sins

In the air of a benevolent sky

Help me to shed my scales

Protecting me  from the ones who need  a hand

Helping the homeless and forlorn

The beach is for the bird 

and otherwise flighty people….

The beach is for bums

Who think the are “powerful princes of pomp”

Who care not for standing up for the down-trodden. 

But move earth to get things out of the way of “me”

Heart is a raisin on life support

Mind is a sponge of tasty good and pasteurized worthless faux food

Thinking all the while “what about me”

and how can I jockey into a position of stature

So I can get more praise.

After all, praise is what we are born to receive…

This is the nature of the insecurely attached mind-

Power of Praise (Authentic)

Studies show: 

Praise authentically for making a “heroic” effort

Has markedly more positive effect in creating a child that will be better able to face the world independently 

and one that will be less fearful  

and more courageous attempting new challenges

Than an individual that was parented by a parent who fear that any and all criticism would give the child a “complex”

And create a low self image

Self confidence and self respect –


Criticism (comments shaping behavior) will give a malformed self image is administered incorrectly…dishonestly…with either too much praise or any praise lacking authenticity 

Our to fear of creating an individual with a poor self image…

Just the contrary…

Poor self images are created by failure to accomplish…

Failure to accomplish is created by parents that are reluctant to authentically correct (comment) behavior…

As a result, the child believes the inferior work that was created is acceptable and improvement is not necessary…

and will go on to status quo tasks that have already successfully mastered.. Pleasure Reading for example..Displacing more Difficult skills that will better serve as adulthood approaches..

Contrary to popular psychological theories and beliefs…

Always being overly complimentary about intelligence, 

Telling a child that job well done

Whether or not it was acceptable work….

Will not help develop necessary skills,

But actually make it more difficult for desirable habits and skills  to develop…

Praising a child for the effort make to complete an assignment

Create as mind set to “always do the hard thing”…

 That is only half of the story…

Parents perception meets chid’s perception…

If the goal of a parent is to create a child the empathy…

It is not praise that will make or break a child,

But the way praise is 

Authentically prudently 

and  judiciously administered…

Then and only then is that a child is more likely to develop normal meta-human emotions and feeling…

The Theory of Mind – Empathy

(others have feeling just like the ones that I have)

This enables empathy to develop..

The next stage is Altruism.-

The Brain grows new neurons when challenged-

Remains stagnant when rumination recoils-

A Day Out of the Ordinary – January 2012

‘Muling’ through the Ozark National Forest…

with a  gentle man with extraordinary integrity

and a down-to-earth sense of humor…way down…

A Kind one-of-a kind…kind

The beauty of creation always brings me back to high thought…

The high thought that disperses and disbands separating 

and scattered 

By the mere thought of remnants left in the world that do not know

Your know the “love one another” other,

Or the “Turn the other cheek” other,

Or “look the other way…it is not my problem” other…

The hypocrisy, the nefariousness,  the depraved and the ignorant (born and by choice)

They fade into “never-never land”

Where God never treads..

He is there,

But no body is there to greet Him..

Like a monkey picking up a gun…

The do not believe in Him and

Therefore do not need his help…

Besides reading His mind is easier than asking for His help.

They prayed once and did not get the result they wanted…

God’s creation is like turning abound a battleship…

Neither turns on a dime….

He is there patiently waiting for Ego to grow another horn…

One that has room for Empathy…

For that Ego has to be willing to “do the hard thing”

Push, stretch, give of himself…

We are all connected and if we are not helping one another…

We are hurting them and ourselves…

The Garden of Eden is just a “Will” away…

A “free will”

Choice to remain a reptile & use the antiquated hardware & software


Obey to our parents (natural and in our community) when Ego is caught in the act of doing a forbidden behavior…

Forbidden behaviors…are forbidden for a reason..

They keep Ego mired in Reptilian thought..

The 7 Deadly Sins land,

Where pleasure is the standard

and “Other” is the enemy that could make us extinct…

Choices are may by the best guesses and

Highly inefficient, ineffective, unproductive decisions

and inept, incompetent, and dysfunctional behavior..

