REMOVAL – ‘TAINTED’ FACTORY FOODS~Like Refrigerator after Power Outage ~ The Crown Diet-The Crowning of Thorns~Prefrontal Brain & CNS Friendly~The Magic Pill & ROTTEN Netflix~

** Feast TV – Featuring Local Farmers – Supporting ‘Pasture-Raised’ Omega 3 & Vitamin D – Soon to Replace Failed Factory Synthetic Food-from GMO fed Abused Animals Under a Man-made Roof! Not Natural Sunshine & Green Fields!

** WAYS TO EAT Unaltered Ancient Grains & Pasture Raised Meat, Dairy & Eggs on a Budget & Eliminate all CAFO-GMO Factory Foods ~ Over-processed (OVER-HEATED & OVER-MILLED) & EXTEND THE QUALITY OF OUR LIVES!

** What our Government is telling us about Cleaning Meat, Poultry & Seafood ~ (Where is the SCIENCE??) Perpetuate Medicare Mentality?

The Crown Diet – The Crowning of Thorns (the Prefrontal Brain & CNS) Friendly!

It seems we are finally taking steps to rid society  of GMO – Fast & processed convenience foods~The Lies of the Grain Millers-How SKIM, Over-Mill, Dilute Un-altered Plant Protein & Make Profit! The Lie of the Grain Millers-How SKIM & Make Profit!

The Magic PilL & ROTTEN2017 NETFLIX filmS produced and narrated by Evans, advocates for the ketogenic diet – one that is extremely low in carbohydrates, but high in fat and protein. One case study from the film said the diet had helped a young child deal with autism, after five weeks of avoiding carbs.Jun 2, 2018

Pete Evans’ documentary should be cut from Netflix, doctors … › australia-news › jun › pete-evans-documenta…

What the Magic Pill – does not discuss GMO – Soy, Corn & Alfalfa fed to animals raised in Factory Farms ( on concert & roofs) – But DOES a nice focus on the Toxicity of Factory Processed foods (over-heating & over-milling (creating disease-causing REFINED CARBS ~

**  Nor does it discuss the importance of SOAKING ANCIENT GRAINS,  NUTS  & SEEDS. (To remove Lectins’s & Glutens

**  Nor does it advise to peel all fruits & vegetable (Dr. Guntley) to remove lectins that cause obesity ~

**  Proclaim A ‘FAST’ – Water fasting benefits include weight loss, detoxification & rejuvenation, making it a popular diet plan nowadays. Oxygen in the water helps your digestive system and triggers your liver to eliminate harmful toxins. That’s why water fasting is also known as ‘water cleansing’. 

Rotten (NETFLIX OR Youtube) dives deep into the food production underworld to expose the … A Netflix Original Series documenting various stories about exposing the greed, …


Long-Lasting Benefits of Water Fasting I The LifeCo

The liver and muscles store the glucose and release it into the bloodstream whenever the body needs it. However, during fasting, this process changes. … Fasting mode then becomes the more serious starvation mode. At this point, a person’s metabolism slows down, and their body begins burning muscle tissue for energy.~ 

What happens if you don’t eat for a day? Timeline and effects

**  OMIT ALL ‘FACTORY’ FOODS – GMO, Heat altered (Modern Dairy & Roasted nuts), Over-Milled  refined Carbs 

-(All modern Corn, Soy & animals fed with them& Alfalfa (GMO) 

** SOAK GRAINS & BEANS TO REMOVE LECTINS – MAGNIFIES BY MODERN GMO & PROCESSING ~ Avoid ‘whites’ All processed, fast & convenience (body only) foods.

Grocery List- Read back label for Protein content!

Aldi is a European – German-based company

Vinegar, salt & lemon juice, Pasture-raised  whey

(Mediums for preventing microbial growth ~

**  a  cap of Apple Cider for de-chlorinated  water, soaking,  drinking (boil drinking water-cool-add cap AC vinegar & store in Refrigerator 

**  White vinegar. Kosher salt  & baking soda for cleaning kitchen & house~

(Toxic chemical  (& hand sanitizers)  only add cancer-causing ‘FREE RADICALS’

  • Carrots & Celery & onions & fruit (peeled)
  • Sweet potatoes 
  • Kale for a salad with EV Olive oil, garlic & AC Vinegar-S&P
  • Frozen fruit for Smoothies with cooked Quinoa  – Plant Protein (cheap, gluten-free – quick to cook)
  • Inexpensive (Plant Protein dense) Gluten-Free grains, Quinoa & oats (several times a day)
  • Only ‘Sprouted’ Grain Breads with the protein content of 6 or more grams
  • Dried cranberries & cherries, dates, figs (Immune system support) Whiskey Dried fruit – dried cranberries – (alcohol to preserve – Drinking – It is a solvent & will DISSOLVE CNS NEURAL TISSUE) Taste only!  (OK to preserve in alcohol) – it will eventually evaporate!
  • Raw nuts (Requiring soaking in salt water (usually 1-2 hours & rinsing until the waste is CLEAR! (Spelt, Farro, wheat berries, etc) 
  • Canned beans with the packing rinse thoroughly
  • Canned whole sardines – with the packing rinse thoroughly – then soak in lemon juice, salt or AC Vinegar
  • Fermented foods are not canned) kimchi, sauerkraut. Kombucha -Tulsi Green Tea is a unique combination of Green Tea and three varieties of Tulsi to create an antioxidant-rich tonic that increases energy levels while cooling and balancing your senses. It is simple and subtle, yet provides wonderfully restorative powers.Oct 6, 2015
  • Whats so special about combining Tulsi and Green Tea – Organic India 
  • How to Remove ‘Chlorine’ from tap water – (kombucha & making LIVE fermented foods 
  • 3 Easy Ways to Dechlorinate Tap Water
  • Boil & Cool. The colder the water, the more gasses it contains. By boiling water on the stove for 20 minutes, the water will degas and chlorine will evaporate. …
  • UV Exposure. Leave the water outside in the sun for 24 hours so the chlorine naturally evaporates in an off-gassing process. …
  • Best bet – Beans @ Chipolte – HAVE  BROWN RICE  ~ but have to ask for

LOOK for Fruit & salads – (no oil – only vinegar) 

  • Request chef to prepare steamed, sautéed – not fried in ‘motor-like’ oil 

Rethinking Meals base on the availability of stomach digestive enzymes 

~ Fast until 10 am ~

~ Do not eat in front of TV or electronic – Interfere with the release of adequate digestive enzymes 

~ If a stressful event or conversation intrudes – stop eating until settled~


** INGEST FACTORY FOOD (only use is fat storage) 

– like recycling spent motor oil in your car!

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