Lenten Fish Fries ~ A Pure Conscience? May commit a Mortal Sin? Blasphemy? Honor Him (God) by Frying in Pasture-Raised Beef Tallow ~ Fry Like the Pioneers – with Non-GMO Gluten-Free Ancient Grains (8 grams of Plant Protein) & Omega 3 Sources~

Lenten Fish Fries ~ A pure conscience? May commit a Mortal Sin?

We no longer have to eat ‘CAFO-GMO’ Boogers that produce disease in mind, body & soul!

? Blasphemy is the act of knowingly insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God, religious persons or sacred things. Examples of Blasphemy include:- Burning, destroying and vandalizing (GMO, Modern Factory Farm Abusive processes?) religious places and religious symbols. Desecration of religious symbols ~ the Body & Mind of Christ?
http://www.quora.com › What-are-examples-of-blasphemy

Christians consider meat offered to an idol (GREED & PROFIT)  to be defiled (BY MODERN FACTORY FARM PROCESSES)  & for them, it is, since they must follow their conscience. Their scruples should be respected by other Christians with a stronger conscience. Love dictates that all Christians make allowances for their weaker brothers.

Eating meat ‘offered to an idol’  is not inherently wrong. Meat is “defiled” because it was taken from a pagan (FOR PROFIT)  sacrifice. God “richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment” (1 Timothy 6:17).

Knowing that Frying Oil is ‘motor-like’ HIGHLY INFLAMMATORY & DISEASE-CAUSING!  It  is not likely ~ Pure Pasture-Raised Lard or Beef Tallow

It is important to remember that any oil ~ Pasture-raised beef tallow or Pasture-raised lard or E Virgin Coconut oil – – when raised to their smoking point will always turn into-‘motor-like’ oil  & is no longer ‘ a CNS & Brain healthy but it besoms disease-causing ~ just like the Omega 6 Factory oils ~ Drain excess carefully & thoroughly!

Now available  FROM BOLYARDS MEAT & PROVISIONS IN MAPLEWOOD OR DITTMER Meat Packing) – Selling now to restaurants & bars – that want to make Brain healthy French Fries & other Pasture-raised Meat, ‘Modern’ Dairy & Eggs!

Insult to both ~ the Mind & Body of Christ ~ the CNS & prefrontal Brain? 

Knowingly eating Bread – Processed white with on 2 grams of Plant Proteins – 

& Knowingly eating  Desserts Made of Modern Putrid Dairy, All purpose-less flour

(Diabetes, Obesity ~ makers all)

Knowing that the fish (if catfish is likely Farmed  & Fed GMO~

Inflammatory ‘Motor-like’ oils used salad dressings or seasoning the green beans?

We approaching a PARADIGM SHIFT!


‘Paris in the Twentieth Century’ by Jules Verne predicted ~ ‘Food will be synthetic ~ made of oil’ – Sounds like Fast Food Fench Fries -fried in ‘motor-like’ oil1

GMO is not Safe~It Desicrates Whole Ancient Grains & feeds fraudulent food to animals we eat!

Why GMO is not SAFE!   The ‘Real’ reason Magnified Profits!! 

Three STRIKES against Modern Factory Farmed Dairy (Meat & Eggs)

While GMO Magnifies the food (to Feed the world-world is rejecting GMO – Banned in other Nations – Ameical the last stronghold!

– The ‘Good’ Reason! It is really Bad science

~ GMO makes food ‘Synthetic’ & Not Bioavailable ~

**  It ALSO MAGNIFIES are the  (‘Seed Lock’ in each ‘magnifies Kernel)- Celiac disease rampant 

**  Also Magnifies are the Lectins in the Peel ~ Bitter to ‘ward off Predators’ (Obesity)! 

These ‘Naturally occurring ‘non-nutrients’ & Are Easily removed by SOAKING  (with salt or AC vinegar) & rinsing with water to ‘clear’ ~ before cooking 

**  CAFO-GMO ‘processing’ SKIPS THIS VITAL STEP!!  & GRINDS into the flour – (Whole Wheat (more protein but ‘unclean’ by not soaking ) &  ‘All purpose-less flour’ only 2 grams of Protein (removing the Plant Protein by Over-Milling Leaving ‘Disease-Causing’ Refined Carbs!

