The Lie of the Grain Millers-How SKIM, Over-Mill, Dilute Un-Altered Raw Nuts & Seed Milks ~ Making ‘Plant’ Protein No longer NATURAL & DILUTED FOR Profit & Leaving Us with Disease! ‘Crime-in-Italy’~ IT IS TIED TO ‘HOMELESSNESS & WILL REVERSE AGING!

The Lies of the Grain Millers-How SKIM, Over-Mill, Dilute Un-altered Plant Protein & Make Profit! The Lie of the Grain Millers-How SKIM & Make Profit!

It IS  be safer & (BRAIN HEALTHIER)  for the CNS & Prefrontal Brain to grind Flour from Wheat Berries or other Non-GMO Whole ‘Ancient grains’ ~…Inspired By Melissa Norris | Homestead Life ~ Grind Ancient Grains flour at home! Amazon – new or used Wonder Mill ~ around $ 200.00

Now the HYPE IS ‘PLANT-BASED’ ~ However IF THE Plant is GMO or processed by CAFO ~ IT IS LIKELY To Still be ‘Disease-Causing’A way to ‘keep the Plant Protein & Fiber intact!’ to retain More Complete Nutrition.

Millers make a profit” by Over-Milling or ‘diluting’ Plant Proteins ~ 50% or more!

By MODERN MILLERS ~ skipping the Ancient practice of SOAKING (baptizing)  to dissolve Mother Nature defense for survival & a source of disease for us) ~ SOMETIME ROASTING & LEAVING the Disease-causing on the grain or nuts – We gain DEAD WEIGHT -for Fat, organ storage allergies in skin


FINDING Whole Ancient grain on Amazon or Wal-mart is DIFFICULT –  They do a POOR  JOB of labeling protein – Sometimes it is best to call the Miller’s directly ~

~ Like ‘LEMMINGS TO THE SEA’ ~ Rushing to new health fads – All ‘ANCIENT GRAINS’ ARE NOT EQUAL – MANY HAVE 3 – 5 GRAMS OF PROTEIN LEFT – MUCH LIKE THE 2 Grams of All-purpose-less flour ~ the Mother of Many diseased


Homelessness – WOULD END – Storm Trooper – Storm into Food Pantries – Remove all ‘Enriched’ ALL PURPOSE-LESS FLOUR & Give a list of Sptrouted – High protein

Give a list to all Churches & Synagogues –

Kicking the Homeless-can-down the road’ – Should not be an option~ 

  • Please remove all Modern All purpose-less flour baked goods from pantry 
  • Only buy Soaked bread (Alvarado, Silver Hills or Angelic bakery’s – Not Ezekiel (over-milled with on 4 grams of plant protein & replace with home-milled ~
  • In only a few weeks off of Factory foods ~ the HOMELESS WOULD BE FILLING OUT JOB APPLICATION & ON OFF THE TAX ROLES!
  • St. Vincent de Paul is rolling over the Modern Day practice of feeding the HOMELESS – ONLY DISEASE CAUSING FOODS – it is Socitial ~ We are all ignorant of the needs of the Prefrontal – Mind of Christ need for Barley Loaves & Fishes (not farmed & fed GMO or Over-milled or Over-heated) Dead Modern Food – for shelf life & PROFIT!

Making room for more ‘Disease-causing’ refined carbs’ ~ Diabetes, Obesity, Mental Illness & most other Body & Brain Modern diseases that are associated with the CNS & Prefrontal Brain~





Having an optimal good-quality (Non-GMO & not ‘Over-Milled’) ~ ‘Plant Protein’ in the diets Important for Prefrontal Brain Support ~ Extremely important! Enzymes, hormones, antibodies, collagen (used to build bone, muscle, teeth, healthy skin and joint tissue) are all made from proteins … (NOT REFINED CARBS!) Hemoglobin is an important protein that transports oxygen from our lungs to our cells.

WHAT IS BEING REMOVED (along with the Fiber) ~ Protein Content of Gluten-Free Grains ~ All-Purpose GMO wheat flour has 2 grams of Plant Protein ~ the rest is “refined carbs” (not a NUTRIENT) used for energy ~ fat storage~

The Plant Protein in (Non-GMO) grains supports ~

the Prefrontal ‘Executive Functions’…

Because the GERM contains oil (OMEGA 3) ~ -Central Nervous System support)…

The flour will destabilize’ & become rancid ~ All Purpose-less flour – only 2 grams of protein ~ LEAVING MOSTLY ‘REFINED’ DISEASE-CAUSING CARBS! ALMOST DEVOID OF BRAIN FOOD – NOT SOAKED (TO REMOVE THE GLUTEN & LECTINS -that cause Gluten Intolerence & Obesity (Dr. Guntley -peel all vegetables to remove the lectins in the peel ~ a major source of Obesity ~ Especially for Vegans.

