What is Keeping Us in Poverty ~ Is it the Greed of the White Man?

What is Keeping us in Poverty?
Is it the Greed of the ‘White Man’ ~ Big Business, Big Pharma, Profit?
~ or is it as what Charles Dickens wrote about in ‘the Christmas Carol’?​
Ignorance & Desire ~
Lust for Fast & convenient ‘Carnival’ Body-Only foods (on a daily fare)
~ Selling our Birthright (like Esau) for a Tasty, Fast ‘ready to fly off the shelf’ into the unsuspecting body!
‘Our Mind’s nourishment ~ an afterthought ~ an innocent bystander!
Shelf life without an Expiration date ~ Life Insurance for a Ticket on the Welfare Bus to Medicare!
It may not be the ‘White man’s greed’ ~ but our ignorance & desire that allow him to take full advantage of us ~ not knowing that we are in charge!

Armed with Scientific understand ~ we will choose to do the Right Thing!

Help Create Awareness OF CAFO Contribution to Greenhouse Gas
** CAFO waste (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation)-Over 168 Gases are Emitted by Factory Farms ~ Major Cause of ‘Global Warming’-
Ban GMO & CAFOs Go Away!

We approaching a PARADIGM SHIFT!

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HOMELESS & DISEASE WILL END – WHEN ‘GMO IS BANNED IN USA’ (CAFO Will Implode) & Global Warming will drastically slow-
Global Greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector totaled 4.7 billion tons of carbon dioxide (CO₂) equivalent, up 13 percent over 1990.
Agriculture is the third-largest contributor to global emissions by sector, following the burning of fossil fuels for power and heat, and transportation.

~ Trying to Feed the World with ‘Magnifying the Food’
but also magnifying the Vital Glutens & Helpful Lectins in the Peels ~ @ the same rate Makes GMO Toxic Synthetic & Not Fit for Human Consumption 
~ Over-milled’ Refined Carbs 
The practice of OVER-MILLING…Removing up to 50% of the Plant Protein & Fiber Doubling the amount of ‘REFINED CARBS’
~ REMOVING PLANT PROTEIN from Grains & Alternative Milks
The ‘PRINCIPAL FUEL’ for the Prefrontal ‘Thinking’ Brain…
Leaving only enough ‘brain POWER’ To ‘Kick-the-Homeless-Can’ – DOWN THE ROAD!
& GMO – (Synthetic (NOT BIO-AVAILABLE) food) 
& Modern Dairy… loaded with ‘Dead Bacteria’ from Pasteurization 
&Industrial ‘muscle meat’- Both SATURATED with Cortisol’ Stress Hormone) (TOXIC to CNS & neural tissue ~ dissolving it & little Unaltered Plant Protein to nourish & replenish) 
Cortisol​ is produced CHRONICALLY DAILY by’Inhumane Farming Practices~

Science & Religion –  
May have found a COMMON GROUND

We approaching a PARADIGM SHIFT!
Dee Hinkle posted this
The Omnivore’s Dilemma- FATE IN OLD AGE? In the Doctor’s Office, Hospital, Nursing Home or on the BEACH!
Dee Hinkle posted this

Factory Farm processes ~ leave CLEAN ‘DISEASE-CAUSING’ Parts of Food & grind into the flour ~ Easily removed by the Ancient Practice of SOAKING!

As a Society ~ Is the Only Choice of Food Available ~ ‘Carnival (Factory) Foods’~ Dead & Already Digested? https://www.linkedin.com/post/edit/society-only-choice-food-available-carnival-factory-foods-dee-hinkle/

PUTTING a ‘Period’ to END the Industrial Chemical Age~ 1 BAN GMO!! ~ Allow the Age of Factory (Carnival) Foods to Die ~ Avoid Toxic Pesticides!
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Warning Label on Cigarettes ~ 1965 ~ Government-Mandated ~ Cigarette Packaging~Warn That Smoking Cigarettes may be hazardous to Health~Why Not on GMO?
https://www.linkedin.com/post/edit/warning-label-cigarettes-1965-government-mandated-cigarette-hinkle – Publish date September 7, 2019

Tom Steyer for President? ~ Democrats Missing the Point on Climate Change ~ in Bed with Fear Mongering Bureaucrats & Dinosaurs in our Modern Society!
Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn September 6, 2019

This is Not Intended to be Political ~ But Trying to Save the Planet ~ By Banning GMO! Feeding The World ~ Backfired! Friday 13 & Full Moon!

~ To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions – 
~ Start with ‘Banning GMO’ –
To ‘cut off the  OXYGEN’ that feeds CAFO 
& allow Mankind(& our Food Supply) to BREATH  AIR 
& not CAFO Carbon Dioxide emissions!

~ Ban‘Dirty’ Heat-Altered Raw Modern Disease-Causing Dairy 
& ’Dirty ’ ROASTED  nuts & seeds – 

3 Strikes against Modern Dairy CAFO Farming practices~ IT IS OUT!
1.** Most Egregious – Fed to animals – GMO (Corn, Soy or Alfalfa)

2. ** Raw dairy (with LIVE beneficial bacteria) destroyed by pasteurization,
Leaving (Dead) bacteria only use to be stored in fat cells~

3. ** Cortisol soaked milk (& muscle meat from CAFO ‘unethical’ farming practices

‘Soaked’ Raw Nuts & Seeds &‘Sprouted’Non-GMO Ancient Grains (Non-GMO) ~
~ Remove the Roasting ovens that destroy Omega 3 (CNS & BRAIN FOOD) to
~INSTALL ‘Soaking VATS’ – 

Over-Milling removes the ‘LIFE’ (Plant Protein & Fiber) – ALLOWING the Miller’s to take more of the ‘Prescribed Amount’ of Plant Protein…LEAVING MOSTLY ‘DISEASE CAUSING’-‘Refined Carbs’

This is not ‘Rocket Science’ … Only Science

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