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It all Started When the Orphan Train Came from New York ‘Foundling’ Home to Subiaco Abby – April 8, 1911~

One evening (2006) summer – Deep “in the throes” of my Burnout/Depression – A blank Google page was open, so I typed ‘GOD, PLEASE HELP ME!!’ I hit the enter key & as soon as I did ~ THE PHONE RANG – It was a nun – Working with Bridges (Ignatian Spiritual Exercises)!

I had attended an introductory session in the last year, but the timing was not right – It may have been “happenstance” that she followed up ‘at that moment’- but I am so grateful that she called!

Faith Bio of H.T. Wagner Hinkle for Bridges – 2006

Psalm 139 ~ Search me O God, and know my thoughts

Test me and know my anxious thoughts…

1947-1965—Spiritual base:

Fraternal parents (Hebrew & Basque DNA) were immigrants (brave pioneers!) from Slovenia at the turn-of-the-century.

They were ‘transplanted’ in Subiaco Arkansas, a German community established around a Benedictine Abby ~ (complete with chanting monks & Vespers)

My highly scheduled, Slovenian father (Grandson of Butler for A Slovenian Noble Family) HAD to be ‘on time’ for Mass – His idea of “on time” was 45 minutes early.

That time filled with reflection  & prayer!

I was held captive by the weekly Mass sounds of the Benedictine monks chanting – They were haunting to hear & even now – Hearing the Gregorian Chant – always brings me home to Subiaco…

My mother (Her mother ~ Hebrew from Ulster Ireland  & her father ~ a Doctor of Metaphysics & Philosophy (French). Packed with this DNA ~ She arrived as an orphan on one of the Orphan Trains from New York on April 8, 1911. She was adopted by a large German Catholic family in Subiaco. She was devoted to Mary and the Sacred Heart & Consecrating her family in 1938

Which lead her to Henry’s Tavern & eventually to marry Henry Theodore Wagner in 1939 – They farmed a 7-acre sustainable farm, near the Subiaco Abby ~

In 1953 we moved to Little Rock.

They raised 4 children & we all desired &  were determined to a ‘higher’ education – We all attended parochial schools through High School.

In grade school, I was always drawn to spirituality at age 8 – I had a “knowing” inside & assumed that I would likely become a nun someday.

I “broke rank” in private education & attended a state school for college. My father insisted that I become a nurse (pre-med was my major) – After 2 years, I chose to marry & we moved to Columbia Missouri for graduate school.

Then Moving to Westminster College, Fulton, MO (10 years) – I received my BS in Education and taught at St. Peter’s elementary school ~ So I could have the summers off with the children. Unfortunately, teaching was not ‘in my l Good News Bible – Always retaining my interest in science, growing plants & cats!

Our children were born: 1969 & 1971…

In the mid 70’ we bought a True Value Hardware and operated it to mid-’80s – Economic conditions turned down, Callaway Nuclear canceled the 2nd unit and a regional mall was built in Columbia only 25 miles away. These events. removed our business base for the Christmas and the Spring seasons.

With 2 children (about to start college) and $250K in debt – We closed the store & moved to St Louis –

Both of us – started over with 100% commission positions. Thinking back, It did not seem a loss – Nor did it make me anxious – Only quiet confidence. …

Trusting & ‘Trying to shine through our Sorrows & Rise to Love Him still’ –

Likely ‘encoded in my DNA’ as ‘those who went before me’ ~ Pioneers from Europe, starting over & surviving World Wars, Depression –

Using The Abby sounds to find their Center –

That is all I knew – Things seemed to fall in place.

Then, as before, I felt closely connected to God.

In ten years we had paid for 2 college educations, paid the debt on the store.

From 1987 to 2000 I was an ‘Information Systems’ Recruiter (Head Hunter)~

My recruiting business developed into a 2 million dollar business after 13 years with a team of 5 to 8 recruiters – When I left, they gave me a gold St. Joseph’s medal, knowing my devotion to him.

