Factory Farms (Unethical Treatment of Animals) ~ Medicare (Unethical Treatment of Humans) ~ Put Them Out of Their Misery ~ Shoot Them or Nail them to the Cross of Greed! GMO will Not Be Missed!

What miss when GMO is banned ~ (Cheap fuel for Factory Farms)

~ THEY WILL COLLAPSE ~ when GMO is banned ~ (Like  the rest of the world)!

Factory Farms (unethical treatment of animals) ~ Medicare (unethical treatment of humans) 

Put them out of their misery ~ Shoot them or Nail them (greedy (unpleasant – despicable people)  nailed to a Cross ~ or

‘Get over it, get off the Cross of greed & Use the wood to build a fire or a bridge~quote by Robert Ramsey

Help Create Awareness OF CAFO Contribution to Greenhouse Gas!

** CAFO waste (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation)-Over 168 Gases are Emitted-Major Cause of ‘Global Warming’-Ban GMO & CAFOs Go Away

You are what you eat!

Where are you Erin Brockovich? 

This is far worse than any other graft in history!

  1. Authentic medical  care ~ not just treating the ‘symptoms’ 
  2. Less trips to the doctor’s office (less time on the beach) 
  3. Fewer misdiagnosis 
  4. Fewer Joint replacements, allergies, malpractice ~
  5. Pharma ~ will likely be history
  6. Greed for ‘a pill for a problem’ Simple, quick solutions that do not work but cause more problems to solve ~ repeat customers! 
  7. Greed for profit ~ at expense  of a patient’s mental & physical health~
  8. Tastier foods (Raw Dairy not GMO Fed ~ (pasture-raised & no Cortisol) or ‘dead bacteria from pasteurization -HEAT ALTERING 
  9. No more Roasting raw nuts & seeds but SOAKING TO REMOVE ‘BOOGERS’ tha should not be eaten!
  10. Profits for the greedy ~ cheap GMO & Heat altered, Over-Milled ‘Carnival’ foods (Boogers ~  that should not be eaten!)
  11. Cheap~ disease causing fast & processed foods
  13. We do not want universal health care as much  ~ AS WE WANT TO BE HEALTHY ~ VOTE TO BAN GMO & ALLOW THE FACTORY FARMS TO COLLAPSE
  14. Start with removing farm subside  let the farmer go back to farming & be aware that Globally GMO coy, corn &7 alfalfa will be rejected – the rest of the world has banned GMO
  15. INNOVATION IN AGRICULTURE ~ the family farm restored, innovation in agriculture ~ duck farming, pesticide free & chemical free fertilizer ~ wind farming ~
  16. Harvesting local deer populate to feed the Homeless when Food Pantries refuse to take donations of any Factory foods (altered by heat or over-milling or GMO)
  17. Enlist Knight’s of Columbus & SVDP, Men’s Clubs ~ to come real Storm Troopers & raid the pantries removing Factory processed foods & learn for their selves & families – to avoid nursing home & dependance on Medicare ~
  18. Enlist caring parishioners in Churches, Synagogs, etc  with a List with TEETH ~ Real Maple Syrup, Ancient grains flours & mixes (with Teeth -PLANT PROTEIN ~ not milled out! Sprouted Ancient  grain Breads & Soaked Raw nuts seeds & Ancient grain ~ fermented foods – including wine & low alcohol beers ~4% or less ~ with high hops (more that 50 IBU)
  19. The list goes don & ends with the demise of Modern chemical methods
  20. 20.Fresh dairy with LIVE beneficial bacterial  & fewer allergies, cortisol (from inhumane factory farming & no linger bioavailable feed from GMO
  21. Having more access to informal ~Google to verify Western Medical misdiagnosis 
  22. 22.Fewer trips to the doctor or (veterinarian) for allergy related, Modern CAFO~GMO disease &  Not having to use MEDICARE so much  ~ retiring on the BEACH ~ instead of the Nursing home 
  23. 23. Authentic ‘in their DNA)’ healers ~ physicians who honor the Hippocratic oath ~ let food be thy healing – creating an awareness of the toxic dangers of Factory food processes GMO  &  FF Heat altered &  over-milling processes ~
  24. 24. Fake Charities that prey on our feeling & are fronts ‘for-profit’ organizations – obese women, fat & balding men  playing ‘old tapes’ of Western Thought’ dogma of a long from the Dark ages ~ ASIING FOR DONATIONS ~
  25. 25.  Research for diseases like cancer (not cure just PREVENTION & REVERSAL) 
  26. 26.American Cancer society, Susan Kuhlman (stop running for the cure – is not cure), – Keeping the myth alive for Profit ~ Shriners Hospital , St Jude children’s hospital & other faux charities preying on the vulnerable  ~ but authentically caring compassionate & under informed or misinformed ~ trusting on professionals – who were schooled in the Dark ages of post WWII mentality ~

JenCare BCE 

https://www.jencarebce.com  ~ Charts tab

11 Charts That Show Everything That’s Wrong With The Modern Diet 


Diseases medical professionals still have not found a cure for ~   Research for diseases like cancer (no cure ~ just PREVENTION & REVERSAL~

  • Alzheimer’s disease. Older couple drinking coffee together | iStock.com. …
  • Diabetes. Man with diabetes checks his blood sugar | iStock.com. …
  • HIV/AIDS. …
  • Parkinson’s disease. …
  • Multiple sclerosis. …
  • Lupus. …
  • Polio. …
  • Asthma.
  • Mental Illness 

pastedGraphic.pnghttp://www.cheatsheet.com › health-fitness › diseases-that-have-no-cure

Schizophrenia and 9 Other Diseases That Are Incurable

Take action & Support Candidates Concerned about Global Warming & the need to Ban GMO~

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