What is Halal? Why to Eat Halal or Hindu – Even if not a Muslim! or Kosher-Can GMO Factory Foods Meet Religious Guidelines? -Road to Perdition?

INSPIRED BY – Muslim Growth Globally & Kosher Restrictions 

What is Halal? Why should you eat Halal even if you are not a Muslim!

Posted on Jul 14, 2016 by Muaadh Nalir

Western Medicine method of treating a disease that has ‘no CURE’ – It is totally preventable & REVERSIBLE –  with – education of whole food (Non0-GMO -Not ALTERED BY FACTORY PROCESSING


Road to Perdition? – Modern Thought – the road to death, destruction, hell, condensation , spiritual destruction (Body only taste only body foods) Rumination – ruin of the Spirit – in favor of body – Esau’s principle – Gave Birthright to Israel – to Feed his Hunger

WARNING – GMO & Factory altered foods – 

Big Government – Big Business is Fraud-Greed-Fear -Mongering for Profit? – Covid Makers ALL! The Top Human Rights Issue of Our Time – Dr Thomas Cowan and Regenerative Agriculture – Fake Food – Future for America? Immune System Impotent!


Dr Thomas Cowan –‘Once a society finds itself financial detention on war, sickness imprisonment  & enforced schooling – it must be understood that the solution to these problems can’t bet more of the same’

A. Einstein  –The definition of INSANITY –  is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

The cost of Medical care is threatening  to bankrupt us.Reducing the ‘ INERT’ &  over-prescribed (under doctor’s supervision) 

Reduce the ‘Pill for a Problem philosophy of  Pharma –  to PLACEBO  level-to preserve organs & avoid SIDE-EFFECTS –

Ivan Illich –Health, argues Illich, is the capacity to cope with the human reality of death, pain, and sickness. Technology can benefit many; yet, modern mass medicine has gone too far, launching into a godlike battle to eradicate death, pain, and sickness. In doing so, it turns people into risk-averse consuming objects, turning healing into mere science, turning medical healers into mere drug-surgical technicians

VACCINE may not come  – Why not invest in Massive Research on the Immune system & CNS – (prevention & research & exquisite fine dining!!

Instead of complicated meals preparation –

Simple & Quick Plant Protein Recipes  & SEAFOOD!

A  hypothesis – Western GMO & Over heating  & Over-milling  ‘altered’ processed food is Famine to the brain CNS & Immune system-for Prevention & Reversal of Disease  (Covid 19 Pandemic) 

VACCINE- may not come  ?

  • Why not invest in MASSIVE  research on the Immune system 
  • & CNS – (Prevention & REVERSAL research 
  • & exquisite FINE DINING !!

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The Genesis of   Generational  of Suicidal  Tendencies – The Human Rights Issue of Our Time – Over time-Western Thought Anxiety Programs – ‘Uninformed or Malinformed’  individuals-Kept ignorant by Big Business – Big Government-


St Vincent de Paul, The Catherine Connection – Most Modern Charities -Kicking the ‘Homeless-Can’ Down the Road ~ Feeding the Poor with Modern CAFO-GMO ˜Factory Food That is – ˜NOT FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION


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Simple & Quick Plant Protein Recipes  & SEAFOOD!


(Inflammatory) ‘Motor-like SWILL’  oil or  water canned  or sardines, tuna, etc) – 3 soaks (after ‘swill’ is drained  in garbage disposal)

  • It OK to buy Marinaded In lemon seasoning & sea salt marinade (to be rinses off) 

Instead of CONSUMING the  ‘SWILLl’  of canned foods

-to make MORE PROFIT – A vital Step (that prevents disease) is SKIPPED-In the preparation of MODERN CANNED  food are not ‘BLANCHED’ before canning – Pioneers Preserving Practice  

  • (to remove the ‘SWILL’  (INFLAMMATORY Omega 6 
  • & Other Cancer-causing Heat-altered Free Radicals) –


