GMO ~ DEAD ~ Fattening Synthetic Foods Gym Workouts ~ Dinosaur Droppings?

GMO-DEAD ~ Fattening Synthetic Foods ~ Gym Workouts ~ Dinosaur Droppings?

There are a couple of things you can do to keep your Metabolism running as smoothly as possible.

**  Paying attention to your hunger cues is key. ‘It’s not only about eating when you are feeling that urge,’ Pojednic says. ‘The flip side is paying attention to when you’re full and eating only enough until you feel like you’ve been satiated.’

**  Given our easy access to delicious food, this can be easier said than done ~ Mindful eating can help ~ So can eating high-fiber foods like Whole Ancient (Not altered or GMO grains), fruits ~ vegetables ~ foods rich in Ancient grains & Seafood (not farmed & fed GMO) protein and healthy PASTURED meat, RAW dairy & Non-GMO fed eggs & healthy ‘PASTURED’ fats ~ Virgin Coconut oil ~ all of these will help fill you up and boost your health.

**  When it comes to being active, strength training is a great way to build muscle, which is more metabolically active than fat, meaning that adding muscle mass can help keep your metabolism high. 

If you don’t have much muscle, your body doesn’t require as much energy to function, so your metabolism doesn’t need to work as hard ~ But it’s not just about strength training. Being active in general  (Deep Breathing to Supply the Brain & CNS with Oxygen)  is extremely important for your health, so it’s important to find a workout method you love, Dubost says. 

Other Ways to Bring Oxygen to the Brain & CNS:

What is Qigong? – Live Science

They both cultivate the Qi, also  Chi — the life energy that flows through the body’s energy pathways — by combining movement, breathing and meditation. Tai Chi and Qigong have in common the same basic property (Qi), the same fundamental principle (relaxation), and the same fundamental method (slowness) – Difference between Tai Chi and Qigong | Great Grand Master Kellen …

12 Healthy Foods You Should Always Keep in Your Pantry!

Just Choose Pastured, Sprouted & Seafood Protein foods &  yoga!

Good Video ~ 

12 Healthy Foods You Should Always Keep In Your Pantry

Important tips: (notice no CAFO-GMO Meat, Dairy or Eggs (fed GMO)!

Plant, Seafood & Pastured protein – 

**Canned seafood protein Packing rinsed (throughly)  to remove ‘Dead bacteria destroyed in canning’ ~ Inexpensive!

**  Beans, lentils & Soaked Ancient Grains, – Amazing Inexpensive source for Plant Protein – 

**  Raw Nuts – Great brain food – Best RAW to RETAIN THE OMEGA 3 FOR THE CNS & BRAIN & SOAKED to Remove the ‘Disease-Causing’ Glutens & Lectin!

**  Root vegetables – Amazing source of Minerals –

Wild (Seafood City) or Pastured Pork (Bolyards)   

Great source for Vitamin D, Omega 3 & Minerals from Rooting in the Pasture!

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