Join the Processed-Free Revolution! A Step in the Right Direction or Another Scam? Jury out ~ Endorses-Allergy-Causing Heat altering-Best-NOT BUY-ROASTED (NOT SOAKED) TOXIC Nuts-Grains~

A Step in the Right Direction?

Do you ~ So…

Do You Want To Start a Revolution?

• Aspire to join a food revolution and be an agent of change with childhood obesity?

• Desire a purpose-driven life of teaching others how to attain a processed-free eating style?

• Want to earn money while doing what you love?

• Wish to expand your offering to clients and patients who could benefit from education about how to eat processed- free?

Then read on for details about becoming a Licensed Processed-Free Facilitator!

 Join the Processed-Free Revolution!

Become a Licensed Processed-Free Facilitator!

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IN AMERICA~ GMO & OVER-PROCESSED Fake ‘FACTORY’ FOOD – 3 TO 4 TIMES CORONA VIRUS CASES ~ Connect the Dots ~ Clean Food – Ratio~ 80% Vegetables & Non-Altered Grains~Omnivore – Avoid Eating ‘Muscle Meat’ Use Other Parts for Bone Stock!

Feast TV – Featuring Local Farmers – Supporting ‘Pasture-Raised’ Omega 3 & Vitamin D – Soon to Replace Failed & Pharma Myths Debunked ~ Factory Synthetic Food-from GMO-fed Abused Animals Under a Man-Made Roof! No Natural Sunshine & Omega 3 in Green Fields~Netflix-Rotten & Magic Pill Documentaries

The Science Behind Mysteries & Miracles ~ Are we Overlooking the Obvious?~ ‘AMERICAN STYLE’ ~ WHAT IS MISSING?’ ~ Replace US Factory Foods – with Non-GMO European Food ~Help Create Awareness OF CAFO Contribution to Greenhouse Gas Global Health AWARENESS ~ Netflix~Rotten & the Magic Pill Documentaries~

Since 2000 ~ Rise of Non-Alcohol Fatty Liver ~ COINCIDES with the Increase of GMO & Factory Processed Foods – (Over Milling – Fiber (Plant Protein) & Over-Heating (Raw Dairy destroying LIVE’ BENEFICIAL GUT BACTERIA’ & ROASTING OF RAW NUTS – NOT SOAKING – Immune System Empty -Coronavirus – Tied to GMO & Allergies!

HOARDERS RUSH to Freeze Factory Meat! PLEASE REMOVE FROM OUR SUPERMARKETS ~ Why freeze Factory Meat – Already ‘Moldy’ with GMO & Factory Farm Processed & BACTERIA FROM ‘WET’ MODERN MEAT & DAIRY CASES? * Better to Treat Like After a LONG POWER OUTAGE – REMOVE & NOT EAT! Thanks for Removing it Forever – Replace with ‘Pasture-Raised’~

We approaching a PARADIGM SHIFT! GLOBAL WARMING At Home Project to Become Active & Create Awareness – PLAYLIST YOUTUBE

School Strikes for Climate – IF RULES ARE NOT WORKING – ‘Save the World’ by Changing the Rules | Greta Thunberg a Youth| TEDx Stockholm

Chemicals – ‘Ingredients’ Review ~ ‘Let Us Eat Cake’ · The WSJ – Steven Poole ~ Processed Over-REFINED ‘WHITE’ GRAINS & RICE ‘MIA’ & IMPOTENT in ARMING ~ IMMUNE SYSTEM ~ ESPECIALLY IN THE ‘DEVELOPED’ COUNTRIES~LEADING TO CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC ~ See Chart Below ~

We Are Approaching a PARADIGM SHIFT!  Who will be the first Fast Food TO CONVERT  to Non-GMO -Not Altered or Over milled refined Pasture-Raised animal protein ~ McDonald’s or Burger King? Who will be the first Nursing home  TO CONVERT from ‘Memory Care’ to Memory ‘Rehab’ – REVERSING THE RAVAGES OF FACTORY FOOD on CNS-Brain of GMO & OVER PROCESSED & Save the Planet from Global Warming!

