Prose-a-try-in Motion 2011! Inspirational Verse in the Style of Emily Dickinson

Prose-a-try-in-Motion! 2011

Inspirational Verse in the Style of Emily Dickinson-

Ambition cannot find him – By Emily Dickinson – March 10, 2022
Affection doesn’t know
How many leagues of nowhere
Lie between them now.

Yesterday, undistinguished!
Eminent Today
For our mutual honor, Immortality!

March 10, 2021

How Many Leagues of Nowhere (inspired by E. Dickinson) – HT Wagner

Today is-

Finding where you belong

Tomorrow is a blank slate

Yesterday expired and knit to the cosmic fabric

That is our being – Authentic may be or not

When all that matters – matters not

Walk into tomorrow with happiness

leagues of nowhere – make space

emptiness that fills the void of self



Noteworthiness becoming

Authenticity – holy matrimony

the bond nexus-

The connecting point that forges union

Conjunction of an Concentric coincidence –

Always Mine! – by Emily Dickinson
No more Vacation!
Term of Light this Day begun!
Failless as the fair rotation
Of the Seasons and the Sun.

Old the Grace, but new the Subjects —
Old, indeed, the East,
Yet upon His Purple Programme
Every Dawn, is first.

Dawn and the Depression Shadow  – 2011 – HT Wagner

Shadow thoughts…

 Exaggerated by fear and distrust-

Makes the perceived or misperceived 

Behavior of others – feel like irritation to the psyche-

Rather than taking it personally-

My mother told me that recognizing this and

Choose  to be welcoming to them 

Reticence and bad temperedness of others is arduous-

But turning it into an offering and

Offering it up to God as a gift to God 

Is receiving a grace…

Taking it personally – takes away a grace

Why forfeit things that profit and grace us?

Good and not-so-good friends, 

Good time and not-so-good times-

Good tasting food and not-so-good faux food 

and spirituality nourishment all…

Can be turned for good – (Plato’s Republic)

All are necessary for our growth-Body, Mind and Soul

Exercising Free Will-

Now we understand the science behind this….

It is located in the Limbic mid-brain-

The Septum ‘gate keeper’ that allows thoughts coming from the Primal binary brain to the Free Will pass to the Insula.-

the Well Spring of grace-

High brain functions prevent depression and dysfunction…

and not shot from the hippocampus – on the right hand side of the Father

Thoughts that are shot from the primal binary brain

Lack sufficient grace to realized God’s Truth

We can get riches-

By entirely refusing to let our feelings get hurt…  

Shadow Sadness – Sunday, August 7, 2011 – HT Wagner

Too much mortal light – Ego

Destroys the presence of Shadow-

God is more present in our shadow (soul) than our light (Ego)

The song says-

‘It is no secret what God can do’-

Someone slipped –

Forgot to remember “other”

Find Courage to renew….

Shadow sorrow

Courage to be True

Wait until the darkness is over

Wait for the “sonshine” tomorrow

After the shower is gone

The Son will shine-

Dusk or twilight – deepening darkness

just before – Watch for the break of day…

Mourn the loss 

and turn the sadness to Grace

Offer it as a gift to God

For He true his promises

Know He will be in your mind

For He owns it

and will prevent decay

If you are true…

Covenant true…

March 10, 2022

Ample make this Bed — by Emily Dickinson
Make this Bed with Awe —
In it wait till Judgment break
Excellent and Fair.

Be its Mattress straight —
Be its Pillow round —
Let no Sunrise’ yellow noise
Interrupt this Ground —

Prayer – 2011 – HT Wagner

What I learned about prayer-

I learned from Puppies and Kittens

Sustaining nourishment – taken in increments

Sustenance – Essential for them to have

Cut off from sustenance

They will likely die

Like all –

We are a busy nation

Full of hungry people

“It is all about me”

Asking others to do things for us

Begging off our duties

Eating out

So much time

So little prayer

So much time worship our Ego idols


2nd house

3rd car

Sports at the Coliseum

Where is the Love?

Love and Blessings – 2011 – HT Wagner

All originate  exclusively from prayer

Mother Theresa believes that ‘everything comes from prayer’

She is right

Everything enduring comes from prayer

All things transient – brief and passing

Taking pieces of the Soul – as they exit

Leaving but an empty soul

Devoid that could have been appreciated and treasured

Devoid of kindness, compassion

And the essence of good

 We are at a precipice of apathy

Ego rules

Our graceless world saunters along

Kidding ourselves that we are “nice people”

 Deluding our Soul

By going to church every Sunday

The innocent bystander (Merton)

 The invitation to Pray – 2011 – HT Wagner

Use church to connect 

To a community 

Works of charity are good

And necessary

Praying is also a work of charity

Spending time in reverent meditation

Dumps a boat-load of grace into

“Our Connected Subconscious”  

Every prayer does not go unnoticed

They are not waste

Prayers empower the world

And it seems to be a little thin right now 

God Slipped Out – 2011 – HT Wagner 

My cat – Gunther is a “Godly” cat

When I seek him

He runs away

If I sit quiet – he will approach

And purr

He feeds me with his warmth and a gentle spirit

I feed him to keep him around for another day

He entertains me by 

Showing his nimbleness with a ball

He brings me dead mice to show off His hunting prowess-

Endearing he is!

Winding Down – HT Wagner

December – 2011

Ready to retire….

Mood full of shortcomings 

Eat too much 

Even though the right food-but still, is it needed?

A bit of wine,  but should I cut it entirely?

Thoughts are random and scattered

Where is the Love?

I ask again

Love is all that matters 

Matters most when matter is gone

What creates  love?

