From Revelations~Bible & NPR ~Promising Peace~He Will Rise Great Power ~ With the Help of False Prophet (Not the Truth ~ Lies) The Antichrist Will Gain Control of World Economy ~

PBS ~ Frontline ~ The Anti~Christ

From Revelations~Bible & NPR ~Promising Peace~He Will Rise Great Power ~ With the Help of False Prophet (Not the Truth ~ Lies) The Antichrist Will Gain Control of World Economy ~

· Promising peace to those who follow him~he will rise to a position of great power.
· With the help of his own false prophet (Not the Truth ~ Lies)
The Antichrist will gain control of the world economy,
by forcing each person “to be marked on the right hand or the forehead,
so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark,
that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name ~

The word “antichrist” appears in just three passages in the Bible (in the New Testament letters known as 1 John and 2 John)~ it does not appear at all in the Book of Revelation.
Nevertheless, the idea of an Antichrist is central to the apocalyptic world view that sees human history as a struggle between God and Satan for the fate of mankind.

The Antichrist —
Will forge a one-world government through promises of peace (LIES) ~

Possibilities to debate?
For Starters? PotentialList of the Anti-christ’ Mentality?

~ Small & Closed (all or nothing) Minds

~ GMO Genetic Modification (A lie) ~ Compassion ~ ’feed the worldly multiplying cheap ‘not bioavailable’ food ~ But also Magnifies Disease causing elements

~ Fear Mongering Denigrating People with Wealth
~ Fear Mongering ~ People of Color a lie of prejudice

~ Capitalism ~ as we know it ~ PROFIT DRIVEN

~ Western Thought ~ ~Small & Closed (all or nothing) Minds
~ Western Religion (dogma)

~ Western Medicine (pharma & ‘treat the symptoms only) Lie that leads to Medicare ~

~ Western Psychiatry ~ Symptoms only ~Nurture not considering Nature (DNA)

~ Western Medical Practitioners ~ Play God ~ by not Paying attention to Nature (DNA) & Nurturing with Pharma & Supplements
~ Believing they can ‘TURN WATER INTO WINE?’

~ No-Kill Animal Shelters ~ Like GMO ~ ‘Wolves in Sheep’s clothing’! Under the guise of ‘compassion’ for saving the lives of animals & Not considering ‘the pain’ & drawing the line to enable the animal to experience a ‘Sweet Release of Life’ extending life with extra ordinary draconian measures to make a profit!
Not unlike’ blood-letting??

From the Bible ~ But when
Jesus returns, he will expose the Antichrist as an impostor, defeat him in the battle of Armageddon, and reign with the Christian martyrs for a thousand years on earth.Robert Fuller, in his book Naming the Antichrist, notes that modern apocalypticists believe the Book of Revelation “contains much information about the Antichrist–who will emerge as a ‘beast from the sea’ to be Satan’s ally in a last, desperate assault on Christ and his followers.”

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