Creating dysfunctional Egos, dysfunctional Ego families, and dysfunctional Ego Societies. 

Hmm.   Sounds like Hell to me..

Ego keep us in Hell and Others ascend us into Heaven…

Simple as that.

Amen Alleluia.

Saturday Morning prayers at Mtn. View, Arkansas

Chocolate – HT Wagner

That what it was…

Keeping me from sleep..

So tempting 

So good

and so good for you…

Tempting, but now taunting..


M&M’s Dark Chocolate…

With mint, no less-

At the wrong time..

Waiting for sleep to find me…

Chocolate – a Free-radical that attacks the serotonin   

an keeps the lids from closing..

It is Sunday tomorrow and I can sleep in…

Make poems while the “Son” shines in the dark…

Sleepy words

That would just as well not be disturbed..

Like a child in the morning…

Climbing in bed the Mom and Dad

When bad dreams come to call..

Bad dreams, mad dreams..

She just needs an excuse to fill her waking time

With a snuggle 

She has trained her parents to let her get her way (not God’s way)

With an over generalized tale of fright…

They are suckers for an ailing child…

“Do the hard thing”


Might run the risk of damaging the not-so-fragile-as they think 

Fledgeling psyche..opportunity missed for a correction gone untied…

Sucker for fear of dinging her psyche…for life…no less…

When, in reality choosing that behavior 

Is effectively preventing 

The psyche’s brain 

From growing new brain cells that would ensure the skill 

Of confidence in learning  new behavior that breeds confidence not weakling ways of the victims of society…

Namby-pamby may feel good…

But insisting on behavior of  “doing the hard thing”

Will only breed a lionhearted warrior,

A knight in shining armor, 

True authentic character and 

A staring role be a shining example and celebrity 

For their children of tomorrow…

Since parents are not able to visit that tomorrow…

Making hay of psyche crops

Is best done while the “Son” shines..

Stepping Down to the Level of Their Weakness

Parents must “do the hard thing” also…

It is easy not to raise an issue..

Just look the other way…

Reflexively  done

When an Ego rules…

Avoid ‘The hard thing”

Avoid “the true behavior”

In favor of coddling “oh-so-tender feelings

That are roadblocks to maturity…

The Adult outside the child keeps on growing…

Infant psyche…communicates as an infant does..

Crying, complaining when asked “to do the hard thing”…

Would rather stay in the shell of infancy…

When all is easy and done for them…

Pushing out of the shell hurts,

If the struggle is not allowed and not insisted upon

The psyche will grow no new brain cells..

While peers…for the most part..

Who Thrive on new challenges 

Will be cheered for their valiant efforts,

Although not always successful…

The mind is hardwired to grown new cells when active

and satisfaction is the reward for a mastering a challenge

Authentic praise is unshaken…

While bland…”Good work” for mediocre performance…

Send the message of mediocre is “okay”

“The hard thing” effort

Is not necessary…

New brain cells sit waiting to be called on

While the “infant ego” goes off to watch TV

Or Read fiction – something that is easy and need no new mastery.

Leaving Spirit “Out in the Cold”-

6:30 Mass – HT Wagner

Temperature in the teens…

Howling wind…

Temptation to pull the covers back up

and meditate a rosary alone…

Spirit has carriage idling and was ready for play..

It was cold out the and he was cold 

and lonely…

How can I grow when my spirit is left in cold?

The deal was…

If he awakens me…

I get up and go…

Or he is left in the cold..

The flowers he brought…

In the form thoughts and prayers

Wither and remain unsaid…

God Is the Autumn Mist –HT Wagner 2012

The Great I AM – (Autumn Mist)

We are the matter and God is the Space in-between-

Like the fresh Morning Dew on a brand new day..

Dew Fall

How does one relate to Mist

When the Spirit moves

We move with and within God…

The goal is not just to have the pleasure of mixing-

But to create…

Joy – to keep the grace unbroken..

New thoughts to forge new ground in the creation

Of our universe…

The energy of the stars is transmitted via a relationship with your 

Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel-

There is  pleasure and that is the point in a spiritual relationship

As long as creation is moving forward 

Or Advancing

Expecting pleasure with out doing the “Work”


Is futile, fruitless and vane

It is called worshiping other gods and idols…

Spirit guides consist with the only physical equipment

needed to ‘be a “Mix-master” and fulfill their roll in creation..

