For the Love of Emily- Study of Verse II- A Sparrow-A Spider- A Wounded Deer – 2022

January 28, 2022

Uncapped Earning Potential – HT Wagner

Investing in the Care and Feeding of the Temple of the Holy Spirit

Body, Mind and Soul –

One Hail Mary – contributes to volatility in the nether world

Salve for the psyche

Stock market of the Universe – the Way

Way of the Proverbial Cross

Adrift – without a rudder to guide

Earning potential lies in the Free Will gales of the Wind

Falls prey to circumstance

Fatal wind static

Must retool and begin again –

Rebalance and diversify

and Be-

Adrift! A little boat adrift! – Emily Dickinson
And night is coming down!
Will no one guide a little boat
Unto the nearest town?

So Sailors say — on yesterday —
Just as the dusk was brown
One little boat gave up its strife
And gurgled down and down.

So angels say — on yesterday —
Just as the dawn was red
One little boat — o’erspent with gales —
Retrimmed its masts — redecked its sails —
And shot — exultant on!

Changing Liquidity Paradigm – HT Wagner

Are we strong enough to navigate?

The Flow of Grace

Thoughts on thought tracks of CNS

Grace flows up from the animal mind

Into the stairway to the Heavens

the hippocampus –

the center of emotion – the memory consolidation

and the CNS – runway of the Holy Spirit

Jacob wrestled with and angel until dawn

Injured at the hip –

He received his desired blessing

As the sun rises – He is named Israel

Meaning ‘he who wrestles with God’

Each thought streaming from the mind of man below

Must wrestle and discern in the hip broken

Free Will – choice

Hippocampus – Where the ‘rubber mets the road’

here emotion becomes memory

Only if thought tracks railroad through the hippocampus

or remain in the arena of challenge -Dead on earth

Liquid thought become frozen – a Paradigm Shift

A memory is bred born and saved in quantum time

Jacob wrestling his ‘angel’ is our own struggle | CBC Radio

January 22, 2022

Absent Place — an April Day — Emily Dickinson
Daffodils a-blow
Homesick curiosity
To the Souls that snow —

Drift may block within it
Deeper than without —
Daffodil delight but
Him it duplicate —

January 22, 2022

Homesick Curiosity -(above E. Dickinson) HT Wagner

Curiosity killed the cat-

Curiosity got the better of –


Shallow superficial are the barbs

Random – but for all time

Massive Disruption


Life altering

Begs – Borrows and Steals…

the Deep Well of Love

Goes dry

But Just for a while

to Regenerate


Make amends 

for the Lack – Lost

January 22, 2022

Souls that Snow (E. Dickinson) – HT Wagner

Winter walks in the woodlands

Poems rise and fall

With the atmo-Spirit pressure

“Son-shine” shimmers love

 Clouds make the sadness fall

Soul Storms blow in fear and hopelessness

Frigid coldness froths

Seattle is looking petty good right now

January 22, 2022

Absence disembodies — so does Death – Emily Dickinson
Hiding individuals from the Earth
Superposition helps, as well as love —
Tenderness decreases as we prove —

Fame has no Arms (E. Dickinson) – HT Wagner

Eminence a chore – celebrity

Notes of nobility ascend

Fate has arms that swim

Destiny gains conscensus

Powers are hidden

Controlling fate

May be doom or headwinds

It is no ours to choose

but to ride the waves of an ordered universe



January 22, 2002

Flash – HT Wagner (Prayerbook and Other Notions)

A picture taken

With the eye of belonging


Becoming One.. 


To behold

What was ordained 

From the very foundation of time..

On-watchers gloat

and glare their presumption..

They sense the undercurrents of love …

That they Never may know

or feel….

The Presence of One


Heavy was the air

Eyes caught  

A notion…

In motion…

With eagle-eye vision

Straight into the Heart…

The Sacred Heart of the Cosmos



Created intentionally

But not intended… 


To never leave Your side

or Be alone…

Wound that will Not ever to be healed..

Regardless of space-

Time or Being

Being is Boded

A tether … 

Beyond all Prayer

Hope and Fear…

The body can be broken

The Bond is formed 

Bonded to the End of time..