In 1995, we moved to Ladue & remodeled the large basement to an apartment & shop for my Father & Mother, relocating them from Little Rock – to live with us – This was one of the happiest times of my life – Camelot – Like Subiaco!

Knowing that they were safe and allowing us to care for them – My parent’s Rosary reverberated through the floor (as we watched TV above).

This is when I began to pray the rosary in my commute.

I asked my father, Henry, to make a finger rosary out of some of the wood from his shop – The Rosary saw us through life’s travails – always!

My father died in 1998 & our mother moved to Tulsa to live with my sister.

I was at the top 13-year of a High Functioning Project Manager of 5-8 recruiters, ‘comradery & synergy’! When the ‘KNOWING INSIDE’ signaled that it was time to make a change!

In 1999 – This is when I first started to look around and say “God, where are you??”

I was LED to move out of our home in Ladue & was recruited by STARTUP Company for as Director of The job was Director of Recruiting for a ‘From-Scratch Recruiting Department’ in a company that was developing an electronic platform for the mortgage industry ~ which had a “downturn” in 2003 ~

Still recruiting to build this software platform, but the Downturn only made things worse – Recruiters laid off, High Stress, but still determined to do the job!

The likely beginning of the ‘Perfect Storm’ ~                    In 2000, I changed my diet from Total Cereal (1/2 dairy) to Protein Powder (Body-food only), Modern CAFO-GMO Yogurt, Milk & Fruit!

I soon began to experience ‘Cognitive Burnout’ It took me 17 years to figure the Brain – CAFO-GMO food connection!

Dodging Darts of Western Medicine & Fear Mongering –

MANIC IS ALL BAD – Without taking into consideration 100 years of Amazing Pioneer DNA ~ Nor was the CAFO-GMO (missing ‘Plant Protein & Seafood Protein for the CNS & Prefrontal Cognitive Brain! CAFO-GMO Muscle meat was the ONLY PROTEIN & White Bread – Their Daily Bread! (Refined with ‘Disease-Causing Carbs & only 2 grams of Plant protein!

But like ‘Chiron’. In Greek mythology, Chiron was wounded by Hercules. Though he was immortal, it is said that he invented medicine in order to heal himself. Chiron was also the teacher of the hero, Achilles, who was thought to have had some special medical knowledge-Sept. 16, 2002

In 2002, I read Psalms a lot, particularly in the middle of the night when I could not sleep…

My sister and her husband were struggling after our Mother died in 2001…

In April 2005, my husband’s team left ML to open office for a competitor,

** The next week his father suddenly died from an aneurysm …

** The next week my company sold & they wanted me to travel to Cleveland to spearhead hiring 300 people…

** The next week my daughter had a miscarriage…

** The next week my cousin’s house burned…

All of this was on top of me being totally’burned out’ ~ working 12 hour days for the previous year.

2005-2006 were particularly difficult years.

I finally retired –  BURNED-OUT~ (Cognitive)

This began my Journey into DARKNESS-

& began my experience into THE ‘DARK-SIDE’ OF WESTERN MEDICINE (PHARMA)

combined with a stressful job (Cortisol)




OVER-HEATING (Pasteurization & Roasting of raw Nuts, seeds UNCLEAN-NOT SOAKED)

& GMO grains – (Magnifying the Glutens & Lectins) as well as the grain itself.



Western Medical ‘professionals’



I spent many hours reading scriptures, particularly the Prophets.

Also, participated in 2 year-long Bible studies of Genesis and Romans, Revelations …

After 17 years, Slow recover my spirit &  my cognitive skills.

Now years of Research of the Dangers of Industrial Farm Methods, Starting a business to help create awareness of GMO, Over-Milling grains, Heat-Altering & EXCESS of them all…

Through these years I would characterize my spiritual journey as by-the-book Catholic.

To this day, I cannot remember missing Sunday Mass ever; prayers before meals & maybe a few brief night prayers.

I now go to confession more often (FREE THERAPY!)

