The Elephant in the Room ~ Chronic Stress~Alcohol is likely not the ‘only’ culprit ~ Alcohol is a SOLVENT that Dissolves Neural tissue ~ So does Cortisol!

When ‘liver enzymes’ are higher than  normal~Western Medicine (the Anti-Christ)  often points to alcohol & ‘overlooks’ the TOXIC damage that Chronic Stress (Cortisol) does to the Body, Mind & Soul of their patients!

General signs and symptoms of Chronic Stress  (too much cortisol include

  •  Alcohol is likely not the ‘only’ culprit ~ (Alcohol is a SOLVENT that dissolved Neural tissue – in proportion to the amount consumed in 24 hours)

Chronic stress OFTEN MORPHS into PTSD ~  Damage is now thought to be  irreversible damage of Hippocampus atrophy – memory low ~ Amygdala –  PTSD grows larger – harder to detect safety systems – depletion of dopamine – Depression

 Diseases progress faster (lack of immune support)  ~Adult onset diabetes – stress brings on  the disease  & other disease Cancer,  Tumors grow faster ~

“Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers: Stress and Health” by Dr. Robert Sapolsky

Robert Sapolsky: The Psychology of Stress

The stress response establishes ‘Homeostatic’ balance 

~ Humans turn on stress response for ‘purely psychological’ reasons ~ without realizing that does the ‘same damage’ of  a heavy drinker ~( 3 martini lunches with wine on a daily basis) ~ Chronically  will throw body-mind ~ out of homeostatic balance ~

Wear & tear of the human system (body & mind) – (when unaware & turning on Stress response too often)

Spending too much with a ‘Chronic Stress response’ ~ Every day is an emergency level ~is  inefficient & costs energy (mental & physical) 

** Turns off all systems that are ‘not critical’  ~ Need energy ‘right now’ to flee~

**  Heart speeds 

**Brain Shrinkage of neurons, inhibition of new neurons ~ PTSD Combat 

**  Immune ~ fight infections (Chronic stress decreases immunity)

=**  Hormones delivered to brain sharpers ~ dopamine benefits stress for the short term

~  Muscle mass decreases-

Digestion Shuts down or slows enzyme release ~~  Shut down growth &  tissue repair, ~ shut down saliva ~ thirstIndigestion 

Thinning skin & hair~ digestion shuts down By Chronic ~(Same does  GMO Carnival famine foods)  ~ neither will nourish hair follicles ~ slowed healing ~ acne ~easy bruising

Ulcers – bacteria disorder ~ indigestion shuts down nourishment & repairing the stomach walls 

**  Digestion shut down ~ Starvation mode & weight gain, mostly around the midsection and upper back ~ Shuts down Growth & Repair-

~ Reproduction may stop altogether – psychogenic  stress-related nervous system dysfunctions 

~ Cardiovascular (repressed also causes damage) Type  A personality 

high blood pressure stress  result of  Cardiac system 

~  muscle weakness

~  Severe fatigue (PTSD)

~  Irritability

~  Difficulty concentrating

~  Headache

It is important how safe & loved a person feels in a relationship ~ Remove from the ‘war-zone’ & recovery  begins again ~ children may strop growing if chronically  nourished ~ remove the chronic stressor & growth returns 

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