‘If there was any other way…

I would have found it by now’…. 

Stealing the poetry of…Colin Blundstone..The Ghost of You and Me

Above Oblivion’s Tide there is a Pier – Emily Dickinson
And an efface-less “Few” are lifted there —
Nay — lift themselves — Fame has no Arms —
And but one smile — that meagres Balms —

January 17, 2022

Conquering Anxiety with Trust – HT Wagner

When anxious thought surround


Knowing that this is not the final destintination

Brings hope

Brings trust and anxious thought dissipate

Rusty chains hold what is left

For one more time-

Sanctuary – the Diary of Ann Frank – HT Wagner

The horrors of war and abuse become


Solace is fun in hidden places

Hold me now

Hold my Heart in Your Sacred Hands forever

Stay with me

This too shall pass

It always does

Inside the bungelow of self knowing

Standing beside Mary I see – A prayer – HT Wagner

A prayer of the Passion-

The Way of the Cross

I know it was meant to be – The Will of God

But the strands of attachment – eternal

broken with the pathos of mankind

Rip and tear the heart

Tears flow uncontrollably

Feeling numb and raw

The happiness of you – forever lost

Awaiting resurrection – it will surely come

Not as I planned

but as it was to bet

It is comforting to know that the best laid plans of man – are subject always to the Will of Creation – man is an afterthought

Fixing Family – HT Wagner

The infidels of modern time

The twisted twist of betrayal

a lie-

You know who you are

A secret kiss

glance that no one sees

but everyone knows

Lost in all that matters not

January 17, 2022

Ah, Teneriffe! – Emily Dickinson
Retreating Mountain!
Purples of Ages — pause for you —
Sunset — reviews her Sapphire Regiment —
Day — drops you her Red Adieu!

Still — Clad in your Mail of ices —
Thigh of Granite — and thew — of Steel —
Heedless — alike — of pomp — or parting

Ah, Teneriffe!
I’m kneeling — still —

January 15, 2022

Again — his voice is at the door — Emily Dickinson
I feel the old Degree —
I hear him ask the servant
For such an one — as me —

I take a flower — as I go —
My face to justify —
He never saw me — in this life —
I might surprise his eye!

I cross the Hall with mingled steps —
I — silent — pass the door —
I look on all this world contains —
Just his face — nothing more!

We talk in careless — and it toss —
A kind of plummet strain —
Each — sounding — shyly —
Just — how — deep —
The other’s one — had been —

We walk — I leave my Dog — at home —
A tender — thoughtful Moon —
Goes with us — just a little way —
And — then — we are alone —

Alone — if Angels are “alone” —
First time they try the sky!
Alone — if those “veiled faces” — be —
We cannot count — on High!

I’d give — to live that hour — again —
The purple — in my Vein —
But He must count the drops — himself —
My price for every stain!

Saturday, October 1, 2011 

First Friday and First Saturday

11:00 PM Prayers

Holy Space – HT Wagner

Prayer… layer upon layer

Waiting for the Gate to open

The air is thin

Ordinary and plain spoken

Heart broken

The touch comes from nowhere

The Living Presence shapes in the form of a gift

The air changes to amber


The sounds peal

Hearing the tumult 

The upheaval move near

Knowing the soft loud rustle

The diminutive, almost imperceptible force 

Settles in my soul

Nestles next to my being

Present in every way

My place in this prayer is suspended

Divinity inundates

Like a butterfly

Hold only for a heartbeat

But once held

Can never be the same

Would walk a thousand miles

to hold the butterfly again

January 15, 2022

After the Sun Comes Out – (E.Dickinson) – HT Wagner

The mind is readied –


Lamination of the psyche

When the sun comes out

Yesterday closure amend

Soldiers and sailors – barrage

– a fleet of vessels to wage war

Flotila – Cargo laden

the chain gang

Road through on the easy street – goes through the sewer

January 15, 2022

After the Sun comes out – Emily Dickinson
How it alters the World —
Waggons like messengers hurry about
Yesterday is old —

All men meet as if
Each foreclosed a news —
Fresh as a Cargo from Batize
Nature’s qualities —

January 15, 2022

The Pain He Bore – HT Wagner

The disputing Nerves cried out in Agony

Majestic – Magnificent but out stretched arms

Heart strings strummed a dirge

a funeral song

Blood ran cold and wet

Warming and warning the afternoon

Helpless She bore the scene

Helpless and Holy a Mother’s love

After great pain, a formal feeling comes — Emily Dickinson
The Nerves sit ceremonious, like Tombs —
The stiff Heart questions was it He, that bore,
And Yesterday, or Centuries before?

