Life Cycle of CAFO-GMO Factory Food ~ Also known as Carnival Food!

Life Cycle of CAFO-GMO Factory Food ~ Also known as Carnival Food!

The life cycle means the stages a living thing goes through during its life. In some cases the process is slow, and the changes are gradual. Humans have various steps during their lives, such as zygote, embryo, child & adult ~  In most insects the transition is sharp and well-defined: egg > larva > pupa > imago (adult).               Life cycle – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia › wiki › Life_cycle

A life cycle is a series of stages a living thing goes through during its life. All plants and animals go through life cycles. It is helpful to use diagrams to show the stages, which often include starting as a seed, egg, or live birth, then growing up and reproducing. Life cycles repeat again and again.  Plant and Animal Life Cycles | Science Lesson For Kids | Grades 3-5 › plant-and-animal-life-cycle-lesson-for-k…

CAFO-GMO Factory Foods have  life cycles the same way~

**  The Genesis of Carnival Food (Body only) as an Egg  ~ GMO ~ Genetically  Modified 

**  The next stage is Larva ~ (active immature form)  (Heat altered, over-Milled) 

Creating a ‘no longer bioavailable’ substate that the Prefrontal Brain (CNS)  That the CNS & Brain does not recognize for nourishment purposed  & is not fit for human consumption to nourish it~

Pupa (Cocoon) ~ Transfigures ~  Prepares & configures the body & Brain for the Adult stage`~ Age-related disease ~ Joint Replacement, Hair loss, Wheat belly excess fat storage,  Depression (treated with alcohol, pharma or other drugs ~Fat storage – organs, tissues,  & especially the CNS & Prefrontal ~  not nourished ~ only use ~ Fat Storage~

Imago ~ (Mature Adult )~ CAFO-GMO mature adult is Alzheimer’s & other age-related diseased ~ Suicide often the end result of this stage.

Examples of Aging-associated diseases are atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, cataracts, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, hypertension & Alzheimer’s disease. The incidence of all of these diseases increases exponentially with age.,


Reasons to Ban GMO in America! (The Land of the Free (& Greedy) –

The Dangers of GMO ~ Food to feed the word’??

However ~ GMO makes the ‘food’ No Longer Bioavailable ~ No longer nourishes CNS, hair follicles, brain, joints ~ Baldness, wheat belly, joint replacements, memory disease, arthritis, etc ~ become the order of the day!

Summary – Details below:

  1. GMO is not SAFE!  (See below) – Remove GMO Cheap fuel & CAFOs will collapse!+
  2. How is GMO going to ‘Feed the World’? When most of the world REJECTS the GMO Franken grains (Soy, Corn & Alfalfa) & will not by meat from America!
  3. How Factory Farming Contributes to Global Warming – EcoWatch…
  4. Animal abuse in Unnatural CAFO-GMOS – Hidden from the public! Remove GMO Cheap fuel & CAFOs will COLLAPSE! 
  5. The Small Farmers can go back Growing Heritage Seeds & Allow animals to be Free-Range & Pastured (Healthy brain fat, Vitamin D (sunshine) & Omega 3 (seeds in the pastures)  
  6. Animal abuse in Unnatural CAFO-GMOS – Hidden from the public! 

 Instead of Western Medicine & Pharma & Supplementation!                                             

WITHOUT CAFO-GMO – Italian Renaissance Food & Drink- Non-CAFO-GMO, Over-Milled-Removing ‘Plant Protein’ or Heat Altered (SAD)-Sistine Chapel OR Modern Art -CAFO-GMO!

America is Ripe for Revolution! The Hunt for ‘Red October’- Plant & Seafood Protein! Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn America is Ripe for Revolution!  Red October –

Read More: 

Pasteurization, Factory Farmed Modern GMO-fed Dairy ~ The Quintessential Standard for Filthy (UNCLEAN) Food!

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