Litany of Available (& Not-Available for CNS & Brain) Foods in America ~ What Young Singles, Immagrants & the Aging Population Face Daily!

Litany of Available (& Not available) Foods in America
~ What Young Singles, Those from Countries outside America & the Aging Population faces Daily from Factory Foods (CAFO-GMO)
~ also known as ‘Carnival’ Foods!
~(Tasty ~ Scant, Unaltered Nourishment for the CNS & Prefrontal Brain
~ That leads to Mental Illness, Depression & Suicide!

1. Medicare, Western ‘Treat the Symptoms’ Doctors & Pharma or Functional Medicine & their brand of ‘Snake oil’ ~ EXCESS Supplementation!
2. Obesity, Wheat belly ~ from Already digested & ready for fat storage ~ Nothing left to nourish the CNS, Organs, Tissues & Skin ~ Leading to Thinning hair, Baldness ~ not receiving from Carnival (‘Disease-Causing ~ Body-only’
3. Memory Problems ~ Modern Dairy, Meat & Eggs Factory Foods~
Also not to be readily accessible ~ due to 4. Abundance of Cheap Tasty GMO Faux foods! The price we pay for wanting the Cheapest
5. Hunt for Non- ~GMO Cereal Plant Protein ~ Available in Foreign Countries (not in America)
6. Also MIA in America ~Pasture-raised animal Protein (with Vitamin D & Omega 3)
7. Also MIA in America ~ Seafood Protein (Not farmed with GMO feed)~ Leaving ‘negligible’ nutrients in Bone Storage to Foster healthy new Babies ~ (without missing parts!)

Help Create Awareness OF CAFO Contribution to Greenhouse Gas
** CAFO waste (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation)-Over 168 Gases are Emitted by Factory Farms ~ Major Cause of ‘Global Warming’-
Ban GMO & CAFOs Go Away!
In today’s world ~

We approaching a PARADIGM SHIFT!

If you are not making waves ~ you may drown in the calm!
Dean Del Sesto

Finding Un-altered dishes in Modern America ~ almost IMPOSSIBLE!
~ Assume All meat, salmon (Atlantic -GMO), poultry, eggs, dairy Is Factory Farmed!
~ Biscuits with APF flour (Disease-Causing~Refined flour), with ‘Factory Farmed’ Bacon & GMO fed eggs  
~ Toasted buns in ‘Motor-like’ oil on Refined ‘Disease-causing’ ~
~ Over milled ~ Multi-grain (Un-altered protein content?) may be Over-Milled & GMO grains?
Are they CLEAN (Soaked or Sprouted)?
~ Nitrate, Antibiotic-free Meat? Tip of the Iceberg!
~ It is probably ~ Not good for business to ‘Disclose’ the INTERNALLY produced STRESS hormones (CORTISOL & ADRENALINE) from 24 x 7 ‘Factory Farms’ ~
~ Mac ‘Cheese CAFO-GMO Pasta ~ More Modern TASTY ~ ‘Disease-Causing’~ ‘Carnival’ Food made ‘synthetic’ by ‘Factory Farms’ ~ ‘Heat Altered’ CAFO-GMO Meat, Dairy & Eggs! (Shelf-life )~
~ Cheesy grits (GMO Corn) & 2 eggs (all CAFO-GMO Factory Farmed ~ Inflammatory & ‘Disease-Causing’ ~
~ Most All salad dressing ~ sauce ~ ON THE SIDE! Inflammatory ~ (Bring a small bottle of EV Olive oil & Vinegar)
~‘Heat Altered’ oils ~ Low smoke points ~ Create Omega 6 ~ ‘motor-like’ Oils ~ (Inflammatory)
~ For Frying ~ Virgin Coconut Oil, Pastured Lard or Tallow, Wild pig lard (healthy brain Fat)! Avoid ~ most other vegetable oils (olive oil, coconut oil ~ not ‘First Press’ Can become ‘Disease-Causing’ ~ Inflammatory (especially in EXCESS). Cholesterol, heart attacks, etc.

