Dr K Brogan Psychiatrist-W. Racliffe ‘Medicating Normal’ Documentary and-Exposing the Scientific Fraud Behind Prescription of Psychiatric Drugs for Essentially ‘Imaginary Illnesses’

Wendy Racliffe ‘Medicating Normal


‘Medicating Normal (with Angela Peacock & Wendy Ratcliffe)

Medicating Normalfollows the journeys of a newly married couple, a female combat veteran-a teenager whose doctors prescribed psychiatric drugs for stress, mild depression, sleeplessness, focus, and trauma-

The subjects struggle with serious physical and mental side effects as well as neurological damage that resulted from taking the drugs as prescribed and also from attempting to withdraw.

Angela Peacock, MSW, is a US Army veteran, benzo survivor, member of BIC’s medical board, and a tireless advocate for those who struggle with PTSD and psychiatric drugs. Her story is highlighted in Medicating Normal

Wendy Ratfcliffe was associate producer for the documentary Beyond Measure by Vicki Abeles. Medicating Normal is her first feature film. She has been involved in regenerative agriculture and alternative education for two decades. She has a B.A. in History from Yale University and an MBA from Duke University, and a diploma in Waldorf Education.


DOCUMENTARY – Medicating Normal (with Angela Peacock & Wendy Ratcliffe)

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Conversations with Dr. Cowan & Friends| Ep11: Wendy Ractliffe-DECEMBER 11, 2020 DR. TOM COWAN SEASON

Conversations with Dr. Cowan & Friends


Dr. Tom Cowan-In today’s podcast I interviewed my friend Wendy Ractliffe, the producer and director of the new Documentary, ‘Medicating Normal’ 

This is an important movie for everyone to watch as Wendy and her team do a great job of EXPOSING the scientific fraud behind the prescribing of psychiatric drugs for essentially imaginary illnesses. 

Far from benign interventions, psychiatric drugs do little good except for those in the pharmaceutical industry. 

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One thought on “Reclaiming Health and Wellbeing-CAFO GMO Factory Foods-Western Medical Draconian Practices! BAN GMO’S Factory Farm COLLAPSE! SOON VERY SOON-Cowan Autoimmune Foods!”

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Classic Collusion-Big Business-Big Gov-to Keep US on Medicare and Covid-Keeping Farmers on Subsidies-Welfare! How Our Nation STARVES-at Same Time with GMO and Over-Milled Grains and POISONS Itself Over-Heated Oils- EXCESS of GMO and Factory Processed Foods Supplements-PHARMA- Prevent-LONGEVITY? BLUE ZONES IN WORLD!

BUSINESS MODEL FOR MODERN SOCIETY Fear Mongering-Seems the Easiest Most Profitable –Western Medicine Method-What has ‘no CURE’ and is totally Preventable and REVERSIBLE with Education REAL Food! (Non-GMO and Not ALTERED BY FACTORY PROCESSING (Over Heating Oils and Over-Milling NonGMO Ancient Grains) Isaiah 11:6–10

What Caused Polio? Dr. Thomas Cowan-Toxic Pesticides-Component Correlated-At Same Time Hawaiian Sugar Plantations-1st Place to Use Arsenic for Weed Control-Coincides with Excess Sugar Coney Island -Polio Outbreak! Coincidence? Covid-GMO-Factory Processed Food-Modern Sugar Pesticide?


Join 2021 FLASH MOB to BAN GMO and Factory Processes (Over-Heating-Over Milling) STARVING and POISONING Us-Dr Cowan-Dr Brogan-Sally Fallon-What Big Gov-Big Business-May be Hiding

2021-Flash Mob to END GMO-Disease caused by Ignorance & Greed

THE GREATEST PUBLIC HEALTH THREAT of Our Time! Over Reliance on Pills-Pharma-Supplementation -Flawed and Failing-Big Business-Big Government – THE ROOT CAUSE OF our FAILING IMMUNE SYSTEMS – COVID 19

‘Uninformed Individuals-Kept ignorant by Big Business – Big Government-The Genesis of Generational of Suicidal Tendencies-The Human Rights Issue of Our Time-Over time-Western Thought Anxiety Programs-

Sell Pharma-Buy J-J!! Effective VACCINE May Not Come-Why not Invest in Massive Research to Support Immune System and CNS–Prevention and Research-Exquisite Fine Dining!! Utopia-Will Have No GMO or Factory Processed Foods!

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Big Gov-Big Business Flawed-Raw Milk Demonized by Western Thought-Classic Fear Mongering-Bringing us to our Knees-Covid 19! Price Weston Foundation-Saying it for Years!! Louis Pasteur was Wrong!-Raw-PREVENTS ‘Lactose Intolerance!!’ Gov Subsidies-Keep Farmers on Welfare-Support Them! Sell Pharma-Buy J-J!

VACCINE May Not Come? Instead Greed-Profit Mentality of GMO America-Simple Solution to Covid-Uncomplicated Meal Preparation-Quick Plant Protein Recipes and SEAFOOD! Covid Busters- Prevention and Reversal -Longevity-Blue Zones!

Longevity Secrets-‘Blue Zones’ Explorations and The LION SHALL LIVE WITH LAMB-UTOPIA! Big Gov-Big Business COLLUSION- PREVENTING-REVERSE- GAPS-Dr Thomas Cowan’s Diets Non-GMO NOT ALTERED BY Heat Altering OILS and Over-Milling Grains-SELL PHARMA & BUY J and J-PARADIGM SHIFT!!

Physical-Mental Behavior Poorly Controlled-Due to Big Business-Big Gov- Collusion-Dysfunction and Dysfunction-Linked by Science to DNA (Nature)-and by NOT Supporting the Nurture of CNS, Prefrontal Brain, Immune System-Due to Modern GMO, Factory-Altered PROCESSED Foods-REVERSIBLE!

Sell Pharm-Buy J and J Western Medicine Basing a Medical System on Flawed Premises? Insanity Doing the Same (Flawed) Thing and Expecting Different Results-Albert Einstein

In Modern times- Big Business-Big Government Dysfunction-Disease- Science-now LINKING THEM to Physical-Mental Behavior-Poorly Controlled-Largely Due to DNA (Nature) and BY NOT Supporting the (Nurture) of the CNS, Prefrontal Brain, Immune System due to GMO, Factory-Altered PROCESSED foods –

Anatomy of Meatball Sub-1000 Calories-Live as if YOU NEVER HAVE TO SAY “I AM SORRY”- Longevity a Bridge Too Far’ in U.S. GMO and Factory Altered Grains-Over Milled and Over-Heated Oils!

A “PERFECT STORM” is a Storm of (Abuse) Arising from a Rare Combination of What Lacking in our Society~The Truth! —Leviticus 16:21–22 Modern Sacrificial Scapegoat-The Impoverished and Diseased-

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