Raw Milk with LIVE ‘Beneficial Bacteria’ and Live Enzymes-We approaching a PARADIGM SHIFT! Local Sources for Raw Milk! Alzheimer’s-Prevention and Reversal (MEMORY REHAB)-Not End Life in Nursing Home~

Planet Health – Raw Milk order on Friday and Pick up Tuesday-

Address: 5A Clarkson Rd, Ellisville, MO 63011 – 
HoursOpen ⋅ Closes 7PM


Sacrificing to bring to the State ~ Pasture-Raised Milk ~ With LIVE Beneficial Cultures of Life ~ ( WITHOUT THE LOAD OF DEAD BACTERIA-Shelf life alive with Dead Bacterial multiplying!or GMO grain-fed or Cortisol from the Stress of the Factory Milking Barns!)

The Esteps sell unpasteurized cream in addition to raw milk with’ LIVE’ BENEFICIAL  BACTERIA ~  INTACT! Just so you are aware,  their  ‘brain healthy’ cream is about 70% milkfat ~  (not so in Factory Farmed Modern Dairy – Alzheimer’s maker!)

Much like a double cream in Europe, so take that into account when using in recipes.

10 Things You Should Know About Raw Milk ~ inspired by Chelsea Green Chelsea Green

10 things you should know about Pasture-raised raw milk that the government won’t tell you:

  • Pasture-raised Raw milk is healthier: (Grass is non-GMO) & no Cortisol from Factory Milking Barns)  Pasteurized milk is accused of causing everything from allergies to heart disease, Alzheimers, to cancer, but back in the day, these diseases were rare. In fact, clean pasture-raised  raw milk from grass-fed cows is chock full of healthy amino acids and beneficial enzymes, and was used as a cure.
  • Pasture-raised Raw milk ~ does not make you sick: That is, if it is properly collected from cows fed good, clean grass. Pasture-raised (non-GMO) or any of the Factory Farms processed (GMO-Over-heating) Grass-fed milk has natural antibiotic properties that help protect it from pathogenic bacteria. But it’s worth noting, if you’ve been using pasteurized dairy products, you might want to eat small amounts of yogurt or kefir for a week or so, for a dose of probiotics, just to be safe. I did, and it helped.
  • Not all Pasture-raised Raw milk is the same: The cow’s diet, how and where it’s raised, and how the milk is collected are all factors in the safety and quality of Pasture-raised Raw milk i milk. Cows pastured on organic green grass produce milk with good health benefits. It’s good to know where your milk is coming from.
  • The first ‘FEAR MONGERING -FOR PROFIT ~ Pasteurization was instituted in the 1920s to combat TB, infant diarrhea, undulant fever and other diseases caused by poor animal nutrition and dirty production methods. But modern stainless steel tanks, milking machines, refrigerated trucks, and inspection are enough of a precaution, and pasteurization has become irrelevant.
  • Pasteurization destroys enzymes, diminishes vitamin content, kills beneficial bacteria, promotes pathogens and is associated with allergies, increased tooth decay, colic in infants, growth problems in children, osteoporosis, arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimer’s & Memory disease & Cancer.
  • Calves fed pasteurized milk don’t do very well, and many die before maturity. Scary, considering the milk originally came from their mom.
  • Pasture-raised Raw milk milk ~ stays sweet for 3 weeks & then sours (101 uses doe sour cram & Butter mild !NATURALLY – if not contaminated by unsanitary handling practices (man-mae_ ~ all with LIVE BENEFICIAL GUT BACTERIA ~
  • ~but Modern pasteurized milk turns putrid; processors must remove slime and pus from pasteurized milk by a process called centrifugal clarification. Gross.
  • Inspection of dairy herds for disease is not required for pasteurized milk. This means, pasteurization is used as a nifty way to wash away all forms of bad bacteria that are allowed to flourish freely before the process. Imagine that for a second.
  • Pasture-raised Raw milk is milk that has more butterfat (BRAIN HEALTHY TO PREVENT ALZHEIMERS), which is rich in fatty acids that protect against disease and stimulate the immune system. Skim milk doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better for you, in other words.
  • Pasteurization laws favor large, industrialized dairy operations and push out small farmers. When farmers have the right to sell raw milk directly to their consumers, they can make a decent living even with a small number of cows. Support small farmers! & STOP THE ‘FEAR MONGERING’ FOR PROFIT of the Bigs & Federal government -who would rather support MEDICARE & NURSING HOMES!

