A Mother’s View of Witness a Grown Child ~ in the Passion of the Child’s ‘Life-Altering Loss’ ~ A Poem of Sorrow, Strength & Fear of God~

A Mother’s View of witness a Grown Child in the Passion of a child’s ‘Life -Altering loss’

~ A Poem of Sorrow, Strength & Fear of God

Standing in Witness

Powerless to act on ‘motherly instincts’ ~

His Agony – She also owned
Patient perseverance ~ Unconditional love~
To Death
The hardest decision every made to ‘resist interfering’
When the Beloved child was living their Passion ~

Trusting that ~ Resurrection comes only through death of the body ~
Knowing the Will of God Will prevail ~

MEDITATION ON Living in Hell as a Child Begins their ‘Descends into Hell’

Mary’s View of the Passion

Mary’s View of the Passion

By Br. Norbert Keliher, O.P.|March 26, 2018|Blessed Virgin Mary, Holy Week

The most solemn week of the year has arrived—Holy Week. After the grand drama displayed before us on Palm Sunday, sweeping from Jesus’ entrance on a colt to His entombment, where should we focus our reflections? One of the best ways to start is with the help of Mary, our Blessed Mother.
She understands better than anyone the meaning of the events of Holy Week, and she suffered along with Jesus, through the intense sorrows of her heart.

The Agony in the Garden ~ Modern Mind ~ the Anxiety of Nothingness!

In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus prayed alone to do the will of the Father. His three closest disciples, overcome by weariness, lent Him no support. But Jesus did know that His mother supported Him in prayer, because she had never flagged in her eager desire to do God’s will, especially since she had given her fiat to the angel Gabriel.
It is unlikely that Mary was also in Gethsemane, but she was certainly there in spirit.
She also prayed for God’s will to be done, despite the cost.

The Scourging at the Pillar ~ Modern Mind ~ Poke fun ~ (in jest) ~ Demean partner, spouse, children to sweeten the ‘barbs’ thrown at them to shore up the Ego & Hold in suspension the ‘False Bravado’ of a Wickedly lived life! It is not funny ~ just DEMEANING ~

When Jesus was scourged by the Roman soldiers, He fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah, that “by his stripes we were healed” (53:5).
Mary knew these prophecies too, but it was awful still to behold her Son stripped of His dignity and punished as a criminal. When she heard the sound of the scourge and saw His blood flowing, another prophecy was also fulfilled. Simeon had said to her at the Presentation, “you yourself a sword will pierce” (Lk 2:35). Just as the burning charity of Jesus made His blood a sacred offering to God,

Mary also offered up her transfixing sorrow in love.
The Crowning with Thorns
Did the soldiers mock Jesus in public or in private?
If Mary did not see her Son clothed in a royal robe and spat upon, she did see the crown of thorns the soldiers wove for Him. They left this crown when they stripped off the robe, wanting all to see what they thought of the “King of the Jews.”

But Mary knew the truth of Jesus’ kingship, a truth fixed in mind since Gabriel had told her that He would “rule over the house of Jacob forever, and of his kingdom there will be no end” (Lk 1:33).
Her faith in this promise gave her strength to endure this hour of darkness when the world denied the kingship of Jesus.
The Carrying of the Cross

At the insistence of the crowd, Pilate passed his sentence. Then Jesus took on
His shoulders the instrument of His execution and walked the path to our redemption. His Apostles had abandoned Him, all except one, but a faithful band of women accompanied Him to Calvary. What consolation Jesus must have taken from seeing Mary while He carried the Cross!
She understood best the reason that He bore it, and that on it He would display the kingship of His love.

The Crucifixion and Death of Jesus
The Crucifixion must have happened in slow motion for Mary. Each rough handling of Jesus’ limbs, each nail hammered home, reverberated in her body also.
But even in this hour of agony,
Mary knew that this suffering was fruitful. Jesus entrusted her to John & John to her.
Then Jesus breathed His last, and all was finished. When Mary was finally allowed to touch Jesus’ body, she cradled Him in her arms. He had accomplished the work for which He came, but Mary had to wait for the sign of Jonah to be fulfilled, the days spent in the belly of the earth.
By faith she knew His resurrection would come, but the present was filled with sorrow. As Jesus was laid in the tomb ~
He lay also in Mary’s heart, covered with a mother’s love.

Image: Giovanni Bellini, Pietà

Passion Poetry
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Prayer ~
Mother of Tears
Father, give me strength to reach
My Son in this eternity
Of bleeding Love upon a Cross!
Hast Thou forsaken Him as have
His friends in this abysmal hour?
Oh, torn and tortured Hands and Feet!
My God, forgive the savage cries
That stab the ears of Innocence!
Father, let each racking Breath
Sear my throat and drain my veins
In His consummate agony!
The blaze of Holocaust is night,
Blinding the eyes of cruelty.
In groping fear the guilty flee
And leave the outstretched Arms
To infinite emptiness. Oh, friends,
A few more steps and we shall stand
Abandoned with the Son of God.
Oh, Son, Thy mother falls before
Thy Cross. Accept her weakness,
sum of all her love for Thee and let
Her share Thy frightful immolation!
My arms receive Thy lifeless Body,
Slaughtered Lamb. Thy holy Will,
My God, be done…..
Oh generations
That will call me blessed, call me
Also Mother of Tears, and weep with me
If you would know how God has loved
The World.
– Marie L. Weldon, Queen of All Hearts Back Cover, March/April 1954
Image shown: Geertgen tot St. Jans, Nood Gods, Utrecht, 1495

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