1.  Drain & Empty in bowl  & rinsing several times-

2. Soak in Sea salt & AC vinegar for  5 minutes or longer 

( 2 times  – if oil packed – oil will rise to the top  to be poured off – skin should be removed or buy ‘water-packed’ skinless boneless) 

3. Final soak in sea salt, lemon juice or buttermilk (from the Pasture-raised  Farm animals) – Can leave longer – 30 minutes 

4. Rinse & Pat dry!

Serve as a salad – EV Olive oil , garlic, chopped onions, leeks,  balsamic vinegar S & P, Cajun or Herb de Provence, capers , etc

Good-to-Go CNS & Immune system food to prevent & reverse Covid 19

Can FACTORY ALTERED FOODS – possibly meet Religious (Halal – Jeiwsh or Hindu -Dietary Restrictions ?

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The majority of Hindus are lacto-vegetarian (avoiding meat and eggs), although some may eat lamb, chicken or fish. Beef is always avoided because the cow is considered a holy animal, but dairy products – but are American Dairy GMO & artificially raised in Factory barns – not in the Pasture – should they be are eaten? Animal-derived fats such as lard and dripping are not permitted.Sep 19, 2016
Religion and dietary choices – Independent Nurse

Halal encompasses more than just meat, ‘Pasture-raised’ & not Factory Farmed)  or even the type of meat eaten, although it is the most discussed type of product consumed.

– AMERICAN GMO (Alfalfa, corn Soy)- CANNOT BE HALAL OR KOSHER) – Only Pasture-raised or meat from countries outside the US


Being a student for a summer exchange program at Seattle, I couldn’t complain about anything except for one thing, FOOD! I, being a Muslim, found it difficult in finding halal meat (raw meat) in the local grocery stores close to Alder. 

After hearing ample amount of “No, we don’t have halal meat” and “what is halal” from the grocery stores in the UW district, made me realize that people aren’t arrogant about Halal meat, they are just not educated about it. 

That thought helped me come to the conclusion about writing this article. Back in Sri Lanka, being a Buddhist country, people tend to eat halal meat.

Islamic Dietary laws gives a detailed account of the animals (along with bird, insect etc) that are permit able for Muslims to eat, all such animals are halal, the Arabic word meaning lawful, anything unlawful is known as haram. I.e Halal

A brief out line of Zabiha is as follows:

Zabiha slaughter is believed to cause the least amount of pain to animals. It is important to perform slaughter with respect and compassion. The slaughter is performed by an adult of sound mind, who may be a Muslim, Jewish or Christian (People of the book).

In order for a consumable product to be Halal, the Quran and Sunnah give guidance on how to slaughter. Zabiha, however, does not in any way substantially define or encompass what is truly Halal.

 It is only one specific element that relates to how or if an animal is slaughtered.  An example of this is that one can slaughter a pig or a human, but neither is permissible to consume in Islam.  Similarly ‘zabiha’ makes no reference to the consumption of blood, or meat that is contaminated with impurities, witchcraft, or dead carcasses; all of which are prohibited in the Quran and Sunnah.

Within the Muslim community, halal is used to describe what is permissible both in food and in actions. We typically associate halal with food, as do many non-Muslims. For purposes of this article, we explore why halal food, specifically meat and poultry, is good for everyone.

How does halal food fit into this parameter?

Halal encompasses more than just meat, ‘Pasture-raised’ & not Factory Farmed)  or even the type of meat eaten, although it is the most discussed type of product consumed.

For an animal to go from farm to table as halal food, it must have lived a pure life from the very beginning, finishing a cycle of life that is permissible in accordance with Islamic standards. It must have eaten well, been treated well, and been sacrificed well. It may sound good in theory, but what does this all mean?

The kind of treatment and feed an animal receives during its life is important. It should be not be abused, (as in the American Factory Farms)  mistreated or caused any pain. It should not be confined to an area where it cannot move or walk normally or get fresh air. It should be fed clean water and food that is appropriate and absolutely never fed another animal or products that contain the by-products of other animals.

