Treating with Supplements & Pharma ~ A Bridge ~ Not a Destination for Life ~  Are We a ‘Fallen Species’?

Treating with Supplements & Pharma ~ A Bridge ~ Not a ‘Destination for Life’ ~  

The Hippocratic Oath ~ Let Food (not CAFO~altered or -GMO) ~ Be Thy Healing-

Are We a ‘Fallen Species’?

How could treating with Supplements & Pharma be Natural or Holistic? 

Golf In the Kingdom – Michael Murphy

While flying over Colorado in the ’90s & reading ‘Golf in the Kingdom’ & taking notes on my computer – it abruptly  FROZE totally unresponsive for a few minutes – The page was entitled ‘book notes’ & saved this page ‘on its own’:  ‘Dadmom’

‘Golf in the Kingdom’ by Michael Murphy  ~

HOWEVER – It is good for man to assume power, but power joined to an illuminated consciousness, power ‘in the Will of God’ (Nature, force, etc) 

The Mentality of Western Science is ultimately DEAD END– Because it is only in touch with a part of that emerging reality – 

It is only a thin slice of God’s will – God seems to intend the fullness of His being in the world – not just a thin slice – 

So  “He will bring down the Modern mind like a FALLEN SPECIES & clear the way – for His greater life.”

There are endless symptoms of body, mind, and spirit – Thousand painful warnings that we are off the path – When we fail to align ourselves with this beckoning power.

COMPUTER FROZE FOR ABOUT A MINUTE ~ before saving itself ‘Dadmom’…

‘Force at large’ in the world – The Omnipresent ‘Heart Power’ or ‘feeling-force,’ that permeates all things.  It is the dynamic aspect of the omnipresent reality.

The Scientific notion of force has been internalized as an ordinary scientific notion as something that is separate from consciousness and feeling.  Our universe is made up of force and ‘swarming fields’ –  Our over-controlling, manipulative ways are brought back into harmony with nature on all of its levels (animate and inanimate) ~


Jeremiah-Chapter 26:1-9-From the Bible: ‘Say to Them’ -(CAFO–FUELED WITH GMO??) Publish date March 28, 2019

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