Where Research May be Driven in the Future ~

Is it ‘Our RIGHT’ to know what we are putting in our bodies, minds & should?
Where is the ‘tipping point’
that OVER INDULGENCE & LACK OF KNOWLEDGE creates toxic ‘Disease-Causing” excess that Ends up Taxing The Bodies Resources ~ instead of Nourishing!
Wise corporations will heed or MAY GO DOWN with the next comet with the dinosaurs

Listen to Western Doctors ~ trust ~ but verify with google or 2nd opinion PARTICULARLY with ‘fear-monger​ diseases: CANCER ~ chemos may be the ‘chosen route’
~ Why not ~ AT THE SAME TIME
Listen to doctor & use the wisdom of the body to discern (or just Google)
Lose the Standard American fare of CARNIVAL PROCESSED FOODS ~ Now our only choice is to eat Eat ‘Carnival-Ball Parks’ CAFO-GMO FRANKEN FOODS
Easier​ to find NOW
Unaltered ~
Pastured meats
Seafood not-farm & Fed GMO
Ancient Grain not altered by heat over milling CAFO-GMO processes

Read more ~ About new ways of thinking!
Crystal, beads & another newly found pow​rs ~ maybe be ~ if not​ understood the ‘mental intention’~ Which is created in the Mind to heal the body! ~ Your thoughts create your reality ~ Reason to always think POSITIVE!

Visualize a healthy world without​ the wail of so many Ambulances!

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