Make the all the world a ‘BLUE ZONE’

Pray for Longevity -living to 100 

& not in a Nursing Home – Someday will be MEMORY REHAB!


PRAY TO END –Big Government – Big Business is Fraud-Greed-Fear -Mongering for Profit? – Covid Makers ALL! The Top Human Rights Issue of Our Time – Dr Thomas Cowan and Regenerative Agriculture – Fake Food – Future for America? Immune System Impotent! Paradigm  Shift

View – Dr Thomas Cowan on Youtube- by accident – 

He has a different take that the current Medical system

He  prescribes LDN Low Dose Naltrexone (sp) – LDN seems to DRAMATICALLY change life! no more chronic stress, allow digestive system has started to pump out digestive enzymes – With NDL – Able to  sleep all through the night –  a little drowsy during the day – but still sufficient energy to be productive – no alcohol!

Read More- 

Autoimmunity-the Changing Nature of Illness TRAUMA TREATMENT – Dr Tom Cowan’s Version of the Gaps Diet – GMO or Factory-Altered Processed Foods – Low Dose Naltrexone for Better Sleep-Anxiety Treats Symptoms of Trauma from Life – the Elephant in the Room! Needed with Diet -Sources-LDN -Recipes

OCTOBER 23, 2020



Six Principles to Follow When Starting on an Autoimmune Diet

Food & Drink, Health & Wellness

Inspired by a combination of his work treating patients with autoimmune disease and working in his garden, Dr. Cowan has developed six principles to help patients create healthy, natural diets. He emphasizes the importance of sourcing quality food from your immediate environment and consuming the correct macronutrients.

The following excerpt is from Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness, by Thomas Cowan, MD. It has been adapted for the web.

Prefer audio?

Listen to the following excerpt from the audiobook of Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness.

Chelsea GreenPublishing 

The full GAPS diet-

  • PASTURE-RAISED  meat, – hormone-free and grass-fed.
  • Brain & CNS Healthy Animal fats, such as lard, tallow, lamb fat, duck fat, raw butter &  ghee.
  • Fish – not Farmed & Fed GMO
  • Shellfish
  • Pasture-Raised organic eggs (hens not fed GMO)
  • Fermented foods, such as kefir, homemade yogurt & sauerkraut.
  • vegetables (peeled)

Six Principles to Follow When Starting on an Autoimmune Diet

Six Principles to Follow When Starting on an Autoimmune Diet

Inspired by a combination of his work treating patients with autoimmune disease and working in his garden, Dr. Cowan has developed six principles to help patients create healthy, natural diets. He emphasizes the importance of sourcing quality food from your immediate environment and consuming the correct macronutrients. The following excerpt is from Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and … Continue reading

Six Principles to Follow When Starting on an Autoimmune Diet

The Cowan Autoimmune Diet

The Cowan Autoimmune Diet is based on the etiology of autoimmune disease as I describe it in this book.

For example, one of the first steps in the progression of any autoimmune disease is disturbance in the gut microbiome; this can be addressed through a proper diet.

Another factor is deterioration of the intestinal villi; this can also be addressed through a proper diet.

The principles in the Cowan Autoimmune Diet are by no means unique; they can be found in the GAPS diet, the Autoimmune Paleo Diet, and the Wahls Protocol.

These are all wonderful dietary approaches and I have used each of them successfully in my many years of treating people with autoimmune diseases.

I have a slightly different take than these other approaches,

which I’ve developed in my role not only as a physician treating patients with autoimmune diseases but also as a gardener.

The other perspective I bring comes from my emphasis on water.

Water molecules make up more than 99.9 percent of the molecules in our bodies.

And the state of our health is in many ways a result of how well we are able to structure this water in our cells and tissues.

Finally, while the thrust of this book is on the understanding & treatment of autoimmune diseases & this diet is considered a part of that therapy, we must never lose sight of the importance of finding joy in our lives.

Food is an integral part, in every culture & society, in the attainment of this joy.

The sensual quality of food, including not just its taste, but its aroma and appearance, is an essential part of this diet and an essential part of any true healing.

