Join 2021 FLASH MOB to BAN GMO and Factory Processes (Over-Heating-Over Milling) STARVING and POISONING Us-Dr Cowan-Dr Brogan-Sally Fallon-What Big Gov-Big Business-May be Hiding

Join 2021 Flash Mob Movement to BAN GMO and Factory Processes (Over-Heating-Over Milling) STARVING and POISONING Us at the Same Time -Dr Cowan-Dr Brogan-Sally Fallon-What Big Gov -Big Business-May be Hiding-

2021! Flash Mob to END Disease caused by Ignorance & Greed-Ban GMO



  • & watch Evil Collapse-Flash Mob to END Disease caused by Ignorance & Greed
  • It is not only about Race-Religion – but HUMAN Greed! 
  • Longevity Secrets-‘Blue Zones’ Explorations and The LION SHALL LIVE WITH LAMB-UTOPIA! Big Gov-Big Business Corruption PREVENTING THIS – GAPS and Dr Thomas Cowan’s Diets Non-GMO, NOT ALTERED BY Heat PROCESSING-OILS and Over-Milling Grains

How Vaccines Are Changing the Nature of Childhood Illness Dr Cowan
1,424 views•Oct 5, 2019

Understanding Autoimmune disease Dysfunction –  The Importance of the Gut – Reducing what is TRIGGERING the Inflammation in the brain & Body

4 Immune Systems-Suppressing Immune system does not work long term.-Eliminate the need for drugs – Heal leaky gut-special forces – high powered

Join 2021 Flash Mob Movement to BAN GMO and Factory Processes (Over-Heating-Over Milling) STARVING and POISONING Us at the Same Time

Youtube – Dr Cowan-Dr Brogan-Sally Fallon-What Big Gov -Big Business-May be Hiding-

Dr Thomas Cowan-

Cause of Covid 19

Dr Kelly Brogan- From MIT

How to Cure Depression in A FEW WEEKS & the Danger of OVER-PRESCRIBED – FOR LIFE –

The Truth About Depression With Dr Kelly Brogan (HIGHLIGHTS)

Sally Fallon Morell apparently taps secret energy sources not available to most of us. A human dynamo of sorts, she advances the cause of traditional foods as a chef, cookbook author, polemicist, activist and nutrition researcher. She was inspired in the early 1970s by the work of Weston A. … Enig founded the Weston Price Foundation –

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Sally Fallon – Author

Sally Fallon is the founder and president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, which promotes wise traditions in food and farming. They are the co-authors of the self-published Nourishing Traditions, which has sold 120,000 copies in the US.
Interview: Author, Activist Sally Fallon Morell Talks Deep … › Uncategorized

Sally Fallon | Mini Lesson about the benefits of real milk!

5.4K views1 year agoPacific Rim CollegeWhat is real milk? Learn about the health benefits of raw milk from author and food activist Sally Fallon. Sally explains the various …CC5:17NOW PLAYING

Sally Fallon Morell – Nutrient Dense, Nose to Tail eating Equals Optimum Health

5.2K views1 year agoFood LiesSally Fallon Morell is the co-founder of the Weston A. Price Foundation which has been promoting …25:25NOW PLAYINGWATCH LATERADD TO QUEUE

Keynote from Sally Fallon-Morell at Artisans of the Grasslands

7.8K views5 years agoSavory Institute | Click here to see Sally Fallon’s keynote at the Savory Institute’s 2015 International Conference “Artisans of the …CC


Kiss the Ground Film Trailer (2020) – › watch2:30The must-see trailer for Kiss the Ground. Watch it and discover a simple solution for climate change. The full …Aug 20, 2020

· Uploaded by Kiss The Ground › channelThe must-see trailer for Kiss the Ground. Watch it and discover a simple solution for climate change.

The full-length film is now streaming on Netflix! Take action …

Videos-51:50Barry Estabrook: “Pig’s Tale: An Omnivore’s Guide to …YouTube · Clinton School SpeakersDec 30, 20169:16:

25Barry Estabrook Pig Tales AudiobookYouTube · Claudie MaeseSep 23, 2018


VACCINE May Not Come – Why not Invest in Massive Research to Support  Immune System and CNS – Prevention and Research -Exquisite Fine Dining!! Utopia-Will Have No GMO or Factory Processed Foods!

Anatomy of Dysfunction & Disease Motion!