To keep us on task…

No loitering, no waisting time

Focus on filling in the chart (Temple) that was written at the foundation of time.

Trust in the Unseen Knowing – HT Wagner – January 2012

Mary with Babe in arms

On an donkey – lead by Joseph in the dark…

Starlit night 

Full moon glowing

Leading the way…

The donkey  is female

Martha by name-

She thinks she knows the way to Nazareth…

After all it is her home…

But the way Joseph is leading her is wrong-

She is anxious and tries to break away

Not knowing that an angel has warned Joseph

To go another way-

Trust in the Unseen Knowing – HT Wagner January 2012

Mary with Babe in arms


On an donkey lead by Joseph in the dark…

Star lit night 

Full moon glowing

Leading the way…

The donkey  is female

Martha by name…

She thinks she knows the way to Nazareth…

After all it is her home…

But the way Joseph is leading her is wrong..

She is anxious and tries to break away

Not knowing that an angel has warned Joseph

To go another way…

The Sacred Temple – HT Wagner – January 2012

Before the foundation of time-

An Architect drew up plans for His Cathedral

His concept was a space where each Atom (Adam) would have a role…

In either the fabrication

or to be a connected part of the actual structure..

He started with a Big Bang…

Lightning ignited Hydrogen Oxygen to form H20

Water, rock, and atmosphere formed a dome around the true, existing earth…

All done to prepare  for the event of the initialization of 

The Temple of the Holy Spirit which was to evolve…

Templates ready and waiting….

After the last Ice Age 

There was a readiness in the atmosphere

The time had arrived…

The Spirit was breathed into Homo the Sapien creation…

With only a one pound brain…

When blood type A began to emerge

(Whole-not masticated processed grain)

But that was soon to changer..

“Soon” is centuries in God-time….

A race had to be chosen….

When blood type B began to emerge…

(Dairy cow -‘portable proteins’- convenient for Nomads)

Abraham stepped up to the plate…

And pretty much believed anything that His God told him…

The Hebrew Race was crowned.

Theocracy to Monarchy

God turned it over to Saul then to King David

With the help of prophet Samuel – about 1000 BC

The Prophet Years ensued (not unlike the human teenage years)

Warning and Consequences weeded out all those unable to fulfill their  given templates – as directed….

All this time, through the centuries, behind the scenes..

The brain was growing from 1 pound to 3 pounds. What is this all about?

Cathedral Under Construction- HT Wager

Midbrain an frontal cortex not yet functional

Prefrontal cortex (Executive functions)

Thus explains the “Prophet Years”

The Hebrews and Gentiles did not have this mental equipment yet..

Christ Crucified…???

To book mark the Event of the Holy Spirit initializing the Limbic System…

Like a Cathedral finally being completed…

The Bishop comes to consecrate 

and let the clowns come in…

That was 2000 years ago…

and there is still a log of reliance on the Reptilian – Binary (ANS) brain – for decisioning….

All we have to do to access the Limbic mid brain filtering system 

Is “Turn the other cheek”, be a good Samaritan,

Love one another – don’t judge others, 

Do not presume when there is only a thin slice of the truth, 

Covet, lust, gluttony…yada, yada, yada….

All thoughts allowed to get thought the Septum will move to 

the Prefrontal Mind of Christ Brain-

Spirit Guide – HT Wagner January 201

Tall dark and handsome

King -sized piercing brown eyes


Paralyzed fro the waist down

A kiss takes away the clay…

That is the human bondage

Binding us to the earth.

It is eternity that is tasted in the mouth..

Sweet and Enduring

A Kiss – HT Wagner January 2012

The last frontier for the Soul

Touching…tasting the eternal…

It is magic-

Relished and savored …

Reaching into the realm  of the beloved

The realm of belonging…

Skirting the edge of stone and clay…

God and nothingness…all  balled up in one…

One kind

One man

One region of the brain called…


Cosmic Event – HT Wagner – January 2012

Cosmic loneliness

All of our life, everything we do, think and feel 

is surrounded by non-existence 

With your anam ċara you awaken the eternal. 

