Eclipse January 10, 2020 Eclipse ~ Same Star & Planetary Alignment as the 1929  Eclipse ~ the Collapse of Banking System ~ Heralding in the ‘Great Depression’~ GMO ~ Most Likely Cause~

Lunar eclipses are a big astrological deal—here’s how to make the most of them – City Women & co ~

Forecasters spot world economic gloom but differ on how ugly it will be 

Debate centres on whether data indicate temporary slowdown or slide into recession

Financial markets and economists have rarely been at greater odds over the global economic prospects for the coming year. Everyone expects the world economy to perform worse, but they dispute the extent to which this is a temporary slowing or the start of a slide into recession.

Sharp declines in global stock markets and oil prices point towards some trouble ahead for the world economy. US bond markets are looking uglier still and suggest the US is heading for a recession. But most economists remain stoic and see no immediate crisis. The three economic giants, the US, Europe & China, will continue to grow, they say. US Federal Reserve chairman Jay Powell, recently summed up the mood, saying markets were “well ahead of the data” in pricing in “downside risk” to the US economy.

With both financial markets and economists having access to the same information, attitude to data explains most of the difference of view. Financial market participants see their great advantage as being forward looking and able to react quickly because they have no attachment to their past predictions. Sharp declines in indicators of business confidence, Chinese and European demand and US profits towards the end of last year have rocked faith in market prices, which were set for continued rapid global growth.

What’s the significance of a lunar eclipse? 

What should you do during a lunar eclipse?

To make the most of a lunar eclipse, Potempa recommends ritualizing it in some way, whether that’s making time for meditation (preferably outside, under the moon), clearing the energy of your space with sage or palo santo, or journaling about what’s coming up for you. Messages are broadcast widely as we live a breath ~ the only way to receive & tap into the ‘flow’ of time is to Meditate & Listen ~ FAST & PRAY & listen for incite!

Let’s not sugarcoat it—lunar eclipses can be kind of dramatic. But ultimately, says Potempa, they shed light on our unconscious patterns and show us opportunities for healing, growth, and evolution.

“Awareness and insight come through during a lunar eclipse, offering clarity on what we can transform and what we can let go of in our lives for personal growth,” the astrologer says. “They truly can be the fast pass to alignment if you’re ready to shift your story when the universe calls. The key is to be open to it if you want to progress the blessings.”

“Awareness and insight come through during a lunar eclipse, offering clarity on what we can transform and what we can let go of in our lives for personal growth.” —astrologer Tiffany Potempa

Lunar eclipses are so powerful because they touch on the north and south nodes—two energetic points in the moon’s orbit that represent our soul’s purpose.

“The north node is the energy we need to lean into to evolve in this lifetime,” says Potempa ~ This is how we think & Create our Future~ Map positive thoughts ~ Dream Big & Pray BOLD PRAYERS!

“The south node is our karmic past that we need to depart from.”DNA ~To use our present moment as an example, the north node is currently in Cancer—a sign associated with family, emotions, and intuition—and the south node is in ambitious, disciplined Capricorn. So during the upcoming lunar eclipse in Capricorn, Potempa predicts we’re all likely to experience this duality in our lives. “Collectively, I think we see these energies playing out—the rise of the feminine, the fall of the patriarchy,” she says. “The universe is calling for a balance between these two energies. We can mix business with ethics.

We can balance work and family. We can take the high road of both of these energies and be evolved leaders. This balance can and will elevate planet Earth.”


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