Labor Day BBQ Cookout ~ American Style What is Missing?

Labor Day BBQ Cookout ~ American Style
What is Missing !
Likely ~
~No Pastured Meat (Vitamin D & Omega 3) (CAFO-GMO Grain fed in Factory Farms!)
~No Raw Dairy!
~No Eggs (not fed GMO)
~No Wild Caught Seafood~
~No Sprouted hamburger buns
~No heritage corn on the cob!
Factory Food from Across America
Mostly ‘Disease-Causing’ CAFO-GMO processed
Ads show tasty food Grilled
~Corn on the Cob (likely GMO)
~Grilled Factory Meat hamburgers~
~For the Vegan Beyond Meat (inflammatory & GMO)
~ Modern Dairy & Deviled Eggs (Stressed & Fed GMO)
~ Over-milled White buns (Refined ‘disease-causing’)
~Grilled Farmed & fed GMO ‘Atlantic’ Salmon~

We approaching a PARADIGM SHIFT!
1. Global Health ~ Global Warming ~ Help Create Awareness OF CAFO Contribution to Greenhouse Gas ** CAFO waste (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation)-Over 168 Gases are Emitted by Factory Farms ~ Major Cause of ‘Global Warming’-
2. Ban GMO & CAFOs Go Away! ~ Reasons to Ban GMO in America! The Land of the Free (& Greedy) `Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn ~ Reasons to Ban GMO in America! The Land of the Free (& Greedy) – Speak up! Politicians will listen! …
3. Once CAFOs collapse ~ Animals welfare & Sustainable become possible & become a viable business. 
Trade with NonGMO will thrive & may be a viable sources for non CAFO~GMO Factory ‘Disease-Causing Modern American Synthetic foods!
4. CAFO processes (heat altering) ~ PASTEURIZATION & ROASTING ~ will no longer be accepted by the consumer! ‘Disease-Causing’ ~ DEAD FOODS ~ ‘INFLAMMATORY’ THAT DO NOT PROVIDE NOURISHMENT TO BODY OR MIND ~
~ Roasters will be replace by ‘SOAKING VATS’ ~ Peanuts, nuts & Ancient Grains will be cleaned of the Vital glutens (seed locks) & Lectins in the peel (to ward-off predators) SOAKING creates a disease free Plant Proteins that nourishes & does not immediacy go in fat storage & DOES NOT DESTROY THE OMEGA 3 IN NUTS & ANCIENT GRAINS!
5. Over-Milling (modern day Tax Collectors & Money Changers) ~ who take ‘More than the Prescribed amount of ‘Plant Protein’ ~
6. Over-diluting of Plant Protein Milks ~ again removing more than the ‘Prescribed Amount’ of ‘Plant Protein’ (CNS & Prefrontal brain foods) ~
7. With the Banning of GMO, Heat Altering, Over-milling & Over diluting Unaltered Plant Protein will RESTORE HEALTH TO THE PLANET & TO US! Animals will range free & be fed with Ancient grains. 
8. With CLEAN Non-GMO ~ Not heat Altered or Over-Milled foods & Less Chemical Cleaners & Pharma~Supplements ~ Sewage Treatment may EVOLVE to Fertilizer Plants??
8. HOMELESS & DISEASE WILL END – WHEN ‘GMO IS BANNED IN USA’ (CAFO Will Implode) & Global Warming will drastically slow-
Global Greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector totaled 4.7 billion tons of carbon dioxide (CO₂) equivalent, up 13 percent over 1990. Agriculture is the third largest contributor to global emissions by sector, following the burning of fossil fuels for power and heat, and transportation.
9. In a Perfect Non-GMO World-There Would be No Hunger–No CAFO-No Homelessness or Disease!…
10 Without Over-Milled flour ~ ‘MODERN’ Pizza – Disease-Causing Crust ~Mussolini’s Revenge-Reversing Louis Pasteur & Julia Childs & Converting Betty Crocker- Back to LIVE ‘Beneficial’ Bacteria //
UNTIL GMO IS BANNED ~ BUY European Cheese, butter, etc. Soy from Japan & Corn from South America, Sorghum & other animal feed from Africa?
11. Without Over-Milled flour ~ PANERA BREAD’S Food Promise ~ All Fast Food to Fine Dining ~ is only Creating more of a need for Food Stamps & Medicare Across America!
12. We can eat Ice Cream (custard), yogurt, milk & not be sentenced to a Alzheimers ~ Without ‘Putrid’ Modern Heat-altered, Factory farmed stressed & Fed GMO!
13. Mental Illness ~ shooters, bombers will also drastically slow ~ when no on a ‘High of Cheap ‘Disease-Causing’ Mostly Refined Carbs! Fast foods ~ Excess alcohol or drugs!
How Pharma, Supplements, Protein Powder, Protein bars & shakes cause Mental Illness! Excess ‘Disease-Causing’ Omega 6 ~ Displaces Omega 3 (Unstable) by Grinding & Altering!
14. When GMO is banned ~ Western medicine ~ adds ‘unaltered’ Diet to their prescription & the need for Pharma & Supplements will drastically slow as Doctor’s learn to Reverse disease with ‘Fasting’ & return Pre WWII Factory Farming! Draconian Chemo & other Time consuming practices will no longer be needed!
Wellness abounds! 
Foods That Can Cause Depression & Dementia By Kelly Brogan MD Team…
New Science: Nutritional Psychiatry – Research on Depression & Mental Illness ~ There are more & more other studies revolving around this topic that support this research.
READ MORE: Summary – Details below:
Reasons to Ban GMO in America! (The Land of the Free (& Greedy) –
GMO is not SAFE! (See below) – Remove GMO Cheap fuel & CAFOs will collapse!
How is GMO going to ‘Feed the World’? When most of the world REJECTS the GMO Franken grains (Soy, Corn & Alfalfa) & will not by GMO grain meat from America!
How Factory Farming Contributes to Global Warming – EcoWatch…
Animal abuse in Unnatural CAFO-GMOs – Hidden from the public! Remove GMO Cheap fuel & CAFOs will COLLAPSE!
The Small Farmers can go back Growing Heritage Seeds & Allow animals to be Free-Range & Pastured (Healthy brain fat, Vitamin D (sunshine) & Omega 3 (seeds in the pastures)
Animal abuse in Unnatural CAFO-GMOS – Hidden from the public!  
WITHOUT CAFO-GMO – Italian Renaissance Food & Drink- Non-CAFO-GMO, Over-Milled-Removing ‘Plant Protein’ or Heat Altered (CAFO-GMO FACTORY FOOD)-Sistine Chapel OR Modern Art -CAFO-GMO!
America is Ripe for Revolution! The Hunt for ‘Red October’- Pastured Animal Protein, Plant & Seafood Protein! Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn
Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn
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