I often longed to find a spiritual community that my family experienced at Holy Souls. We came close at St. Peter’s, in Fulton, but can’t seem to find in St. Louis.

I pray the Rosary and The Divine Chaplet daily and I have read Henri Nowen, Tom Merton, St Theresa of Avila.

The Fatima Garden at the Carmelite Monastery & At Mother of Good Council Nurshing Home are my Joy & my responsibility to Plant, weed & water…

I still feel like I am chasing after God.

After LOOSING 2 very close SINGLE (FROM DIVORCE) NEPHEWS – (to taking their own lives)


My cognitive mind was slowly burned out


HE (some say God) fed the ‘multitudes ‘ with Barley Loaves & Fishes ~ (Not Altered CAFO-GMO) – Just natural Ancient grains (plant protein) & Seafood (both oil & protein)

Why I do this – The story of Billy…

The End to Senseless Loss of Lives – END to GMO & SAVE US ALL & Donuts & Return to Sanity!… THE WALL TO BE TAKEN DOWN-GMO

“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are”…

Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote, in Physiologie du Gout, ou Meditations de Gastronomie Transcendante, 1826: “Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es.”


America is Ripe for Revolution! The Hunt for ‘Red October’- Plant & Seafood Protein!

THE GUARDIAN – Outdated – OLD NEWS! Perpetuating Medicare Culture!  Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn

THE GUARDIAN  Ian Sample – Science editor @iansample…Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn

It is all about Protein – not CAFO-GMO Animal protein! Muscle meat – for Athletes & Laborers but Plant Protein for the Thinking Brain & CNS!

Missing, Diluted, Roasted – changing the Chemistry from Brainfood to ‘Body only’ food!


Who Will Be the First Fast Food, Restaurant to Ban Food Produced by the CAFO Processes? Starbucks? McDonald’s? Chipolte?

Foods That Can Cause Depression

Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn

Foods That Can Cause Depression By Kelly Brogan MD Team…

New Science: Nutritional Psychiatry – Research on Depression & Mental Illness…

Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn

There are more & more other studies revolving around this topic that support this research. THE NEW …

Top 10 Health Benefits of Eating Seafood (Not Farmed & Fed GMO)

Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn

Publish date January 15, 2019

Hitler’s Revenge: IBU Wars-Not the Alcohol-But the Hops in Beer-Anheuser Bush- only’27’ IBU’S!

Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn

Publish date January 15, 2019

WW II Japan’ Emperor Hirohito’s Revenge-‘Sushi’ with White Rice? Kamikaze?

Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn

Publish date January 15, 2019

MODERN Pizza CRUST- Mussolini’s Revenge-Reversing Louis Pasteur & Julia Childs & Converting Betty Crocker-From DEAD-Back to LIVE Beneficial Bacteria Foods

Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn

Publish date January 13, 2019

America is Ripe for Revolution! The Hunt for ‘Red October’- Plant & Seafood Protein!  Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn

America is Ripe for Revolution!  Red October – another name for the October Revolution of 1917 in Ru…

THE GUARDIAN – Outdated – OLD NEWS! Perpetuating the Medicare Culture!

Wherefore Art Thou Climate Change? and ‘Wherefore Art Thou’ MIA ‘OTHER’ Protein’- Plant Protein!!   Dee Hinkle on LinkedIn

Wherefore Art Thou Climate Change? – Michael Tobis…

It is all about Protein – not CAFO-GMO Animal protein! Muscle meat – for Jocks & Laborers but Plant Protein for the Thinking Brain & CNS! Missing, Diluted, Roasted – changing the Chemistry from Brainfood to ‘Body only’ food!

Western Mentality – Dinosaurs waiting for the Next Asteroid?

America is Ripe for Revolution! The Hunt for ‘RED OCTOBER’- Plant & Seafood Protein!

We are what we believe we are.

C. S. Lewis

Prayer of St Catherine…

Eternal God,..