The Feet, mechanical, go round —
A Wooden Way
Of Ground, or Air, or Ought —
Regardless grown,
A Quartz contentment, like a stone —

This is the Hour of Lead —
Remembered, if outlived,
As Freezing persons, recollect the Snow —
First — Chill — then Stupor — then the letting go —

January 15, 2022

Lament of Integrity.- HT Wagner


Funeral Song

Unflagging voice of the underdog

Scapegoat – carries the burden of all humanity

The diligent Voice will soar unmoved –

righteousness and honestly survive

to morn the debt of integrity

January 15, 2022

After all Birds have been investigated and laid aside — Emily Dickinson
Nature imparts the little Blue-Bird — assured
Her conscientious Voice will soar unmoved
Above ostensible Vicissitude.

First at the March — competing with the Wind —
Her panting note exalts us — like a friend —
Last to adhere when Summer cleaves away —
Elegy of Integrity.

January 15, 2022

Impossible to Please – HT Wagner

Life – Death – Resurrection

The picky perfectionist be-

Fearing failure the morn rides the horse of Death

Each minute swallows time spent again and again

Free will decides what the ending will be

The liar embarrassed by lack of true air

Unholy Ungodly the doubting Deity

January 15, 2022

Afraid! Of whom am I afraid?- Emily Dickinson
Not Death — for who is He?
The Porter of my Father’s Lodge
As much abash eth me!

Of Life? ‘Twere odd I fear [a] thing
That comprehendeth me
In one or two existences —
As Deity decree —

Of Resurrection? Is the East
Afraid to trust the Morn
With her fastidious forehead?
As soon impeach my Crown!

January 15, 2022

‘It is Better to Consider-Than not exist at all’-

(E. Dickinson) HT Wagner


Consider life’s condition

Albeit not for everyone

Existence on many planes

Finds strength through all adversity

or idles motionless without a wind to propel

All life moves forward with a gale or a hint

Days when dazed by none-the-less

Backseat to living life forward

feeling not worked out

Become carrion – decaying flesh to be hold

January 15, 2022 (E. Dickinson)

Advance is Life’s condition – Emily Dickinson
The Grave but a Relay
Supposed to be a terminus
That makes it hated so —

The Tunnel is not lighted
Existence with a wall
Is better we consider
Than not exist at all —

January 15, 2022

A Little Boat Adrift (E. Dickinson) HT Wagner

Ebb and flow of the Season

He who sees all

Says ‘no’

Little boat floats alone

Lonely and alone it stands to hold on

Adrift it stands to reason

The Why and Wherefore never known

Thoughts adrift on a sacred mission

Stand alone to make a home

Sails about the windy way

A prayer laughed launched never alone at last

January 15, 2022

Adrift! A little boat adrift!- Emily Dickinson
And night is coming down!
Will no one guide a little boat
Unto the nearest town?

So Sailors say — on yesterday —
Just as the dusk was brown
One little boat gave up its strife
And gurgled down and down.

So angels say — on yesterday —
Just as the dawn was red
One little boat — o’erspent with gales —
Retrimmed its masts — redecked its sails —
And shot — exultant on!

