The ‘Mind Diet’ Innovator ~ Dr. Martha Clare Morris ~ Died of Esophageal Cancer on Feb. 15 at Age of 64 ~ The ‘Mind’ (or any Diet) can Only Become CNS & ‘Prefrontal’  Mind diet ~ When GMO Factory Foods – Now Hidden in US Society ~ They are NOT Currently a Part of the Fear-Mongering Western Medicine Protocols~

The ‘Mind ‘Diet innovator ~ Dr. Martha Clare Morris, who died of esophageal cancer on Feb. 15 at the age of 64 ~. It can become CNS & ‘Prefrontal  Mind- diet ~ when Factory Foods – (hidden in our society ~ not currently a part of the Fear Mongering Western Medicine protocols~ Martha Clare Morris Devised a Diet to Reduce Risks of .

Any of these (Mediterranean, Keto, Mind)  diets only will Prevent & Reverse is NOT GMO OR FACTORY FARM ALTERED ~

Help Create Awareness OF CAFO-GMO Contribution to Greenhouse Gas!   ** CAFO waste (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation)-Over 168 Gases are Emitted-Major Cause of ‘Global Warming’-Ban GMO & CAFOs Go Away

In America –  with GMO & most of these natural  foods are being made ‘Unhealthy~ ALTERED  by Factory Farm processed (Over-Heating, Over-Milling & Over-Diluting ~ Removing Plant protein & destabilizing Omega 3 ~ for shelf-life – the  Omega 3 must be destabilized to preserve for longer shelf-life (profit) 

Omega 6 is stable & becomes a ‘body-only’ food-DOA for the CNS & Prefrontal Brain ~ Dishonest & Criminal!

The ‘CNS & Prefrontal’ Mind diet ~ REMOVE ALL GMO & FACTORY FOODS & THEIR PROCESSES ~ Along with Exercise, Meditation & a positive Mindset~

All berries (Omega 3 in seeds)

Leafy green vegetables, (loaded with Macronutrients, Micronutrient, Phytochemicsa, vitamins & minerals (Calcium in Modern Dairy does not contain)  

Seafood (Wild caught – not farmed & fed GMO ~

Non-GMO (not modern Corn, Soy or Alfalfa fed to Factory Farm Animals 

But whole Soaked Ancient Gluten-free quinoa, oat groats, Amaranth) grains, 

Soaked beans, Raw  & soaked nuts

,(Soaking removes the natural seed locks & lectins in the food – bitter to ward off predators -not digestible for us) ~ Factory Food roasts & leaves on food! 

EV olive oil & Virgin Coconut oil ~ (not processed & made into Omega 6 – ‘motor-like’  oil 

‘Healthy Brain Fat’ from Pasture-raised animals (lard & beef tallow) – higher smoke point – hold up at higher temperatures  ~ Pasture-raised DAIRY & Pasture-Raised Eggs~

and wine, (Sipped not consumed in Excess)

~ also low alcohol & high hops for the summer!  



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