Guest post by Chelsea Green‘s Makenna Goodman

In recent years, there’s been a crackdown on small dairies producing raw milk, designed as an obstacle to the growing legions of consumers demanding healthier and more flavorful milk. Raw milk has been deemed “unfit” for human consumption by the FDA and other government sting operations, and the public propagandized into fearing it. According to some fear-mongers, for example, raw milk causes rabies.   

David Gumpert, author of popular blog The Complete Patient and forthcoming book Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America’s Emerging Battle Over Food Rights (Chelsea Green, Oct 2009), asks an important question: How much of the fear-mongering from the pro-pasteurization people is real, and how much is propaganda from Big Agribusiness? Gumpert says the anti-raw-milk campaign is just another governmental technique to sanitize the food supply—even in the face of ever-increasing rates of chronic disease like asthma, diabetes, and allergies.   

Sources include: The Weston Price Foundation, RawMilkFacts.com, and The Complete Patient.


– We approaching a PARADIGM SHIFT!

LIVE – UNALTERED FOODS not Altered by Factory processed (Heat & Over-Milling) are Cheaper than Pharma (without antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, micronutrients… 

WITHOUT THE LOAD os DEAD BACTERIA (only useful as storage in fat cells) .. 


As Americans are being highjacked by giving us ‘no choice’ to find “pasture-raised’ Meat Dairy & Eggs ~ Forcing Us to Have ‘No choice but to eat (tasty & profitable) Factory Foods – Profit for longer (Unhealthy- UNCLEAN) SHEF LIFE

– FUELED  by  GMO & THE  GMO ‘FACTORY FARM’ & all  Processed foods! (over-heating & over-milling (removing or diluting the Ancient grain PLANT BASED-PROTEIN!

~ What all positions (both sides)  are doing to protect their interests – Big Business, Big Western edict (pharma) 

If the Dems or Trump win ~ We Americans lose again

Help Create Awareness OF CAFO Contribution to Greenhouse Gas

** CAFO FACTORY FOOD waste (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation)

-Over 168 Gases are Emitted by Factory Farms ~ Major Cause of ‘Global Warming’-

Ban GMO and CAFOs Go Away!



~ Methods Win for another 4 year!

Modern Disease, Dysfunction (tax-hog Medicare) wins for the next year~

~ Exposing Big Business, Medicine-Pharma ~ collusion with Corrupt politicians?

Read More – Support the Candidate that is willing to address the REAL ISSUE OF ** CLIMATE CHANGE – FACTORY FARM  Western Medicine & Psychiatry  ~ Learn from the Past ~ the True Hippocratic Oath ~ ‘Let Food Be Thy Healing’ ~  NOT ‘FACTORY’ GMO FOOD! Give up for Lent & Life! https://wordpress.com/stats/post/4909/facebookcomdeehinkle2.com

Healthy Brain Fat ~ Instant Pot ‘Pasture-Raised’ Pork Belly Recipe ~ Factory Raised – Disease-Causing!


** Burger King Whopper Grows to Mold – However, It is ALREADY ‘MOLDY’ BEFORE IS IT COOKED) ~ IT BEGINS WITH ‘GMOLD’ – FACTORY-FARMED GMO FED BEEF & PUTRID MODERN CHEESE – ‘DISEASE-CAUSING’ – OVER-MILLED BUN!! When Now All is Available ‘Pasture -Raised! Non-GMO & Gluten-Free – Unaltered Plant Protein! https://wordpress.com/post/facebookcomdeehinkle2.com/4888

**  THE DEFIANCE OF FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE for Soldiers & Suffragists Campaigned for Votes for Property-Owning Women & Believed in Peaceful Protest ~ What is Needed to Overcome Modern Disease & Dysfunction  & Greed – Factory Farm -GMO ~ Providence Will Prevail!



Discover Unaltered Plant Protein ~ Almost Unknown ~ CNS & Prefrontal Brain Support & Anti-inflammatory!


Bee Inspired ~ 75 Quotes for Fearless Women! https://wordpress.com/post/facebookcomdeehinkle2.com/4894


(Another Flavor of GENOCIDE)?

** Ban GMO – It is Not SAFE!

Three STRIKES against Modern Factory Farmed Dairy (Meat & Eggs)

1.  While GMO Magnifies the food (to Feed the world) 

– The Good Reason! It is really Bad science ~ GMO makes food ‘Synthetic’ & Not Bioavailable ~

The Real reason Magnified Profits!!  