Read More:
Compare CNS to RR System ~
~ (Iron Rails) ~ Seafood (Omega 3) & Pastured Meat (bone-in~not Muscle Meat), Dairy & Eggs (Omega 3 & Vitamin D ~ Graze outdoors & not in Factory Farms) ~
~ (RR ties)~ Ancient Grains Protein ~ (Non-GMO) if not maintains thoughts will be derailed or the ride will be rough!
NOT CAFO-GMO FACTORY MEAT Dairy, Roasted nuts, Diluted or Over-Milled Grains removing the Plant Protein & Eggs & BEYOND MEAT ~ (INFLAMMATORY) ~ ‘Maladapted’ Ties (GMO), No Omega 3 or Vitamin D ~ All Highly Inflammatory & ‘Disease-Causing’ ~ 
A Train Wreck likely to happen on poorly maintained tracks!!
El Paso Walmart~What was missing ?
Prefrontal Executive Functions: Planning, Organization, Creativity & Impulse Control

Read More:
‘Impulse Control’ was not necessarily an ADAPTIVE QUALITY for ‘Hunter & Gathers
~ Paleo ancestors ~ They did not have access to the ‘Prefrontal Brain’ & is likely why they did not design tall buildings or fly jet airplanes!
3 STRIKES Against Modern Dairy~
1. Milk & all that is made of it ~ CHEESE, Ice Cream, Yogurt, Sour Cream (dips)~ Contain ‘Dead Bacteria’ from ‘Heat Altered ~ Pasteurization ~ Instead of LIVE BENEFICIAL BACTERIA! Making Modern Dairy ‘Unclean’ (mold-like) ‘Disease-Causing’ from ALLERGIES to ALZHEIMER’S
2. Fed GMO ~ this modification ~MAGNIFIES both Food & Excess Vital Glutens (seed lock) & Lectins in the peel (to ward off predators) Alfalfa, Soy or Corn ~ ‘Disease-Causing’ ~ Obesity, Diabetes, Gluten Intolerance~
3. Cortisol from inhumane stressful farming conditions ~ Which we also produce internally ~High levels of cortisol can wear down the brain’s ability to function properly ~ Stress can kill brain cells and even reduce the size of the brain. Chronic stress has a shrinking effect on the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain responsible for memory and learning ~

Heat Altered’ Roasting (Unclean) of Raw Nuts, Seeds (not soaked to be made Clean) (Raw~Soaked) ~ (A French Press Coffee maker is helpful in ‘Soaking’ ~ Quick Soak with warm salt water ~ Concerned about Compromising Omega ~ Overnight room temp salt water & Rinse until WATER IS CLEAR, Dry, freeze or use for Breakfast on oats!) ~ essential for CNS & Prefrtonal Support! Roasted & Unclean ~ Nut ALLERGIES, Arthritis, Skin allergies, Asthma ~
Insult to injury ~ Global Warming Threat!

Golf In the Kingdom…Michael Murphy

While flying over Colorado in the 90’s & reading “Golf In the Kingdom”& taking notes on my computer… it abruptly FROZE totally unresponsive … The page was entitled “book notes” & ‘saved this page on its own’~ ‘Dadmom’!

Golf in the Kingdom by Michael Murphy~(Book notes)
“Force at large” in the world ~ The omnipresent “Heart Power” or “feeling-force,” that permeates all things. It is the dynamic aspect of the omnipresent reality.
The Scientific notion of force has been internalized as an ordinary scientific notion as something that is separate from consciousness and feeling ~
Our universe is made up of force and “swarming fields”.
Our over-controlling, manipulative ways are brought back into harmony with nature on all of its levels (animate and inanimate).
It is good for man to assume power, but power joined to an illuminated consciousness, power in the ‘Will of God’ (Nature, force, etc)
The mentality of Western Science is ultimately DEAD END ~ Because it is only in touch with a part of that emerging reality:
It is only a thin slice of God’s (the Cosmos) will.

God seems to intend the fullness of His being in the world ~ not just a thin slice
So ‘The Cosmos’ will bring down the modern mind like a fallen species & clear the way; for His greater life.”
There are endless symptoms of body, mind, and spirit
Thousand painful warnings that we are off the path…

When we fail to align ourselves with this beckoning power.

COMPUTER FROZE FOR ABOUT A MINUTE ~ before saving itself ‘Dadmom’…

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