Factory Farming is NOT Farming-It us Animal Abuse and ‘Root Cause’ to Modern Diseases-Just say NO! Say Yes to Love-Pasture Raised! BAN GMO-FACTORY FARMS COLLAPSE!

Factory Farming

Obesity Pandemic-It is not about Race or Religion-

But about  Greed of the Bigs Gov and Big Business

Black Lives Matter-You are Right- ALL LIVES MATTER-The Bible says the ‘Last will be First’-Matthew 20-Labors in the Vineyard! Riot-Loot or Flash Mob-

Collection by Bentley Belvedere

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Factory farming is NOT farming.

Vegan AnimalsFarm AnimalsWhy VeganVegan VegetarianMon CombatEvolutionVegan QuotesFactory FarmingStop Animal Cruelty

Go vegan! – It is no necessary to Go Vegan – Eliminate all GMO, Factory Farmed Meat, Over-processed Heat Extracted oils & Over-Milled Ancient grains!

Pasture-Raised – OMNIVORE!

Very hard to fine – Framers & Big Business propped up by Subsidies & Graft-Collusion with Big Government!

Reasons To Be VeganInternational SocietyFactory FarmingWhy VeganStop Animal CrueltyVegan AnimalsSave The PlanetAnimal WelfareAnimal Rights


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How America’s Food Giants Swallowed the Family Farms-How Gov Subsidies Keep Farmers on Welfare Sustenance-BAN GMO – CORN-SOY-ALFALFA – WITHOUT CHEAP FUEL-FACTORY FARMS WILL COLLAPSE!!

The Greatest Public Health of Our Time-GMO FACTORY-Synthetic Micro-Plastic Food-Heat Extraction Vitamin D-Not altered by Heat (Bone health) -Over Milling-Dead-Jesus Knew-Lazarus-Live Foods-Clean-Whole!

Matthew 7:24-27 House of Cards Built on Sand-Eating ‘White Man’s Modern Over-processed DEAD Foods-Fat Storage only-Body only- Inflammatory Tom Brady, Dr.Tom Cowan – Sally Fallon-‘Nourishing Traditions’Profound Resource-

Romans 8:22-30-


Isaiah 11:6-10-Wolf-Lamb-Classic Collusion-Big Bus-Big Gov-Keep US on Medicare-Cocid-Keeping Farmer-Subsidies-Welfare! Posiining-STARVING-Same Time with GMO and Over-Milled Grains and POISONING with Over-Heated Oils-EXCESS-GMO and Factory Processed Foods Supplements-PHARMA-Prevent-LONGEVITY? BLUE ZONES IN WORLD!


Matt Ch 7 =The Lamb-Lamb – Classic Collusion-Big Business-Big Gov-to Keep US on Medicare and Covid-Keeping Farmers on Subsidies-Welfare! How Our Nation STARVES-at Same Time with GMO and Over-Milled Grains and POISONS Itself Over-Heated Oils-  EXCESS of GMO-Factory Food 


BUSINESS MODEL FOR MODERN SOCIETY Fear Mongering-Seems the Easiest Most Profitable –Western Medicine Method-What has ‘no CURE’ and is totally Preventable and REVERSIBLE with Education REAL Food! (Non-GMO and Not ALTERED BY FACTORY PROCESSING (Over Heating Oils and Over-Milling NonGMO Ancient Grains) Isaiah 11:6–10

Join the Movement to BAN GMO and Industrialized Synthetic Foods Fed to Both Humans and the Animals We Eat-About THE WESTON A. PRICE FOUNDATION and Dr Thomas Cowan – https://facebookcomdeehinkle2.com/2020/11/01/join-the-movement-to-ban-gmo-and-industrialized-synthetic-foods-fed-to-both-humans-and-the-animals-we-eat/

Next-Gen ‘Blood Letting’-Pharma, GMO- Factory Altered Faux Foods-Heat Altered Vegetable Oils Made RANCID-THE GREATEST PUBLIC HEALTH THREAT OF OUR Food-Poor Thought Transmission?

