The Laws of Human Nature-GMO Factory Heat Altered-Inflammatory Vegetable Oils and Modern Dairy- Insufficient to Support the Modern High Performance Brain-Explains Modern Violent Behavior? Ask What Abusers Eat – Processed Foods?


The Laws of Human Nature – Robert Green –

We all know people who make our lives more difficult—colleagues, bosses, or friends who sabotage our work, care only about themselves or generally bring us down. 

Often, our own behavior is just as baffling; we react to things in inappropriate or self-defeating ways. 

The key to the surprising behavior of ourselves and others is: human nature.

Drawing on the past hundred years of literature in psychology, science, and philosophy this book is the definitive guide to human nature. Using detailed biographical stories of famous people throughout history, 

The Laws of Human Nature illustrates the 18 fundamental laws that affect why people behave the way they do. 

Armed with this knowledge, you can become a calmer and more strategic observer of other people, able to interpret their behavior and judge their character. 

The ROBERT GREEN’S book shows you how to out-think toxic people; how to motivate and influence others; and how to alter your own negative behavior patterns. 

Ultimately, The Laws of Human Nature shows you how to unleash your own true potential. You see your character as the ‘clay’ to mold your being-

The Laws of Human Nature & MODERN VIOLENCE – GUN CONTROL MAY NOT BE BUT A ‘BANDAID’ – Looking at the effect of GMO processed foods on the human mind when crushed by TRAUMA & INSECURE ATTACHMENT-

READ MORE – THE CONNECTIONS OF MODERN VIOLENCE – OF GMO FACTORY (SYNTHETIC) FAUX FOODS & Life altering -INSECURE ATTACHMENT (Bowlby and M Maine research) & Life altering Trauma – Loss – DIVORCE – (How GMO & Processed foods lead to dysfunctional relationships – Domestic violence > divorce)


GMO Factory (Heat Altered-Inflammatory Vegetable Oils and Modern Dairy Insufficient to Support the Modern High Performance Brain – Explains Modern Violent Behavior! Ask What Abusers Eat – Processed Foods?

Executive Function refers to a set of “mental skills”

That are coordinated in the brain’s Prefrontal lobe.

Executive functions work together to help a person achieve goals.

Types of Executive Function – (Cognitive )

CEREBRAL CORTEX – Located on top of the “ancient prehistoric animal brain”

Executive Function includes the ability to:

** Manage time & attention


** Curb inappropriate speech or behavior (impulse control)

** Switch focus

** Creativity

** Plan & organize

** Remember details

** Integrate past experience with present action – (hippocampus)

When Executive Function breaks down (due to poor nourishment or Life altering TRAUMA (Loss, DIVORCE, Etc) – BEHAVIOR BECOMES POORLY CONTROLLED …

Prefrontal Nourishment: 

(Soaked-Barley Loaves (not GMO & not Over-milled) &  fish protein),of whole Ancient Grain: oats, brown rice, quinoa, chia, tuff (high protein)This food is not available at the Fast Food window or the “Quick Stop.”

New Science: Nutritional Psychiatry – Research on Depression & Mental Illness…2017 Dee Hinkle on WORDPRESS – There are more & more other studies revolving around this topic that support this research. THE NEW

Foods That Can Cause DepressionDee Hinkle on – Foods That Can Cause Depression By Kelly Brogan MD Team…

Nutrition  can affect a person’s ability to:

** Work or go to school (avoid ADDHD)

** Function independently or even think what to cook!

** Maintain appropriate social relationships

Executive Function can be divided into two categories:



Organization’ involves gathering information and structuring it for Evaluation. 

Regulation’ involves taking stock of the environment & changing behavior in response to it….

With that said:

What do Modern Abuse, Violence, Scandals have in common?

The INSTITUTIONAL (heavily processed)  food in Nursing homes, schools, hospitals, restaurants etc.  

