Fish Oil,  Juice Plus+, Pharma, Supplements, etc. Inflammatory Excess! Houses Built on Sand!

Living with flawed premises of The Small Mind!~

Seeing family & friends rely on Juice Plus, Supplements, Pharma & other addictions ~ of the ‘Small-Mind’ mentality) ~ Often the the Low Road – presume, judge & hate!

It shows IGNORANCE of how the body & mind ~ handle EXCESS!

Inflammation from EXCESS – CAFO-GMO:
GMO magnifies the food ~ To feed the world ~
(However ~ World is rejecting GMO products from the USA)
The protective glutens & lectins also MAGNIFIED ~
Before Factory Farm processes (diluting or over-milling)
Creating Starch & REMOVING the Plant Protein (CNS & prefrontal food)~

He (some say God)~ Fed the Multitudes with unaltered Barley Loaves & Fish ~
Stored in ‘curious storage’ places in Body & Mind!
Inflammatory food typically render nutrients no longer Bio-available – Heating & Roasting ~ Alzheimer’s Tau plaques, Obesity, Gluten intolerable Famine for the body~

Like addicted to heroin or oxycontin ~ No less ‘life-altering’!
Those who enable this dysfunctional behavior ~ because they are afraid of ‘hurting others feelings’ or fear confronting the truth
Using while lies to hide in the shadow of the truth (Perception)

This Small Minded Mentality is also~not unlike GOSSIP! ~
It is as addictive as heroine!

What gossip displaces !
Tapping into ‘untapped talent’ & Accomplishes the Same destruction- Creation Correction ~
instead of writing a novel or directing a children’s Summer play! They just ‘Talk about’

What happens when a Millennial hears family demeaning Same-Sex relationships ~
Desperately tries to find ‘cover’?
Becomes anxious, depressed!
Starts Drinking
& takes their own life..
It happens ~ More often than it should!

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