What Western Medicine & Functional Medicine May be Missing –

  • In Modern times – Dysfunction & Disease is Science is Now LINKING them to Physical & Mental  Behavior & is  Poorly Controlled largely due to DNA (Nature) & by not supporting the Nurture of the CNS, Prefrontal Brain, Immune System due to GMO, Factory-altered PROCESSED foods –

The Culprits that Scientist are  identifying  are GMO  & Modern Processing for Convenience – Made SYNTHETIC by their processing –

** Over-heating Omega 3 Healthy oils – Changed to Omega 6 – Motor-like oils Shelf life stable-

** Over-Milling of Ancient Grains-STARVING the CNS, Brain & IMMUNE SYSTEM and POISONING us by Over-Heating OMEGA 3 OILS & Raw Nuts & Seeds (not Soaked-Sprouted to CLEAN) of Mother Nature’s Survival Adaptations Glutens -Seed locks & Lectins in the peel (to ward off predators) -Shelf life stable-but NOT FOR THE QUALITY OF OUR LIVES – MEDICARE-

Oct 1, 2018 · Uploaded by 180 Nutrition-

What if we told you that brain issues are at the root of many common health concerns – and that these conditions are, potentially, reversible? Conditions like dementia, Lyme Disease & neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and ALS… as well as autoimmune issues, like Hashimoto’s, MS or Arthritis.

• Restore Your Brain Health

• Reduce Neurological Inflammation

• Take control over Cognitive and Emotional assaults

• Improve Your Sleep and Quality of Life

• Help your brain function optimally, so you can achieve everything you want from this life?

And you are invited to join as part of the advisory inner circle, at an 80% savings, and offer your feedback throughout the program. Click here to learn more:

***The “Fix Your Brain Masterclass” is an investment in your health that will pay you back time and time again.

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Six Principles to Follow When Starting on an Autoimmune Diet … › cowan-princples-autoimmune…

The Cowan Autoimmune Diet is based on the etiology of autoimmune disease as I describe it in this book. For example, one of the first steps in the progression of any autoimmune disease is disturbance in the gut microbiome; this can be addressed through a proper diet.

The GAPS diet could improve gut health in three main ways:

  • Eliminating artificial sweeteners: According to some animal studies, artificial sweeteners can create imbalances in gut bacteria and increase the risk of metabolic problems.
  • Focusing on fruits and vegetables: A 2016 study involving 122 people showed that eating fruits and vegetables can prevent a potentially harmful strain of bacteria from growing in the gut.
  • Including probiotics: Probiotics contain many beneficial bacteria. One study suggests that eating probiotic yogurt may help lower blood sugar levels among people with metabolic syndrome.

Possibly managing some psychological and behavioral conditions

According to a review study, recent clinical studies have suggested that microbes in the gut can significantly affect brain function.

The researchers suggest that gut imbalances could contribute to schizophrenia and other complex behavioral conditions.

Findings from a 2019 systematic review suggest that probiotics have strong therapeutic potential for treating depressive symptoms.

How do you follow the GAPS diet?

Read More on the GAPS Diet & the Dr Thomas Cowan version of the GAPS DIET-GAPS stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome. It’s an elimination diet claimed to cure conditions that affect brain function, including autism and attention deficit disorder.


To follow the GAPS diet, eliminate grains, sugar, soy, pasteurized dairy, starchy vegetables, and processed foods from the diet.

Dr. Thomas Cowan’s Diet – Eliminates all grain for 1st six months – SLOWLY REINTRODUCE LATER – GMO Soy, Corn & Alfalfa fed Animal FOREVER-


The diet is restrictive and may take up to 2 years to complete.

There are three stages to the GAPS diet:

1. The introduction diet-

A person can add avocado at stage 3 of the introduction diet.

Dr. Campbell-McBride recommends that many people follow the introduction diet before starting the full GAPS diet – HEALTHY FAT CONSUMPTION is an important part of the GAPS & Cowan diets.


While highly restrictive, this phase aims to heal the gut and reduce digestive symptoms quickly. It can last anywhere from a few weeks to 1 year.

The introduction diet has six progressive stages. 

Each stage introduces new foods but foods within each stage are individualized to each person based on tolerance.