 Singles depending on GMO Heat-altered (dairy – vegetable oils) Over-refined grains –  Fast & Convenient foods…

ALL – Inhibit the Executive Function of Impulse control, creativity, organization & planning….

Lack of Impulse ControlThis is why the Hunters/Gathers of old could not design tall buildings or fly jet planes 

‘Impulse Control –  not necessarily an ADAPTIVE QUALITY the Cave Man for evolution..



Scholarly articles for name attachment research bowlby

The Bowlby-Ainsworth attachment theory – Ainsworth – Cited by 145

John Bowlby and attachment theory – Holmes – Cited by 1718

The origins of attachment theory: John Bowlby and … – Bretherton – Cited by 3707 

Bowlby’s attachment theory-Attachment is an emotional bond with another person. Bowlby believed that the earliest bonds formed by children with their caregivers have a tremendous impact that continues throughout life. He suggested that attachment also serves to keep the infant close to the mother, thus improving the child’s chances of survival.


Inspired by works of Dr Tom Cowan, Sally Fallon, Dr Kelly Clarkson-pschiatris, , Saundra Paulson , Huberman Lab,  Terry Walters – Clean Food author, James Carroll – Trauma counselor,  Wendy Racliffe- ‘Medicating Normal’ 

– to avoid the tendency of Western Med to OVER-PRESCRIBED  ‘organ-damaging’ Modern Pharma – to profit the new American ‘Drug Cartel’ 

Join the Movement – TO BAN GMO, All Modern Food Processing -HEAT-ALTERING Sweet Dairy

& NOT using Pasture-Raised Tallow, Lard, EV Olive Oil or EV Coconut oil instead of Modern Heat-altered INFLAMMATORY Vegetable oils-


Ezekiel 38:21; Zechariah 12:4-Confusion in Last Battle

Proverbs 29:4-A just king gives stability to his nation, but one who demands bribes destroys it-Big Gov-Big Business 

2021-Flash Mob to END GMO-Disease caused by Ignorance & Greed

Begin assessment questions for Physicians who desire to do more than ‘TREAT THE SYMPTOMS’  ( before treatment) –

Eliminate FEAR MONGER-Western style with INTELLIGENT RESEARCH-

Taper off all Western prescribed pharma (anti’s – depressants, psychotic, etc) 

The Lies of Factory Food Processed (For profit longer shelf life) 


Assessment – Trauma 

  1. Have you experience any of the following in your life – particularly the last 5 years?
  2. Has a Western Doctor prescribed any of the following pharma– anti’s psychotic, depressants, etc They are not qualified to assess – unless…
  • Have you experienced Divorce or LOSS of Job or relationship breakup, Loosing a closely held loved one? Shift in life focus -Need to reset & refocus – TIME TO GRIEVE MANDATORY- depending on the severity of the Trauma. 

Depression- Treatment – taper off Western Pharma & GMO Factory processed foods, consider Low dose treatments & Dr Cowan-Sally Fallon Version of GAPS foods-

1. Have difficulty focusing on normal life productivity – 

Anxiety-Treatment LDN or LDA – Prevent & Revers

  1. Have difficulty focusing on normal life productivity-indigestion, loose sudden bowel movements – Dr Robert Sapolsky Stanford – why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers – ON YOUTUBE

Begin with LDN, LD Alcohol – cocaine (Coke in vitamin water?) 