In this soul-space, there is no distance.

The eternal empowers you and makes you urgent.

And they heart becomes  the inner face of your life

The human journey strives to make this inner face beautiful…

 It is here that love gathers within you.

Once the soul awakens, the search begins

and you can never go back.

 From then on, you are inflamed with a special longing 

That will never again allow you linger in the lowlands 

Of complacency and partial fulfillment…

“Close-enough” no longer only for the spiritually impaired…

Creating a spiritual vacuum or indifference…

Interrupting or postponing the celestial flow

Causing it to be interrupted and cease …. 

When this spiritual path opens –

an incredible generosity can be brought to the world 

and to the lives of others-

Boris Pasternak said, 

“When a great moment knocks on the door of your life, it is often no louder than the beating of your heart, and it is very easy to miss it.”

If you have everything the world has to offer you…

But if you do not have love, then you are the poorest of the poorest of the poor.

If you have everything the world has to offer you… 

But you do not have love,

then you are the poorest of the poorest of the poor.

Aristotle acknowledges how in the complexity of individuality, 

interiority is mirrored and fulfilled in the discovery

and activity of friendship: 

“Our feelings towards our friends…

Aristotle acknowledges how in the complexity of individuality, 

Interiority is mirrored and fulfilled in the discovery

and activity of friendship-

 “Our feelings towards our friends

“The wish for friendship develops rapidly, but friendship does not.”

Eternal Father,  

Competence in Creation – HT Wagner February 2012

What can I say?

What can I say?

Thanks, I guess … 

and what can I do for You now?

To watch Your orchestration is one thing…

But to experience it is beyond comprehension…

A little scary..

Greatly appreciated…

I have never doubted…

an never expect

But you competence in creation is unquestioned.


Marty, Martha and Grace – February 2012

Grace is perfection and beauty

Elegant an humble


A human being seamless with dignity and respect

God is in charge and running the show-

Allowed to do so by letting go of free we…

Becoming “we” will…

Martha has seams running up and down her shroud…

Needs to make sure all is done an done well,

Stepping on other’s toes is fine

To complete the task at hand…

Many seams to make the patchwork called “mine”

Move over

She read’s God’s mind like one read the Wall Street Journal…

She is sure God would approve of this method of creation…

Martha style..

Marty means well, loves well and enjoys life’s pleasures…

He is entitled…

For he is working for God..

Food, drink, whatever to the point of pointless, 

Know not grace…

Seams bursting..

Flirts with the other god’s 

While God is tending his sheep.

He would not mind…

After all He loves me…..

Two Ends of a Spectrum – HT Wagner February 2012

The Little Person inside begins as a seed of grace..

To grow …..the big fat ego beast must be denied,

To prevent seams.

Or to prevent them unraveling.

Obesity of the Ego

Which  prevents poverty of the spirit

Lust of the Ego

To prevent the St. Augustine from blooming forth..

Pride of the Ego

Keeping the Tiger Woods, Elvis an Michael Jackson beasts from consuming all grace..

Prime on the outside and emaciated on the inside..

So Sad

Presumption of the Ego

“I am always right…not “I AM”

the Unseen God

Each thought I think is always true….

Just as I thought it…

It can be stretched, overgeneralized, but it still is true

After all, it is a thin slice of God’s truth…

I don’t take insults – I tell all of my clan….

If you hurt my feelings…I will growl..

I will shout…

I will become terse, 

and frown…

You will know my stance and you better well agree

Political correctness is the way to survive in my tree…

Ego Mister Miser – HT Wagner 2012 

Hold on to what you have ….

Cheat if you have to…



All to save a dime…

But remember gold bars are just paving stone 

In the great beyond…

Love Into – HT Wagner – February – 2012

Love into day

Love into night…

Love into the space beyond what matters not…

Love beyond sight, feeling, hearing and touch…

Love is the last frontier of the sacred…

The Divided Line..

