The Dark Side of Creation Corrections (Like in the Stock Market)-What do Sex Scandals have in Common? Lack of Impulse Control Due to GMO-PROCESSED FAKE FACTORY FOOD! Also-Prophecy of Pope Leo XIII-


Creation Corrections: (God allows)-

He allowed His only Son to be Crucified? He allowed Jeans -who was Willing-to be a Scapegoat

Jesus – To Save us – He Died for OUR SINS – SCAPEGOAT – ANCIENT OLD TESTAMENT JEWISH TRADITION-‘Small Mined’ thinking that Blocks the Hippocampus & deny access to the Autobiographical Memory on the Right Hand of the Cerebral Cortex

Creation Corrections?

  1. God os Dead – Unanswered prayers -‘God does not answer my prayers’ – Would a Parent give more for a child to take their life?
  2. ‘the Flood’ – New beginnings-
  3. Adam & Eve the Fall,  Abraham,  the Prophets-Developmental stages to evolve-
  4. Crusades & Wars- Creation seeking to Balance Yin-Yang energy?
  5. World Wars,  911 (Bookmark for the Second Coming)
  6. Holocaust, Dictators & Genocide & Orphans, & Immigration, Migration -Trafficking, 
  7. 1904 World’s Fair. prohibition, WWI and WWII, Korean War, Vietnamese War, 
  8. Iraq to 911 – “911”… September 9, 2011  Ground Zero…The World Trade Tower 
  9. Unresolved’s: Mortal Sin – Unresolved Grief & PTSD-Trauma  blocking  hippocampus -access to the autobiographical memory (on the Right Hand Side of the Father – the Right Cerebral Cortex-
  10. Life altering ‘Glancing points’   Any ‘Perceived’ or Real Trauma – Divorce, lioness, Domestic Violence. & alcohol & all other additions
  11. Holding a Grudge,  
  12. Pride Vain Glory
  13. Prejudice – Hatred –
  14. Abuse (Physical or Mental) of  another, Domestic Violence Pedophiles & Violence
  15. Gluttony
  16. Envy & Gossip-Displaces all the Good that Might have been=
  17. Gender issues – Pope Francis has opened a door – to respect all others!
  18. the Millennials & the Conquistadores?- Diet (protein (muscles) & fat (brain CNS  & Immune system) the throttle?
  19. Abortion- a grievous moral offense – People who will destroy the life within (any stage) – this mentality an adaptive quality for Creation? A form genocide – Holocaust that God allowed – Abortion ?A Test? for those who choose to keep the child – a Winning Mentality for a more Compassionate Altruistic race of humans?..
  20. Birth control -a choice…likely type of ‘survival of the fittest” Maybe it is best ‘their choice?’ Why judge or criticize? – Between the mother & God?
  21. SAD  Dead-‘INERT’ Factory Foods diet – creating  a ‘Holding Pattern’  – A Throttle?   Obesity, Whet belly & at the same time Hair loss , Diabetes, Neurological Disease & the Many diseases & dysfunctions caused by GMO, Heat altering (Roasting Raw Nuts, seeds & non-GMO Ancient grains) Heat-altering raw Dairy Pasteurization resulting in  Dead bacteria,  Feeding ruminants-cows- GMO alfalfa, soy or corn & Cortisol from STRESS of Modern farm practices & Over-Milling-Removing up to 50% (or more) of the Plant Protein germ) – meant for CNS & Immune system & leaving mostly disease-causing ‘Refined carbs’ 
  22. 22.The Wise Men – Followed the Stars – Astronomy speaks!