Low dose – before the TIPPING POINT is reached (shot or splash in GAPS food  or beverage tea, kombucha, etc-

USE Low Dose Medication – only to quell anxiety or to bring mind to stillness to meditate – Depression- Treatment – taper off Western Pharma & GMO Factory processed foods, consider Low dose treatments & Dr Cowan-Sally Fallon Version of GAPS foods-

New class of Foodies – OMNIVORES – NO FACTORY OR PROCESSED FOODS (heat-altered or over-Milled – (for shelf life) Emphases on  Non-GMO mono-corp grains (Modern GMO Soy, Corn or Alfalfa fed to animals) Healthy Farmed 

  • Disregard Western attempt – Depression screening – thoughts of suicide – insane

“Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers: Stress and Health” by Dr …

YouTube · BeckmanInstitute

Distorted thought is the Default to high (CEREBRAL CORTEX) brain (prefrontal) thinking – Dr David Burns (below)

Transfiguration – the process of Secure attachment – 

It can result by Insecure attachment & Pre-adolescent corrections not made because of lack of trust with the caregiver or other life altering loss – trauma – divorce, Etc. 

Unresolved trauma or unresolved grief that remain in the Implicit memory instead of being resolved into the autobiographical memory in the right hemisphere. the mystery of ‘transfiguration’ –

Ignorance of need of unaltered by modern processing – plant protein & fish (oil & protein) to build & repair neural tissue in brain & stunt the growth of the neural tissue of the cerebral Cortexes-Prefrontal brain –

In addition to trauma and insecure attachment – The most egregious and stealth cause for ‘implicit’ only-distorted thinking is clearly processed white food, fast food, soda, pasteurized food, especially dairy & modern vegetable oils, improperly fed animal protein. 

Conventional carb-dense ”cookie”  bread is no longer the “staff of life,” along with all things made of “all purpose flour.”fast food, 

Another reason why Animal Protein (esp GMO fed)  is a thief that hijacks health:

  • (Bonnie Beezhold PhD  Benedictine University,  Says that red meat & poultry (animal protein) are packed with arachidonic acid, a type of Omega 6 fatty acid, which your body converts into inflammation-raising proteins called “cytokines” the more that more and more research is linking to a nose-dive in mood disorders. (anger, aggression, irritability…etc)

in contrast, the antioxidants in produce & beneficial Omega 3 (fish & plant protein), will tamp down inflammation). 

It is a “catch 22.” The poor, homeless & ignorant cannot afford to make informed food choices: whole grain/plant protein & fish (oil & protein) omega 3 to build neural tissue, necessary to create enough intelligence to find employment that will empower them to buy high quality “brain food.” 

Those struggling with unresolved trauma (PTSD) extreme grief, Extreme insecure attachment, extreme alcohol usage, all will (dissolves neural tissue)……plant protein & fish (oil & protein) must be present to make repairs along with therapy. 

Cheap highly refined food (empty white carbs, soda, animal protein, pasteurized dairy,…all feed the low physical brain, but starve the (midbrain, prefrontal, cerebral complex) & will destroy the ability to make rational decisions.

It would be easy to envision how an insecurely attached mind with unresolved trauma. eating mostly white processed, pasteurized dairy, soda. & lacking a quality supply of  “brain food mentioned above” could easily  conceive Sandy Hook, Columbine, Boston Marathon….The Perfect Storm scenario.

4 Food Plant Protein & Fish Groups with at least 2 days of Fasting have shown to reverse some of these conditions when caught early. 

(Fasting allows the digestive system to rest, while the “trash collectors” remove the malformed protein substrates & toxins).

  1. Non GMO or Processed Plant protein –  3-5 servings per day of (whole grains-quinoa, buckwheat & buckwheat noodles, brown rice, oats, etc., legumes, raw nuts seeds-(all seeds have Omega 3)
  2. Fresh & raw fruits & vegetables (the peeled and seeded )..3-5 servings of each category per day
  3. Healthy oils -mostly EV olive oil  EV Coconut oil – Pasture-Raised Lard or Tallow & fish protein & oil must have both working together), a small amount butter, unpasteurized & grass fed Pasture-Raised cows
  4. Beverages: coffee, tea (mostly green), 100% no sugar added juice, red wine, beer (limited).  5 to 6  cups of the 8 cups of fluid recommended.
  5. Omit: Animal protein GMO FED -FACTORY & fat, all processed, enriched, refined, pasteurized & fast food, naked water & soda are simply empty transports, providing no nutrients.