January 14, 2022

Absent Place — an April Day — Emily Dickinson
Daffodils a-blow
Homesick curiosity
To the Souls that snow —

Drift may block within it
Deeper than without —
Daffodil delight but
Him it duplicate —

Daffodil a-blow – E. Dickinson – HT Wagner

Peeking through the snow scenery


Button down bodice

Button down to forget the frozen fare

But for the airy warmth below

It speaks to the lonely landscape below

Absence disembodies — so does Death – Emily Dickinson
Hiding individuals from the Earth
Superposition helps, as well as love —
Tenderness decreases as we prove —

January 14, 2022

The Fog Has lifted – HT Wagner

Dusty fog surrounds

Kitten’s feet – not

More like Clydesdale hoofs

Trampling the good – bad and all left over

Waiting for inspiration to fall


Stop – drop and roll

The fire rages and roams

Broadcasting hate – not hope

The fabric of fog

Fuzzy smoke

Laid waste to incoming

Dissapates and joy remains!

January 13, 2022

Oblivion’s Tide has a Pier’- (E. Dickinson) HT Wagner

Cursed are we – Creation’s engine

Insensibility – Enmity

The Fall – Sin entered the world – Enmity was Born

and Bred hatred to bring all creation into perfect balance

Painful it is when our fallen nature chisels out what does not serve mankind – Enmity –
Mutual Hostility – Lack of Trust

Producing thorns and thistles between man that only secure attachment or imprinting can negate –

Sculpts a new tomorrow for man

No longer Animal


Fall of Man

Sins born until a Scapegoat was born and was Crucified

The Cross carried all sins of mankind

Desert bound

Enmity – mutual hostility between persecutor and persecuted, for which the Christian, following Christ’s new morality, must substitute a new attitude by which he loves and prays for his enemy (Mt 5.43–48; Lk 6.27–36).

Genesis Chapter 3 – To Adam he said, “Because you listened to your wife and ate from the tree about which I commanded you, `You must not eat of it,’ “Cursed is the ground because of you; through painful toil you will eat of it all the days of your life. It will produce thorns and thistles for you, and you will eat the plants of the field.

Stupor or Coma

Non existence

Brought into existence by Imprinting beacons broadcast abroad to a welcoming ear-

Limited space and time –

There is a window

Time sensitive to walk through and attach


Above Oblivion’s Tide there is a Pier – Emily Dickinson
And an effaceless “Few” are lifted there —
Nay — lift themselves — Fame has no Arms —
And but one smile — that meagres Balms —

January 12, 2022

Mirth is the Mail of Anguish (E. Dickinson) HT Wagner

Anguish a state ungraced

Mail order bride

Happy to be over

Sorrow grief

Blood runs colder than the cold night air

Death knows no feeling

Life lingers and langours lifeless

Rebirth renaissance

January 12, 2022

A wounded deer leaps highest,- Emily Dickinson
I’ve heard the hunter tell ;
‘T is but the ecstasy of death,
And then the brake is still.

The smitten rock that gushes,
The trampled steel that springs :
A cheek is always redder
Just where the hectic stings !

Mirth is the mail of anguish,
In which it cautions arm,
Lest anybody spy the blood
And “You’re hurt” exclaim !

A World made penniless by that departure – Emily Dickinson
Of minor fabrics begs
But sustenance is of the spirit
The Gods but Dregs

A Prayer We Shall Have if We Keep Saying – HT Wagner

“Made Flesh and dwelt among us”

Taste and see the goodness of the Lord

Mind maps new growth

Thought dregs

Sediment of sentiment

Positive affirms


Negative – Defeats Growing backwards

Respect called for

a prayer

A Word made Flesh is seldom – Emily Dickinson
And tremblingly partook
Nor then perhaps reported
But have I not mistook
Each one of us has tasted
With ecstasies of stealth
The very food debated
To our specific strength —

A Word that breathes distinctly
Has not the power to die
Cohesive as the Spirit
It may expire if He —
“Made Flesh and dwelt among us”
Could condescension be
Like this consent of Language
This loved Philology.

A word is dead – Emily Dickinson
When it is said,
Some say.

I say it just
Begins to live
That day.