Where does it come from?

Why bother with love?

Steals energy – If not true

We are all at the mercy of our desires

Desires surface 

Need for rest 

Happiness –

Hitch all to the spirit for a ride to the end

Cave to the urges-

Urges Empty 

God – seen through a tube

Only Because God is the tube

May be missing the point of God

Soulmates and Soul Friends– HT Wagner- 2011

All relationships lead to soulmate?

Forget the bother of life without God?

Remember it is you who He loves

He is jealous and protective-to a point…

You draw the line and He is waiting there…


 Free will is all He gives to cling to

To draw on

To make you his own-

Dancing with God…

It all that needs to happen..

It is intoxicating and thrilling 


It will arouse the very heart of you

If the superfluousness of the world belies

The rancor of the malevolent selfish world

ejects and dispels the hint of chance to win the lottery

and be beyond sludge 

and be a piece of God…

God Makes Sunsets – 2011 – HT Wagner

Just for me to show me his Craftsmanship

He brings in the fog, rain, thunder and snow

To let me know that He is still in charge

So if within – God is not found

Look around clues – reminders 

His Showcase – His Greatness

Creation Corrections – 2011 – HT Wagner

Financial markets have corrections 

To maintain equilibrium and stability

So does Creation

Same dynamics

Supply interruptions–Drive up the costs


Water finds its own level

Wars – The carving knife of creation

Balance and thin – the population

Wars remove the cancer in society

Wars are fought with the Y chromosome carrier

The Knights


All warriors over time

Planting their seeds

Was the real conquest

Natural disasters

Serve to make humanitarians out of us all

Bring other together

Cogs of Creation –

God’s Eye View – 2011 – HT Wagner

Creation is not unkind 

Only like balancing a checking account

With a savings account-

Thoughts are Profound Critters -2011 – HT Wagner

Most of the time – Complex – they are

Thoughts are created in the Third Eye 

Behind the two with which we spy

Its function is to filter

It is better known as the 

Seat of Free Will

Presumed or Negative thoughts 

All must past through

Negative thoughts from 

Prehistoric thinking gear

Weigh heavily on

The Connected Subconscious

Sinking like lead

They are reported as “incoming”

Mind eye has to choose if it is True

Distorted or drunk—and

Needs to be “parked” outside-

So as not to muck up the works

Scholarly, happy/sad, and proper thoughts

Are welcomed with open arm

They bring all things good

Happiness, holiness, good humor 

And buckets of grace nuggets for the

Collected Unconscious treasury reserves-

The Shade is Closing – 2011 -HT Wagner

The brightness dims

Night is upon us

Rigor sets in

But it is all for fun

Fun for some 

But not or all

The wallflowers come out

Timid – no more

The street sweepers

Sweep under cover

Milk man brings fresh milk

For children asleep

The sun masks the face of the night

Exposed for all to see

Confession of sort

Senses the remorse

Yields silently to the 

Noonday “Son”

Shadow –  August 2011 – HT Wagner

Shadow of the Cross

Went to the ‘desert on a horse with no name’…

Hebrews and their portable protein – dairy –

A new software upgrade on an IBM mainframe

Creation—Develop Ani-Anemus 


(also known as Yin-Yang) – until they are balanced

Hebrew Bedouin nomadic tribe chosen (2000BC)

To lead & implement the project of creation

Using portable protein – dairy

God being the project manager..

God is more present in our shadow (soul)

Than our mortal light (Ego)

Ego oblivious to the Spirit within

Ego bends Truth (often against the recommendation of the Soul) to suit his pleasure or need

Ego’s decisions – centered on controlling his environment- others when he has the opportunity

Ego is hardwired – strong sex drive – survival of the species

Ego selfish – not altruistic-

not compassionate to others outside the tribe

Ego decision making is based on presumption—

which is only a ‘thin slice’ of Truth—

Feelings get hurt which leads to anger, distrust, prejudice, hatred and a host of other sins-

Seen by the Unseen God-

Agape Love Transformed from Truth – April 2011 – HT Wagner

With a twist of the Divine

and happens

Beatific and holy – Rapturous

2nd chakra….

I see truth, candor, certitude

I see love

Love without Truth is fiction

It is only a shadow of my love for You

There is no room for pretense to hide

Where the Truth walks

I am is beside you

Where the Truth speaks

I respond

It is my sustenance 

It is my being

My touchstone and standard

My template for my soul

Its existence is my existence

My reality – When it is evaded

My center folds into a vacuum of nothingness

My heart beat-less

My life incomprehensible – Hallow and purposeless 

Tomorrow becomes blank and foreign

and never come

I am bound to be with you. 

March 5, 2022

Your Presence is Being Felt- April 2011 – HT Wagner

All around

with the People I meet

The people that I know

There is a air of welcoming amongst us

Where do we go from here?

When one cannot find words

One can Pray-

Wealth is but for the wealthy

Riches – the Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Rich in the flavor and favor of God

Truth and trust go hand in hand

One begets the other…

It is all in our minds

Phantom of the Opera

Story of a beast

Giving rise to the beauty of goodness and love

Primal instincts – do not depart

or become the framework for tomorrow

Not unlike – Puff the Magic Dragon

the Beast must be tied and sealed with

Jackie Papers (John’s Gospels)

To allow the next generation to 

build a world of peace and love

Not one of pride & prejudice, control, lust, 

gluttony, envy-

All hard fought for,

But no longer functional in a modern world.

If they only new.

Be blessed and refuse to look back

Those ways are self-defeating



Others are superfluous to them

Where as Others should be the centerpiece.

For which the model is built.

March 5, 2022

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