Our quest should be for a life of abundance, joy, and meaning.

There is no greater venue for executing this quest than in our relationship with food. With that introduction, here are the principles of the Cowan Autoimmune Diet.

Food Quality

In some ways, in a list of the top ten dietary principles, attention to food quality should be numbers one through nine.

As there is such an intimate connection between pesticide or herbicide use and diseases, including polio and autism, it is imperative for anyone suffering from any autoimmune disease or any disease of any kind, to pay strict attention to the quality of food they’re eating.

By “quality,” I refer not only to the care of soil and PASTURES that forms the foundation of healthy food, but also to more subtle aspects, such as the correct time to harvest vegetables and the proper way to store and process the foods we eat.

 A commitment to food quality needs to be a total commitment—meaning the complete abandonment of inferior-quality foods.

Here are the “rules”:

  • The best food is properly FORAGED or CAUGHT WILD- This means the forager or hunter needs to be aware of sustainable foraging practices and must avoid contaminated land and water. 
  • The hunter needs to be aware of how to humanely kill and dress his prey – To prevent stress toxins from the blood & meat of the prey. 

SOURCE – Health Benefits of Grass-Fed (Pasture-raised) Products –

  • The next-best quality will come from PASTURE-RAISED  animals-
  • St Louis Source –
  •  Bolyard’s Meat & Provisions2810 Sutton Boulevard Maplewood, Mo 63143314-647-2567
  • Followed by food grown on biodynamic farms or gardens –
  • Or on small-scale permaculture farms NO TILL & NO MONO-CROPS
  • Following that is food produced by small-scale family farms or gardens or food grown in your own organic homestead or garden or Farmer’s Market – LOCAL –
  • The final acceptable source is food grown on large-scale certified organic farms. 
  • For help finding these types of foods
  • the Weston A. Price Foundation shopping guide can be invaluable (see recommended resources-
  • Shopping Guide and Find Real Food App
  • <img class=”alignleft wp-image-1896 size-full” src=”; alt=”shoppingguide2012″ width=”300″ />
  • Take the guesswork out of buying the most natural, nutrient dense, and traditional foods! (US only).
  • Our annual printed Shopping Guide summarizes our nutritional principles, and organizes foods into 30 categories with “Best,” “Good,” and “Avoid” rankings.

It includes brand names for finding the healthiest foods in supermarkets, health food stores, by phone, and online.


Join a Local Processed-Free Support Group

At the bottom of this page is a current listing of the local Processed-Free Support Groups throughout the United States and Canada. We’re just getting started, so if there’s not one in your area, it’s easy to start your own by being a Support Group Coordinator.

Be a Processed-Free Support Group Coordinator

Your commitment as a Processed-Free Support Group Coordinator will help you stay committed to your own process. This program is intended to be free to participants and there is no cost to you to start a Processed-Free Group (at least there is no cost from us). There are many advantages to being a Processed-Free Support Group Coordinator:

· You pick the time and place that is best for you to have your weekly support group meetings

· You stay committed to your own process

· You reap the rewards of helping other people

· You become versed in the Processed-Free lifestyle

· You find support around you to help you stay on track

If you are interested in starting a group, email us at with:

  • Your name
  • Your location, your phone numbers, and
  • Why you want to start a Processed-Free Support Group.

You will then receive information about Dee’s next scheduled orientation conference call where you can ask questions and get all the details. There is a $50 fee that will be charged after you talk with Dee. After your orientation, we’ll send you a Processed-Free Support Group Starter Packet.

Processed-Free Support Groups in Your Area

2019 Information Packet   Page 1 of 18

       Within three days of following this plan, I noticed I had less arthritis pain. Within four months, I lost 65 pounds. It has been over two years now and my weight loss has remained steady at a wonderful 125 pounds! My skin is better, my hair is shinier, and I no longer take allergy medication. I rave about this plan to my family and friends!