Dive into the pool of yearning…

Passion is only a heart beat away…

Lust is only the spice of the pie…

With out love only emptiness remains…

Satisfy hunger with the bread of life…

Bring to the table 

Longing and hunger for more

More of  the limitless, unfathomable celestial King..

Love into darkness to enlighten and awaken..

Love into hate….

To displace it with more love…

We have the technology of ‘Now.’..

That is what the Holy Spirit was hired for…

The Thought Mister – HT Wagner – 2012

The Mark McGuire of Ethos

Knocks errant, ungraced thoughts out of the ball park

Back to the ANS stands where all the looser wannabe’s

Drive, park, affirm their no-names and the nonentity that they are

Like a magician magically change important meaningful time 

Into missing pieces…

That will last to 9th inning and beyond..

Sucking up to ego…only a stick in the mud-

Previously known as clay – from which He was wrought

The Soul – HT Wagner – March 2012

Reveals all her beauty..

How can a soul sense her beauty?

Seeing it in a pool of water

Reflecting her glory or her ugliness?

Tasting sweetness or sour grapes?

Bastardo…tied to the physical  

and failing to see the spirit 

Behind the skin of the grapes

The glory 

Rising above the obvious

an approaching the unknowing

The Word

The soul is the Word inside created man…

The souls mastery of the temporal 

Overcoming self-ego

Above all the grace and the gifts that Christ gives to his beloved Iis that of overcoming self. St. Francis

The New Me – HT Wagner -March 2012

The Sounds harken

Darken-Become angry…

Confusion and ignorance baffle



Unaware of reality

Should I be Martha or Mary

Should I care or

Dare to be like me…

Who am I now?

The New me-

Crated by God or the other one?

Eternal Father – HT Wagner – March – 2012

What can I say?

Thank you for not ever forgetting me-

When I am lost in a fog-

Or Just plain ignorant-

When I am on top of things,

It is you that sustains me

an keep me whole…

I need to know where to turn each and every minute

Or at least I think I do

I imagine that I have a mission – to save the world…

But, like Jesus, speak the truth and get stoned by the Pharisees 

No longer will fear the loss of Your presence in my being..

The more I am tried, the harder I will try

Try to understand Your will in it all..

My actions will always be with the intent of doing you will

With the best equipment that I possess at the time.

Grandchildren are in Your hands

I have given them to You with the promise made to a Ghost…

‘Nana, you have a Ghost in your house’?

And what did the Ghost say?

He said: “Please help me to know Him”

If you have chosen them for a mission, 

They will be able to fulfill it

God wins every time..I choose this team for eternity…

Quarrymen – HT Wagner – March 2012

Pressing passions actualized

Identical call

For all engaged the expression of art form

The art form of the whole of creation

The quarry a decanter

An earthen vessel

Cryptic treasures obscure 

Quarried with destination unknown..


Sense of impotence

Sense of failure 

Front for Racketeers – HT Wagner 2012

Ravished by the con artists – flim-flamers, impostors and more….

Through God’s eye Truth


Man’s eye sees only self-

Baptism by Fire 

To hell and back-

Certification for sanity…

Discovery of God’s purpose

Awareness of a being above man-

Cognizance of “Now”

and living it!!

Ego’s Lair – HT Wagner March 2012

On the back of the devil  (snake-like) – he charges-



Gathering and hoarding



Lusting and Gorging

For no good reason – but instincts.-

The devil is the escort and advisor

Remember Satan and Santa are in the same plane…

Just “polar” opposites..

How God Works – HT Wagner – March 2012

When you least expect-

You find Him


Tall and striking.

Presence profound-

Desires are mutual

and eternal-

It is nice to know that you have a friend…

Who likes us as we are..

Behind the facade of ego

He lives as a hermit…

Alone and in love…

24 x 7

Your inside is his outside-

He is all desire-

His foundation timeless-

Ends with eternity-

To deny Him

Is to deny our being…

To know him

Is to sense His presence in all..

To feel shame for not knowing Him deeper…

To feel disconnected

When He is so near…

So abiding and unfaltering…

Father of all-

Words alone cannot explain this measured connection…

He has favorites and wakes them often to advise…

They are in the driver’s seat of creation-

They know where they are going-

Stop at nothing-

Push to know Him more-

Intense, heartfelt, deep seated..

