Discover Unaltered Plant Protein ~ Almost Unknown ~ CNS & Prefrontal Brain Support & Anti-inflammatory!

Research is showing a new approach to feeding the Mind, Body & Soul..

Simple steps to take ~ Discover plant protein. It is almost unknown and is anti-inflammatory

CAFO-GMO Factory Farmed Animal Protein (meat, dairy & Eggs)  causes inflammation…which leads to heart attack, stroke,  brain disease (Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc), arthritis, skin problems, allergies..

We approaching a PARADIGM SHIFT! 

Caused by Greed, Ignorance & Desire –

& All CAFO-GMOld Tasty, Synthetic, Fast, Cheap  & Nutrition-less’-  

While Genetic Modification – Magnifies the FOOD – 


Mega-profits from cheap ‘disease-causing’ substrates  – Formerly known as  ‘FOOD’!!

ALSO ‘MAGNIFIES’ are the ‘Seed Locks’- Celiac disease rampant!!

ALSO  MAGNIFIES the ‘Lectins’ in the Peel– Bitter to ward-off Predators’ (Obesity)!!

These ‘Naturally occurring ‘non-nutrients” – Ancestors removed by SOAKING in WATER (with medium) & RINSING AWAY before cooking!

CAFO-GMO ‘processing’ SKIPS this vital step & the CREATES  Disease-Causing-non-nutrients are Ground into the flour Over-Milled removing the Plant Protein)

(Whole Wheat (UNCLEAN) 

** ‘Heat Altered’ CAFO-GMO Meat & Dairy 

Modern Dairy – ‘Mass Extinction’  Genocide creating ‘Sweet Dysfunction’

(Three STRIKES against Modern Dairy (not Pasture Raised): 

  • Contain ‘Dead Bacteria’ from Pasteurization – Replacing ‘LIVE’ Beneficial Bacteria  (digestion assistants)!
  • After 90’s – The Beginning of GMO fed to America’s Meat & Dairy sources) animals – Alfalfa, Soy or Corn – (Research is showing forms Alzheimer’s Plaques in the brain)!
  • Cortisol from ‘inhumane. stressful’ farming conditions. ‘Energy-sapping’ processed For Shelf Life! (not the ‘quality off our Lives’ (Medicare)

Plant Protein – Not altered by Heat, Over-Milling & GM0!

The Forgotten & Hidden Protein-(HIDDEN by Graft)!

 Disease-Causing CAFO-GMOld – UNCLEAN Processing!

The Protein  that Supports the CNS & Prefrontal Brain (the Thinking Brain!)

Unaltered whole Ancient Grains & Seafood Protein!!

God gave the Irish Whiskey (CNS solvent) so they would never rule the word!

God gave the US GMOld to keep Minds dull!

& Bodies to amass  & accumulate DEAD but Tasty, Unclean, Synthetic, faux Body-only what was once named nourishment!

Another reason why Animal Protein  (EVEN Pasture-raised)-MUSCLE MEAT’ is a thief that hijacks health: Altered Factory grain-fed meat in barns is toxic & guaranteed to DESTROY A HEALTHY MIND & BODY!

  • (Bonnie Beezhold PhD  Benedictine University,  Says that red meat & poultry (animal protein) are packed with arachidonic acid, a type of Omega 6 fatty acid, which your body converts into inflammation-raising proteins called “cytokines” the more that more and more research is linking to a nose-dive in mood disorders. (anger & degrees of: irritability, aggression, belligerence,…etc)
  • In contrast, the antioxidants in produce & beneficial Omega 3 (fish & plant protein), will tamp down inflammation).   

 Prevention of “diet-induced” health conditions, including the  support of “thinking” prefrontal-cerebral brain, may require dietary differentiation.

PASTURE-RAISED Animal protein  supports mostly physical & brain stem needs, but contains brain & heart-healthy protein & fat to nerve tissue, which require plant protein. Factory farmed DOES NOT!

Consuming at least 4 servings of Food Plant Protein (Ancient whole grains-not over-milled wheat) & fish (not farmed & fed GMO) servings  2-3 a week…at least 2 days of partial fasting is helpful  &  (has shown to reverse some of these conditions, when caught early).

(Fasting allows the digestive system to rest, while the “trash collectors” remove the malformed meat & dairy protein substrates & toxins).

ELIMINATING FACTORY FRAMED FOODS & Turn the volume way down on CAFO-GMO animal protein (PASTURED  is Heart & Brain healthy fat & protein!)

  1. UNALTERED (NO FACTORY PROCESSED) Plant protein (brain food) –  3-5 servings per day of (whole  ANCIENT grains  sprouting, soaking’ removes the disease-causing peel locks & lectins’ whole grain “sprouted” bread is the easiest way add servings) ~ Low or no Gluten grains do not require Soaking ~-Do not require soaking  ~ quinoa, buckwheat & oat groats &
    Amaranth ~,  Farro, wheat berries, Spelt berries – soak in medium & rinse several times to remove lectins & gluten ` much like 
    beans,  legumes, raw (soaked) nuts & seeds-(all seeds have Omega 3)!

2.    Fresh & raw fruits & vegetables (the peeling has 2.5 antioxidants ~ BUT IT ALSO IS LOADED WITH LECTING MAGNIFIED IF GMO -BEST TO PEEL TO AVOID OBESITY).              3-5 servings of each category per day

3.  Healthy oils -mostly EV Coconut oil , Pastured lard or Tallow, EV olive oil (cold applications & fish protein & oil -(brain food)  must have both working together), a amount butter, PASTURE fed cows.

The easiest way to get the omega-3 essential fatty acids is to take either one tablespoon of flax oil  (CASH CROP now) – Avoid until GMO is Banned (fresh, refrigerated & not rancid) a day or three tablespoons of fresh ground fresh flaxseed a day, plus 3 or 4 servings of fish a week.


  1. Beverages: (5 to 6  cups of the 8 cups of fluid recommended.) coffee, tea (green), 100% no sugar added juice, almond fruit smoothies,  LOW ALCOHOL & HIGH HOPS beer, red wine ~ limited  (with food)Alcohol destroys dendrites (neural tissue & will shuts down the Hippocampus (memory library & erodes dendrites, vulnerable neural tissue)                                           

Possible Diet model for the next stage of Human CNS & Brain Development: Turn the volume down on ‘MUCLE MEAT’ FROM PASTURE-RAISED ANIMAL PROTEIN, DAIRY & EGGS

(OMIT): CAFO-GMO Animal protein & fat,    all processed, enriched, refined, Pasteurized  & Roasted (Destroys Omega 3 & causes Allergies & Inflammation) & fast food.   

Naked water & soda – simply empty transports,  providing no nutrients~

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