An End to Bullying & Prevention of Child Sex Abuse & Gender Confusion​?

An End to Bullying & Prevention of Child Sex Abuse & Gender Confusion?

Summertime – Maxims for Back to School!

College-bound – best to leave High School behind!

Teens Best to let childhood recede after age 7 (Age of reason)!

An End to Bullying & taking advantage of what was ‘Holy’ Rough ‘n Tumble play!

‘Negative’ people need ‘Drama’ like Oxygen! They have a PROBLEM for every solution!

Stay positive-It takes their breath away.” – Tony Gaskins!

Stay focused on Mental & Spiritual Growth!

Stay away from negative people who want to take advantage of others for their ‘self-gratification’!

Especially those we love – who know better!

Dear Haters –

I have so much more for you to be mad at – Just be patient!

“Real people avoid drama. They know their time is too precious and choose not to waste it on unimportant people.” –

Drama needs effort, Wasted Energy!

A real woman avoids drama, she knows her time is precious & she’s not wasting it on unimportant things!

Some people ‘create their own storm’! & then get upset when it rains!

Some people attack those who have the peace & joy they wish they had. 

Pay them no mind! 

LIVE your DREAM!! Strut & Wave – Anyone can give you attention and compliments – but someone ‘who loves unconditionally will give you that!’  Plus – Respect, Honesty, Trust, and Loyalty!

Drama doesn’t just walk into your life – Either you create it, invite it or associate with it.’ Brooke Hampton —

Anyone can give you attention & compliments, but someone who loves you will give you that plus respect, honesty, trust, and loyalty.

I honestly love being around positive people. You’re not judged, there’s no drama everyone just wants to relax and have a nice time. Unknown 

Don’t react to toxic people!

Or People we love – that want to ‘TAKE ADVANTAGE’ of our loving nature! Not giving them a reaction when they desperately seek it – Is far more powerful – ‘Better to get hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie.’ Khaled Hosseini —


DEVELOPMENTALLY – AGE MATTERS   ~Piaget Developmental Stags

Ego or Small Mind (Binary Mind) Stage (ages 1-6) – When Rough ‘n Tumble’ Play is DESIGNED to be ‘Attachment’ Energy!

The Science Behind Gender Confusion! Transitions to Pre-Adolescence ‘Alter Ego’ ~ Prefrontal Brain begins to emerge! (ages 6-12) ~ Gender develops more fully – depending on the “stresses” of the outer environment! After 6 years of age to 12 years – Pre-Adolescence (Piaget) – The ‘Flesh’ is embedded with neural fibers that report to the “Sightless brain!”- The activity “external” to the body & sends neuronal messages & hormones accordingly – EXCESS – sensuality (stimulation to neural fiber embedded) sends signals for brain to produce more ‘androgens’ prepare for fertilization or EXCESS stimulation – rowdiness – The message is – It is getting ‘rough out here’ & to send more ‘testosterone’ to build muscle strength (In proportion to the intensity of the signals sent from the flesh)! Gender confusion??? Dr. Robert Sapolsky Stanford University!

Dee Wagner-Hinkle

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Great Minds…Discuss Ideas!

Average Minds…Discuss Events!

Small Minds…Discuss People!

Smaller Minds…Gossip…

“Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are”…

Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote, in Physiologie du Gout, ou Meditations de Gastronomie Transcendante, 1826: “Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es.”

We are what we believe we are.

C. S. Lewis

Fear is a Thief that steals all the good –

that might have been – William Shakespear!

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