Next-Gen Slavery? Nursing Home – Memory Care Can Become Memory Rehab – But for Western Medicine, Factory Food that Perpetuates MODERN DISEASE! Dr. Gundry & Dr. Thomas Cowan~Connect Dots – Immune System MIA Due to EXCESS Factory Processes~

POLICY & ETHICS – How the FDA Manipulates the Media

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been arm-twisting journalists into relinquishing their reportorial independence, our investigation reveals. 

Other institutions are following suit ~

How the Government covers up the ‘theft of Unaltered Plant-based Protein  (CNS & Prefrontal  Brain, Heart support!- in favor of Big Factory Farms & CAFO-GMO (cheap fuel that supports Mega profits for  Big Food industry business, Fast food, Restaurants, Research, hospitals, Medicare &  Faux charities for diseases that HAVE NO CURE – COLDS, FLU, ARTHRITIS, ASTHMA, ALLERGIES, ALZHEIMER’S,  CANCER, (Susan you can stop running the race for a cure), ~ 

We approaching a PARADIGM SHIFT! 



CAFO-GMO Factory Farming – Over Processing, Over-Milling for the last 100 Years!

What is hidden in our greedy society:

The Lies of Factory Food (for profit) – The Lie of the Grain Millers-How SKIM,  Over-Mill, Dilute Un-altered Raw Nuts & Seed Milks ~ Plant Protein & Make Profit!

What the Health is a ground breaking feature length documentary from the award -winning filmmakers of …

Aug 29, 2017 – Uploaded by YouTube Movies

What The Health – DOCUMENTARY/DOCUMENTAL – ENG + … › watch

What the Health is a 2017 documentary film which critiques the health impact of meat and dairy products …

Is GMO Kosher or Halal? or Modern ‘Factory Processed – Over-Milled & Over-HEATED – FOR SHELF LIVE ~ (UNCLEAN & UNETHICAL) ~   Be FIT FOR ANY HUMAN CONSUMPTION?

Help Create Awareness OF  Factory Farms CAFO Contribution to Greenhouse Gas!

** CAFO waste (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation)-Over 168 Gases are Emitted-Major Cause of ‘Global Warming’-Ban GMO & CAFOs Go Away

Paris in the Twentieth Century Jules Verne predicted ~ ‘Food will be synthetic ~ made of oil’

Why GMO is not SAFE! – CAFO-GMO-(GMold) Genetic Modification

– It is a bit like eating PB&J on MOLDY bread!

‘GMold’ MAGNIFIES THE FOOD (FEED THE WORLD)! (Making it Synthetic &  no longer-BIOAVAILABLE!   (Another Flavor of GENOCIDE)?


** The Glutens – making us Glutein intolerant – IBS, Celiac Disease ~

**  The Lectins in the Peel – Bitter to repel predators & preserve the seed~not digestible – only good for fat storage (OBESITY) & ORGAN & JOINT DAMAGE~

Dr. Gundry Talks ~ CORONAVIRUS ~ STAY HEALTHY by ARMING the Immune System &Vitamin D ~ Dr. Thomas Cowan, MD at ‘Healthy Immunity ~ AVOID ALL FACTORY~ALTERED FOODS- OVER-HEATED & OVER-MILLED & GMO~

ALL PROTEINS, FATS & CARBS ~ ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL – Factory Farm Processes – Game Changer – Great for Medicare & the other ‘Bigs”


My Posts ~

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JenCare BCE … Prevention & Reversal  of Memory Loss & Disease & Dysfunction – Caused by CAFO-GMO Factory Foods~.

You are what you eat!


Eat Yourself Happy With These 8 Endorphin-Releasing Foods ~ To Offset Cortisol From the GMO Factory Farmed Food in America ~

‘PUTRID’ MODERN DAIRY (Including Ice Cream) ~ Un-SOAKED ANCIENT GRAINS, Nuts & Seeds ~  Like Eating ‘BOOGERS’- CAFO~GMO ~ Heat Altering ~ ~Pasteurization ~ Roasting are Allergy & Modern Disease-Causing!

The Truth About Vaccines ~ Coronavirus: the Whole world ‘Must Take Action’ warns ‘WHO’ – Western Style ~ CLASSIC FEAR MONGERING ~ Investigate Who Will Profit? ~ Prevent by ‘Brandy Pot’ (Dried Fruit, Soaked-Raw Nuts ~ Small Jar ~ Alcohol ~ Brandy, etc ~ To Preserve ~ Nature’s Flu Shot, Cold & Cancer Prevention & Reversal! Simple Starts Daily!

President Roosevelt – Walked a Fine Line Between Big Business Interests & the Suffragists ~ Moms Who Wanted Assurance that Food for their Children to Pure!  Food Safety Assure ~ UNTIL the End of WWII – Vote to Ban GMO & Factory Farms Will Collapse without Cheap Fuel! Back to the Start of Greed!

It is Not Recommended to TRY TO GO VEGAN in US  ~ With GMO Soy, Corn & Alfalfa Fed to Cows ~ ‘FAILED MODERN PROCESSES’ ~(Heat-Altering Dairy, Roasted (Un-Soaked) Nuts & Seeds – May Still Keep Us on the Medicare Train! US ‘Beyond Meat’ – Like Eating Muscle Meat? Outside the US ~No GMO ~ May be safer ~

Food Safety Reforms & Labeling Favored ~  Still No Enforcement of Regulations ~ Truth in Labeling Laws ~ no funding to enforce? Food Poisoning & Deaths ~ Time to Revisit 2012 Prop 37 – California ~ Big Business Lobbied & It Failed! Netflix Documentary ‘Rotten’!

Dishonest Things Restaurants Do To Save Money & Make More Profit! On Top of GMO foods, Heat altered Dairy & Roasted Unsoaked Nuts & Over-Milled Ancient Grains! Cancer & Diabetes Makers All!

Chick-fil-A ~ Beating Every Competitor by Training Workers to Say ‘Please’ & ‘Thank You’ – For WHAT? More CAFO-GMO ‘CARNIVAL’ FOOD (Unclean) as Our ‘Daily Bread’? Perpetuating the Need for Universal Health Care ~ We Want to be Healthy Instead! Let Congress Know!

The Antidote to Vaccines ~ Coronavirus: Whole world ‘must take action’, warns WHO – CLASSIC FEAR MONGERING ~ Western Style! ~ Prevent by ‘Brandy Pot’ (Dried fruit, Soaked-Raw Nuts ~ Small Jar ~ Alcohol – It Evaporates ~ (Brandy, etc ~ To Preserve ~ Nature’s Flu Shot, Cold & Cancer Prevention ~ Investigate Who will Profit?

‘Cowspiracy’ ~ Netflix ~ Animal Rights & Environmental at Top of FBI Priorities ~ Direct Threat to Corporate Environment?  Keep People in Dark ~ Fear Mongering for Profit! Kip Chose ‘Not to Surrender’  to Threats from Big Business & Government!

Next-Gen of Fraud in the Milk Industry – ‘FIGHT CHILDHOOD HUNGER IN YOUR COMMUNITY’ ~ Fear Mongering  & Tug on the ‘Heartstrings’ to make a profit! GMO – & Factory Processed ~ Famine to Body, Bones, etc.

Scientific American ~ By Charles Seife on October 1, 2016

It was a faustian bargain—and it certainly made editors at National Public Radio squirm.

Next Gen Slavery? Nursing Home – Memory Care can become Memory Rehab but for Western Medicine, Factory Food that Perpetuates MODERN DISEASE!

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