2.  It ALSO MAGNIFIES are the  (‘Seed Lock’ in each ‘magnifies Kernel)- Celiac disease rampant 

3.  Also Magnifies are the Lectins in the Peel ~ Bitter to ‘ward off Predators’ (Obesity)! 

These ‘Naturally occurring ‘non-nutrients’ & Are Easily removed by SOAKING  (with salt or AC vinegar) & rinsing with water to ‘clear’ ~ before cooking 

**  CAFO-GMO ‘processing’ SKIPS THIS VITAL STEP!!  & GRINDS into the flour – (Whole Wheat (more protein but ‘unclean’ by not soaking ) &  ‘All purpose-less flour’ only 2 grams of Protein (removing the Plant Protein by Over-Milling Leaving ‘Disease-Causing’ Refined Carbs!

** CAFO-GMO ‘Heat Altered’ Meat & Dairy ~

Heat Altering ~ 

Three STRIKES against Modern Factory Farmed Dairy (Meat & Eggs)

1. Contain ‘Dead Bacteria’ from Pasteurization 

2. Fed GMO Alfalfa, Soy or Corn – Research is showing forms Alzheimer’s Plaques in the brain! 

3. Cortisol from inhumane stressful farming conditions. Making Modern Dairy is filthy ~ Putrid with ‘Puss-like’ pathogens~

**  Ban Roasting-of Raw Nuts, Seeds & Ancient Grains – BUT SOAK-to make ‘CLEAN’ – remove the seed lock & lectins.

** Ban Over-Milled Ancient Grains (Plant Protein)-

**Cheap (HIGH PROFIT) Fast ‘Over-Processed ‘DISEASE-CAUSING’ Convenience’ foods.

CAFO-GMO Agriculture is the third-largest contributor to global emissions by sector, following the burning of fossil fuels for power and heat, and transportation.

My Posts ~ My Story on WordPress~ My Posts ~


Simple Guide to Unaltered Plant-based Protein

Read the Back labels ~

More than 7 grams – the Gold Standard!

6-8 grams an ordinary expected  amount  (Run of the Mill)

4-5 grams – taking more than the prescribed amount (Money changers & tax collectors) 

2 grams (Modern all purpose-less flours products) (00) disease-causing – Refined

0- 1 grams  ~ CRIMINAL ~  (Plant & nut milk)

~ Over-milled’ Refined Carbs ~ The practice of OVER-MILLING (Removing up to 50% of the Plant Protein & Fiber Doubling the amount of ‘REFINED CARBS) ~

DILUTING  ~ REMOVING PLANT PROTEIN from Grains & Alternative Milks ~ The ‘PRINCIPAL FUEL’ for the Prefrontal “Thinking’ Brain ~ Leaving only enough ‘BRAIN POWER’ ~ To ‘Kick-the-Homeless-Can’ – DOWN THE ROAD!

~ GMO – (Factory-created Synthetic food) ~ Over-Milled & Over-Heated) 

Modern Dairy with a loaded with ‘Dead Bacteria’ from Pasteurization 

&Industrial ‘muscle meat’- Both SATURATED with Cortisol’ (stress hormone) 

Cortisol ~ produced by’Inhumane Farming Practices’

~Science & Religion –  May have found a COMMON GROUND….

CAFO-GMO Conventional Farm (unethical) Practices- Mills the Necessary but not digestible in with the Grain (Whole Wheat Flour) – Creating Gluten Intolerance & Obesity, Diabetes & Homelessness!

The End to Senseless Loss of Lives – END to GMO & SAVE US ALL & Donuts & Return to Sanity! THE WALL TO BE TAKEN DOWN-GMO!!

**https://lnkd.in/gC5Sz8u** (https://lnkd.in/gC5Sz8u)

We approaching a PARADIGM SHIFT!


Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn

My Posts ~ My Story on WordPress~ My Posts ~ https://wordpress.com/posts/facebookcomdeehinkle2.wordp…

Below is some information on our farm, products, prices and a list of drop locations….

Sunday Schedule

Rolla 12:00 noon

READ MORE ~How The Esteps began: 

 Melissa was introduced to a healthier diet through several friends at church.  We had

just moved to Richwoods, about an hour out of St. Louis, from Kirkwood in May of 2004. 