—Colleen Politi, Peoria, AZ

Processed-Free Facilitator Training Table of Contents

So…Do You Want To Start a Revolution? 3 What You Can Trust to Receive 4 Processed-Free Adult Workshop Information 5 Processed-Free Child Workshop Information 6 Facilitator Training Schedule 8 Requirements for Licensing 12 Training and Licensing Fee 13 Processed-Free Facilitator Registration Details 14 Frequently Asked Questions 16

Contact Information:

Michael McCaffrey Processed-Free America 602-510-3404 direct line

       Facilitator Training Detail

The Following Topics are Covered Across 12 Modules Total Approximate Viewing Time is 9 Hours

Module 1

• Introduction – Why Processed-Free?

• The Diet-Disease Connection

• The Nutritional Work of Drs. Francis Pottenger, Jr. and Weston Price

• The 47 Essential Nutrients

• Meet Your Nutrition Heroes, Part 1: Fruits and Vegetables

Module 2

• Meet Your Nutrition Heroes, Part 2: Whole Grains

• Refined vs. Unrefined Grains

• The Health Value of Sprouted Grains

• Meet Your Nutrition Heroes, Part 3: Legumes

• Understanding Resistant Starch

• Meet Your Nutrition Heroes, Part 4: Nuts and Seeds

Module 3

• Fats and Oils – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

• Understanding Saturated Fats

• Understanding Monounsaturated Fats

• Understanding Polyunsaturated Fats – Omega-3 and Omega-6

• Understanding Free Radicals and Trans Fat

• How Oils Are Refined

• The Best Oils to Use for Cooking

   Page 8 of 18

   Module 4

 • Lean, Healthy Proteins

• Understanding Amino Acids

• Complete and Incomplete Protein Foods

• Complementary Proteins for Vegetarian Meals

• How Much Protein Do We Need?

• The Truth About Soy

• Optimal Proteins: Raw Milk, Organic Milk, Grass-Fed Meat, Wild-Caught

Caught Fish Module 5

• Interpreting Ingredient Lists

• Generally Recognized as Safe? – The Most Common Food Additives and

Ingredients to Avoid

• The Importance of Organic Foods

• The Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15

• Understanding Genetically Modified Foods (GMO’s)

Module 6

• Sweets and Carbs

• Simple vs. Complex Carbodyrates

• The Beauty of Whole Natural Sugarcane

• The Health Effects of Refined White Sugar

• Healthy Natural Sweetners

• All About Gluten

  Page 9 of 18

Module 7

Facilitator Training Detail (Continued)

 • Healthy Alternative Ingredients

• Replacing White Flour with Whole Grain Flours

• Replacing White Sugar with Natural Sweeteners

• Replacing Bad Oils with Good Oils

• Non-Dairy Options

• More Healthy Alternatives – Coconut Products, Raw Honey, etc.

Module 8

• Vitamins and Minerals: Why Do We Need Them, How Do We Get Them?

• The Fat-Soluble Vitamins: A,D,E & K

• The Water-Soluble Vitamins: B’s and C

• RDA vs. ODA

• Whole Food Vitamins vs. Synthetic Vitamins

• Essential Trace Minerals

Module 9

• Phytonutrients and Antioxidants

• Eat the Rainbow – Colors Associated with Phytonutrients in Foods

• Acid-Alkaline Balance – the pH Scale

• Optimal Body Chemistry for Optimal Health

• Acid and Alkaline Forming Foods

• Health Effects of Too Much Acidity

  Page 10 of 18

 Module 10

 • The Importance of Adequate Water Intake

• What Counts for Water?

• Foods with High Water Content

• The Optimal Balanced Plate – Proper Portions and Balance of Food

Groups Module 11

• The 4-Session Healthy Kids Nutrition Class

• Bringing to Their Level, Making it Fun

• Curriculum and Agenda

• The “No-Yuck” Rule

• Session 1 Key Concepts: o Whole Grains

o Reading Ingredient Lists

o Making a Fresh Fruit Tart

• Session 2 Key Concepts:

o Vitamins and Colors of Fruits and Vegetables o Food-Art Project

Module 12

• Session 3 Key Concepts:

o Food Hygiene and Hand Washing

o Stove Safety

o Knife Safety, Cutting Fruits and Vegetables o Salad Making Project

• Session 4 Key Concepts:

o Good Fats vs. Bad Fats o No-Bake Cookie Making

• Putting It All Together, Final Notes

Requirements for Processed-Free Licensing

• Be passionate about helping others to live processed-free.

