Luke Ch 4, 14-22 – Proclaim Liberty to Captives to the Recovery of Sight to the Blind (Blindly Eating Factory Foods) ~ to Let the Oppressed go free ~ From Government Oppressors ~ FDA & USDA!

  • The Spirit of the Lord is upon me 
  • because he has anointed me (an earthworm)
  • to bring glad tidings to the poor
  • Charles Dickness ~ what creates Poverty
  • Ignorance & Desire 
  • He has sent me to proclaim liberty to captives
  • to the recovery of sight to the blind (blindly Eating Factory Foods)
  • to let the oppressed go free ~ Government oppressors  FDA & USDA
  • to proclaim a year acceptable to the Lord.
  • Luke Ch4 14-22 

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