Bloodline of Royalty – Alkaline-Macrobiotic ‘Live’ Food-The Basque People~ ‘rh Negative’ Lacking the Factor Contained in all Earthly Primates-PRICE WESTON on Modern Processed Food (Synthetic) ~

From the Mar. 18, 1985 issue of TIME magazine~

Blood line of Royalty~ Alkaline (Macrobiotic) Foods

‘LIVE’ Natural Unaltered GMO food ~ NOT FACTORY FOOD 

Reference Price Weston- ABCs of Nutrition

New to the Weston A. Price Foundation principles?

Start by reading our general guidelines, then move on to articles about the fat-soluble activators, vitamins A, D and K. Dr. Price’s most important discovery was that all traditional diets contained very high levels of these vitamins, found in foods like PASTURE-RAISED and Non-GMO egg yolks, raw butter (with LIVE BENEFICIAL BACTERIA), PASTURE-RAISED organ meats, PASTURE-RAISED animal ‘BRAIN HEALTHY’ fats and wild caught seafoods ~ NOT FARMED and FED GMO!


**  Over Heating-pasteurization and Roasting

**  Over-Milling – Removing the germ (CNS -Brain food) to “stabilize” for shelf life

& Genetically modify (GMO) ~ making the food ‘no long bioavailable’ and No longer helpful  and must be  used to find storage and not for grow or maintain systems and prevent Allergies 

In addition to  fat cell storage ~ Joints (arthritis), Brain, (Dementia & other memory dysfunction, Heart, Skin etc. Dead cells must be have their ‘final resting  place’ ~ SCIENCE IS NOW SHOWING~

The Basque People

The Rh-Negative Factor is considered a “Mutation” of “Unknown Origin”, which happened in Europe, about 25,000-35,000 years ago. Then this group spread heavily into the area of what is now Spain, England, Ireland, etc. 

Strange Facts Concerning rh-Negatives…

Majority of mankind has a blood factor common with the rhesus monkey – rH positive. 

Completely independent from A, B , O-

‘rh- negative’ is LACING  the factor contained in ‘all earthly primates’.


One of the rh negative genes is usually written as rh

(with a small ‘r’) 

The rh gene is recessive to all the other genes in the rh series.   Therefore, it is only when a person is homozygous for rh (that is, has two rh genes) that it can be detected.Such a person is said to be rh-negative ~ A person with only one rh negative gene or none ~ At all is rh positive

~The Basques have the highest recorded level of rh-negative blood (roughly twice that of most Europeans)

* A unique system of measurement based on the number 7, instead of 10, 12, or 60-

  • Made regular visits to North America long before Columbus to fish and to trade for beaver skins. (Recently unearthed British customs records show large Basque imports of beaver pelts from 1380-1433.)
  • The invention of a sophisticated ‘navigational device’ called an ‘abacus’ (No relation to the common abacus.)

Two facts set the Basque people apart from the other Europeans who have dominated the continent the past 3,000 years: 

(1) The Basque language is ‘distinctly different’

(2) The Basques have the highest recorded level of rh-negative blood (roughly twice that of most Europeans)

* rh-negative women and men display ‘Reptilian Physical Traits’: An EXTRA-Vertebra (a “Tail Bone”). Some are born with an actual tail (called a “Cauda”) In Sanskrit, Ketuu – The south Lunar Node, also known as Cauda/Draconis, in latin, “dragon’s tail” in English.

More TRAITS found in rh-negatives~

Plant Protein (macrobiotic-alkaline) brings out the ‘demi-god’ in all ~There are certain similarities that occur to those having rh-negative blood ~ According to some who have it there are common patterns found~

Following patterns:

