Survey says: More Americans Are Seeking Mental Health Treatment ~ In Proportion to the Rise of CAFO-GMO Factory Processed Foods ~ ‘Carnival’ Foods ~ Modern Daily Bread!

Survey says:
Survey says: More Americans Are Seeking Mental Health Treatment ~ In Proportion to the Rise of CAFO-GMO Factory Processed Foods ~ ‘Carnival’ Foods ~ Modern Daily Bread!

More Americans are seeking Mental Health Treatment ~
July/August 2004, Vol 35, No. 7
Print version: page 17

What is the definition of mental illness?
Mental disorders are usually defined by a combination of how a person behaves, feels, perceives, thinks. ~ the CNS & Prefrontal, ‘Thinking Brain’
A mental disorder, also called a mental illness or psychiatric disorder, is a behavioral or mental pattern that causes significant distress or impairment of personal functioning. …
Mental disorder – Wikipedia › wiki › Mental_disorder


The Dark Side of Creation Corrections-Like in the Stock Market–What do these Scandals Have in Common? – Lack of Impulse Control & CAFO-SAD Dead Diet!
The Dark Side of Creation Corrections-(Like in the Stock Market) – What do Scandals, Disease-Erectile Dysfunction, Hair Loss, Wheat Belly, Shooters, Bombers, Pedophiles ~ have in Common?
– Lack of Impulse Control & CAFO SAD Dead Diet & FAST & CONVENIENT PROCESSED ‘Carnival or Ballpark’ FOOD as Daily Bread!
This is why the Hunters/Gathers of old could not ‘design tall buildings or fly jet planes’ ‘Impulse Control – not necessarily an ADAPTIVE QUALITY the Cave Man –
Philosophical Debate??
He allowed His Only Son to be Crucified??
Read more on ~ Creation Corrections: (God allows) – Conversation Starters??
Other Disaster ~ Natural & Man-made ~
~ 911 (Bookmark for the Second Coming)??
~ ‘the Flood’
~ Adam & Eve – Abraham – the Prophets ~
~ Crusades & Global World Wars
~ Holocaust
~ American Donuts – (‘Japanese Beetle traps’ – Trap to attract the predators & remove them before a valuable plant is DESTROYED!
~ Vaping – (‘Japanese Beetle traps’ – Trap to attract the predators & remove them before a valuable plant is DESTROYED!
~ Lust for Chick-fil-A ~ Popeye’s Fried Chicken Sandwich! (Altered GMO-fed, Animal Protein) ~ Muscle Meat ~ Meant for Athletes, Laborers
~ Missing parts: Healthy Brain Fat, Connective Tissue, Immune system support,
~ CAFO-GMO ~ Altering (Heat & Over-Milling) ~ Removing – Destroying (for Shelf Life) the (unaltered) Plant Protein – along with Pasture-Fed animal protein & Healthy Brain Fat! Already SPENT- No Longer Bioavailable!
~ GMO & CAFO – Processed foods ~ Bypasses CNS, Prefrontal Brain, Organs, Tissues, Joints – Ready-Made for Fat, Organ or Brain ~ Storage only! Creates Famine for the CNS, Prefrontal Brain, Organs, Tissues, Joints ~
~ CAFO -‘Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation’ – BAN GMO (Their Fuel) & the CAFOS GO AWAY & 168 Greenhouse gases They Emit!!Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn
~ Fear Mongering & Greed for EASY money ~ Makes for REPEAT BUSINESS!
~ Does Johnson’s Baby Powder Cause Cancer? Only With The ‘Help Of the CAFO-SAD GMO (Not Safe) DEAD Food Diet & Immune System Unarmed’!
More Creation Corrections ~ THAT GOD ALLOWS ~
~ Dictators, Cartels & Genocide & Orphans, Domestic Violence & Immigration, Migration…
~ Trafficking (child – sex) – Drug & Alcohol & all other Addictions 
~ Unresolved’s – Mortal Sin & Unresolved Grief & PTSD ~
~ ‘Life-altering’ glancing points, Divorce etc – that Blocks the Hippocampus & denies access to the Autobiographical Memory on the Right Hand of the Cerebral Cortex..
~ Gender-Neutral issues – the Millennials & the Conquistadores??

Hellmann’s ‘Real’ Mayonnaise-Not ‘REAL’ NOW- Modern GMO-Dangerous!
Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn

NextGen Energy-Tiles that generate Kinetic Power from Footsteps
Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn
Publish date January 26, 2019


Chamberlin, J. (2004, July). Survey says: More Americans are seeking mental health treatment. Monitor on Psychology, 35(7).
Nearly half of American households have had someone seek mental health treatment this year, but many still perceive cost and lack of insurance coverage as barriers to seeking help, according to a recent national poll by APA’s Practice Directorate. The poll–a telephone survey of 1,000 randomly selected Americans between the ages of 18 and 64–also shows that stigma about seeking mental health treatment is increasingly less of an obstacle to getting treatment. The Practice Directorate conducts such a poll every few years to gauge public sentiment about mental health care.
Indeed, 48 percent of those polled reported a visit to a mental health professional by someone in their household this year, and more than nine out of 10–91 percent–said they would likely consult or recommend a mental health professional if they or a family member were experiencing a problem.
“We’ve made progress in people’s attitudes toward getting mental health treatment or seeking it for their loved ones,” says Russ Newman, PhD, JD, APA’s executive director for professional practice. “But cost, lack of insurance and access still can be barriers for people in getting the help they need.”
In fact, 87 percent of those polled pointed to lack of insurance coverage as a barrier to seeking treatment, and 81 percent pointed to cost concerns.
The survey also found that:
Eighty-five percent of respondents thought that health insurance should cover mental health services, up from a reported 79 percent in 2000, when the Practice Directorate conducted a similar poll.
Ninety-seven percent of respondents considered access to mental health services “important,” but only 70 percent feel they have adequate access to mental health care.
Only 30 percent of respondents were concerned about other people finding out if they sought mental health treatment, and 20 percent said that stigma is “a very important reason not to seek help” from a mental health professional.
Nearly half of those polled–47 percent–said that the stigma surrounding mental health services has decreased in recent years.
A similar poll released in May, “Therapy in America 2004,” and co-sponsored by Psychology Today magazine and PacifiCare Behavioral Health, found that an estimated 59 million people have received mental health treatment in the past two years, and that 80 percent of them have found it effective.
Respondents to the poll–a phone survey of 501 adults followed by an online survey of 1,731 people known to have needed or received treatment–pointed to cost, lack of confidence that treatment helps and lack of health insurance as treatment barriers.
Further Reading
For more information on the Practice Directorate poll, visit

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