Our Love for God and His Love for Us Is predicated  On Us Loving and Caring for Others ~ Compassion!

Our Love for God and His Love for Us Is predicated ~ On Us Loving and Caring for Others-Compassion  

Presumption – the Original Sin~

We are born with a set of fledgling feelings/emotions.  As the brain develops, these fledgling emotions are intended  to develop into compassionate, empathetic mature emotions ~ ‘The Theory of Mind.’ A Child’s Nature (DNA) is shaped by the environment ‘nurture’ (parents, siblings, peers) ~

Developing a ‘Secure’ adult relationship depends on attentive & prompt response to the infant “babble” to establish a trusting relationship with the caregiver ~ Knitting ‘attachment’ endorphins ~ Secure for life or until trauma strikes~(Dr Dan Siegel) 

Like Biblical ‘talents’ ~ the master gave to his servants, the one who invested and grew them was rewarded.  The servant that buried in a field had them taken away. Secure adult feelings grow from ‘take-turns’ communication,  where the adult caregiver cultivates trust and truth ~ This strengthens the bonds and sets the stage for nurturing relationship ~ the development of empathetic emotional development & wellness

~ For life long stable relationships~

Juan Ruiz restated  this understanding of universal spirituality~

1. BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORDrecognize distortions & respond with thoughtful & considerate phraseology~

2. DON’T TAKE THINGS PERSONALLY (like Cane who killed Able).  Sensitive feelings are hurt easily ~feelings of our Hunter-Gather’s  ~ Hurt feelings (often based on misperceptions) & may set off a downward spiral of hate anger revenge ` This is a  primal instinct (original sin) that God requires to use our free will to refine & evolve to higher thought ~  Cain could have PAUSED & CHOSEN to dismiss those thoughts & gone fishing.

3. DON’T PRESUME ANYTHING ~  Our human range of perception is only a thin slice of reality—but believe the “thin slice” they perceive is the Truth. There full Truth lies in the rest of the pie.

4.  DON’T EVER JUDGE ~.  Whether the truth or only based on a “thin slice of the truth,” this mentality only violates ~  self & soul.

Adam, Eve, Cain & Able brought ‘sin’  in the world. ~ (knowledge-realization of the difference between good & evil ~ conscious of being naked & man no longer animal ).   ‘The Holy Spirit’ was breathed into human ‘conscious’ awareness 2000 years ago to aid and assist the thinking of all people. The Universal Spiritual mindset gives the tools to use our free will to recognize & PAUSE primal thinking that does not serve mankind and choose life for our soul over death (REMAINING ANIMAL)~

The ability to recognize distorted thought and challenge ~ discerned &  pause from being “shot from the hip” of the primal brain, signal  sound mental health. 

Psychologists use David Burn’s “Distorted thoughts” as a gauge for mental illness or mental health.

Distorted (often presumed)) thoughts  are  perceived  through filters with a varying degree of truth: ranging from Negative intentional to balanced compassionate empathetic thoughts to extreme religiosity, dogma (long-held beliefs that are no longer applicable-truth behind is lost)

  1. ‘Pause the thought’ or create a thought-catcher to stop and change to positive ~ displacing negative thoughts
  2. Change your filter. Any Distorted thought is recognized by how they are they are perceived by your mental filter. Unfortunately, If your filter is tired (or drunk),  primal thoughts, which do not serve a positive mindset, are allowed to pass into consciousness ~  Mind reading, judging, emotional reasoning (I feel it, therefore, it must be true) ‘all or nothing’ thinking, should statements.
  3. Bring into awareness negative, presumed thoughts & CHOOSE a positive filter.  Faith & intention help to know negative & manually choose to switch them to a positive thought.
  4. Realize that the only way to build new neural tissue in the Insula, Prefrontal brain structure-necessary for empathy to emerge) is to choose to do so by using free will.  


As Well as ~’ IMPULSE CONTROL’ & does not SUPPORT TO THE TRIPARTITE BRAIN & CNS ~ The Modern CAFO-GMO Dairy & Factory Meat-Eggs  destroys Cognitive Mind function with no cereal to Replace & Repair Neural Tissue~

However ~ GMO makes the ‘food’ No Longer Bioavailable ~ No longer nourishes CNS, hair follicles, brain, joints ~ Baldness, wheat belly, joint replacements, memory disease, arthritis, etc ~ become the order of the day!

The only way to REVERSE & RESTORE (MIA) Brain Healthy Protein & Fat ~

**  Plant Protein (Non-GMO & not altered by CAFO-GMO processed,

**  Brain healthy ~ Pastured Animal Protein

**   Seafood Protein) – Modern GMO Corn, Soy & GMO Alfalfa fed to the US meat (TAINTED) source & Over-milled (Disease-causing) wheat & ‘all purposeless’ flour~

Help Create Awareness OF CAFO Contribution to Greenhouse Gas OF CAFO

**  Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation-Over 168 Greenhouse​ Gases are Emitted from CAFO Waste! Ban ‘Disease-causing’ GMO (Their Fuel) & CAFOS Go Away


Natural ways to increase LIVE ‘Macrobiotic’ Foods 

& to Detoxify against the CAFO-GMO (DEAD) foods – 

Pushed by the Modern American Meat & Dairy Cartel!

Why Drinking RAW (UNPASTEURIZED) Milk & Eating Eggs (from the non-GMO feed) & Pastured Animal Protein – Not CAFO – INDUSTRIAL FARMED FOODS https://wordpress.com/post/facebookcomdeehinkle2.wordpress.com/2450

You Are What ‘Your Food’ Eats – Pasture-raised or CAFO-GMO-No Longer Bioavailable Substrates! https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/you-what-your-food-eats-pasture-raised-cafo-gmo-no-longer-dee-hinkle via @ WordPress

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