Tom Steyer for President? ~ Democrats Missing the Point on Climate Change ~ in Bed with Fear Mongering Bureaucrats & Dinosaurs in our Modern Society of Western Thought!

TRUMP, Howard Shulz or Tom Steyer for President?
~ Democrats & Republicans ~ Missing the Point on
‘Climate Change’
~ in bed with Fear Mongering Bureaucrats & ‘Dinosaurs’ in our Modern Society of Western Thought!
Are we ‘Missing the point’ on Global Warming!

Ban GMO ~ the Platform that All Americans can Support!!

Help Create Awareness OF CAFO Contribution to Greenhouse Gas
** CAFO waste (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation)-Over 168 Gases are Emitted by Factory Farms ~ Major Cause of ‘Global Warming’-

~ Ban GMO & CAFOs Go Away & Global Warming Slows ~ as does INHUMANE ANIMAL ABUSE!

We approaching a PARADIGM SHIFT!

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Ban GMO & CAFOs Go Away!

HOMELESS & DISEASE WILL END – WHEN ‘GMO IS BANNED IN USA’ (CAFO Will Implode) & Global Warming will drastically slow-
Global ‘Greenhouse’ gas emissions from the agricultural sector totaled 4.7 billion tons of carbon dioxide (CO₂) equivalent, up 13 percent over 1990.
Agriculture is the third largest contributor to global emissions by sector, following the burning of fossil fuels for power and heat, and transportation.

GMO is not Safe & We have suffered enough ~ PAST TIME TO BAN!
Trying to Feed the World with ‘Magnifying the Food’
but also Magnifying the Vital Glutens & ‘NECESSARY for survival’ ~ Lectins in the Peels ~ 
& the same rate MAGNIFIES THE FOOD ~ GMO ~ Making American’Factory Foods'(All GMO fed Meat, Dairy & Eggs)~ Processed Toxic Synthetic 
& ‘Not Fit for Human Consumption’ ~  
Over-Milled’ Refined Carbs ‘Disease Causing’~ 
The ‘Factory Food’Processing of OVER-MILLING ~ (Removing up to 50% of the Plant Protein (The part of ‘Let food be thy Healing’ & Fiber (Doubling the amount of ‘REFINED CARBS’)~
REMOVING or Diluting ~ ‘PLANT PROTEIN’ from Grains & Alternative Milks ~(The ‘PRINCIPAL FUEL’ for the Prefrontal ‘Thinking Brain’
Leaving only enough‘BRAIN POWER’ ~ Only to ‘Kick-the-Homeless-Can’ – DOWN THE ROAD!
& GMO – (Synthetic food) 
& Modern Dairy ~ 3 DEADLY ~ life altering Strikes against ~ one of the tastiest ‘Disease-Causing’ Synthetic Foods on the Planet!!
1. Loaded with ‘Dead Bacteria’ from Pasteurization 
2. ‘GMO-fed’ Industrial ‘muscle meat’- 
3. Both SATURATED with Cortisol’ (stress hormone)~ Which is produced by’Inhumane Farming Practices’!

Science & Religion –  May have found a COMMON GROUND….

Vote RepubliCat ~ The Party willing to Run on a Platform of Banning GMO! (& become on par with the ‘REST OF THE WORLD!’
Remove the Haters from Politics
Tom Steyer ~ TRUMP!
Howard Shultz-
Make Starbucks Clean First!
Or Trump might beat you ‘to the punch’
Start with Banning GMO, Dirty Heat-Altered (Raw Dairy ‘DIRTY’ Roasted nuts& seeds & ‘Soaked’ Nuts, Seed & ‘Sprouted’ Non-GMO Ancient Grains!

This is not ‘Rocket Science’ Only Science Help Prevent this:
The End to Senseless Loss of Lives – END to GMO & SAVE US ALL & Donuts & Return to Sanity! THE WALL TO BE TAKEN DOWN-GMO

Start with Banning GMO, Dirty Heat-Altered (Raw
Trifecta of Health
1. Pasture-fed Animal protein ~
2. Seafood ~ not Farmed & fed GMO ~
3. Unaltered (Non-GMO) Ancient grains (not Over-Milled (creating ‘disease-causing’ Refined Carbs or Heat altered (for shelf life) (Pasteurized or Roasted (but MADE CLEAN BY SOAKING) Raw nuts, ancient grains & seed

~Help Prevent this~
The End to Senseless Loss of Lives – END to GMO & SAVE US ALL & Donuts & Return to Sanity! THE WALL TO BE TAKEN DOWN-GMO

Who is Tom Steyer?
Growing up on Manhattan’s Upper East Side as the son of a Wall Street lawyer, Steyer spent his adolescence and early adulthood moving through a set of elite academic and financial institutions — Phillips Exeter Academy for high school, Yale for his undergraduate years, Morgan Stanley after graduating, and Stanford for business school, and then Goldman Sachs.

At Goldman, Steyer worked on the risk arbitrage desk under future Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin. Risk arbitrage is essentially an effort to bet on the likelihood that a merger or corporate event will go through. At the time, it was “the hottest game on Wall Street,” per the Washington Post, and Rubin’s tenure became somewhat legendary: he’d later rise to co-chair of Goldman Sachs and then US Treasury secretary under President Bill Clinton.

But after less than three years at Goldman learning the business, Steyer left the firm to move to San Francisco and strike out on his own. In 1986, he founded his own hedge fund, Farallon Capital Management. It would make him a billionaire, and by the time Steyer retired in 2012, he has said the fund was managing about $20 billion in assets.

Steyer became one of the biggest Democratic donors, if not the biggest
Over the past decade, Steyer has become an increasingly prominent Democratic donor, attempting to influence politics both in California and nationally.

His major focus was climate change — he founded the nonprofit group NextGen Climate in 2013, and he gained national prominence by supporting a campaign to get the Obama Administration to block the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. (Obama eventually did block the pipeline, but Trump tried to restart it, and it’s currently tied up in court.)

Steyer has also launched a major voter registration push aimed at young voters, sat on the board of the Democrat-aligned think tank the Center for American Progress (until recently), and was involved in the liberal donor group the Democracy Alliance. He mused about running for either governor or senator in California, but did not choose to do either.

Instead, Steyer spent heavily on elections to try to help Democratic candidates. Through his family office Fahr LLC, Steyer was the biggest disclosed political giver in both the 2014 and 2016 election cycles, and he was number two in 2018 behind Michael Bloomberg. Over those three cycles he spent $245 million on elections, with the vast bulk of the money going to NextGen’s political arm, to be spent in support of Democrats.
Help Create Awareness OF CAFO Contribution to Greenhouse Gas
** CAFO waste (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation)-Over 168 Gases are Emitted by Factory Farms ~ Major Cause of ‘Global Warming’

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