Reaching Out to Victims of Domestic Trauma Adult & Childhood – Graduate Studies? & VICTIMS of Modern Factory Food Diet~

Please help my family-

Please forward to any student or faculty – researching Trauma 

The reason I am contacting  academic institution – is to offer Researchers, Grad Students, etc – looking for a ‘thesis topic’ ?

  • To help families (especially with young children to understand & avoid childhood trauma)

For the last 4 years – my family member has been experiencing – What I may believe is ‘unresolved grief ‘-morphing into PTSD Trauma episodes

  • Likely – Due to trauma of ‘mis-perceived’ loss of our 50 year old relationship – 
  • To the point where his ‘verbal abuse’ attacks  – led me to seek a Trauma counselor for myself – EDMR treatment & counseling-
  • For the last 4 years – something triggers the ‘PTSD-like’ episodes 
  • To stop them – I made audio recordings – This would temporary stop the verbal abuse  but they Exhausted him – requiring sleep for hours & the not remembering any thing about the ‘verbal attack’
  • His behavior & my reaction to it –  has lead me to publish our experience (& other topics – on WordPress 
  • A ‘self-proclaimed’ Freelance Writer – 600 + publications & counting~
  • I journal daily – especially  these ‘verbal abuse’ episodes – that he cannot remember (Intrinsic memory only – likely ) 
  • He still has ‘the PTSD software running in the background & now his episodes are fewer & farther between 
  • He refused counseling – he cannot ‘remember’ the episodes & does not believe the tapes or journaling – He would be a great candidate for ‘lab rat’ possibly –
  • I have amassed volumes of these episodes in my journal & 3 dozen or more of audio tapes –

The reason I am contacting  academic institution – is to offer Researchers, Grad Students, etc – looking for a ‘thesis topic’

  • We are in a financial position to possibly fund research & to further PTSD research –
  • & help families (especially with young children to understand & avoid childhood trauma)
  •   I am open to any discussion on Prevention & Reversal of Abusive behavior- 

WordPress Publication – 

I am in the process of identified an editor – for the 600 + posts- Novel ideas – needing a more professional touch?

My career was to create business, Manage projects always came with a staff who did my editing

– so my technical knowledge & editing skills were never developed to a Polished-Professional Level-

My Posts

Eind to Homelessness – Transfiguration

Trivi Fountain – Rome Italy…

Dee Hinkle(HT Wagner) @ Twitter

Cell phone – 314-283-8786

Joined October Facebook 2009


MISSION ~ To Create awareness of the Toxicity of Factory Foods to our Physical & Mental Health – Greenhouse Gas & Global Warming  & the relationship to Poorly supported CNS, Prefrontal Brain & Immune system that Trauma – Abuse cause on the Modern Factory GMO – Heat  altered & Over-milled Diet & AWARENESS OF DOMESTIC TRAUMA



**  Freelance Writer on WordPress, Facebook  

**  President of JenCare BCE  Reversal & Prevention & Memory Loss

& Disease & Dysfunction Caused by CAFO-GMO ‘Factory or Carnival’ Foods Diet

It is never too late ~ to reverse CAFO-GMO age-related disease-Even for the Baby Boomers

**  Former Director of Recruiting at Nexstar Financial (BOA)… 

2000 to 2005 St Louis Missouri

**  Former Vice President at Bradford & Galt, INC.

1987 – 1999 St Louis, Missouri 

**  Former Co-Ownership at Roe Hinkle True Value Hardware Store

1977 – 1987

**  Education ~ 1969- 1971  B.S.  Elementary Education at William Woods University, Fulton, Missouri

1965-1967 ~ University of Central Arkansas (Conway Arkansas) Studied Biology Pre-Med/Nursing ~ Biology, Psychology, Nutrition, (Prefrontal Brain (CNS), ChemistryStudies at 

Attended to Mt. St. Mary’s Academy (Little Rock, Arkansas)

Writing Samples~

After my Dad died in 1998 ~ the Source of My Secure Attachment that allowed me to be Confident &  always been ‘tethered’ to  my Family & World ~

At that point my Vision became was obscure ~ I lost will to go on living the fast-paced (but very productive financially) lifestyle ~It had become empty & Money no longer the driving force. 