• Facilitator candidates are encouraged to already have health or wellness training or personal experience with processed-free living that will benefit their students. Examples include nurses, doctors, health educators and personal trainers. Please contact us if you have any questions about qualification.

• Satisfactory completion of the Facilitator Training Course and successfully passing the written exam.

• Signed agreement to adhere to and maintain the standards of the program.

• Processed-Free Facilitator Program is protected by copyright. Workshops can only be offered by trained and Licensed Processed-Free Facilitators.

• Your Processed-Free Training and Licensing Fee includes the first annual licensing fee. Fees in the following years are paid on the anniversary date of your training.

• Whenever you teach an adult workshop, Processed-Free America will provide the necessary bound workshop content for each participant. The cost of this material is only $15 for each bound workbook (free standard shipping is provided).

• There is also an option to use the book The Science of Skinny as your workbook to save costs. You can obtain books from Processed-Free America at $13 each plus shipping.

Training and Licensing Fee Detail

Processed-Free Living Facilitator Training

• Processed-Free Living 9-Hour 12-Module Intensive Training

• Processed-Free Living Training Course Manual

• Certification Exam

Once you successfully pass the exam, you will receive:

• Certificate of Completion

• All the PowerPoint slides, handouts, teaching materials,

charts and recipes for your workshops with children and with

adults (two separate and complete programs),

• The Processed-Free America logo to use on your business


• Private phone session with Dee for last minute questions,

• Permission while in active-status to use the title “Licensed

Processed-Free Facilitator” (Processed-Free America owns the tradename “Processed-Free”).

 What You Can Trust to Receive

The Processed-Free Facilitator Training provides:

• Intensive training to become an effective agent of change for yourself, your family, and your community.

• Invaluable nutrition education that will last a lifetime.

  • The tools and skills you need to “walk the walk”—you’ll learn how to become a savvy shopper, how to prepare tasty processed-free meals, and you’ll learn how to mentally prepare yourself and your classes for making the transition to healthy eating.

• Valuable Training Materials – complete Processed-Free Facilitator Package, which includes the course manual, the PowerPoint slides to be used as teaching aids and all materials needed for teaching both children and adult classes (two separate and complete programs).

• A phone session with Dee for last minute questions.

Both children’s and adult Processed-Free Workshops are ideal for health clubs and wellness centers, schools, after-school programs, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA, church groups, hospitals, weight loss groups, your office and even your friends and family.

Processed-Free Adult Workshop Information

Information about the workshop that Licensed Facilitators can provide to adults

• Developed by Organic Chemist and Certified Diet Counselor Dee McCaffrey.

• All workshop content is science-based and is updated regularly.

• Aims to create a space for change—to educate and enlighten students on

the value of proper nutrition in order to find a healthier and more life-

affirming relationship with their bodies and the food they eat.

• Provides anti-diet principles discouraging calorie counting and encourages

eating foods in their closest to natural form as an ongoing process to be

taken one day at a time.

• A Holistic approach that encompass the healing properties of whole foods.

• Utilizes empowerment strategies to shift thinking and change attitudes

regarding food, eating and weight loss; promotes taking responsibility for

one’s own health.

• May be taught by a single licensed Facilitator or by a team of Facilitators

(for example, health educator, nutrition professional, fitness trainer).

• Workshop Formats:

o 4 to 8 weekly classes of 1 or two hours in length OR over a weekend, depending on size and setting

o Small, medium or large groups

o Facilitators may use PowerPoint, dry erase board/flip chart o Processed-Free America does NOT utilize or endorse any

medications, appetite aids, or meal replacements. The focus is on eating real foods in their closest to natural form as possible and engaging in moderate amounts of enjoyable exercise.

• Participants are highly encouraged to form support networks to continue and reinforce the principles learned in the workshop.