I pray to You for all these You have given to me to love…

With a special love & with special concerns…

Let them be illuminated with Your Light…

Let all imperfections be taken from them…

So that in Truth, they may work in Your Garden

Where You have assigned them…

Inspire & motivate me to do the things I need to do today …

I am so hopeful & need to take Your loving inspiration with me.


Friday, March 8, 2019

Remembering Dad – Henry Theodore Wagner

The name Theo is a Greek baby name. Greek the meaning of the name Theo is: God given.

Theo – SheKnows


He was too tired (from his stay in the hospital)

to finish cooking their meal

So I went down to help

& we had a lovely meal…

(Sunday Evening) ~ Our Last Supper…

It just seems like yesterday…

He was the one to teach me to pray to the “Sacred Heart” for a “Happy Death’- 

(Sweet release of Life)…

It worked for them & it will work for all of their children, grandchildren…

I believe it is in the DNA!!

My Orphan Mother & Uncle Abe gave me the Rosary!

Henry’s baby brother – Eberhart (Uncle Abe) taught me the ‘right use’ of wine…

His homemade!

Thought of Henry & Evelyn

Henry Slays the Dandelions

Today he got two buckets full of ‘em!

He turns 90 this month,

But age has not slowed his deep desire to “do just one more.”

Today it was the dandelions that were on his list.

Tomorrow it will be something else.

He can’t leave this earth just yet…

Tomorrow will be here to “do just one more.”

The Will to Give

In my early morning haze,

I find myself hugging my coffee cup,

Waiting for that moment of energy.

As I wait, I watch my mother and my dog.

Sadie lies silently at the old woman’s feet,

Moving only when she moves or

To catch a fat-laden morsel dropped sneakily to the floor—

Like food smuggled to a prisoner.


The old woman is caught in the act.


“That’s why the ants come in!” I say.

They lower their eyes knowing that they have been scolded!

Somehow we know that

The dog can always count on her treats,

The ants will come in

And the Forgetful Old Giving Tree will remember the only thing that’s important…

The will to give.

His Shop Lies Empty

March 9, 1998…

I found him,

So peaceful.

He had told me that he would just sleep away.

His heart was weak after 90 years of toil.

It was in “doing for” that made his being

But simple tasks now made him sick.

His mind and will, so strong

Life was not worth living if he could not “do for” others.

He took care of his mother after his father died.

He stayed with her until all the younger brothers and sisters were grown.

He gave Evelyn the family that she had never known.

They gave us focus by keeping us God-centered.

They taught us what is important by giving.

They gave us success by teaching us to serve others.

They gave us joy because there was no room left for sadness.

They were simple people, needing little.

All he desired was affection,

He needed to know that he was loved.

His shop lies empty.

But why do I feel like I did not do enough?

I gave because I had plenty.

They gave, even though they had little.

His shop lies empty.

My work group sent flowers to me,

I took them to his shop.

A Piece of His Soul

March 9, 1999

I knew when they came to live with me

That this would be his last stop

I instinctively knew

& reminded me daily

Knowing the inevitable….

I was sure that I would be ready

For the time when he left.

I remember waking at 3:00 AM

The morning he died.

I felt a sudden saddening of emptiness.

I knew a part of me was no longer there.

I was not as prepared as I planned to be.

It was that moment that I understoodagape love e.

The bonding love that binds and links life force.

& anchors

Tethers to the ground of confidence

That one free to aspire & create..

Now, one year later

The emptiness does not leave.

Nor is it filled …

As I fill my life with nothingness

The emptiness is always there.

It almost becomes a companion,

Reminding me of what is worthwhile.

Longing for that place that I call home.

The Bond of Attachment broken…

It was knit

Like a ticking bomb…

Ear to the pocket watch in his bib overalls

As he rocked me to sleep …

Dee Wagner-Hinkle

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JenCare BCE

Reversal & Prevention Memory Loss & Disease & Dysfunction

Caused by SAD (Dead Foods) Diet….

Dee Hinkle at LinkedIn / (Plant Protein) (My story)

Dee Wagner-Hinkle

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