***    I left Bradford & Galt (A top producer creating a ‘high function’ team of 5-6 recruiters ~ Awarded consultant of the year EVERY year since 1990

***  5 years at Nexstar ~  intense recruiting as director of a ‘Start-up’

able to recruit ‘top guns’ & was energized & proactively developed another ‘high function’ team of 5-6 recruiters~

****  My 5 recruiters were released in 2003 due to a downturn in mortgage industry~Without recruiters to hand off work assignments to them ~ It was up to me to do it all. 

I thought I could ‘turn water to wine’ ~ but could not ~ Long stressful hours, diet changed to CAFO-GMO Industrial  Factory (synthetic) Meat, Dairy & Eggs –  Cereal now GMO ~ Lead to mental decline – Life Altering! 

Now Modern GMO processed diet replaces with — ‘brain-health’ Pasture-Raised (brain healthy brain fat) not over processed-

Bolyard’s Meat & Provisions

Monday- Friday 11am-7pm

Saturday: 10am-6pm


2810 Sutton Boulevard Maplewood, Mo 63143

From West ~ Big Bend to Manchester to right onSutton Boulevard


Already faced with the death of two closely held nephews & already on the spiritual path, deepened my resolve to continue. working for money ~  In 2005 

~ My Perfect Storm ~’Cognitive Burnout’ (Excess CAFO-GMO ~ Cortisol & over-heated with Dead Bacteria (Over-milled GMO grains _Fed & Cortisol)   & lack of Pasture-fed (or wild) Animal protein, Wild-caught Seafood ~ very little Unaltered (over-Milled) Ancient grains

~ Lead to a ‘Quintessential’ Western Medicine Misdiagnoses & loss of normal (high functioning) Cognitive abilities~ 

Without looking at my Inherited DNA 100 years of Parents-Grandparents from Europe, Northern Ireland, & Basque Country France & Spain~ Sustainable Farmers 24×7, 365 days each year & each Sunday ~ Mass at the Benedictine Abby in Subiaco – 

* The last 2 years at Nexstar-

my CNS was being soaked in Unrelenting  STRESS ~ (Cortisol liver damage) 

* I was left to doing the trivial, tedious tasks that my recruiters were hired to do

A Toxic cocktail’ along with my lifestyle~

* Each evening ~ WINE  (alcohol is a ‘solvent’) with dinner ~ 

            * Dinner Factory -Farmed Pork, turkey or beef) CAFO-GMO fed Factory  animal protein, Modern Dairy & Eggs ~ Unpeeled (lectins in peel) Vegetable & no Soaked  Ancient Grains  little Seafood ~ a primary source of Plant Protein for the CNS~ * NO ‘conventional bread’ (too fattening) refined carbs ~  only 2 grams of Plant Protein & * No Soaked (unrefined) Ancient Grains ~(another primary source of Plant Protein for the CNS)~ Roasted peanut butter 

* Removing  WHOLE GRAIN Non-GMO “Total” cereal (breakfast 

from (1960 is to 1999) & replacing  fruit ‘Pasteurized’ dairy yogurt -milk (loaded with DEAD bacteria from pasteurization Heat Altered, Cortisol from Factory Dairy Farms & GMO Alfalfa, corn or Soy since the ’90’s ~The  Smoothie was mostly GMO, Cortisol & altered  American Dairy animal protein & Altered protein powder with a little fruit~ Both highly INFLAMMATORY & Not capable of delivering Nutrients to the Brain & CNS~

* APF enriched wheat flour for baking cookies,  pizza crust, bagel, bread for sandwiches ~ (All only 2 grams of plant protein)~

* Port wine to bring my mind to stillness  before bed only a shot, but still a solvent~

* With all of stress of Cortisol & alcohol & CAFO-GMO SAD diet, 

* So little fish (omega 3) or little or no Soaked Ancient grain only Over-Milled (Refined ‘Disease-causing” carbs) ~