As an animal should be treated well during its life, it should also be treated well at the time it is sacrificed for us. The slaughter should never be done in the presence of other animals and the animal should be made comfortable as it is positioned for the sacrifice. The act of the sacrifice should be done with a sharp object, so as to accelerate the process and reduce the pain suffered by the animal as much as possible.

After words, the blood should be completely drained from the animal. 

It is the blood that carries toxins  & HORMONES OF Fear-Terror, germs & bacteria and when left inside the body of the animal, could potentially make people sick. 

At the very least, it could make the cooked meat quite tough. An amazing result of cooking and consuming halal meat is a healthy meat in which the resulting texture is tender and the meat delicious. 

Instead of seeing the impermissible as a closed door on food choices, one can embrace an entire world of exciting, delicious and healthy variety of foods. Islam enjoins us to treat our bodies well as it has a right over us and will testify against us on the Day of Judgment for any injustices we may have caused it during our lifetime.

Treating our bodies with wholesome foods free of harmful ingredients — harmful hormones internally produce but the animal – if NOT HUMANELY RAISED (PASTURE) & HUMANELY SLAUGHTERED . – pesticides, toxins, pollutants, filth, etc. 

— is not just a value desired by Muslims, it’s desired by all of humanity.

 It’s a common need, a common desire and a common right, and that means everyone can benefit from consuming halal foods and avoiding what is not.

Muslim dietary restrictions;

**  Permissible meat (other than pork) -can be eaten only if it is prepared in the correct way (Halal). (killed instantly to prevent the release of toxic hormones, etc) & Pasture-Raised – (not any Factory Meats – GMO 

**  These products should be avoided by all Muslims, Lard, gelatins, Rennet, Whey, (all derived from animal)

** Vanilla extract-(some vanilla extracts have over 50% alcohol)

** Carnivorous (that eat other animals)  are not permitted.

**  (Non-GMO & peeled vegetarian protein (beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas)  & Omega 3 oil)

**  All pork and pork products are totally forbidden.

**  Sea animals which do not have fins or scales are considered undesirable to Muslims.

Alcohol, in any form, is not permitted.

Science:  alcohol dissolves Neural tissue &l  Shuts down the hippocampus (brain structure)

What can you eat on a Kosher diet?

Can Factory GMO (Heat-altered & Over-Milled be considered Kosher?

Pareve Foods

  • All Peeled fruits, Peeled vegetables, unaltered & soaked grains, soaked & rinsed pasta, raw-soaked nuts, soaked beans, and legumes are kosher. …
  • Can Heat-altered (Omega 3 become Inflammatory Omega 6 – FOR SHELF LIFE
  • Can Over-milled grains (not soaked)-Removes up to 50% of the Plant protein for the CNS, Prefrontal brain & Immune system support- Not Kosher?
  • Non GMO fed Eggs, fruits, vegetables, and grains are considered pareve, or neutral &  can be eaten with either meat or dairy. (not Modern Factory raised Dairy – but that from Pasture-raised, humanely treated & not Fed GMO grains.
  • Grape products (including juice and wine) must be produced by Jews in order to be considered kosher.

 What Are Jewish Kosher Dietary Laws? – The Spruce Eats 


The Bible says  “The first will be last & the last will be first“

The Last (Abraham &Hagar’s child Ishmael)will be first…

And the First (Abraham & Sarah’s children) will be last…

All done with ‘creation chemistry’ – food & not by guns & war.

Factory GMO – Over-Processed foods – Cannot  possibly produce whole foods – Only inferior  refined foods with .’missing parts.’ – The Unaltered Plants protein & Omega 3 Oil for the CNS, Brain & Immune system-Refining grain to remove up to 50% of  nutrients that to chance to stay healthy & fertile and competitive with the population gain thrive of the Muslim & any human system -Fertility & health is all about having the best quality building blocks for body’s maintenance and growth….