       Processed-Free Child Workshop Information

Information about the workshop that Licensed Facilitators can provide to children

• Developed by Organic Chemist and Certified Diet Counselor Dee McCaffrey.

• Workshop content is science-based and may be updated regularly.

• Format is four one-hour sessions designed specifically for after-school

programs but can be used in a school setting.

• Tailored for children at their most formative years and typical Boys and

Girls Club ages: 7-12 years old.

• Each session integrates nutrition activities, hands-on food preparation,

and eating tasty fruit or vegetable creations.

• The objective of the series is to acquaint children with the fundamentals of

preparing foods, kitchen safety and hygiene, the taste, aesthetics, and

nutritive value of plant-based whole foods.

• Each child keeps a journal in which he or she records vocabulary words,

nutritional information, observations, and recipes.

• Throughout this program, the children prepare different processed-free

creations and learn:

o About a variety of whole grains, allowing kids to identify whole

versus processed grains.

o The difference between refined sugars and natural sweeteners is


o The importance of hand washing to kill germs prior to handling food

is demonstrated as Kids learn proper hand-washing techniques.

o Safety in the kitchen and how to conduct themselves around a hot


o How to safely handle a kitchen knife and get to practice cutting and

chopping different vegetables and fruits to use in their recipes.

o Learn the names of the basic vitamins, the parts of the body that

benefit from each vitamin, and foods that are sources of each vitamin.

o Learn the difference between a good fat and a bad fat, and why trans fats are not healthy. Kids get to touch and feel different types of fats and oils to understand how fats behave in the body. Emphasis on plant sources of protein to prevent eating too much fat from animal proteins.

o Learn how to read ingredient labels and learn how food manufacturers may not necessarily be advertising and packaging foods with their best interest in mind.

Processed-Free Living Facilitator License

• Use of the term “Certified Processed-FreeÔ Facilitator” on business cards and marketing materials (Processed-Free America owns the trademark “Processed-Free” with the US Patent and Trademark Office)

• Use of Processed-Free America logo on facilitator business cards and marketing materials

  • E-mail and phone support from Processed-Free America

License to Teach Adult and Child Program: $499 for the complete program, price includes licensing to teach program to both adults and children for one year, 12 Modules across 9 hours of instruction, the 150 page workbook paced with the video instruction, and, PowerPoint slides for adult instruction and handouts for the child nutrition program, and a phone session with Dee McCaffrey for last minute questions.

Processed-Free Facilitator Training Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive training to teach both children and adults?

Yes, you will receive training and materials of two separate programs. The adult program will include all the PowerPoints and class materials. The child program will include all the handouts and instruction guidelines, which is geared towards the most formative years (7 to 12 years of age).

Can I charge for my workshops and how much can I make?

You can charge whatever price you like for your workshops. For adult workshops, the rate will depend on your market. Founder Dee McCaffrey charged as much as $150 per person before she started the non-profit.

Can I also be a Processed-Free Support Group Leader?

Yes, we have a very successful Processed-Free Support Group Program. For info go here: groups/

As a Processed-Free Support Group Leader, you can market to your support group participants who want to know more about living processed- free. The support groups are donation based. We have a Processed-Free Facilitator who has done this very successfully in East Texas. She now does workshops for Doctors in the area who are interested in having their clients be healthier. Here is a video of TV coverage of this support group in East Texas – view video here: .

workshop program, rates can vary from $150 a child to free.

 I notice there are some Science of Skinny books, SOS DVDs and a card stock flyer on that table behind Lavonia. Are those available to us at a discounted rate?

Yes, as a Processed-Free Facilitator, you may purchase our Science of Skinny books for $13 each, our DVDs and Checklists for half off the retail price (shipping not included). There is also a card stock information sheet about the Support Group Program that you can purchase from Processed- Free America.


Why is there a participant fee for adult workshops?

The participant fee covers the cost of printing and shipping the bound workbook for the adult workshop. We periodically update the workbook to keep it current for every new class.

What will the Re-licensing Fee be in the second year?

The re-licensing Fee will be $75 annually due on the anniversary of completion of your certification exam.

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