* Rice was white  (refined carbs)  ~ (It is likely the ‘white’  Rice killed the birds thrown to them at weddings ~starvation, malnutrition)~& not until past few years ago ‘brown rice’~oats ~ quinoa & Farro (Italian Rice for Creativity)

Ancient wheat was replaced by  GMO Whole Wheat Flour- Omit the Ancient practice of SOAKING ~ the Disease-Causing’ ‘Seed lock’s & ‘Lectins’ in the peel ~ remain & are GROUND into the flour causing Obesity & Gluten intolerance ~

(All raw seeds (Including peanuts)  have Omega 3 ~ but the Roasting, gridding to a powder ~exposure to air destroys Omega 3  & They  become ‘INFLAMMATORY’ causing  cancer causing ‘Free Radicals’ no longer bioavailable-(Carnival-like foods)

* 14 years of ‘dart throwing’ by Wester medicine doctors ~(a book in itself)

* Kidney started show wear & they reduced  pharma ~ My diet was reversed also to ‘Non-GMO or not altered Ancient grains, Pastured animal & Seafood Protein (not fed GMO) & Raw Pastured Dairy (European Cheeses from Whole Foods), & Pasture-raised (non-GMO) Eggs~ Fermented Foods ~ (homemade Kombucha tea)

**  2016 I designated my “Jubilee year” ~ With the ‘full copies’ of each parents & grandparents genes inherited ~ 100 years of 24 x 7 Days on a Sustainable farmers near the Subiaco Benedictine Abby ~ Chanting Monks! Whole Grain Mill down the dirt road from local  Non-GMO seeds ~ Going back to Subiaco ways ~ Body, Mind & Spirit were fully restored!

My parents (an Orphan on the Orphan Train from NY (Hebrew from Northern Ireland)  & Henry  (Basque & Hebrew)  He lost 2 fathers before he turned 15 ~ Their struggles,  prayers  & ‘will to give’  encoded in my DNA ~ It is all I know!

* Pre-med 2 year in 1965-1967 ~  a ‘pre-war’ nutrition Classes ~ learned of ‘essential oils’ ~ (many years before they could be bought)!

Whole grain somewhat  ‘Over-Milled’ or but no GMO~ More Seafood (not fed GMO) ~ Better quality CNS & Prefrontal Brain function…

God gave the Irish Whiskey’ so they would never rule the world’

The Irish bars &  meat ~ Laborers need to forge the Western Hemisphere 

Catholics ~ only had to eat Fish on Fridays 

My Focus & Drive  now ~ seem to be good like before 2000 ~ Productive 

Raising 2 children, sew, garden & work part & full time ~ out of the house ~

While she encouraging her spouse to read the paper & watch TV  after a hard day’s work ~ Just like their father’s & mother’s who raised them?

Based on the encoded DNA from parents with Big Dream & Bold Prayer ~ beliefs 

& Strong Desire to Care for Others & Pray ~Steel-trap iIntegrity & Fear of God~

I seemed to think that I could play Jesus & turn water to wine ~All society ~ Empty (processed foods, soda & pasteurized dairy) into wholesome food, packed with nutrients that feeds the COGNITIVE MIND ~

And save the homeless, do away with diabetes at the same time 

~ I plan to tell my story to anyone who will listen ~ 

It had been quite a trip ~ Future may look brighter ~ A good Pope Francis & President not controlled by ‘the Big’s’ or a  Politician willing to Ban GMO & allow Factory Farms to collapse!

DNA sequined ~(Hebrew Ulster Ireland & Hebrew & Basque Iberian peninsula) 

The ancestry of modern Iberians (Spanish and Portuguese) is consistent with the geographical situation of the Iberian Peninsula in the south-west corner of Europe. … 

Furthermore, the Basque region and Catalonia hold the least Eastern Mediterranean ancestry in Iberia~ Genetic history of the Iberian Peninsula – Wikipedia

My Portrait of an INTJ – The Scientist

Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging-Perceiving (50-50)

 Personality Tests Based on the Theories of Carl Jung & Briggs & Myers

Tested in 1990 & again at Nexstar in 2003…



This Preaching Must Stop!

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