The Prophecy of Pope Leo XIII

The St. Michael Prayer, which was said after Low Mass until the liturgical changes in 1965, was Instituted by Pope Leo XIII after he received a PROPHETIC  vision. The most widely known element of this vision is that the Holy Father overheard a debate between Our Lord and Satan, during which the Devil was granted more power and authority for a period of 75 to 100 years. According to the most widespread accounts, the events behind the prophecy of Pope Leo XIII run as following: 

On October 13, 1884, after Pope Leo XIII had finished celebrating Mass in the Vatican Chapel, attended by a few Cardinals and members of the Vatican staff, he suddenly stopped at the foot of the altar. He stood there for about 10 minutes, as if in a trance, his face ashen white. Then, going immediately from the Chapel to his office, he composed the prayer to St. Michael, with instructions it be said after all Low Masses everywhere. When asked what had happened, he explained that, as he was about to leave the foot of the altar, he suddenly heard voices – two voices, one kind and gentle, the other guttural and harsh. They seemed to come from near the tabernacle. As he listened, he heard the following conversation: 

The guttural voice, the voice of Satan in his pride, boasting to Our Lord: “I can destroy your Church” 

The gentle voice of Our Lord: “You can? Then go ahead and do so.” 

Satan: “To do so, I need more time and more power.” 

Our Lord: “How much time? How much power? 

Satan:  75 to 100 years, & a greater power over those who will give themselves over to my service.” 

Our Lord: “You have the time, you will have the power. 

Do with them what you will.” 

Creation Correction…

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Beginning with… 

The Saint Michael Prayer 

“Put on the armor of God, that you may be able
to stand against the wiles of the devil.”
-Ephesians 6:11

The customary version of the Saint Michael prayer is as follows:

Saint Michael Prayer

Saint Michael the Archangel,defend us in the day of battle.

Be our safeguard against the wickedness and the snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray and do thou O Prince of the Heavenly Host, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spiritswho prowl throughout the worldseeking the ruin of souls. Amen…

All of your anxiety can be quieted by asking for Saint Michael’s protection….


ON THE CREATION OF UTOPIA Blue Zone in US & Globally

– Not unlike the Italian Renaissance –

Power 9® – Blue Zones › 2016/11 › power-9

The Lion Shall Live with the Lamb-Big Government-Big Business Corruption 

Power 9 – Nine lifestyle habits of the world’s healthiest, longest-lived people in the blue zones longevity hotspots.

Blue Zones Lessons. Longevity secrets, blue zones explorations, research and articles. Blue Zones Project. Learn how to transform your community to live …

Live Longer, Better · History of Blue Zones · Recipes · Blue Zones Project

Big Government – Big Business is Fraud-Greed-Fear -Mongering for Profit? – Covid Makers ALL! The Top Human Rights Issue of Our Time – Dr Thomas Cowan and Regenerative Agriculture – Fake Food – Future for America? Immune System Impotent!

We are Kept ignorant by Big Government & Big Business-The Genesis of Generational of Suicidal Tendencies – One of the most pressing  Human Rights Issue of Our Time – Western Thought Anxiety Programs-Lacking-Mostly for Profit-INSURANCE PAYS!

‘Once a society finds itself FINANCIALLY DEPENDENT on WAR, SICKNESS, IMPRISONMENT & ENFORCED  schooling 




The cost of Medical care is threatening  to bankrupt us-Reducing the ‘ INERT’ &  over-prescribed (under doctor’s supervision) – 

REDUCING the ‘Pill for a Problem’ philosophy of Pharma – to ‘PLACEBO-level’-to preserve organs & avoid SIDE-EFFECTS – MAY SAVE US!

A. Einstein  –The definition of INSANITY –  is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Ivan Illich –Health, argues Illich, is the capacity to cope with the human reality of death, pain, and sickness. Technology can benefit many; yet, modern mass medicine has gone too far, launching into a godlike battle to eradicate death, pain, and sickness. 

In doing so, it turns people into risk-averse consuming objects, turning healing into mere science, turning medical healers into mere drug-surgical technicians

VACCINE for Covid 19 –  may not come 

-Why not invest in Massive Research on the Immune system & CNS – Prevention-Reversal Research & exquisite Fine Dining!!

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