It is Not Recommended to TRY TO GO VEGAN in US  ~ With GMO Soy, Corn & Alfalfa Fed to Cows ~ ‘FAILED MODERN PROCESSES’ ~(Heat-Altering Dairy, Roasted (Un-Soaked) Nuts & Seeds – May Still Keep Us on the Medicare Train! US ‘Beyond Meat’ – Like Eating Muscle Meat? Outside the US ~No GMO ~ May be safer ~

 Altered ‘Plant-based’ protein & fat – IS JUST ANOTHER ‘FACTORY FOOD! NOT BRAIN HEALTHY-  Altered for Shelf life (Omega 6 & INFLAMMATORY ~ Not useful for the CNS & Prefruntal Brain! No longer Natural -MAN ALTERED!

It may not be recommended to TRY TO GO VEGAN IN THE US  ~ With GMO Soy. Corn & Alfalfa Fed to Cows ~ the ‘FAILED MODERN PROCESSES’ ~(Heat altering Dairy, Roasted (un-soaked) nuts & seeds – May sill keep us on the Medicare Train!

The importance of nutrition to athletes (& laborers & those over 50) is without question ~ The China Study ~ The China Study – Wikipedia The China Study is a book by T. Colin Campbell and his son, Thomas M. Campbell II. It was first published in the United States in January 2005 and had sold …

Learn how factory farming is decimating the planet’s natural resources & why this crisis has been largely ignored by major environmental groups.

 ~ This documentary is on Netflix. It confirms what you have been saying for years ~ Game Charger on Netflix or Trailer on Youtube ~  

This is a Good Argument with ‘Science Behind’ ~ It easily applies to the ‘Rest of the world’ but not in  U.S. ~ AT THIS TIME  ~Factory Meat – GMO & Heat-Altered & Over-Milled (removing the Plant Protein) & Inflammatory ‘motor-like oils ~ Plant based – or not – Factory processes make them ‘Disease-Causing!

Ancient Pioneer process of ‘BLANCHING’ (skipped & filler or toxic preservatives added) ~ instead of Splashing food with boiling water, drain dry to remove any bacterial & microbes that would be destroyed & left in food to be ingested & stored in body ~ Disease-Causing ~

It MAY NOT BE NECESSARY to rule out ALL ‘Muscle’ MEAT (except factory processed meat ) ~ 100% Vegan – but non-GMO, not Heat-Altered (Dairy or Roasted nuts)

~ This is going wake up a lot of people ~ more research – Good information to start with ~ Plant-Base Protein ‘SUPPORTS THE CNS & PREFRONTAL BRAIN’ in all humans & animals~

 Inside the  UNITED STATES -GMO & Factory Food  Processes  Animals Fed GMO grain ~ were made to digest plant material, not GMO  Grains (Soy, Corn & Alfalfa fed to the animal we eat) or ~ (Heat-Altered Dairy & Roasted (un-soaked) Nuts  & SEEDS become ~ Over-MILLED ANCIENT GRAINS  ~ highly refine & ‘Disease-causing’ &    ~HEALTHY FOR PROFITS ONLY & Pharma, Medicare!

In U.S. ~ Our choice to become part of a growing Shift of Consciousness – saving the planet by ELIMINATING ALL factory GMO foods  (meat, dairy & eggs) by going vegan? &  ‘DRASTICALLY REDUCING’ CONSUMING ‘MUSCLE’ MEAT!

‘MUSCLE’ Meat is best used for ‘FLAVOR-ONLY’ or Pasture-raised sausages, etc.