Soaked loaves of bread (with 6 grams of Plant Protein is ‘sprouting up in stores across the nation~  Pardon the pun!

** CAFO-GMO ‘Heat Altered’ Meat & Dairy ~

CAFO-GMO-(GMold) Genetic Modification 

It is a bit like eating PB&J on MOLDY bread!



Three STRIKES against Modern Factory Farmed Dairy (Meat & Eggs)

1.  While GMO Magnifies the food (to Feed the world) 

– The Good Reason! It is really Bad science ~ GMO makes food ‘Synthetic’ & Not Bioavailable ~

The Real reason Magnified Profits!!  

2.  It ALSO MAGNIFIES are the  (‘Seed Lock’ in each ‘magnifies Kernel)- Celiac disease rampant 

3.  Also Magnifies are the Lectins in the Peel ~ Bitter to ‘ward off Predators’ (Obesity)! 

These ‘Naturally occurring ‘non-nutrients’ & Are Easily removed by SOAKING  (with salt or AC vinegar) & rinsing with water to ‘clear’ ~ before cooking 

**  CAFO-GMO ‘processing’ SKIPS THIS VITAL STEP!!  & GRINDS into the flour – (Whole Wheat (more protein but ‘unclean’ by not soaking ) &  ‘All purpose-less flour’ only 2 grams of Protein (removing the Plant Protein by Over-Milling Leaving ‘Disease-Causing’ Refined Carbs!

** CAFO-GMO ‘Heat Altered’ Meat & Dairy ~

(Another Flavor of GENOCIDE) ?

Help Create Awareness OF CAFO Contribution to Greenhouse Gas! ** CAFO waste (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation)-Over 168 Gases are Emitted-Major Cause of ‘Global Warming’-Ban GMO & CAFOs Go Away

REMOVING (diluting ) PLANT PROTEIN from Grains & Alternative Milks

The ‘PRINCIPAL FUEL’ for the Prefrontal “Thinking’ Brain 

– The CNS & Prefrontal Brain ~ the Mind of Christ!

Leaving only enough ‘Brain POWER” ~ To ‘Kick-the-Homeless-Can’ – DOWN THE ROAD & GMO – (Synthetic food made into ‘Carnival Food by the Modern Factory Farm Processing methods~

 Modern Dairy ~ loaded with ‘Dead Bacteria’ from Pasteurization 

& Factory Farmed l GMO fed ‘muscle meat’- Both SATURATED with Cortisol’ (stress hormone) which is produced by’Inhumane Factory Farming Practices’…

Science & Religion –  May have found a COMMON GROUND….

Fish sources of omega-3

Fatty, oily fish is an excellent source of DHA and EPA, which are two key types of omega-3 fatty acid.

The following types of Wild-caught fish (not farmed – fed GMO) are some of the best sources of these fatty acids. For each fish below, the serving size is 3 ounces (oz):

New Science: Nutritional Psychiatry – Research on Depression & Mental Illness…2017 Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn There are more & more other studies revolving around this topic that support this research. 

Foods That Can Cause Depression Dee Hinkle on LinkedInFoods That Can Cause Depression By Kelly Brogan MD Teamhttps://kellybroganmd.com/5-foods-that-can-cancer.

In St Louis, Seafood City (Olive) & World Market (Promenade Center) Have Soy products from Japan & other countries that Ban GMO!

  1. Mackerel-

A Treatment Option for Adults With Depression. Learn More.

Omega-3 fatty acids have many health benefits.

