Norfolk Pine – Refused to Send New Shoots into a ‘Negative-Hostile’ Environment (2 1/2 years) – then Only Sent 2 New Branches Instead of Four! 

Norfolk Pine that Refused to Send that Shoots into a Negative-Hostile’ Environment for 2 1/2 Years – Then Only Sent Two, Instead of Four!

Do plants send electrical signals?

Although plants don’t have nerves, plants cells are capable of generating electrical impulses called action potentials, just as nerve cells in animals do. .. The controlled flow of ions in and out of a cell constitutes electrical signaling in both plants and animals.Jul 16, 2010

Plants cannot “think and remember,” but there’s nothing stupid about ……/plants-cannot-think-and-remember-but-theres-not…

Should I talk to my plants?  Despite many different scientific studies on this theory, there’s still no conclusive evidence that talking to plants helps them grow or, if it does, why it helps. … Other researchers believe that talking to plants may stimulate growth because of the carbon dioxide produced when people exhale as they speak.

Does Talking to Plants Help Them Grow? | Wonderopolis

Can we hear plants?   Plants can sense and react to temperature changes, harsh winds, and even human touch. … They have no specialized structure to perceive sound like we do, but a new study has found that plants can discern the sound of predators through tiny vibrations of their leaves — and beef up their defenses in response. Jul 6, 2014

Can plants hear? In a study, vibrations prompt some to boost their ……plants…/8b2455ca-02e8-11e4-8fd0-3a663dfa68ac_s…

Grover Cleveland “Cleve” Backster Jr. (February 27, 1924 – June 24, 2013) 

The electrodes are used to measure galvanic skin response and the plant showed readings which resembled that of a human. 

This made Backster try Backster’s study of plants began in the 1960s, and he reported observing that a polygraph instrument attached to a plant leaf registered a change in electrical resistance when the plant was harmed or even threatened with harm. His work was inspired by the research of physicist Jagadish Chandra Bose, who claimed to have discovered that playing certain kinds of music in the area where plants grew caused them to grow faster.[9] 

Bose used a crescograph to measure plant response to various stimuli and demonstrated feeling in plants. From the analysis of the variation of the cell membrane potential of plants under different circumstances, he hypothesized that plants can “feel pain, understand affection etc” and wrote two books about it in 1902 and 1926.

In February 1966, Backster attached polygraph electrodes to a Dracaena cane plant, to measure at first the time taken for water to reach the leaves. 

The electrodes are used to measure galvanic skin response and the plant showed readings which resembled that of a human. 

This made Backster try different scenarios & the readings went off the chart when he pictured burning the leaf, because according to him, the plant registered a stress response to his thoughts of harming it.[10] He conducted another similar experiment where he observed a plant’s response to the death of a brine shrimp in another room; his results convinced him that plants demonstrated telepathic awareness. 

He argued that plants perceived human intentions, and as he began to investigate further, he also reported finding that other human thoughts and emotions caused reactions in plants, which could be recorded by a polygraph instrument. He termed the plants’ sensitivity to thoughts “Primary Perception”, and published his findings from the experiments in the International Journal of Parapsychology in 1968.[11] Soviet scientists invited Backster to the first Psychotronic Association conference in Prague in 1973 and his paper was entitled “Evidence of Primary Perception at a Cellular Level in Plant and Animal Life”.[12] After 1973, he further experimented on yogurt bacteria, eggs and human sperm and he claimed his results showed “primary perception” could be measured in all living things.[10]

Cleve Backster – Wikipedia    Grover Cleveland “Cleve” Backster Jr. (February 27, 1924 – June 24, 2013) was an … 

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