Now that the Sun is setting on the ‘Industrial-Chemical’ Age ~ What Happens to all of the TAINTED Meat, Dairy & Eggs left on Shelves & in the Wet Modern ‘Bacteria Farms’ Cases? GMO Corn, Soy, Flax, or Alfalfa (fed to animals) We are not going to eat ! SO WHY PLANT CROPS?

Now that the Sun is setting on the ‘Industrial-Chemical’ Age ~

To Restaurant’s, Supermarkets &  grocery supplies ~ HOW TO PREPARE? Like Replacing tainted Freezer Food after a POWER OUTAGE – IT ALL HAS TO GO!

One wonders what is going to happen to all of the ‘TAINTED’ meat, dairy & eggs left on the shelves & in the WET ‘bacteria farms’ – the MODER  ‘wet’ meat cases – how long will it take to remove the Dead meat, dairy & eggs from supermarket shelves & replace with Dry Meat cases?

The ‘age-old’ practice of dry curing meat – Featured on ~ Best of Feast TV: Good to Grow

The folks hosting Cat Neville in this “best of” Feast TV episode are ‘good to grow’ (Episode | 28m 24s | 2019/11/11 |)

Google ~ Dry age & dry meat cases –

Dittmer Meats – Ditmer Missouri Source for Wild Pork & Deer

Bolyard Meat & Provisions in Maplewood Missouri

Paradise farms (featured on


& the many farmers now vindicated & able to farm the ANCIENT 

& TIME-PROVEN  methods- of pathogen ‘prevention & pathogen removing’ ~

Ancient Farming – Concepts, Techniques, and Experiments

**  Dry Aging animal protein 

**  Soaking (instead of Roasting)

**Blanching – a brief splash of boiling water, rinsing & drying before food is preserved ~ or pathogens – destroyed in canning – Left in with the food – for us~

** Pasture-raised & not PASTEURIZED (destroying the LIVE beneficial Bacteria – Louis was a death camp creator – Louis Pasteur (late 1800s)  discovered that microbes were responsible for souring alcohol and came up with the process of pasteurization, where bacteria is destroyed by heating beverages and then allowing them to cool & LEAVING THE DEAD PATHOGENS IN THE FOOD – Really bad idea- based on IGNORANCE!

Feast TV ~ Feast TV is an inspired look at the food scene in the entire state of Missouri, eastern Kansas, and southern Illinois. Emmy-winning host Cat Neville looks at how the culture of food is shifting to local growers and makers. Best of Feast TV is a collection of the best segments from past seasons, with all-new recipes.

To Restaurant’s, Supermarkets &  grocery supplies ~ HOW TO PREPARE?

Since  2017 ~ a new consciousness is caring in our ‘collective mental reality’-

‘The Magic Pill’ – Netflix documentary ~ an accurate depletion of this emerging consciousness

This new consciousness will begin to no longer consume ‘GMO factory processed foods  – Heat altered & Over Milled – The root cause of Modern Mentality 

Western Medicine, (the magic pill -PHARMA is already becoming the ‘new’ bloodletting of yesterday

Watch the synthetic (GMO fed) meat  dairy  & Eggs from factory become history & rot in the meat dairy & egg cases

The pasture-raised & seafood not farmed seems to become the ‘new norm’

Plant protein seems to be a major part of this new consciousness MIA in the Chemical-Industrial methods!

Along with Omega 3 foods – now altered for shelf life ~ That has resulted in DETERIORATION of Executive functions of the Prefrontal fed – Creativity – organization – planning

& we now can awailt a ‘new Renaissance’ –  2020 – perfect clear vision


Learn more about Feast Magazine and Feast TV.


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