Not all “free radicals” (created by “over-processing” of food) are discharged in waste (through  the Ubiquitin System) In the closed system of our bodies, they will be filed somewhere: the the mind, memory,  heart valves & vessels,  skin-allergies,  joints-arthritis…to name a few.  “Room-at-the-Inn” will be found:  at one of the bio-sights & cause dysfunction. 

 Pasteurized dairy “free radicals,” layered on layers of partially developed tissue,that are rendered powerless  due to reliance of the low grade processed whites.  Normal tissue, no longer able to function, becomes dysfunctional or diseased.. ….Alzheimer’s, dementia, ADHD, Multiple Sclerosis, PTST, depression, arthritis, joint problems…..

Distorted Thoughts (Implicit Only Memory-Default-Mentality) Dr. David Burns

1. All-or-nothing thinking: You look at things in absolute, black and white categories or you perceive what others say to you in black or white. 

2. Overgeneralization: You view a negative events as excessive out of proportion & pattern of defeat. (or you view others by over emphasizing their behavior as negative)

3. Mental filter: You dwell on the negatives and ignore the positives or view others situations only as negative.(View others behavior or them as negative people)

4. Discounting the positives: You insist that your (or that of others) accomplishments or positive qualities don’t count or “tear down or belittle the accomplishments.”

5. Jumping to conclusions: (A) Mind reading – you assume that people are reacting negatively to you when there’s no definite evidence of this or you view others in a negative…often presuming... (B) Fortune Telling – you arbitrarily predict that things will turn out badly for yourself (or wish bad luck on others.)

6. Magnification or minimization: You blow the behavior of yourself or of others way up out of proportion or you shrink their importance inappropriately 

7. Emotional reasoning : You reason from how you feel: “I feel like an idiot, so I really must be one.” or (Others seem like an idiot , so they must really be one (presuming with only a “thin slice” of the truth.

8. Should statements: You criticize yourself or other people with ‘shoulds’ or ‘shouldn’ts.’ ‘Musts,’, ‘Oughts,’ and ‘have to’s’ are similar offenders. 

9. Labeling: You identify with your shortcomings. Instead of saying “I made a mistake,” you tell yourself, “I’m a jerk,” or “a loser.” or they are a looser, they made a mistake (cut me off in traffic) so they are a jerk..

10. Personalization and blame: You blame yourself for something you weren’t entirely responsible for, or you blame other people and overlook ways that your own attitudes and behavior might contribute to a problem. 

Cognitive Distortion Chart : Copyright 1980 by David D. Burns, M.D. Adapted from Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy New York: William Morrow & Company, 1980, Signet, 1981

Read More on ‘the Laws of Human Nature – ROBERT GREEN


The key to understanding our own behavior and that of others, is to realize that there are 18 laws that make up human nature—forces like irrationality, narcissism & covetousness; repression, envy, and aimlessness. These forces push and pull at us from deep within, impacting our behavior and the actions of others. Once we learn where these forces come from and how they affect us, we can develop strategies to amend our own behavior and to cope with the actions of others. 


Irrational emotions make you see what you want to see and look for evidence of what you want to believe. 

Your deepest emotions dominate you more than you realize, leading to a disconnect from reality that is the source of your bad decisions. 

To counteract these emotional effects, we have to learn to think instead of reacting and to be open to what is really happening, not just what we are feeling. This means nurturing our rationality.


In ancient Athens, elder statesman Pericles urged his fellow Assemblymen to avoid outright war with Sparta, and instead to take the long view and fight a limited and defensive war. He valued the adventurousness of the Athenians but wanted that energy to serve the greater good of the city state. He believed in elevating reason over emotion and saw the goddess Athena as the embodiment of this ideal. After Pericles died in the plague that swept the city in 429 BC, the Athenians became increasingly caught up in their own greed and desire to expand, fighting increasingly irrational and hopeless battles that ultimately led to having to accept a harsh peace agreement with Sparta in 405 BC.