Mackerel is a small, fatty fish that people commonly eat smoked, often for breakfast.

A serving of mackerel contains: 

  • 0.59 g of DHA
  • 0.43 g of EPA

Along with omega-3s, mackerel is rich in selenium and vitamin B-12.

2. Wild-caught Salmon & ALL FISH  (Not farmed & fed GMO) – Salmon is one of the most popular and highly nutritious types of fish available. There are several differences between wild and farmed salmon, including some variations in the omega-3 content.

One serving of farmed salmon contains:

  • 1.24 g of DHA
  • 0.59 g of EPA

One serving of wild salmon contains:

  • 1.22 g of DHA
  • 0.35 g of EPA

Wild Salmon also contains high levels of protein, magnesium, potassium, selenium, and B vitamins.

Learn more about the differences between wild and farmed salmon here.

3. Seabass ‘Wild caught’

Seabass is a popular Japanese fish.

One serving of seabass contains:

  • 0.47 g of DHA
  • 0.18 g of EPA

Seabass also provides protein and selenium.

4. Oysters Fresh or canned (with packing rinse off) 

Oysters are a favorite shellfish that restaurants tend to serve as an appetizer or snack. Unlike many other seafood sources, oysters contain all three major classes of omega-3s.

One serving of oysters contains:

  • 0.14 g of ALA
  • 0.23 g of DHA
  • 0.30 g of EPA

Oysters are also rich in zinc and vitamin B-12.

5. Sardines (water-packed – PACKING RINSED OFF) 

Sardines are a small, oily fish that people can buy in cans and eat as a snack or appetizer.

One serving of canned sardines contains:

  • 0.74 g of DHA
  • 0.45 g of EPA

Sardines – a good source of selenium and vitamins B-12 and D.

6. Shrimp – Wild caught – (Not farmed) & Unless fed with seaweed & Non GMO feed .not regulated – who knows?

People around the world eat shrimp as both an appetizer and a component of many meals.

One serving of shrimp contains:

  • 0.12 g of DHA
  • 0.12 g of EPA

Shrimp is also rich in protein and potassium.

7. Trout (Not farmed & Fed American GMO)

WILD Rainbow trout are among the most popular and healthful types of fish – but not from a stream that is stocked by FARMED FISH!

One serving of trout contains:

  • 0.44 g of DHA
  • 0.40 g of EPA

In addition to omega-3s, trout is a good source of protein, potassium, and vitamin D.

Vegetarian and vegan sources of omega-3

8. Seaweed and algae

Seaweed, nori, spirulina, and chlorella are different forms of algae that many people eat for their health benefits.

Seaweed and algae are important sources of omega-3 for people on a vegetarian or vegan diet, as they are one of the few plant groups

There are many ways to include these foods in the diet. For example:

  • Nori is the seaweed that most people use to wrap around sushi.
  • Seaweed is a tasty, crispy snack.
  • Chlorella and spirulina make a healthful addition to smoothies or oatmeal.

Seaweed is also rich in protein, and it may have antidiabetic, antioxidant, and antihypertensive properties.

9. Whole Chia seeds – Ground (Oxidation)

Chia seeds are an excellent plant-based source of ALA omega-3 fatty acids. They are also high in fiber and protein.

Chia seeds contain 5.055 g of ALA per 1-oz serving.

10. Hemp seeds Whole & NOT GROUND (Oxidation) 

Hemp seeds contain 2.605 g of ALA in every 3 tablespoons (tbsp).

They are also rich in many nutrients, including:

  • protein
  • magnesium
  • iron
  • zinc

Research suggests that hemp seeds are good for a person’s heart, digestion, and skin.

WHOLE Hemp seeds (not ground) are slightly sweet and make an excellent addition to granola, oats, snack bars, salads, and smoothies.

11. Avoid Flaxseeds- Cash crop GMO – Avoid until GMO is Banned in US! 

Heritage Flaxseeds contain 6.703 g of ALA per tbsp.