Penetratingly perceptive,

Profound is their existence…

As Ego slowly fades into the clay…

Loosing Ego is growing into God…

Ego mania is seen in all of its glory..


Sensuality shrinks and finally falls away..

Ego trappings

Are mere ornament –  temporal apparatus….


Gear to protect the soul from  exposure of all things that matter not..

Until they become the main purpose of existence..

A bit like having a care and using it only to run over bugs…

Instead of “driving its way back to find You,

With a burning love inside”

Ego ignores the Covenant then and always will…

Burns with love for itself…

Remains in itself..

Soul is an added adaption that ego cannot comprehend..

No comprehende

No point in embracing it..

Ego know better-

Stiff necked

and wills not – be behold-

A Day is Done – HT Wagner March 2012

It is not over…

Begins anew a dialogue with the Considerable Creator

The mystery of Communion begins to unfold.-

Free for all – but “no thanks” for all –  but “The Chosen”

When God needs you – He will find you.-

By awakening a desire

Unquenchable and clear-

Creation does not wait for the indecisive 

Or those who wobble-

If you are choses-

The yoke will be light-

Eternal Father God – HT Wagner – March 2012

It has be a very lonesome day today at the beach

All the worldly trapping surround and smother-

Smother any glimmer – chance to be alone with what matters most…

As things grow quiet and dark

There is a passing chance

That I can steal time to hold on to my hopes and prayers.-

There is no question

Where I will always find myself

Whether good or bad

Happy or sad-

Aligned with You-

How We Begin – HT Wagner – March 2012

We start as bare-empty animals 

All selfish and needy-

and pretty much stay that way.- 


Prefer and choose only the easy – fun things to do..

“No pain” no gain is for enthusiasts 

Who need to win – for a lot of nice cars

What is this “deny oneself”?

Why bother??

Love one another?

“Fools” don’t fit in that category for me…

All of my “Others” – look just like me-

Besides God loves me, – just as I am

“lift a thumb”- not-

He would not want me to suffer – like His Son…

Here and now is just fine with me…

I can call all of my shots-

His mind is easy to read-

If I work hard – things will just happen for me… 

I am in charge and control my destiny…

Since God is not around,

I can fabricate stuff – to make myself 

More able and skillful-

Embellishment is not necessarily a lie..

My intuition (from the stone ages)

Is mostly right – some of the time-

Presuming is the other skill at which I excel-

Thrift and greedy money-grubbing 

An art that I have mastered..

Stingy, miserly and mean

All mine for the keeping..

Others can just…

Other can just go to the food kitchens 

and get their grub-

Natural Disasters – O how horrible!!

Thank God for Red Cross…

God must fund them from above…


You know. – all food is food. – just so it is tasty.

The cheaper the better…

Why pay more for whole grains  when processing 

and “enriching” them will fill the bill-

(no one told me that eating  Big Macs, and French fries and Super-sized soda)

Has so little nutrition that (the “nice-to-have systems: reproductive, skin, etc.)

Do not get enough nutrients at the end of the day – add ‘dead’ weight or  keep your hair from falling out-

Raw milk fresh and grass-fed –

from the farm with LIVE Beneficial, enzymes-

Why bother the expense.

When we can irradiate (all bacteria both necessary good and bad)

and the thrifty, dishonest dairy counsel-

To save all of the factory-made animal fat —

Homogenized it with the milk protein  and deceive us into thinking  it is good for us by calling it “whole milk”

But only another modern process to extend shelf-life

and make more profit and ensure that Medicare will grow-

Florida –  One Rock South of Petrified – HT Wagner March 17, 2012

The plastic people

Vanities of the Frogs-

Oasis for the tedious unthinking hoards

Tedious to be seen with the beautiful people 

All decked out in their pride – so blazon.

Blazing fervor for all that matters not. 