People should not progress to the next stage if they experience digestive symptoms, which may include:

  • diarrhea
  • bloating
  • gas
  • constipation
  • abdominal pain

Stage 1

In stage 1, the diet consists of:

  • Pasture-Raised meat stock
  • boiled meat or fish-not fed GMO
  • well-cooked & peeled vegetables & grains -(especially peeled to remove EXCESS Lectins in the Peel-for better absorption – Grains Cooked or soaked to mitigate the damage of EXCESS GMO lectins in Soy, Corn –
  • probiotics, such as fermented vegetable juices, yogurt or kefir, and homemade fermented whey
  • ginger or chamomile tea with raw honey
  • purified or well structured water

Stage 2

In stage 2, add the following foods:

  • raw, organic non-GMO fed egg yolks
  • casseroles made with meats and vegetables
  • fermented wild caught fish
  • homemade ghee from Pasture-raised animals

Stage 3

In stage 3, add the following foods:

  • avocado
  • sauerkraut and fermented vegetables
  • GAPS pancakes-from soaked grains or with Plant protein not Over-Miulled
  • scrambled eggs made with ghee, goose fat, or duck fat (from Pasture-raised Sources – NOT FED GMO-
  • probiotic supplements-LIMITED

Stage 4

In stage 4, add the following foods:

  • roasted or grilled meats (Pasture-Raided & not fed GMO alfalfa, corn or soy.
  • cold-pressed olive oil or EV Coconut oil
  • Pasture-raised Oils: Lard, Beef tallow, duck or other pastured sources
  • freshly pressed carrot juice
  • GAPS milkshake from Pasture-raised only)-not American Dairy (GMO fed, Factory Barns creating Cortisol – pasteurized with Dead bacteria)
  • GAPS bread not refined grain or GMO Wheat Soy or Alfalfa

Stage 5

In stage 5, add the following foods:

  • cooked apple purée
  • raw vegetables, such as lettuce and peeled cucumber
  • pressed fruit juice

Stage 6

In stage 6, add the following foods:

  • raw, peeled apple
  • raw fruit
  • increase honey
  • baked goods sweetened with dried fruit

After completing the introduction diet, many people move onto the full GAPS diet.

2. The full GAPS diet

During the GAPS diet, avoid all grains, sugars, starchy vegetables, refined carbohydrates, and processed foods. This stage lasts 18–24 months but is individualized and may require less time for some.

Dr Cowan’s diet-Avoid all grain, legumes for 1st six months – gradually reintroduce as the gut microbiome is restored –

Acceptable GAPS foods include:

  • Non-GMO Fed eggs
  • meat, fish, and shellfish (fresh or frozen only)
  • fresh vegetables and fruit
  • garlic
  • natural fats, such as olive oil, coconut oil, and ghee
  • a moderate amount of nuts (soaked to remove lectins – not ROASTED with lectins left on the nuts or seeds
  • GAPS baked goods made using nut or Ancient grains gluten- free flours (millet, sorghum, quinoa -etc)

Both the GAPS & Cowan diest also recommends that people:

  • use organic foods
  • AVOID-ALL processed and packaged foods & over heated dairy, roasted nuts –
  • eat fermented food with every meal
  • drink bone broth with every meal
  • avoid eating fruit with meals
  • combine all protein food with vegetables & gluten-free ancients grains, which the theory says will keep body acidity levels normal

3. The reintroduction phase

After at least 6 months of normal digestion, people can choose to move on to the reintroduction phase.

The final stage of the GAPS diet involves gradually reintroducing food items over the course of several months.

The diet recommends starting with potatoes and fermented grains. Start with small portions and gradually increase the amount of food, as long as no digestive issues arise. Continue this process with starchy vegetables, grains, and beans.

After completing the GAPS diet, many people continue to avoid refined, highly processed foods.


Findings from a 2014 study that tested 133 children found no association between intestinal permeability and the presence of ASD symptoms. On the contrary, a 2010 pediatric study found different results.

Nearly thirty-seven percent of patients with ASD and twenty-one percent of their first-degree relatives showed altered intestinal permeability (IPT) suggesting a hereditary factor. Patients with ASD on a gluten and casein free diet had lower IPT levels than those who ate unrestricted. The authors conclude that a gluten-free diet could benefit a subgroup of patients with ASD.

Another case study of a 5 year old boy had significant improvement in GI symptoms, development and cognition when his undiagnosed celiac disease was diagnosed and treated with a gluten-free diet. The authors suggest that all children with neurodevelopmental delays be screened for malabsorptive conditions and nutritional deficiencies that could heavily influence cognition.

Autoimmune conditions have also been associated with ASD and a study published in Nutritional Neuroscience found a significant number of autism patients had elevated antibodies simultaneously to gliadin protein present in gluten-containing foods and cerebellar cortex neurons.