Flaxseeds are one of the most healthful seeds that people can eat. They are rich in many nutrients, including:

Flaxseeds have become a ‘cash crop’ & NOW ARE GMO! AVOID UNTIL US BANS GMO!

  • fiber
  • protein
  • magnesium
  • manganese

These seeds may reduce blood pressure and improve heart health.

As with chia seeds, people can mix flaxseeds with water to create a vegan egg replacement. It is also easy to incorporate them into the diet by adding them to oatmeal, cereal, or salad.

Avoid Flaxseeds -cash crop & highly GMO 

12. Raw & Soaked Walnuts (All Raw-Soaked Nuts -Variety) PEANUTS – Raw & Soaked (NOT ROASTED Omega 3 changes to omega6 )

Walnuts contain 3.346 g of ALA per cup.

These raw, soaked nuts are a great source of healthful fats, including ALA omega-3 fatty acids.

Soaking will remove the seed locks & lectins – Making them ‘CLEAN’ 

CAFO-GMO ‘ROASTS’ –  (removing the Omega 3) & Grinds them & leaves them on the food – MAKING THEM DISEASE-CAUSING!

People can enjoy raw walnuts on their own, in granola, or in a trail mix, snack bar, yogurt, salad, or cooked dish.

13. Edamame ‘Modern’ is GMO – 


A half-cup of frozen edamame (from Japan) beans contains 0.28 g of ALA.

GMO Edamame beans are immature soybeans that are particularly popular in Japan – In America Soy is GMO & not Bio-Available for the Brain~ They are not only rich in omega-3s but are a great source of plant-based protein.

Boiled or steamed edamame beans (from Japan -NOT AMERICA) work well in a salad or as a side dish.

14. All Beans Lentils, Brussel Sprouts & Avocado-dry rehydrated – (Instant Pot or canned with packing rinsed)

  1. Peas. …
  2. Kidney Beans. …
  3. Black Beans. …
  4. Soybeans. .cash crop- now GMO Avoid until US bans..
  5. Pinto Beans. …
  6. Navy Beans.

Chickpeas. Also known as garbanzo beans, chickpeas are a great source of fiber and protein. …

More items…•Dec 1, 2017

The 9 Healthiest Beans and Legumes You Can Eat – Healthline


 Kidney beans

Toxicity. Raw kidney beans contain relatively high amounts of phytohemagglutinin, and thus are more toxic than most other bean varieties if not pre-soaked and subsequently heated to the boiling point for at least 10 minutes. … Canned red kidney beans, though, are safe to use immediately with the packing rinsed.

Kidney bean – Wikipedia

Kidney Beans contain 0.10 g of ALA per half-cup.

Beans are one of the most common beans to include in meals or eat as a side dish. People can add them to curries or stews or eat them with ANCIENT GRAINS


Soybean oil contains 0.923 g of ALA per tbsp.

Soybeans are popular legumes from Asia. Many people use soybean oil for cooking.

The oil is also a good source of:

  • riboflavin
  • magnesium
  • potassium
  • folate
  • vitamin K

Avoid – Omega-3 supplements – Omega 3 is unstable quickly converts to Inflammatory Omega 6 (Body food only) & NO PROTEIN!!

Omega-3 supplements –‘Dinosaur Drops!

NOT  regulation – Mostly Excess & Omega 3 quickly converts to Omega 6 (Inflammatory – Excess Body only food). 

They what was once thought healthy for the heart & CNS become an INFLAMMATORY BURDEN working against healing!

People who cannot meet their omega-3 dietary requirements – should try harder to find reliable Omega 3 foods ,  Supplements lack Macro & Micronutrients, Vitamins & Minerals Phytochemicals & Fiber. 