A Word dropped careless on a Page – Emily Dickinson
May stimulate an eye
When folded in perpetual seam
The Wrinkled Maker lie

Infection in the sentence breeds
We may inhale Despair
At distances of Centuries
From the Malaria —

January 4, 2022

A Word dropped careless on a Page – E. Dickinson – HT Wagner

Rolls over to the inconsequential edge

Unbeknownst the rustle

The quietude of the night

Stares with fright

On its Way to be a Book

January 4, 2022

A winged spark doth soar about — Emily Dickinson
I never met it near
For Lightning it is oft mistook
When nights are hot and sere — scald

Its twinkling Travels it pursues
Above the Haunts of men —
A speck of Rapture — first perceived
By feeling it is gone —
Rekindled by some action quaint

January 4, 2022

Rekindled – HT Wagner

When Darkness Descends – From Prayer Book & other Notions

Retreat and Wait

For the Breath of God 

To reveal Itself 

His Will be done

When Darkness Descends

Know it is time to Fall back

Open wide your heart

and Know that He is God

When Darkness Descends

Without the Darkness 


There is no light

Darkness is the passage to Light

Without darkness

There could be no Day

No Way of the Cross

Only void of the Spirit Soul

January 11, 2022

Loss and Grief – Trauma – HT Wagner

Shattered fife 

When the ‘rug of life’ is pulled from beneath your feet

A part of you died 

Divorce is life altering

 All that defined you was absent

Void became the new normal

Fine food

Fine wine

Fine friends could not fill the empty broken heart

Faith is mighty but without love it is nothing 

without loss to profits nothing 

Hope amplifies  for all eternity 

Faith must be nourished

The power of Your love sets us free

A Wind that rose – Emily Dickinson
Though not a Leaf
In any Forest stirred
But with itself did cold engage
Beyond the Realm of Bird —
A Wind that woke a lone Delight
Like Separation’s Swell
Restored in Arctic Confidence
To the Invisible —

January 4, 2022

‘A Wind that Woke a Lone Delight’ – (E. Dickinson) HT Wagner

The Wind borrowed a Wayfaring delight

To make the matters worse

What matters not included

Wind matters

and quakes the Holy Grail

Chalice – vessel of the Spirit Holy

A wild Blue sky abreast of Winds – Emily Dickinson
That threatened it — did run
And crouched behind his Yellow Door
Was the defiant sun
Some conflict with those upper friends
So genial in the main
That we deplore peculiarly
Their arrogant campaign —

January 5, 2022

The Desert of the Defiant Son – HT Wagner

The sun remembers not

The harshness of it beams

It ripples light of the illuminating kind

It grows the plants so the materials disappear

and resurrect from the soil

a leaf – a bloom

Its fruit becomes a plenteous fare

when out of the shade it grows

Noon day sun – shouts fauna galore

Creation in the context of business strategy

Under the promising blue sky

A Wife — at daybreak I shall be — Emily Dickinson
Sunrise — Hast thou a Flag for me?
At Midnight, I am but a Maid,
How short it takes to make a Bride —
Then — Midnight, I have passed from thee
Unto the East, and Victory —

Midnight — Good Night! I hear them call,
The Angels bustle in the Hall —
Softly my Future climbs the Stair,
I fumble at my Childhood’s prayer
So soon to be a Child no more —
Eternity, I’m coming — Sire,
Savior — I’ve seen the face — before!

January 4, 2022

‘Softly my Future climbs the Stair’, – (E. Dickinson) HT Wagner

Stairways go both Ways

To the Stars or

Dead-in-the Water calm

No Future or low future

Happiness heaves and yawns

Only sparks a life when in love

Let go

Bring on the Clowns

January 4, 2022

A Weight with Needles on the pounds —
To push, and pierce, besides —
That if the Flesh resist the Heft — (lift)
The puncture — coolly tries —

That not a pore be overlooked
Of all this Compound Frame —
As manifold for Anguish — (many)
As Species — be — for name —

January 4, 2022

Manifold Anguish – HT Wagner

Anguish comes in many shames

The closer to the Heart

The more pondress it is

It scalds the mind

It scolds the mind

In a thinking Way

Becomes a Way of Life to lighten or to consume

Either Way – become a highway

A continuum sequentially

January 4, 2022

A Visitor in Marl — Emily Dickinson -clay and lime Fertilizer
Who influences Flowers —
Till they are orderly as Busts —
And Elegant — as Glass —

Who visits in the Night —
And just before the Sun —
Concludes his glistening interview —
Caresses — and is gone —

But whom his fingers touched —
And where his feet have run —
And whatsoever Mouth be kissed —
Is as it had not been —

January 4, 2022

A transport one cannot contain – Emily Dickinson
May yet a transport be —
Though God forbid it lift the lid —
Unto its Ecstasy!