Because it is important to them to be “in”

If “in” means to ‘know-it-all’ sports…

Or to support a sport that allows and encourages

Abuse of mind, body andsoul to  win…

It is allowed – as long as the team wins…

Endorphins for all…

All be it –  they are dirty…

Sensuality and empty hearts-

‘I’ll take pleasures and my chances with them’-

Take care of bodily gratifications first &the rest will surely follow-

Drunk on what ever numbs the Soul’s moaning-

This is what eternity is like? 

Why not have eternity now?

A universe that does not even come close to touching the 

Size of the ‘Box’ we have relegated to God

A parallel universe

That we all grow into

The fabric stretches from far to far-

The human souls is the fabric threads-

and God is the space between…

The ticket for admission is grace…

A lottery ticket is won my taking on a “Cross”

With the understanding and faith-

That is to accept God’s “yoke,”

The burden will be light-

Winning lottery tickets-

Pay well on earth and assure front row ‘stitching’

On God’s tapestry being woven in the parallel universe a Far-

Mindfulness – HT Wagner – March 2012

Staying on cue, requires a platform-

A stage to stand on

Whole grain is the scaffolding…

Not “enriched” or genetically engineered processed whole grains.

Sugar and empty carbs are not whole grains

You cannot force a child to think-

A platform must be provided  

and then the child will walk on that platform

If the right brain platform is not in place.

The mind will wonder wherever-

Not having a direction as to the path..

All – especially children with developing brains –

will wander aimlessly in the desert of sugar and empty carbs…

My explain the thinking to the shooters and bombers – stuck in the binary brain of the animal mind-

Discerning Point – HT Wagner March 2012

Switching tracks

.2 of a second

Neurons on the run…

Discerning point..

Choose to stay in the primal forest..

Or be diverted to the road to the Kingdom

Through the  midbrain filter

Feeling need to stop and

Take a breath-

let  thoughts, all knotted up and fried-

Take a rest and let God sort them out.

Always sorted  when I put them in His hands…

Tarnished, I feel

Varnish, I need

Can I be trusted? 


“Martha” in me again – sold out!

a compass needed

I relish the help and support of my Spirit guide

But why can’t I seem to believe what He tells me..

Driven to spend energy trying to swim up stream.

All going a different way?

I just want to go my way..

Discerning is a craft and a skill..

Shake me – HT Wagner 2012

Make me see…

Just don’t let my attitude 

Run off the only Piece of my life that has truly been mine…

Miracles happen


Trust is a 2-way street

Where is my place in all of this?

Saving the world would not be so bad

If there were less uncertainty…

Uncertainty creates anxiety – fear

All displaces what might have been.

What about facing the blind, mute and lame?

I am mute

(Ducks are lame)

Beach and the Banyan Trees – HT Wagner – 2012

They Banyan tree sends out branches

and the branches in turn send back down roots…

Made braver and stronger as each root….

Gravity driven

Stakes out a fort to build around..

The foundation becomes many foundations

To defend the sodality

The reckoning of the Forces of three

Of which it is allowed to be…

The eternal shore-the beach-

The separation

Sky, land and water – All Kiss

Intermingle and share…

All are one…

One overwhelms the other…

Borrows from and gives back-

Triune God – Creates tripartite spirit 

Hurricanes and floods maintain the balance of forces of them all

Fires – cremate the excess- 

Ice remembers what might have been..

The chemistry of the Cosmos

The novelty of existence 

Never lost 

Never found

Always searching-

Be surprise by what is uncovered

and happy when aware of the God within

Let His pen write your history

Knowing that history is just a piece the Cosmic Pie

History enshrines the dead but means nothing to the deity

The Divine

Work in progress

History matters not in the scheme of Creation, 

because it was all over before it began-

Praise – HT Wagner 2006

Praise God from Whom 




The Triune being

Who allows

Who watches and waits

Who loves

Monday November  26 – Sermon at Mass-

The Beggar

King stopped and asked the beggar for a gift

All the beggar had was  a kernel of corn.

He gave it to the king

He ran after the king

Asking –Where is your gift for me?

Look in your pocket..

The kernel was changed to a gold nugget

He wished he had given more.

We are all beggars who ar afraid to give 

If we do not give of ourselves 

We will remain a beggar. 

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