A “PERFECT STORM” is a Storm of (Abuse) Arising from a Rare Combination of What Lacking in our Society~The Truth! —Leviticus 16:21–22 Modern Sacrificial Scapegoat-The Impoverished and Diseased-

This Is Factory Farming

Just say no to Factory Farming

Food InsecurityFactory FarmingStop Animal CrueltyPeaceful LifeAnimal WelfareAnimal RightsGoing VeganFarm AnimalsCompassion

The Hidden Suffering of Chickens in Meat & Egg Production

A nightmare of lies from animal ag intertwined with the reality of the genuine suffering of animals used as “food”. This video is meant to awaken the compass…

Animal SlaughterReasons To Go VeganHuman Rights WatchOrganic MeatAnimal AgricultureCheap MealsCheap FoodFactory FarmingAll About Animals

The Human Cost of Factory Farming

With U.S. authorities confirming the country’s first case of mad cow disease in six years, now is as good a time as any to consider the human cost of animal agriculture. When you hear the words factory farming, the first thing that normally come to mind are poor innocent animals that are doped up on […]


Factory FarmingWhy VeganStop Animal CrueltyAnimal WelfareAnimal RightsCattleFarm AnimalsClimate ChangeCreatures

In just the U.S. alone, over nine billion animals enslaved on factory farms are killed for food and leather annually, as well as untold billions of fishes…Beyond the meat, dairy, and egg industries, many millions more animals are enslaved in breeding operations (such as dogs, birds, and horses), as well as in zoos, circuses, research and testing facilities, and for other products such as feathers, wool, and silk. animal slavery today is so vast that it is seemingly beyond human conception


Vegan FactsVegan MemesVegan QuotesVegan AnimalsFarm AnimalsLive AnimalsReasons To Be VeganAnimal AgricultureFactory Farming

Disgusting, factory farm.


Smithfield FoodsHog FarmOne Step ForwardFactory FarmingPig FarmingAnimal ProtectionAnimal CrueltyAnimal WelfareAnimal Rights

Chipotle support humane treatment of factory farm animals | Global Animal

Megan Cross, Global Animal When I first saw the short animated film from restaurant chain Chipotle, I thought it was a trailer for a new documentary based on the simple sadness of factory farming, not


Vegan AnimalsFarm AnimalsCute AnimalsWild AnimalsPet ShopBacon FunnyBacon MemesPig ArtFactory Farming

End Factory Farming


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Shocking: Reporting Factory Farm Abuses to be Considered “Act of Terrorism” If New Laws Pass

Three states are the latest states to introduce Ag-Gag laws and lawmakers in 10 other states introduced similar bills in 2011-2012. This article was published in partnership with GlobalPossibilities.org.How do you keep consumers in the dark about the horrors of factory farms? By making it an “act of terrorism” for anyone to investigate animal cruelty, food safety or environmental violations on the corporate-controlled farms that produce the bulk of our meat, eggs and dairy products.


Factory FarmingPig FarmingBest DocumentariesWhy VeganStop Animal CrueltyAnimal WelfareAnimal RightsGoing VeganFarm Animals


Factory Farm


How “BoJack Horseman” Explains the Hypocrisy of Factory Farming

The show is set in a world where chickens farm other chickens.


Selling EggsLaying HensFactory FarmingSubstitute For EggAnimal ProtectionRaising ChickensAnimal RightsNatural LivingFarm Animals

Hens in battery cages

Practically all egg laying chickens in the U.S. are crowded in wire battery cages which are lined up in rows and stacked in tiers. (Feel free to distribute freely for not-for-profit use, but please credit Farm Sanctuary. If you are media and are in need of a high-resolution version of this image, please contact us at media@farmsanctuary.org and request the file “hens6_300_1”.)




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