At Last! A Website with ‘Updated’ Notions of Un-altered, Non-GMO Superfoods! Faithful Workouts!

At Last! A Website with ‘Updated’ Notions of Un-altered, Non-GMO Superfoods!
Bringing Health To Your Body & Soul

Inspired by Faithful Workouts~

With over 30 years of fitness and nutrition experience and as the founder of Faithful Workouts, I am passionate about helping people reach their health and fitness goals. Living a healthy lifestyle should never feel restricted or leave you feeling deprived. Embrace finding joy in the process of learning how to properly fuel your body, always striving for progress over perfection.
To help you build a solid nutritional foundation, today I want to share with you 7 superfoods you should always have handy in your kitchen and how to prepare quick, healthy meals using them.

1. Quinoa  or Any of the ‘Ancient Grain’ – (Not GMO & Not ‘Over-Milled’ – REMOVING UP TO 50% OF PLANT PROTEIN)
Sometimes mistaken for a grain, quinoa is actually a seed and is naturally gluten-free. It is one of the best foods for lasting energy. It’s a complete protein which means it contains an adequate amount of all nine essential amino acids and it is loaded with antioxidants. This superfood also has anti-inflammatory properties and is actually a member of the spinach, Swiss chard & beet family!
When I cook quinoa I always make extra. It is great to have on hand so you can mix it with eggs for breakfast, sprinkle it over a salad or into a soup. It’s also a great replacement for rice when making your favorite stir-fry. One of my favorite recipes is our Quinoa & Black Bean Salas with Lemon Dressing

2. Dark Leafy Greens
Spinach, kale Swiss chard are high in folate and contain nitrites that convert fat-storing cells into fat-burning brown cells which promote weight loss. Leafy greens also decrease the risk of cognitive decline thus keeping our minds healthy. Their anti-inflammatory properties promote heart health and decrease the risk of diabetes. Plus, they are a great source of non-dairy calcium.
I buy a bag of organic, pre-washed “power greens” almost every time I go to the store. One of my “go-to” breakfasts includes putting 2 handfuls of greens into a pan. I cook them over medium heat stirring often.

Once they are wilted I crack a Non-GMO-pasture-fed egg right on top of the greens. I cover my pan and cook over medium heat until my egg is set.
I also add handfuls of these awesome greens into my smoothies, soups, open-faced sandwiches, and salads. At dinner, I put a little oil in a pan and heat it over medium heat with a large clove of minced garlic. I add several handfuls of greens and cover. Once they’re wilted, I stir in vinegar and a little salt and they make a nutrient-packed side dish.

I was diagnosed with a ‘Bleeder’ on my Optic Nerve ~ While It looked as if was healing on its own ~ They recommended that I see a ‘Retina specialist’ ~ Being well-aware of how the Body & Mind HEALS FASTER ~ with the true Non-GMO Not altered Ancient Grains, Pasture-fed Meat, Dairy & Eggs & Seafood protein (not farmed & fed GMO) –

My choice of Raw Soaked Nut Smoothie ~ ‘Kitchen Sink’!
~ Almonds, pecans & walnuts (ground to a past in a small count of Kombucha or Raw Pasuted-fed Dairy Milk~
~ Kombucha team (home fermented)  & green tea-based with Ample Manuka honey
~ Beet greens & stems, swiss chard leaf
~ 1 cup oats
~ Miscellaneous assortment of frozen berries
~ Frozen banana with the peel
~ Avocado
~ Lemon with hearty zest
Although the doctor said Foods had nothing to do with the healing ~ in 2 weeks it was 90% healed & PROVIDED MASSIVE HEALING SUPPLIES TO  THE REST OF MIND & BODY!