The biggest loss is the Support for the Thinking Brain & Impulse control~

So, THIS deceptive PRACTICE IS is done ‘FOR SHELF LIFE’ NOT for the ‘Quality OUR LIVES’ – (our ability to THINK RATIONALLY & not just IMPULSIVELY REACT) ~ Up to 50 % of Plant Protein & FIBER can be removed in

‘COMMERCIAL l MILLING’ of Non-GMO Ancient Grains flour…

To make a Profit (For those who ‘settle for’ & demand ~

‘Convenience foods’ Now, most MILLED & NOT ‘Sprouted’ Ancient Grain Protein 

CONTAIN only 2-4 grams of Plant Protein ~ACCORDING TO LABEL ~

But ‘UP TO 50%’ of the FIBER, vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, micronutrients, phytochemicals & antioxidants are in the BRAN & GERM~


Becoming “STARCH” & not a ‘NUTRIENT’ ~ STARCH – ENERGY FOODS only ~ Organs & tissues &MOST IMPORTNALY CNS & BRAIN ~ Go into FAMINE MODE!

Protein Content of Gluten-Free Grains

How Much Protein Is in Your Favorite Gluten-Free Grain? BY TERI GRUSS, MS Updated 02/17/17

Plant Protein is an important nutrient for the support of the ‘Executive Functions’ of the Prefrontal Brain ~ Whole Non-GMO Ancient grains & fish (not farmed-GMO fed) nourish & keep this ‘part of the brain functioning’ ~

‘He’ (some say God) …Fed the Multitudes with ‘Barley Loaves & Fishes’ ~ It was a MIRACLE ~ He could have chosen lamb chops or a Big Mac, with Super-sized French Fries & Soda!

The ‘Dysfunction & Damage’ to the Prefrontal is in “proportion of the neglect” …

(IGNORANCE & DESIRE) of Non-GMO, Not Heat altered (Pasteurization & Roasting) OVER MILLING & EXCESS of them all ~

The ‘Thinking part of the Brain’(Prefrontal) that allows us to be &

To think like ‘Rational Humans’ & not as ‘Animals’

– FOLLOWING INSTINCTS (Senses ~ Taste only, Smell only, etc)

THE PREFRONTAL IS Located on top of the “ancient prehistoric animal brain”

Executive function refers to a set of ‘mental skills’ That are coordinated in the brain’s Prefrontal lobe……

Executive functions work together to help a person achieve goals.

Executive function includes the ability to:

Manage time and attention


Switch focus

Plan and organize

Remember details

‘Curb inappropriate speech or behavior’- (Impulse Control)

Integrate’ past experience’ with present action


When the Executive function BREAKS DOWN ~ Behavior becomes ‘poorly controlled’

(In the CAFO-GMO foods MADE ‘CARNIVAL’ WE believing are SAFE TO BE CONSUMED ~ WHEN GMO & the Modern Processes only created poverty & starvation of the THINKING BRAIN

The Root Cause ~ ‘POOR NUTRITION’ that keeps us ‘in POVERTY’ & HOMELESS ~ IGNORANCE of whole Non-GMO & not aware of “over Milled” Ancient Grains depriving the brain of Plant Protein & Fiber ~

They are:

~ Ancient Grains ~ (Not GMO or Over-Milled) ~whole oats, brown rice, quinoa, chia, tuff (high protein) ~

~ Fish (Seafood) protein(not farmed fed with GMO )

~ Pasture-fed Animal Protein (Pastured Meat, Pasture-fed Raw) Dairy & Pasture-fed Eggs ~ This food is NOT AVAILABLE at the Fast Food window or the “Quick Stop.”

”This LACK can affect a person’s ability to: work or go to school (avoid ADDHD)

Function independently or even to think ‘what to cook’!

maintain ‘appropriate social relationships’…

This is why the Hunters/Gathers of old … could not DESIGN TALL BUILDING OR FLY JET PLANES!

Types of Executive Function ~ Executive function can be divided into categories:

Organization & Planning, Creativity, Memory,


Organization involves gathering information & structuring it for evaluation.

Regulation involves taking stock of the environment and changing behavior in response to it. For example, seeing a piece of chocolate cake on the dessert cart at a restaurant may be tempting. ..But that’s where the Executive functions can step in…It will help to use “Impulse control” (not an “adaptive quality” or a necessity for the “animal” brain.

(Ranked from ‘highest to lowest’ PLANT PROTEIN’ content in 1 cup of raw grain)

Amaranth – 28.1 grams
Oats – 26.3 grams
Teff – 25.7 grams
Quinoa – 24 grams
Wild Rice – 23.6 grams
Buckwheat – 22.5 grams
Millet – 22 grams
Sorghum – 21.7 grams
Brown Rice – 14.7 grams
White Rice – 13.1 grams (HALF THE PLANT PROTEIN)
Almond meal, although not a grain, contains 24 grams of protein in 1 cup of raw meal ~ Source: USDA ARS Nutrient Database

How to grind flour at home ~

Do you ever CHECK THE LABEL FOR “PROTEIN” in the flour you purchase from the store?

Melissa Norris ~ Milling Equipment…

The old fashioned grindstone…

or Electric High-Speed Blenders…

Or any High Power Smoothie blender…

Blendtec or Vitamix or Ninja…Most already have in kitchen ~

Ninja Professional 72oz Countertop Blender with 1000-Watt Base and Total Crushing Technology for Smoothies, Ice and Frozen Fruit (BL610), Black by SharkNinja…$80.99… on Amazon…

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender with Wildside+ Jar (96 oz), Commercial-Grade Power, 6 Pre-programmed Cycles, 3-speeds, Black (Certified Refurbished)by Blendtec $179.95 Free Shipping for Prime Member

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Her desire is to be as ‘self-sustainable’ as possible. ..She also believes it’s the healthiest way to live. I started researching the benefits of grinding your own flour…

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