More research is needed to elucidate what other dietary changes may be effective to substantially affect ASD.

Are there benefits to the GAPS diet?

There is no evidence to suggest that all components of the GAPS diet can help treat the conditions it claims to.

Following this diet could, however, improve a person’s gut health. It encourages people to eat fewer processed foods and more fruits, vegetables, and natural fats. These simple dietary changes could improve gut health and overall health.

However, GAPS diet guidelines do not explicitly account for all nutritional needs. When following this diet, people should make sure that they are getting enough vitamins and minerals to avoid developing nutritional deficiencies.

The following sections discuss the evidence for possible benefits of the GAPS diet.

Improving gut health

After completing the GAPS diet, many people continue to avoid refined, highly processed foods.pastedGraphic_1.png

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the

Sep 25, 2018 · Uploaded by Food Integrity Now

Gut & Microbiome intricately connected – Autoimmune Connection to the gut microbiome – 

“You Can Fix Your Brain” by Dr Tom O’Bryan – YouTube › watch


(NO TILL – to Preserve the Soil Microbial growth)

– much like the Microbial in the gut of humans-

Practices grouped under regenerative agriculture include no-till agriculture — where farmers avoid plowing soils and instead drill seeds into the soil — and use of cover crops, which are plants grown to cover the soil after farmers harvest the main crop.May 12, 2020
Regenerative Agriculture Practices | World Resources › regenerative-agriculture-climate-change

How do I start regenerative agriculture?

  1. Do not overthink it! Keep it Simple.
  2. Find a paddock that you wish to improve.
  3. Get a seed mix for the paddock.
  4. Plant the seed.
  5. Watch it grow and learn…
  6. Talk to people about what you are seeing when plants are growing:- learn and layer in more facets of our Soil Health section.
  7. Start again.
  8. How to get started – Regenerative Agriculture – Linnburn Station

kiss the ground netflixkiss the ground ian somerhalderkiss the ground documentary woody harrelsonwhere can i watch kiss the ground documentarykiss the ground castkiss the ground bookkiss the ground release datekiss the ground’ review
PREVIEW2:30Kiss the Ground Film Trailer (2020)YouTube · Kiss The GroundAug 20, 2020
PREVIEW2:27Netflix – Kiss The Ground | NetflixFacebook

Kiss the Ground Film Trailer (2020) – YouTube

YouTube · Kiss The Ground
Kiss The Ground – › channel
The must-see trailer for Kiss the Ground. Watch it and discover a simple solution for climate change. The full-length film is now streaming on Netflix! Take action …

therichsolution #youcanfixyourbrain #drtomobryan”You Can Fix Your Brain“Join me today with my guest Dr …

About 2,000,000 results (0.57 seconds) 

PREVIEW2:30Kiss the Ground Film Trailer (2020)YouTube · Kiss The Ground · Aug 20, 2020

Read More on YouTube –  Dr. Tom O’Bryan -Reverse & Rewire your Brain –

Dr. Tom O’Bryan – new book, You Can Fix Your Brain: Just 1 Hour a Week to the Best … Connect with me on LinkedIn: https …

Food Integrity 

Dr. Tom O’Bryan: You Can Fix Your Brain – YouTube › watch

You Can Fix Your Brain With Dr Tom O’Bryan and … – YouTube › watch

For a full transcript go to: Get the book “You Can Fix

Nov 19, 2020 · Uploaded by The Energy Blueprint

Dr. Tom O’Bryan – How to Fix a Leaky Blood Brain … – YouTube › watch


Are you interested in how your brain works? Have you been worried about brain fog or memory? In this …

Aug 6, 2019 · Uploaded by Linda Mitchell

Dr. Tom O’Bryan on How You Can Fix Your Brain … – YouTube › watch › watch



Dr. Tom O’Bryan (the guru of gluten-free) discusses The Autoimmune Fix and his upcoming book You Can

Jun 7, 2018 · Uploaded by The Dr. Steven Show

The Pyramid of Health – Dr. Thomas O’Bryan, DC … – YouTube › watch



Dr. Thomas O’Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN, and author of You Can Fix Your Brain: Just 1 Hour a Week to the …

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Dr. Tom O’Bryan – The Autoimmune Fix – YouTube › watch



Dr. Tom O’BryanThe Autoimmune Fix Full Interview & transcript: … Enjoy Real Food Real Fast https …

Jul 24, 2018 · Uploaded by 180 Nutrition

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