There are several types of omega-3 supplement to avoid: including: 

  • AVOID Fish oil: Fish oil is the most common omega-3 supplement, and it offers the highest available dose. Fish oil supplements include both DHA and EPA.
  • Cod liver oil: Cod liver oil is rich not only in DHA and EPA omega-3s but also in vitamins A and D.
  • Krill oil: Krill oil is another seafood oil that is rich in DHA and EPA.
  • Algae oil: For people following a vegetarian or vegan diet, algae oils are an excellent source of omega-3s. However, they contain a lower dose than most fish oil supplements, so people may need to take more of them. There are also fewer brands, and they may be more expensive. Some brands include only DHA, but a brand with both DHA and EPA will be more beneficial.
  • ALA supplements: Now GMO-Flaxseed, chia seed, and hemp seed supplements contain only the plant-based omega-3 ALA, which is not sufficient on its own. The seeds also contain omega-6 fatty acids, which can be inflammatory. This means that these supplements do not contribute to a healthy balance of omega-3 and omega-6 in the body. Although ALA supplements are not a substitute for fish or algae oil, they can be an excellent additional supplement to include in the diet.

The amount of omega-3 in each of these supplements depends on the type of supplement and the specific brand.

Certain plant-based supplements, such as some algae and ALA supplements, include gelatin and are not suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Always read the label carefully.

d limit their consumption of foods high in omega-6. (EXCESS OMEGA 6 –  INFLAMMATORY) 

Foods that are typically high in omega-6 fatty acids include processed foods, tofu, nuts, seeds, and meat.

A variety of Wild caught Fish, vegetarian, and vegan sources can help people increase their omega-3 intake – without omega-3 supplements.

It is essential to include all three main types of omega-3 in the diet and to keep the omega-3 and omega-6 ratio in balance. 

‘Heat Altered’ Roasting & (not Soaked -Unclean) of Raw Nuts, Seeds  (not soaked to be made Clean) ~ essential for CNS & Prefrontal ~ Support! 

Roasted & Unclean ~ Nut ALLERGIES, Arthritis, Skin allergies, Asthma ~

‘Heat Altered’  CAFO-GMO Meat, Dairy & Eggs!   

3 STRIKES Against ~

Milk & all that is made of it ~ CHEESE, Ice Cream, Yogurt, Sour Cream (dips) 

  1. Contain ‘Dead Bacteria’ from ‘Heat Altered ~ Pasteurization ~ Instead of LIVE BENEFICIAL BACTERIA!  Unclean (mold-like) ‘Disease-Causing’ from ALLERGIES to ALZHEIMER’S 

**  Fed GMO (MAGNIFIES both Food & Excess Vital Glutens (seed lock)  & Lectins in the peel (to ward off predators)  Alfalfa, Soy or Corn  ~ ‘Disease-Causing’ ~ Obesity,  Diabetes, Gluten Intolerance~

88  Cortisol from inhumane stressful farming conditions ~ Which we also produce internally ~High levels of cortisol can wear down the brain’s ability to function properly ~ Stress can kill brain cells and even reduce the size of the brain. Chronic stress has a shrinking effect on the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain responsible for memory and learning.Jul 26, 2016

Start with ‘Banning GMO’ –

Ban GMO – Prevent Poverty & Suicide (Mental Illness)!

The Mind and Mental Health: How Stress Affects the Brain


How to tell if CAFO-GMO ‘MODERN’ Diseases: Alzheimer’s, Neurological Disorders, Allergies – Are in Your Future?



 ~ Exposing Big Business, Medicine-Pharma ~ collusion with Corrupt politicians? 


 Facebook page also ~ https://m.facebook.com/dee.hinkle2

Barley Loaves & Fishes (not farmed & fed GMO) 

~ It was a Miracle – He (some say God) could have used ‘Big Mac, super-sized fries (fried in motor-lie oil & served with a soda!!


The Second Coming-Italian Renaissance-Food & Drink – Non-GMO, Over-Milled or Heat-Altered-Not Modern SAD (Raw) Natural State!