  • Predominance of green or hazel eyes that change color, also blue eyes
  • Reddish brown hair ~ predominant straight nose and large ear lobes ~
  • Low pulse rate and  Low blood pressure ~ athletic ~ well coordinated~
  • Piercing Eyes ~ Hyper Vision & other senses~ (finding 4 leaf clovers)
  • ESP Perception is usually the Truth
  • Higher MENTAL ANALYTICAL’ abilities
  • Extra rib or vertebrae
  • Love of SPACE and SCIENCE
  • A sense of ‘not belonging’ to the human race
  • Para-normal occurrences
  • Prophetic  dreams
  • Desire for HIGHER WISDOM
  • Empathetic illnesses
  • Deep compassion for fate of mankind ~ end homelessness
  • Have a strong sense of MISSION or PURPOSE
  • Physic abilities
  • Unexplained scars on body
  • Capability to disrupt electrical appliances?
  •  High Sensitivity to EM and ELF Fields
  • Alien contacts (Many Starseeds are rh- negative)

People with PKU or the rh-negative  & have a DEFICIENCY of an ENZYME which is necessary for the PROPER METABOLISM OF AN AMINO ACID (protein) called Phenylalanine (i.e., the component in diet soda included in the warning).  Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid and it is found in nearly all foods which contain PROTEIN, mainly… meat (of all kinds), dairy products (especially Modern processed, heat altered and GMO.

Lesser….raw nuts, beans, tofu… the list goes on and on.  

The Forgotten Protein – ”Plant Protein”

Eat your Fish…He Died for us… 

Some famous rh negatives…


Erich Von Daniken 

Brad Stiger (Author of god of Aquarius)

Robert Antone Wilson – author of Illumines is rh –

(book has a list of famous rh-)

Jesus (The Shroud)  is said to be tested AB

Noah could possibly be rh- ( text of Enoch )

It is also said ~  the “lost tribe of Israel” is rh-‘s

Gilgamesh 1/2 human 1/2 god could also be a candidate for rh-

Prince Charles, 36, who has become the first member of the royal family ever to give blood -in his case, O Rh-negative….

References ~

But if European Royalty refuse to marry into the rh Negative bloodline ~  it means one thing ~ rh-Neg people are a ‘competing royal line’

from “The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider


Additionally, phenylalanine is found in aspartame, the sweetener found in most diet soft drinks and sugar-free candies/gum – hence the need for the warning on the labels of these products ~ The synthesized chemical called ASPARTAME is the artificial sweetener that is used in many kinds of diet soda, sugar-free candies and gums, and many other sugar-free products

Aspartame: The Most Dangerous Substance on the Market…/aspartame-most-dangerous-substance-added-to-food.aspx   The Truth About Aspartame – CD | Blaylock Health Channel with ……/product/the-truth-about-aspartame—cd…Those of us who have “full blown”  PKU must follow a strict “low Animal Protein” diet ~ To avoid “ALL food sources that have “high phenylalanine” content -~Those who only have a ‘relatively smaller amount” of PKU or are “rh negative”(any blood type) ~

~Their diet is better suited if it is PREDOMINATELY (alkaline-not acid or Animal Protein)   ~ Unaltered – not processed and not GMO- Plant Protein ~

The Forgotten Protein is easier for the body to digest more efficiently. When food is ‘right for the system-

~ the PROTEIN is ‘more  effectively assimilated’

‘PLANT PROTEIN’  works better for THE ‘CNS’~ Central Nervous System~ The Prefrontal THINKING  Brain!

The body -(MUSCLES) can utilize Animal Protein for energy and as tissue grows and needs repair  But the Brain ~ not so much

~ Since the “neural tissue” accompanies the muscles ~ Research is showing (Dr. Bonnie Bezzhold at Benedictine University)

GMO altered processed – Animal Protein gives rise to “AGGRESSIVE, ANGRY, IRRITABLE  BEHAVIOR 

It can cause mood destabilization and dysfunctional behavior may result ~ It may be worsened &  misdirected by the dependence on  fast and processed FACTORY GMO ALTERED food PROCESSED  & Dependence onThe ‘WHITE MENACE” foods ~EXCESS of (OVER-refined Ancient or GMO Grains  & Heat processed (roasted nuts & All pasteurized dairy)

Mix in Trauma ~ “Unresolved Trauma” ~

Perfect Storm~ It .may explain why a brain built on shoddy cheap food could conceive….Sandy Hook…Boston Bombers…shooters…

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