Everyone is irrational to some extent; but, when our emotions become really inflamed, like the Athenians when they saw Sparta gaining more power, then our actions become dangerously erratic. To curb these irrational impulses, we must first recognize our biases and the triggers that tend to inflame us. 


Everyone is susceptible to certain biases. Confirmation bias is when we look for evidence that confirms what we want to believe; and conviction bias is when we go out of our way to convince ourselves that something must be true. We are swayed by the views of a group, blame others for our mistakes, or believe that we are superior in some way.

Early childhood experiences leave us with trigger points—look for childish behavior in yourself and others as examples. A sudden win or loss can trigger irrational behavior, as can being around dramatic individuals or being part of a large group.

The best way to bring out your inner Pericles is to know yourself thoroughly, be willing to look your emotions in the eye, and see people as facts rather than something to be judged. Pause before you react. Recognize that energy combined with rational thought is the ideal balance.

NARCISSISM-We are all narcissists to some extent, focused on our own selves, and we crave attention and approval from others. But, deep narcissists are those who are so lacking in self-esteem that they take everything personally, cannot accept any criticism, and see others only as extensions of themselves. Some thrive on attention and will try to win it in theatrical ways. Such people are at the least annoying to be around and at the worst downright dangerous.

Joseph Stalin was a complete control narcissist, charming at first meeting but ruthless toward anyone he suspected of disloyalty and increasingly, violently erratic as he built more power. Riddled with insecurities, he tried to control everything and everyone around him. 


To curb your own narcissistic tendencies, go out of your way to cultivate empathy for others. Avoid making snap judgements. Listen to others fully; be aware of their emotions and intentions and learn as much as you can about them. 

Explorer Ernest Shackleton was a healthy narcissist, a man of strong character who understood that he was responsible for the lives of his men. When his team was trapped for months on an ice flow in Antarctica in late 1915, Shackleton figured out that their attitude would be the difference between life and death. He imbued them with his own self-confidence; paid attention to individuals as well as the group as a whole; and was gentle in his criticisms. Once you see your ability to read others’ moods as a matter of survival, you can curb your own deep narcissism. 


People tend to wear masks, disguising their true feelings to portray themselves in the best possible light. However, you can learn to interpret what people are really thinking and feeling, and to present your best self.

Milton Erickson, a pioneer in hypnotherapy, learned how to ‘read’ others when he was stricken with polio in the summer of 1919. Months of total physical paralysis forced him to pay close attention to the smallest physical cues of his family members—hand gestures, voice pitch, minor facial expressions. As he gradually regained his abilities, he continued to focus on people’s physical presence and eventually used this close observation in his practice as a psychiatrist.


You can emulate Erickson by cultivating your own powers of observation. Start with those closest to you and watch for small physical cues that reveal how they feel; gradually expand your observation to casual acquaintances and then strangers. 

Some of the strongest cues are those indicating like/dislike. Physical tenseness, sudden silences, or a brief look of irritation are all signs of hostility—learn to recognize and deflect them. Dominance cues, signs that someone is (or feels themselves to be) powerful include greater freedom of movement, looking around more often, and feeling entitled to touch others. Men who want to be dominant will tend to speak faster and to move forcefully; women tend to exude calm confidence and attack with iciness rather than bluster.

Signs of deception include being extra-animated, smiling a lot or becoming extremely chatty, even vehement. Other deceivers try to act very serious and contemplative—look for inconsistencies between what they are saying and how their voice and body are reacting accordingly

The object of Desire-

Moses – the Israelites – whatever they had they complained & longed for their life as slaves in Egypt.

