Got Milk? Got Cancer? Or Any Other CAFO-GMO Disease or Dysfunction!

Got Cancer? (or any of the CAFO-GMO diseases or dysfunctions)?

The last thing you want to hear about is Food? Right?

This ‘line of thinking’ is a bit like a raging fire around a house & choosing prayer & the Bloodletting, Draconian masochist Medicine Chemo!

A masochist, – take pleasure in pain –

When allowing CHOOSING 2 WEEK FASTING From all CAFO-GMO fed Meat, Modern Dairy or Modern GMO fed Eggs! & all Soy, Corn animals fed with GMO Alfalfa, Modern Corn or Soy! – (to stop the CAFO-GMO bleeding)  & CHOOSING to replace with NON-CAFO-GMO ‘Live’ foods

Would be ‘WATER ‘TO PUT OUT THE ‘CANCER FIRE’ & Replace with LIVE Bioavailable materials!


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