CAFO-GMO Conventional Farm (unethical) Practices- Mills the Necessary but not digestible in with the Grain (Whole Wheat Flour) – Creating Gluten Intolerance & Obesity, Diabetes & Homelessness!

Ancient Grains ~ Gluten-Free ~ Grind into Flour ~ No Soaking Required – Vitamix Smoothie Blender only ~ Preserve More Plant-Based Protein for the CNS & Prefrontal Brain!


It is Not Recommended to TRY TO GO VEGAN in US  ~ With GMO Soy, Corn & Alfalfa Fed to Cows ~ ‘FAILED MODERN PROCESSES’ ~(Heat-Altering Dairy, Roasted (Un-Soaked) Nuts & Seeds – May Still Keep Us on the Medicare Train! US ‘Beyond Meat’ – Like Eating Muscle Meat? Outside the US ~No GMO ~It  May be safer ~


‘PUTRID’ MODERN DAIRY (Including Ice Cream) ~ Un-SOAKED ANCIENT GRAINS, Nuts & Seeds ~  Like Eating ‘BOOGERS’- CAFO~GMO ~ Heat Altering ~ ~Pasteurization ~ Roasting are Allergy & Modern Disease-Causing!


Factory Farms (Unethical Treatment of Animals) ~ Medicare (Unethical Treatment of Humans) ~ Put Them Out of Their Misery ~ Shoot Them or Nail them to the Cross of Greed! GMO will Not Be Missed!


What We Will Miss when GMO is Banned ~ (Cheap fuel for Factory Farms ~ They will Collapse when GMO is banned ~ (As It is in the Rest of the World)!


THE NEW SCIENCE OF ‘NUTRITIONAL PSYCHIATRY’ ~ Research on Depression & Mental Illness ~ Caused by GMO Factory Farm Processing! Removing-Diluting the Plant Protein for the CNS – Prefrontal Brain!


The Truth About Vaccines ~ Coronavirus: the Whole world ‘Must Take Action’ warns ‘WHO’ – Western Style ~ CLASSIC FEAR MONGERING ~ Investigate Who Will Profit? ~ Prevent by ‘Brandy Pot’ (Dried Fruit, Soaked-Raw Nuts ~ Small Jar ~ Alcohol ~ Brandy, etc ~ To Preserve ~ Nature’s Flu Shot, Cold & Cancer Prevention & Reversal! Simple Starts Daily!


DEBUNKING ~ THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE TOP 10 CLAIMS FROM WHAT THE HEALTH -Pasture-raised Meat is Essential to flavor ‘UNALTERED’ & Non-GMO PLANT-BASED PROTEIN in ‘Unaltered’ Ancient Grains, Beans, legumes, etc. Muscle Meat is Not!


Keto Diet works even better when GMO Factory Processed (Over-Heating & Over-Milling) are Removed & when Nuts are not ROASTED but Soaked!


‘Cowspiracy’ ~ Netflix ~ Animal Rights & Environmental at Top of FBI Priorities ~ Direct Threat to Corporate Environment?  Keep People in Dark ~ Fear Mongering for Profit! Kip Chose ‘Not to Surrender’  to Threats from Big Business & Government! ‘Rotten’ (Netflix) – Another Wakeup Call!


Also ‘Rotten’ ~ Netflix Documentary on the American Food Industry 

President Roosevelt – Walked a Fine Line Between Big Business Interests & the Suffragists ~ Moms Who Wanted Assurance that Food for their Children to Pure!  Food Safety Assure ~ UNTIL the End of WWII – Vote to Ban GMO & Factory Farms Will Collapse without Cheap Fuel! Back to the Start of Greed!