A Diagram — of Rapture! (Ecstasy)
A sixpence at a Show —
With Holy Ghosts in Cages!
The Universe would go!

January 3, 2022

January 4, 2020

Holy Ghost in Cages’ (E. Dickinson) – HT Wagner

How to grasp the straws of the Universe

Father – Son –

Root cause – the Father –

Son in the Middle

Mary – the Maid Marian

Spirit that tracks the Way

Not in Cages – but thought tracks

Pathways progression

Mentally engaging energy

that evolves the DNA

A train went through a burial gate,– Emily Dickinson
A bird broke forth and sang,
And trilled, and quivered, and shook his throat
Till all the churchyard rang ;

And then adjusted his little notes,
And bowed and sang again.
Doubtless, he thought it meet of him
To say good-by to men.

January 3, 2022

A Tooth upon Our Peace’ – (E. Dickinson) – HT Wagner

Piece mill


Mill work – Grinding and crushing

Cogs go silent and was away

Wind Mill

Our peace tastes of truth

or it is not at all


Grinding and gnashing of Teeth

I cannot win-

A Tooth upon Our Peace – Emily Dickinson
The Peace cannot deface —
Then Wherefore be the Tooth?
To vitalize the Grace —

The Heaven hath a Hell —
Itself to signalize —
And every sign before the Place
Is Gilt with Sacrifice —

January 2, 2022

Bite Sized Truth – HT Wagner

It is a long strike

a long stretch

but truth bites in the rear

When gusty woods blow winds of unbeknownst



Forever never

Why do the pricks rule the world

With their hatful hurtful selfish horror?

January 4. 2022

A Sparrow took a Slice of Twig – Emily Dickenson
And thought it very nice
I think, because his empty Plate
Was handed Nature twice —

Invigorated, waded
In all the deepest Sky
Until his little Figure
Was forfeited away — (Surrender, Relinquish handover)

January 1, 2022

A Tongue — to tell Him I am true! – Emily Dickinson
Its fee — to be of Gold —
Had Nature — in Her monstrous House
A single Ragged Child —

To earn a Mine — would run
That Interdicted Way, (forbidden)
And tell Him — Charge thee speak it plain —
That so far — Truth is True?

And answer What I do —
Beginning with the Day
That Night — begun —
Nay — Midnight — ’twas —
Since Midnight — happened — say —

If once more — Pardon — Boy —
The Magnitude thou may
Enlarge my Message — If too vast
Another Lad — help thee —

Thy Pay — in Diamonds — be —
And His — in solid Gold —
Say Rubies — if He hesitate —
My Message — must be told —

Say — last I said — was This —
That when the Hills — come down —
And hold no higher than the Plain —
My Bond — have just begun —

And when the Heavens — disband —
And Deity conclude —
Then — look for me. Be sure you say —
Least Figure — on the Road —

January 1, 2022

A Toad, can die of Light — Emily Dickinson
Death is the Common Right
Of Toads and Men —
Of Earl and Midge (2 winged fly)
The privilege —
Why swagger, then? (strut parade)
The Gnat’s supremacy is large as Thine —

Life — is a different Thing —
So measure Wine —
Naked of Flask — Naked of Cask —
Bare Rhine —
Which Ruby’s mine?

January 1, 2022

A throe upon the features (agony) — Emily Dickinson
A hurry in the breath —
An ecstasy of parting
Denominated “Death” —

An anguish at the mention
Which when to patience grown,
I’ve known permission given
To rejoin its own.