Eating Pasture-raised ‘MUSCLE’ meat only for athletes & laborers – not for Desk jockeys


~ Based on DNA ~ It may be possible ~  not just be an Omnivore – 

~ Eliminate  & ‘FAST from’ ~ ALL Factory Meat, Dairy, Eggs 


~ Other countries are rejecting GMO from US Factory Farms ~

In US ~ Go vegan (Non-GMO & no CAFO processed foods (Over-Heated & Over-Milled)

or stop eating ‘MUSCLE Meat’, Dairy & Eggs Factory Farmed 

or just reduce the amount of Pasture-fed ‘muscle’ meat consumed ~

~ but use to season only ~ However, only plant-based Non-GMO

& not heat altered dairy or roasted nuts or Over-Milled Ancient grains)

Innovation with Science in mind & ‘not for Profit’)  ~ WILL SAVE OUR PLANET!

Sustainable Farming ~ listen to the Profits on Netflix Documentaries 

Duck farming 

Wind Farming 


The Antidote to Vaccines ~ CHINA VIRUS – CLASSIC FEAR MONGERING ~ Western Style! ~ Prevent by ‘Brandy Pot’ (Dried fruit, Soaked-Raw Nuts ~ Small Jar ~ Alcohol – It Evaporates ~ (Brandy, Gin, Tequila, etc ~ To Preserve ~ Nature’s Flu Shot, Cold & Cancer Prevention ~ 1 tsp Daily!

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret ~ Netflix ~ Animal Rights & Environmental at Top of FBI Priorities ~ Direct Threat to Corporate Environment –  Keep People in Dark ~ Fear-Mongering for Profit!

Next-Gen of Fraud in the Milk Industry – ‘FIGHT CHILDHOOD HUNGER IN YOUR COMMUNITY’ ~ Fear Mongering  & Tug on the ‘Heartstrings’ to make a profit! GMO – & Factory Processed ~ Famine to Body, Bones, etc.

~ In US ~ the only way to remain healthy is to RETURN TO USING Pasture-raised Animal, Seafood & Non-GMO fed meat ~ & Beyond Meat in US ~likely tainted with GMO & Heat altered Dairy, Roasted  nuts & Over-Milled Ancient grains  (Destroying or diluting the Plant Protein for the CNS & Brain!


READ LABELS – No Soy, Corn, ‘Motor-like’ oils – Omega 6 ~ HIGHLY INFALMMATORY~

Healthiest Cooking Oil Comparison Chart with Smoke Points & Omega 3 Fatty Acid Ratios ~ OLIVE OIL ~ Heated becomes ‘Motor-like’ & Needs to be Changed!  Jan 4, 2020 8:20 PM

~ Man-made products may be just as TOXIC  as factory ‘CARNIVAL’  foods – GMO Corn, Soy the Death of living foods as we know them! Non-GMO, (not Heat altered & not Over-milled) ~ Plant-based Supports ‘Intelligence’ ~ CNS & Prefrontal brain The Thinking Brain!

– Not INFLAMMATORY ‘BODY-ONLY’ FOOD! For Athletes & Laborers & those over 50 years~

‘If you love animals ~ you should not eat them the muscle meat’ ~  Michael Pollen

Use the to season & make bone broth, sausages ~

Dee  Wagner~Hinkle
HT Wagner@ Twitter
314-283-8786  (text)
 Abolitionist ~We feel your pain ~
‘I will be as harsh as truth.
& uncompromising as justice
I am in earnest
I will not equivocate
I will not excuse
I will not retreat a single inch
& I will be heard!
Also applies to Post WWII  Factory Farming  (GMO, Heat altering  ~  Roating of unsoaked nuts)…
Over-heating Sweet Dairy & 
Milling the LIFE Plant Protein ~ No longer whole grains ~ Making themt  GMO  Carnival -foods….
All for the sake TASTE & of SHELF LIFE – Not our LIVES
Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol”
Poverty Makers ~ “Ignorance & Desire” 
Desire for fast & “taste only” Factory Foods ~ Heat Altered Dair & Roasted nuts (not soaked)
Ignorance of Unaltered Ancient grains & Pastured Animal Protein & Wild caught Fish Protein  –  CNS & Brain support!
“Impulse Control”…  to prevent, violence, disease & dysfunction., depression & suicide ~

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