Read  – Since WWII ended – We as a nation have resumed Graft & Greed~

~ ‘Jungle’ Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle to expose the appalling working conditions in the meat-packing industry. His description of diseased, rotten, and contaminated meat shocked the public and led to new federal food safety laws. Before the turn of the 20th century, a major reform movement had emerged in the United States.

www.crf-usa.org › bill-of-rights-in-action › bria-24-1-b-upton-sinclairs-…

Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle – Constitutional Rights Foundation

Dishonest Things Restaurants Do To Save Money & Make More Profit! On Top of GMO foods, Heat altered Dairy & Roasted Unsoaked Nuts & Over-Milled Ancient Grains! Cancer & Diabetes-Makers All!


Chick-fil-A ~ Beating Every Competitor by Training Workers to Say ‘Please’ & ‘Thank You’ – FOR WHAT? ~ More CAFO-GMO ‘CARNIVAL’ FOOD (Unclean-with ‘Boogers’) as Our ‘Daily Bread’? Perpetuating the Need for Universal Health Care ~ We Want to be Healthy Instead! Let Congress Know!


The Antidote to Vaccines ~ Coronavirus: Whole world ‘must take action’, warns WHO – CLASSIC FEAR MONGERING ~ Western Style! ~ Prevent by ‘Brandy Pot’ (Dried fruit, Soaked-Raw Nuts ~ Small Jar ~ Alcohol – It Evaporates ~ (Brandy, etc ~ To Preserve ~ Nature’s Flu Shot, Cold & Cancer Prevention ~ Investigate Who will Profit?


Next-Gen of Fraud in the Milk Industry – ‘FIGHT CHILDHOOD HUNGER IN YOUR COMMUNITY’ ~ Fear Mongering  & Tug on the ‘Heartstrings’ to make a profit! GMO – & Factory Processed ~ Famine to Body, Bones, etc.


Eat Yourself Happy With These 8 Endorphin-Releasing Foods ~ To Offset Cortisol From the GMO Factory Farmed Food in America ~


From the Bible ~

Christians consider meat offered to an idol to be defiled & for them it is, since they must follow their conscience. Their scruples should be respected by other Christians with a stronger conscience. Love dictates that all Christians make allowances for their weaker brothers.

Maintaining a pure testimony. In 1 Corinthians 10:25-32, Paul again emphasizes the believer’s liberty and what should limit that liberty. If you buy meat for your own use, don’t inquire where it came from; it doesn’t really matter whether it was sacrificed to an idol or not. “The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it” (Psalm 24:1). However, if you are invited to dinner and someone there says, “This meat was offered to idols,” then graciously refrain from eating. Since your associate obviously considers the meat to be “tainted” by the idols, do not eat it for his conscience’s sake—even though your own conscience is fine. The Christian glorifies God when he limits his freedom for the spiritual benefit of others.

Compromise with the world. In the letter to the church of Thyatira, Jesus rebukes them for tolerating a prophetess who “misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols” (Revelation 2:20). This is a different situation from what Paul was dealing with in Corinth. It seems that members of the church of Thyatira were partaking of the pagan “love feasts,” celebrated with gross immorality and feasting. These believers were not simply buying meat in the marketplace; they were actually attending idolatrous festivals and joining in the sin of the idolaters. (See verse 14 for a similar rebuke of the church of Pergamos.)

Here is a summary of the Bible’s teaching on eating meat sacrificed to idols:

Eating meat offered to an idol is not inherently wrong. Meat is not “defiled” because it was taken from a pagan sacrifice. God “richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment” (1 Timothy 6:17). 

However, some Christians consider meat offered to an idol to be defiled & for them it is, since they must follow their conscience. Their scruples should be respected by other Christians with a stronger conscience. Love dictates that all Christians make allowances for their weaker brothers.

2 thoughts on “Lenten Fish Fries ~ A Pure Conscience? May commit a Mortal Sin? Blasphemy? Honor Him (God) by Frying in Pasture-Raised Beef Tallow ~ Fry Like the Pioneers – with Non-GMO Gluten-Free Ancient Grains (8 grams of Plant Protein) & Omega 3 Sources~

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