The science behind:

Animal protein feeds the – Intrinsic brain (low road brain)

Factory raised GMO fed, Cortisol from inhuman farms – ‘Disease-Causing’ 

& Altered for shelf life – NOT TO BE CONSUMED AT ALL!

ANS–automatic nervous system – (the more ancient brain which tends to habituate everything) – It was the First evolved & most inaccurate & unreliable filtering brain system – Which causes dysfunction in thinking & thereby behavior…

Factory Animal fat & pasteurized dairy  clog arteries and cause brain & heart dysfunction…(memory diseases, heart attach, strokes)….


Excess alcohol will shut down the mid-brain structure  called hippocampus,  which, after 18months, enables storage of all factual data – In the “autobiographical memory” in the right cerebral hemisphere – Additionally, excess alcohol destroys dendrites (neural tissue) & causes cirrhosis of the liver.

 Industrial Factory farming and WW2 left over chemical for fertilizer…

Factory GMO – Over-Processed foods – Cannot  possibly produce whole foods – Only inferior  refined foods with .’missing parts.’ – The Unaltered Plants protein & Omega 3 Oil for the CNS, Brain & Immune system-Refining grain to remove up to 50% of  nutrients that to chance to stay healthy & fertile and competitive with the population gain thrive of the Muslim & any human system -Fertility & health is all about having the best quality building blocks for body’s maintenance and growth….

 & more importantly to keep Our minds, bodies & souls functioning properly…

It will never happen…as long as we are too much in love with our western doctors…

Western psychology & Wester medicine..

Crucifixion, the bookmark for the initialization of the mid-brain 

By the Holy Spirit-911 & Comet Nowise may be Bookmark for this quantum shift of thought.?

Eating the ‘Muscle meat’ protein has consequences-Feeding the “Low Road” Thinking-

(mostly needed for athletes & laborers) & Brain-healthy Pasture-raised animal fat –

Eating Factory GMO (Heat-Altered & Over-Milled) – Disease-causing – particularly Memory Disease & Dysfunction-

Fast & convenient foods -Taste Good – This is where the benefits may end-

Animal protein feeds the animal or physical  side of our nature –

Undigested animal protein due to lacking  enzymes, cannot be assimilated into our system & since it is impossible to remove all from the body …

These partial foods will be deposited in arteries, brain (memory problems), joints, allergies…..body just does a “file, save – as) & stuffs them anywhere the can make fit…

Animal Fat clog arteries  & the more hydrogenated the more like consuming motor-oil… 

Children will go to school and be diagnosed  as behavior problems with ADD and be given medication

“High Road” Brain Food

Remember the miracle of Barley Loaves & Fishes…it was a miracle, He could have produced Big Mac, Super sized fries & super-size soda….

Brain’s neurons require Omega 3 foods to nourish dendrites & allow thought neurons to track smoothly & quickly – (From fish, & many whole vegetables)

Plant protein –  whole UNALTERED grain for the brain unless “enriched” which neuters the grain & Over-Milling makes it impotent- 

Without these two whole foods – Men will continue to go bald & need viagra…

Women will continue to be infertile & not have babies…

Without whole fruits & vegetables (10 servings a day- peeled)

Sodas, naked water, DISPLACE beverages that are medicine to the body

Green tea, dried fruits, dates ,figs

The miracle of Jesus changing water to wine…

He can do this – WE CANNOT!

Lace water with teas, fruit juice…

Water has no cancer fighting  properties – free radical multiply uncontrolled..

With out whole fruits & vegetables peeled – 

Covid 19, Colds and flu will  continue to be rampant & Cancer will continue to ravage our loved ones bodies & sentence the to months or years of morbid & excruciatingly painful chemo & an ignoble death…

Western Medicine method of treating a disease that has ‘no CURE’ 

It is totally preventable & REVERSIBLE –  with whole food education 

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