 We had three small children and were expecting a fourth, and Melissa felt she needed more energy.  Her friends were reading and applying “The Maker’s Diet” and “Nourishing Traditions”.  Melissa also became interested in eating whole foods and drinking raw milk.  We found a family not far from us who sold raw milk, and we became a weekly customer and also brought milk to church for our friends in St. Louis.

We had thirty acres in Richwoods, and we had recently acquired some chickens.  Melissa thought it

would be fun to have our own milk cow.  We did have pastures and we were renting them out to a local

farmer to feed his beef cows.  We did get a cow and calf, and milked the cow by hand, enjoying the

milk and sharing with our friends from church.  As more of our friends became interested in drinking

raw milk, we decided to get a second cow.  Jennifer Keifer offered to keep a fridge in her garage for us

so we would have a place to keep the milk in St. Louis.  We incorporated our farm into an L.L.C., naming the farm in honor of our son Elijah, who was born in 2005.  He lived 9 short days; he died of a chromosonal defect, trisomy 13.

God has blessed us with four healthy sons since then.

Word kept spreading, and we kept growing, buying more cows and of course milking more cows.  Eventually we decided to move to a larger farm with more pasture, and Brian quit his programming job in St. Louis to work on the farm full time.

I would just need to know the following to start an order for you:

– which drop you want

– the quantity (we sell cream in quart increments, milk in half gallons)

– the frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, or on-demand).

Our cows live on pasture 24/7; they only come into the barn for milking.  

Our pastures would be considered “organic”; we don’t use fertilizers or pesticides.  

At milking time we give our cows a 9 pound “biscuit” of barley fodder.  

This “biscuit” looks like a rectangle of grass sod.  

It is actually barley seed which we have sprouted and grown to a rich green mat of grass in a hydroponic pod in just six days.  

We purchase the best barley seed we can come by; either certified organic or grown by a farmer we know

and trust to use natural methods.  

Currently we give free choice mineral (non-medicated) which we get from a feed store;

We will be looking to improve the quality of our mineral supplement over the following months….

Our A2 cows are fed only the barley fodder biscuits.

Our A1 cows do get a scoop of grain at milking time, when their is a shortage of fodder, allowing the A2 cows to get all the fodder. 

This happens in the winter when our fodder pod does not operate up to its advertising.

Also if we happen to have quite a few A2 cows on the milk line, we will also switch the A1’s over to grain to allow for all the fodder to go to the A2 cows.

We milk the cows three at time in our barn.  We have a concrete floor for easier cleanup, and we use bucket milkers with inline filters.  We break apart our buckets and milking equipment and wash the whole system by hand after every milking, down to the smallest part.  We do this to maintain cleanliness and eliminate the need for harsh acidic cleaners. We wash the cow’s teats before milking, and milk into the clean bucket which is equipped with the inline filter.  This means the milk is filtered before it even goes into the bucket.  We pour the milk from the buckets into a stainless steel pot, and from there into 1/2 gallon canning jars.  The jars are marked on the lid with the customer’s name and the date of the milking (7A would designate the 7th day of the month, the A.M. milking.  7P would be the same  day, P.M. milking).  Our customers are responsible for returning the jars clean and ready for filling.  After the milk is jarred, we put it into an ice bath to cool, and we keep the milk in an ice bath until delivery, refreshing the ice as needed.  On delivery day, we pack the jars in coolers and top off with ice, and bring it to different drop off points along I-44 and around St. Louis.

We do not give any hormones to our cows, and only use antibiotics when absolutely necessary; to save the cow’s life and we then take her off the milk line (i.e. we dry her out).

We maintain a closed herd.  

All of our cows come from a farm in Cape Girardeau and are fully tested and vaccinated, or else they are born here on our farm.  

We also keep our own bull; we do not use artificial insemination.

We did buy 6 cows from retiring dairy farmer in Potosi on April 13th, 2013.

Where we deliver and when: (Schedule below)

Brian delivers on Mondays and Fridays.

His Monday schedule is as follows,

All drops are cooler drops unless otherwise designated.

Customers should pick up milk the same day from a cooler drop; fridge drops have more flexibility for


We do our best to maintain the privacy of those persons who keep drop locations for us.  Let us

know which drop is closest to you and we will give you more information about the specific location.

The freedom to sell and purchase raw milk is a precious privilege we enjoy as citizens of Missouri; many other states may not have the same liberty, and we don’t know how long we’ll have this opportunity.  The Missouri Milk

Board has tried to cause trouble for families selling raw milk in the recent years.  We prefer to keep

a low profile.