We remember our childhood we idealize it – forgetting the anxieties-

Our minds vacillate between contrasts – which we express through complaining –

Neural pathways – FMRI – produce chemical in the brain that are remarkable similar to what is actually happening – imagination. The brain is structured too facilitate this – Once you think – your brain creates chemicals & new neural pathways- that leads you to do it again & again. You have a choice 

1st path – ignorance & denial of biology – compulsive patterns become….

Coco Chanel – Covertness – activity based on desire – create an air of mystery – Created an allusion – At last I have what I wanted -but am I happy – Pleasure is not in the fulfillment but the pursuit – Pierre Bon Marche


In your own life, manage the impressions you make on other people by mastering your non-verbal cues as much as you can. Train yourself to display the ‘correct’ emotions on demand in any situation, adapting to each audience. Be sure to give a good first impression, and project sincerity and honesty.

CHARACTER – Law is you have a ‘set character’ You cannot move beyond the set pattern of your ingrained personality – It was formed out of elements that predate our consciousness –  it is just too difficult – requires too much energy.- To many people it seems like a prison – requiring drugs or alcohol.- mindless gaming…

2nd path – Examine yourself – are you an introvert or extrovert, run by high levels of anxiety & sensitivity – anger or a profound need to engage with others – things you are naturally drawn to…

Examine the quality of attachments that were formed with your parents-Looking at current relationships as the best sign of childhood attachments.

Look at rigorous honest at past mistakes – that have held you back-become aware of the natural strengths of you character that have survived adolescence…

With this awareness you are no long the captive of character – held to endlessly falling into negative patterns you can catch yourself in time & STEP BACK—

Know your limitations & do no attempt what is not possible – choose career paths that suit you & mesh with your character- be more thoroughly YOURSELF- not someone else-see character with the clay you will work with to transform – not running away from flaws but as a true source of power – 

Look past a person’s reputation or surface image and try to see their true character. Pay attention to the patterns of their lives, how they handle adversity, and how they adapt and learn. Business magnate Howard Hughes appeared on the surface to be very successful, but the pattern of his life was one of deep anxiety and a need to control everything around him. The only parts of his business empire that were profitable were those he did not directly control. And, far from being the rugged maverick of his public image, he lived the last years of his life addicted to pain pills and living in tightly sealed hotel rooms, terrified of germs.

Our characters are formed from a combination of genetics, our earliest childhood experiences, the habits and experiences of our later life, and finally those traits we try to cultivate ourselves. The most significant indicator of a person’s character is their actions over time—not what they say, but what they do. Sometimes this becomes clearer as the person gains more power.


Every individual is different but here are some general character types that you are best off avoiding as much as possible. The hyper-perfectionist who will never be satisfied with anything you do. The relentless rebel who may seem exciting at first but really is perpetually locked in sullen adolescence. The personalizer who resents everything and will always make you feel guilty about something.

The drama magnet who will drag you into their battles—avoid at all costs! The big talker who can tell a good story, but the reality is likely very different. The sexualizer who uses sex as a means of self-validation; this is unhealthy and ultimately dangerous. The pampered royal who cannot handle adult life and pouts when they cannot get what they want. The savior is someone who wants to control you, not help you. The moralizer judges constantly and likely has a secret vice.

Emulate Joan Crawford- redirection of her toxic (punishments, betrayals, life scarring, etc) childhood to transfer her life to 40 years of resilience under pressure & a productive career-using her abuse to become a model of perfection. Through much introspection & work –  She shaped her character into an automatic reaction that enabled her to repeat her success. She overcame her weakness instead of of wallowing in emotional poverty. She directed her desperate need to beloved to the camera – Her directions became the father she lacked. Fierce will power – alchemy needed to redirect negativity to productivity – Channel into strong character – work on your habits – purtting yourself into deliberate stressful situations to for new & better neural pathways.- more discipline & better work habits- train yourself to think of ‘what is better for the team’ assimilate the habits of others with strong characters –

 ‘Shake yourself up’ by doing the opposite of what you would normally do

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