To Trow a Throe – HT Wagner

In a heart beat

Agony descends

Not chosen but a rapture

An ecstasy

Joyful misery –

Folding to the arms of tomorrow

Crucifixion ascends to defend

January 1, 2022

Permission Given – HT Wagner

It is all about acceptance

Knowing when to sit or when or stand

Feeling the right thing to say

Holding back so as not to offend

Taking a dare

Knowing the pause

Writing the next faux pas

or Just holding on

Praying for the Long night to fall into dawn

January 1, 2022

Deepest Sky – HT Wagner

The sky dome of the Mind

No light shall abide

Only darkness

Streets without names

Tied to love – Fear has no bounds

Only wakes of waves of emotives

Bound by want – desire

Binding honest feelings of hope harms

No where to go

To fly out

But to make the sinews follow

Volcano – Blow your Mind

Love turns to dust – U2

January 1, 2022

Streets have no names – U2 – Adam Clayton

I want to run, I want to hide
I wanna tear down the walls that hold me inside
I wanna reach out and touch the flame
Where the streets have no name, ha, ha, haI wanna feel sunlight on my face
I see that dust cloud disappear without a trace
I wanna take shelter from the poison rain
Where the streets have no name, oh, ohWhere the streets have no name
Where the streets have no name
We’re still building then burning down love
Burning down love
And when I go there, I go there with you
It’s all I can doThe city’s a flood
And our love turns to rust
We’re beaten and blown by the wind
Trampled in dustI’ll show you a place
High on the desert plain, yeah
Where the streets have no name, oh, ohWhere the streets have no name
Where the streets have no name
We’re still building then burning down love
Burning down love
And when I go there, I go there with you
It’s all I can doOur love turns to rust
We’re beaten and blown by the wind
Blown by the wind
Oh, and I see love
See our love turn to rust
Oh, we’re beaten and blown by the wind
Blown by the wind
Oh, when I go there
I go there with you
It’s all I can do

January 1,2022

A Spider sewed at Night – Emily Dickinson
Without a Light
Upon an Arc of White.

If Ruff it was of Dame (equivalent to knight ) (Elizabethan projected shrill worn around neck)
Or Shroud of Gnome (burial clothes)
Himself himself inform.

Of Immortality
His Strategy
Was Physiognomy. (features)

January 1, 2022 –

Strategic Immortality – HT Wagner

A plan well made

Eternal life or damnation

Depends on prospective

a Thorn well hidden

Embedded in the soul

Will be the crowing achievement

that defines the Soul Space in the Now

A crown of Thorns or

a Royal Diadem ?

The Wounded Lion of Lucerne

Wounded fatally by the pettiness of a pang

January 1, 2022 – Emily Dickinson

A stagnant pleasure like a Pool – Emily Dickinson
That lets its Rushes grow (hurry
Until they heedless tumble in
And make the Water slow

Impeding navigation bright
Of Shadows going down
Yet even this shall rouse itself
When freshets come along.

January 2, 2022

Go Like a Bat out of Hell – HT Wagner

Hell’s Angels

Heaven’s prison guards

‘A Prison gets to be a Friend’ – E. Dickinson

A prison keeps the World outside

Inside trapped in ecstasy

Outside blizzards of harsh mentality

Prison cages once and for all

Damned is the want of what matter’s not

Wisdom valued

Wisdom leads into everlasting peace

January 1, 2022

A still — Volcano — Life — Emily Dickinson
That flickered in the night —
When it was dark enough to do
Without erasing sight —

A quiet — Earthquake Style —
Too subtle to suspect
By natures this side Naples —
The North cannot detect

The Solemn — Torrid — Symbol —
The lips that never lie —
Whose hissing Corals part — and shut —
And Cities — ooze away —

January 1, 2022

A Thought went up my mind today — Emily Dickinson
That I have had before —
But did not finish — some way back —
I could not fix the Year —

Nor where it went — nor why it came
The second time to me —
Nor definitely, what it was —
Have I the Art to say —

But somewhere — in my Soul — I know —
I’ve met the Thing before —
It just reminded me — ’twas all —
And came my way no more —

January 1, 2022

I Could not Fix the Year – HT Wagner

Days came no more to haunt happiness

Remembering what might have been



Sadmess of it all

What was mended and mown

Tiled in a mosaic of exploits and vengeance & surfeit

Animation abounds

Amplified the transports of joy

Despondency Despair Deported

Buried in a undercroft

A crypt

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