Brian does not always leave at 10:00 a.m.  We have many things that can and do happen which will

affect the time of delivery.  Calves can arrive at inconvenient times; we could have truck trouble or

the creeks could flood or the roads are sometimes impassable.  Because of this variability, Brian

has an automated email program which we run when Brian leaves the farm with the milk; it will

give a more accurate estimated arrival time.  We have still had problems at times with traffic or

a truck breakdown; we do our best to get the word out if these things happen via email.

Except for rare occasions, we do not vary from the Monday/Friday delivery schedule.  

Cows don’t take holidays and neither do we; expect deliveries on holidays.

Other products

We do sell grass-fed beef occasionally, when we cull our milk cows and bull calves.  Jersey

beef is top rated for nutrition, having the highest CLA content and beautiful yellow fat.

Carcass yield is low, however, and we adjust the price accordingly.  

We also raise pigs on pasture and wood lots. They are available in the fall.

We no longer sell eggs.

The milk should last from 1 to 3 weeks. (Then it  becomes sour cream or buttermilk (for soaking grains)..

 For best results, keep it cold and keep it sealed.

Once you break the seal on the jar, the milk will sour at a faster rate.  If you go through the

milk slowly, I would suggest breaking it up into smaller jars and filling each jar to the top.

If the milk does sour, it is still quite edible.  Sour milk is great for pancakes and any recipe

that calls for buttermilk.

You can skim the cream off the top of the milk and make butter or ICE CREAM!…

WITHOUT THE LOAD OF DEAD BACTERIA-Shelf life alive with Dead Bacterial multiplying!

Scheduling orders

Email Brian how much milk you would like and where you want to pick up.  You can order

weekly or bi-weekly, and you can order as little as 1/2 gallon at a time.  A1 Milk is $3.50 for

a half gallon and $7 for a whole gallon.  A2 milk is $5.00 for a half gallon and $10 for a whole gallon.

If you are going on vacation, or experiencing illness in the family, just email Brian and let him know if you need to cancel or reduce your order for that delivery.

You can also order extra if you have company coming.  Most of our customers have a

weekly standing order and let us know if there’s a change.  We also accept “on demand”

customers who only get milk when they notify us.

We are short milk from time to time, depending on the weather, season and the lactation cycle of

the cows.  We do our best to maintain a consistent supply, but we do have to short sometimes.

On your delivery day the delivery notification will also let you know how much milk we are

sending for you.


Please return your jars each week clean and ready for more milk.  Remember especially to clean around the rim and around the seal on the lid.  If you haven’t had time to dry your jar completely, just put a paper towel inside before sealing to absorb any extra moisture.


We do sell cream when available.  

The cream is super thick and will make any recipe you have absolutely incredible.  

It is very close to what they call in Europe, double cream.

It is around 70% fat, vs the 38% fat found here in the U.S.

We sell it for $12/quart.  It will make 1.5 pounds of butter.

We currently have cream available.

Payment and Jar deposits

We prefer that customers pay monthly and by check to cut down on paperwork and to make it easier to track payments.

But we do accept weekly and cash payments if that is the customer’s preferred method.

I will send a monthly email statement at some point following the billing month.

You don’t have to prepay; just wait for the statement following the month serviced.

It will have the total amount due for the month indicated and does factor in credits and rolling balance.

We do ask for an initial jar deposit of $2 a jar for 2 sets of jars.

Example: A weekly 1 gallon order would required 4 jars (2 sets of 2 jars) at $8.

We actually need 3 sets of jars (1 set at customer, 1 set here, 1 set at the drop-off point); but we provide the third set…JMJ

Monday Schedule, assuming Brian leaves at 11:30 a.m.

Cuba 12:00

South St. Louis 1:30

Sunset Hills 2:00 (fridge drop)

Webster Groves 2:45 (fridge drop) 

Maplewood 3:00

Maryland Heights 4:00-4:30

Florissant 5:00-5:30 (fridge drop)

St. Charles 5:30-6:00 (cooler drop)

O’Fallon  6:00-6:30 (fridge drop)

Friday Schedule, assuming Brian leaves at 10:00 a.m.

Union  12:00

Gray Summit  12:45

Wildwood 1:10

Manchester  2:00

Affton – 2:30 (fridge drop) 

South city – 3:30 (fridge drop)

Fenton  4:30-5:00

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