3. Avocado
Because who doesn’t love avocado… and for good reason! Not only is it awesome tasting, it also offers many health benefits. It’s high in mono-unsaturated fat which is good for you! When you eat an avocado with other nutrient-rich foods it improves absorption of the nutrients. If you eat a salad with an avocado, you absorb up to 25% more of the nutrients from your salad!
Avocados also lower the risk of heart disease and improve blood levels of LDL cholesterol. Avocados are nutrient-dense with high amounts of pantothenic acid (one of 8 B vitamins that helps the body convert food (carbohydrates) into fuel (glucose), which the body uses to produce energy), fiber and Vitamin K.
One of my favorite ways to start my day is with a slice of organic toast with 1/2 an avocado sliced thin on top. I’ve also been making amazing desserts using avocados. (Yes, you read that correctly!) For a yummy, yet healthy, Chocolate Cream Pie recipe. Click Here For Recipe

4. Wild Caught Salmon (NOT Atlantic ~ farmed & fed GMO (or Cod, Flounder, Sole, Trout)
Salmon is a great source of protein and Omega-3 fat that helps to decrease the risk of heart disease, cancer & depression while keeping the mind strong and improving joint health. I highly recommend wild-caught salmon over farm-raised (& not fed GMO).
We have many great salmon recipes included in our online cookbook, but here’s one of my favorites. Stir together 1 tbsp orange juice concentrate. 1 tsp minced fresh ginger and 1/4 cup soy sauce. Put one 4 oz salmon filet in a ziplock bag and pour the liquid over it. Marinate for at least an hour. Remove salmon and cook on a grill or in a hot pan. Such a great flavor!

5. Organic don’t trust label ~ (Pasture-Raised) Eggs ~ Also Pasture Raised Meat & Raw Diary, not Factory Famed (Toxic Stressed-Cortisol & Fed GMO)
Until GMO is banned in US ~ buy European Cheese at Whole Food Marked!
Eggs are an excellent source of protein, contain all the B vitamins your body needs and are high in Omega-3. It’s important to buy organic pasture-raised eggs. They are worth the extra cost because eggs that come from pasture-raised chickens means they are free to roam on open grassland, eat an organic diet, enjoy bugs and worms, see daylight, are not given hormones or antibiotics, have darker/richer yolks, have been known to taste better, and have better nutritional profiles in vitamins A, E, beta-carotene and Omega-3’s.
I typically take my leftover vegetables from dinner and warm them for breakfast and eat them with a poached egg on top. I love starting my day with all the nutritional benefits from my veggies plus the protein from the egg. I also like to make hard-boiled eggs at the beginning of the week so I can grab one when I need some quick protein.

6. Almond Butter (Not Roasted but ‘Soaked in saltwater overnight rinsing several times & drying to freeze to use later ~

SOAKING removes ‘DIRT’ ~The essential Seed lock ~ vital Gluten & lectins in the peed ~ both (GMO excess) ~ Do not nourish the Brain or Body ~ GO DIRECTLY TO FAT STORAGE \!

The Modern CAFO-GMO process of Roasting (FOR SHELF LIFE) ~ makes the Omega 3 for the CNS & Prefrontal ‘no longer Bioavailable’! ROASTED NUTS become a ‘BODY ONLY’ INFLAMMATORY’ OMEGA 6  Body only ~ fat storage ~ Obesity! Allows the Brain to go in Famine!

Soaked Almond butter has high amounts of magnesium and monounsaturated fats for heart health. It also has high amounts of Vitamin E and is a great source of manganese, copper, Vitamin B and riboflavin needed for energy. Be sure to be a diligent consumer and check the ingredients to make sure there are only almonds and salt with no added sugar or oil.
When I am feeling low on energy I grab a spoon and scoop out some almond butter which gives me an energy boost. I also make great tasting cookies and smoothies that include almond butter. Check out this recipe that is loaded with flavor but not the sugar.

7. Plain Organic Free Greek Yogurt (with live active cultures)!
Better yet ~ Find an ‘Underground’ Pasture-raised LOCAL dairy farm
Yogurt is an excellent source of protein, improves digestive health and high in calcium for stronger bones. When I buy plain, Greek yogurt I look for more than 20 grams of protein and less than 10 grams of sugar (the sugar should only come from the naturally occurring lactose, no added sugar). I also check to see that it includes high amounts of live active cultures. Digestive issues are on the rise because the bacteria in our gut is out of whack. We eat processed foods that contain preservatives which disrupts our gut bacteria. The live active cultures in yogurt help to reset the good bacteria in our system.
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I’m praying for you!

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Michelle Spadafora is the founder of Faithful Workouts and The Fresh Table. She began her fitness career in 1984 and still loves to help people break free from fitness frustration and move towards a life that’s full of physical and spiritual health. Michelle is married to Jeff and they have three children PLUS two lovable dogs.

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